Genzebe Dibaba slayed the XL Galan Meet in Stockholm, Sweden last night. Genzebe shattered the 5000M World Indoor Record, racing a 14:18.86!!! She shaved more than 5 seconds off of the previous record, held by fellow Ethiopian runner, Meseret Defar.

Some words from @runnersworldmag on Dibaba’s performance,”Dibaba broke the mark despite a lack of competition. The second finisher, Birtukan Fente, ran 15:22.56, or almost two laps behind Dibaba on the 200-meter track.”
Genzebe is from Bekoji, Ethiopia and is the youngest of the Dibaba Dynasty to become a world record holder. Her older sisters are Olympic champions, Tirunesh and Ejegayehu.
Photo: Genzebe setting the 2 mile indoor world record in 2014.

Text by @girlsgottarun


I’m very happy and content this evening. Things that have a tendency to think it’s okay to  invade my mind and disturb my thoughts seem to have detoirated. I think it’s the storm, it’s making me feel at ease, i love the sound of the rain. I guess i’m just happy that although my life hasn’t been perfect i guess there are people who have it worst and i just want the impossible, i want everyone to understand eachothers feelings, troubles, mind worrys. I have this weird dream that one day everything will be okay for everyone and people won’t be so selfish and greedy. It would just be nice that’s all, for nobody to feel like they didn’t belong and who are you to say it won’t happen?

Last day of work being #OliviaPope. Thank you to #APALA for being supportive and giving me new life experiences. Challenging me to try new things and getting me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for making DC a home way from home. I’ll never forget the experiences I had but more importantly the friendships that formed here. 💕 #sbrunsdc #sbtakesoverdc #illbeBACK #asOliviaPope #RunningtheWORLD (at AFL-CIO)

Tegla Loroupe held the world record from 1998 to 2001. She organizes “Peace Marathons” in her native country of Kenya.
Here nomadic tribesmen and government officials race together.

In all there’s three peace races, hopefully more to come:
Moroto-Uganda Peace Race
Southern Sudan Peace Race
Tana-River Peace Race