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Tumblr crushes?

Jesus Christ, have you got all year?

I re-blog constantly from a load of people and visit like a whole list of fav’s for content quite often and then some I speak to/friends with etc. I also don’t give a damn about stupid Tumblr politics of who hates who, who sends each other hate mail etc etc. I just like the blogs I like :)

Ok, this might take a while…

Katy, Emmy, The Boy, Ryan, Brandon, Shane, Stu, Laura

Rosievintage, andlaura, owlberta, itsokayimwearingbigknickers, 

romantically-hapless, cemet3ry-weather, sparklyrainbowfarts, 

ramonaflowersxxxxxxx, orcabetty, berriesandcinnamontea, 

do-not-touch-my-food, thefurthestfall,

lipstickstainedlove, arirockabilly, vonmunsterr

My favourite blog ever used to be  Will’s girlfriend, Chloe. RIP Queen of Tumblr. lol, I still life perv them on instagram though. 

I’m telling you, this list is ridiculously endless. There are a load more too!


Upside Down.

…Just about to watch this, think it’s something Katy might really like too…

10 Facts :)

Thank you for the tag Hannah  ^_^ 

Hrm… It’s way harder to think of facts about yourself on the spot. 

1) I just spent a silly amount of money on birthday party bits for my soon-to-be 4 year old. Cute floral paper plates to load up with french fancies and jam sandwiches and a straw hat with a big flower on for her to wear sitting on the picnic blanket I spent £15 on yesterday.. It’s all for her teddy bear picnic/tea party which is pretty much MY ideal childhood party…I feel bad about it :/ 

2) I turned 25 a couple of months ago, it terrifies me that it’s nearly 10 years since I finished school. I bumped into my old art teacher a couple of years ago in London Victoria station, she recognisd me from far off and came over so I can’t have changed that much… I don’t know if that’s scarier than being a quarter of a century old now.

3) My facts are too long, short one.. I am really terrible at a few things.. maths, cleaning, having will power when it comes to food or biting my nails and I procrastinate a LOT. 

4) Many around me know I am obsessed with polka dots/patterns. My polka dot bag collection is now good enough to have a different dotty bag every day for a week, this pleases me. 

5) I really would kill for long hair, but I don’t think I could deal with the upkeep of extensions and my hair always sticks at a shouldery sort of length and then splits to high heaven (like now) so I have to chop about 4 inches off! 

6) There are very VERY few vegetables I don’t like. I am veg obsessed. I will skip on olives, beetroot and radishes but generally speaking anything grown is fair game! 

 7) Ironically parents are butchers, I maybe cook with meat 3 days a week, I just find it a pain in the ass. haha

8) I search for properties for fun, browse rightmove and gumtree every week or so.. I have no intention of moving anytime soon, but I always look for my specific criteria and price range… I never know why.

9) We are currently into season 2 of Game of Thrones… nothing will ever replace the void Breaking Bad left when we finished it. 

10) I have really odd music taste, I guess I would say I mainly listen to Pop Punk or it’s generally in a ‘Rock’ and heavier category? But my car playlist goes from Of Mice & Men to One Direction in 1 click, and then Katy laughs at me.. :P 

Done! I waffle on..sorry. 

*Tag 10 of your favourite people you follow/follow you*