The Official Race Results are in:

My wife’s Results:

  • Official Time: 56:16 @ 9:03 pace
  • Overall: 38/122 = 31% 
  • Age Group: 7/28 = 25%
  • Gender: 14/72 = 19%

My Results:

  • Official Time: 56:02 @ 9:01 pace
  • Overall: 36/122 = 30%
  • Age Group: 8/13 = 62%
  • Gender 23/50 = 46%

As I always say, my wife is a beast when it comes to her placement!! I’m always so proud of her!! As for me, I’m still doing pretty good!!


I scrolled through my dashboard for a second to get me out the door. I stepped out on the oddly warm, December 1st day, did a few stretches, then started slow.

I didn’t feel light. I didn’t feel fast. I didn’t feel strong. But I felt good. I felt good because I was running, I was breathing, I was contracting, and I was free.

My mind cleared while my muscles filled up. I realized that this was a miracle. I could be working 3 jobs to support a family. I could be starving and thirsty. I could be wondering if I wasn’t going to make it home safe tonight. By the graces of the universe, I was running.

Though running has been tough for me recently, it’s important for me to remember that’s how it is sometimes. Life won’t be perfect, and shit will happen that you may not like. But make the best of it and appreciate what you do have. I have the ability to run, and I have the ability to enjoy it.

That’s what I’m thankful for. Happy running!

Running might really be Life

My sporadic posts over the last 6 months, have been an indication of how busy and challenging life has become since our wedding. The planning, the stress, starting the new business and the wedding has been challenging! Both have taken almost everything I have. I would love to say it was worth every last sacrifice (the Business). I am not sure yet. It has challenged our relationship, finances, heath, hahaha and even my running.

Last year I was close to my goals, thousands of miles of training. countless days of getting up at 4am, running tired, in the heat, sore, and injured. Puzzled looks from friends and family, why they asked, a goal, a goal most ( although you friends here understand, success, success against the clock, our race against our best competitor, ourselves. I have watched many friends here do amazing things, we have all celebrated them here, inspiring races, inspiring performance and failures. None of my friends here have not experienced setbacks and failure. 

This year, my husband will most likely be the family winner of the Falmouth Road Race, determination and consistency will be the reason, not that he wanted to win, but he set a goal, not to be the winner but to be in control. I will be in the middle of the pack.

Maybe it’s just an escape.  We recently talk about how for him running was yet another escape, maybe thats where we all started. Running is that for all of us, an escape, we are not Galen, Meb, Pre, Ryun and Ryan, Grete, Alberto, or Bill. Running alone, either at 4AM or 9PM, we run, we tick off the miles, some feel good and others not so good. Sometimes we stop and look at the scenery and other time we just keep running. The song in our head just keeps playing, over and over. You can hear the voices, one telling to to stop, the other urging you on. 

What I know for me, I can only concentrate on one really major thing at a time, today, that is the company I started, the people who have worked for me, up until a few days ago, the clients, investors and supporters. I have spent the last few days contemplating the meaning of failure, how do you measure it, what went wrong, the mistakes the chances to pull this one out of the fire. 

I understand now, that it is all about mistakes, miscalculations, lack of understanding or never really being in this position before. I go back to a few years ago when i won my age group, another runner tracked me for all but the last half mile, at that point he passed me. I heard his footfalls for the first 2.5 miles and he passed me, honestly, I did not know what to do, chase him, wait for him to falter, I had no plan for this, I always ran on my own clock. It has been the same thing for the business. 25+ years of business planning does not leave you with what to do in that particular situation. 

The quotes you can look up are all about preparation and training. What I have not seen, not once, is having a good coach, mentor or advisor. They speak about strength, determination, preparation and learning from failure, not once have they spoken about picking your advisor. 

That being said, I had a great mentor, when I was about 20, 1 year, i cant think of anyone more influential than Wayne. My first coach, Mike, the first time I ever trained hard and he made me understand mental as well as physical preparation. My current business advisor, Chip, I have know him since 1999, might be a little too late (this time). And my current running coach Marc  (we are on a break since i haven’t committed to the training) he is one of the few people I have blindly trusted with anything.

I am sure this has been a bit of a rambling post, mostly this is more for me, as is this blog, I just decided to share.

This is not the post I has planned to write but I think it came out better,  thanks to Matt,  RunningisLife, i have not met anyone else who just loves running so much. And Marc TrainwithMarc, the coach who made me a runner, both helped shape my  thoughts as I penned this post.

runningislife replied to your photo: Tonight I’m going to get to meet Ultra runner…

ADfadsjhlfgsdjlhfga JEALOUS! I watched his documentary. It was awesome. And screw the Minimus. Seriously. New Balance as a whole sucks and makes bad shoes. Go with the Merrell gloves

I like New Balance stuff. I’m trying to find a pair of trail shoes I like. So far I’ve tried the Montrail Rogue Racer and liked it, but I want to try the NB Minimus and the Merrell trail glove before I buy!

Hit the Ground Walking

Confession time: I have not been being very smart about my running and training. I have not been doing what I need to do to improve my running. I have not committed enough of myself to running.

Now that I have admitted this, it’s time to take the next steps. I am ready to be the runner I used to be and will be again. I am prepared to dedicate myself to running.


  • Train up for pacing the Richmond Marathon - this will give me a good foundation.
  • Run a sub 2:53 marathon in the spring
  • Foam roll 3 times a week
  • Ice something every day
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do core exercise 3 times a week

Running is the best friend you can ever have for so many reasons. It challenges you and makes you improve, but it never forgets to reward you with a wonderful run when you deserve it. But most of all, it is always there for you when you need it. You could not run for 20 years and then decide to pick it all back up again. That’s what makes it so great.

Take a couple minutes to assess where you are in your running. Ask yourself if there is something you could do to improve yourself. Maybe it’s adding that foam rolling or icing. Maybe it’s adding a workout a week or seeking some running partners.

Happy running everyone :)


I’ve been running distance for nearly over a year in High School. I’m currently a Senior, 12th grader, that run distance in Cross Country & Track an Field. My 5k this year was an 18:47, idk if that’s good or not for just running little over a year in distance, when I was running in Track striders since 5th to 10th grade. I also currently hold the Gym record at 4:59 although there are kids who could easily beat that in the high school if they tried. But my question is, are these good times for someone as late as me doing distance? And also in 11th I ran my 5k in 20:23. While my mile was 5:23.

Hey Brandon, this is RunningIsLife answering your submission. Here is my question to you: What would you get out of comparing your times with an “average” of people your age and whatnot that have run as long as you (if such an average existed)? There’s really no need to compare yourself with that. Compare yourself with YOURSELF. Have YOU been working as hard as YOU can in practice? Have YOU been going the extra mile to improve YOURSELF? Have you been pushing it in workouts? Have you been improving each year as much as you can? You have to look at your own abilities, your own circumstances, and your own progression in order to get an idea of success - not someone else’s. Don’t worry what the other people are doing or running. Beat your own times and your own limits - not someone else’s. Congrats on your cross country season and good luck with track!!


nothing very hard today

4.25 miles

could barely breath

nothing fast

disappointing but i know i have not trained

its time for accountability again

post the plan and deliver

work will sort itself out

its the same as running, plan, train execute

running is life


Why is it that we often only feel confident when we ACCOMPLISH something? You don’t feel good doing something so your self-efficacy in that activity decreases. Then you do something good and all of a sudden you think, “Hell yeah! I’m pretty good after all!”

I didn’t run yesterday, so I knew I was going to run this morning especially since I have so much time Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings anyway. From the start, I knew I was going to feel better than I had been on my runs. Those mile repeats 2 weeks ago really set me back, so it was a mistake from which I have learned.

I ran 10 minutes over to a local park with mostly flat mountain bike trails, and I ran for 25 minutes inside there which is a lot of fun and enjoyable and just feels good. Then I ran back and beasted the fuck up this large, steep hill. I finished with my legs feeling tired but NOT dead, which is a gigantic improvement.

Because of this, I started to feel really confident in my running. But really, I should have been confident this whole time and not scared of how long it would take to recover.

So stay confident in yourself and in your running :)
Runner Boy Answers!

We’re starting a new part of this blog– we answer your questions about running!

None of us are experts, but we all have been running for years and between the three of us have a pretty good base of running knowledge. Chris is a high school senior who runs cross-country along with the 1600 and the 3200, Matt is a former high school runner who is now doing a lot of cool stuff withreally long distance, and David is a college athlete who does cross-country, 3k/5k, and steeplechases in the spring. If you have any questions about training, want to share your experiences and/or problems, want to know anything about us, or just want to talk, feel free to send us messages!


#RunningIsLife - The Marmots

Es un honor interpretar esta canción motivacional con The Marmots

runningislife  asked:

3, 10, 18, 24, and 25

3. What shoes are you training in right now? Brooks Defyance 5

10. Favorite shorts? I have no idea… the shorter the better as long as my balls don’t fall out (which happened to my high school teammate)

18. Jordan Hasay or Sheila Reid? Jordan! Only because I met her once.

24. Opinions on barefoot running? It’s fine I guess, just not my thing. But I hate when people get super into it without knowing what they’re doing just because it’s “”“in”“” right now.

25. Favorite runner? Anna Pierce!