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Welcome one and all to my first post/review on this tumblr! ^-^ Today, I will be reviewing Running Man, a zany and hilarious variety show! If you want me to review all of the episodes separately (starting with ep. 91), then I shall! Let’s begin!

I will be evaluating Running Man by the 10/10 score.



Running Man is probably the best variety show that will keep you laughing the whole time. They all are unique and different in so many ways. Lee Kwang-soo with his betraying mind. Ji Suk Jin you still got it! Gary, a random Mr. Capable. Kim Jong Kook, Mr. Capable with a lot of muscles. Ji Hyo, a true ace and delinquent. Haha, a child and a smartass. XD Jae suk, MC pro and water-gun expert! *cough* Yoo-ames Bond *cough*.

 They all have good chemistry, which makes the show even funnier. Monday couple and the traitors club, you name a few. 

Episode Goals/Story


LOVE Running Man not only because of the cast but, the goals and storyline for episodes! 


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Running Man Gangnam Style!


[Running Man 20120624 Ep100]

Running Man War of Gods 诸神之战

This episode is quite interesting as it is 100th for Running Man which is a memorable episode.

The episode starts with a special opening with Running Man members wearing their handsome and pretty dress, walking into a building. Of course, the green uniform wear by Yoo Jae-suk will be the most unique and outstanding. Song Ji-hyo with her beautiful look stunned all the audience including me ^.^ !

After that Jae-suk still continue showing his “closer relationship to guest” character while introducing the guest while Lee Kwang-soo having a shock with Kim Hee-sun 金喜善 (The guest) that stay in a refrigerator. 

Next, they start to begin and pass their race missions to become a god which end out Kim Jong-kook and Lee Kwang-soo failed to be a god.
Further more, they arrived on the “God Palace” which I found it beautiful and fantasy similar to Olympus with all those crowd.
Yoo Jae-suk as Poseidon 波塞冬 who controls Water elements,
Gary as Apollon 阿波罗 who controls Sun and Music,
Song Ji-hyo as Athena 雅典娜 which is Goddess of War,
Haha as Eros 爱罗斯 which is God of Love,
Ji Suk-jin as Hermes 赫尔墨斯 which is God of War Strategy and
the guest Kim Hee-sun as Aphrodite 阿佛洛狄忒 which is Goddess of Beauty.

Together with their weakness, their mission is to become best of the best among other gods in other words, War of Gods which is to eliminate other gods using their weakness without knowing their weakness. While the human (Jong-kook & Kwang-soo) need to survive in War of Gods to win. Few funny moments during their war XD. The music plays during their mission is TRON Legacy (End Titles) a nice song!
Excited battles on the end of the episode!

Mystiz Khoo

Episode 100 Background Music by iSubs-Squad

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