Thank you. And yes, I know. It’s frustrating when you get smacked down by yourself. I know it’s not lasting, I keep thinking I’m beyond it.  It’s funny, my friend Colette called and she’s like….you sound like you were crying….oh yeah, just the same old shit in life…not worth anyone’s effort, just feeling not worth much at the moment.  I know it’s fleeting, she knows my past well. First thing out of her mouth is, you don’t need anybody.  I tell her, I know this, but obviously my mind doesn’t want to believe it all the time.  What sucks is how unexpected it comes to attack me. I was just high on life and bam…..down we go for a moment.  I’ll be back up, that’s not a worry at all. It’s very temporary. It happens less and less, but it’s very real pain when it comes along. I just accept it anymore. Take the pain, then look for the happiness and joy.