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Where are your graphs from? So pretty! And great job on the miles!

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Congratulations! What program are you using in the screen shots?

I track all of my run data on - It will integrate with most GPS devices, and is WAY better than Garmin Connect (and anything else I’ve tried out there for that matter). I was introduced to it about 2 years ago by John from our group (now my coach). It is a free site, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’ve never seen it. Here are some of the things I really like about the site:

  • Customizable dashboard (mine is pretty intense)
  • Customizable categories
  • Robust custom reporting and graphs
  • Ability to track equipment usage (such as shoe mileage)
  • Automatically track race PRs
  • Can record LOTS of data for each workout
  • Can track non-running workouts
  • Ability to setup groups with private message boards, leader boards, etc.
  • Ability to export all data
  • Import data from Garmin devices, Nike+, text files, etc.
  • Etc, Etc

We have about 10 members of our running group that use the site, and it is pretty cool that we can all keep up with each other.