I don’t mean to brag, FALSE, I do mean to brag! I sort of got a half-marathon personal best by 13 minutes. 2 hours 20 minutes and 9 seconds was my official time. Oh and in case you were wondering what a personal best looks like…. please take note of the joyous blister. I have several smaller ones to accompany it. I also ran with my sprained foot, and smits. So like I said, I don’t mean to brag, but sometimes it’s just what you have to do!


We adventured so hard this weekend. KC and I really put our little Marylanders through the wringer, and they held up like champions. They were brave (way braver than they give themselves credit for), and they pushed their brains and their bodies far out of their comfort zones.

I’m going to let Jess make any and all posts I would normally tag “adventuring for always,” because that’s her reward for driving 2500 miles to come play in Utah. That said, there are some things that photographs can never show you, so I’ll just tell you about those instead.

We ate more fries (and, in some peoples’ cases, more fry sauce) than any human could possibly imagine. We stuck our poor roadtrippers in cars for hours upon hours to show them the best bits of The Beehive State, and they didn’t complain about cramped legs. We stayed up too late and we woke up too early (which I’m sure really helps rebuild muscles). I have cell reception on the top of Bald Mountain (one of the two in the Uintas… not so sure about Utah’s five other peaks with the same name), which came in handy when calling The Mormon to make him jealous. Apparently, I don’t know anything about YouTube, but I’m learning. I laughed until I cried on more than one occasion. I’m kind of a Nazi in the kitchen, but I’ll let Jess shape cookies and tart crusts… seems pretty safe. The IKEA tradition continued. Cafe Rio tastes like heaven when you’re hangry (and like heaven every other time, too). BUT: Cafe Rio is probably not the best pre-race fueling option. Beet tart… now that’s a good option. The Mormon slapped my ass around mile 5 of Bryce. I saw Jess near the finish, screamed, “I’M GOING TO PR!” at her about five times, and then ran in with her. Pineapple does not help to get Cafe Rio moving after a race. SIGH. The Queen in Bryce Canyon National Park actually looks more like a witch’s hat. If you’re tired after a half marathon, I’ll piggyback you for as long as you want, but I’ll probably get your crotch all wet (from my sweat, you perverts!). If I’m feeling great the day after a half-marathon and you feel like crap, I’ll probably be skipping and laughing and traipsing about the trail up to Angel’s Landing, partially because I know the fact that I’m in the best condition is totally ephemeral and some sort of perfect storm so I’m going to savor it. Jess and I will almost always make opposite choices in Would You Rather. If you start laughing while playing Chubby Bunny, you will drool marshmallowy spit, and it will get on everything.

This has been one of the best weekends.