Running from the wolves || ValentinoValerie & LyricalRosa


Val rolled her eyes and leaned in front of her on the opposite wall. This was bad. For once, she couldn’t just ditch trouble when it grew too heavy. She had someone else who was in trouble with her. Herself, yes she’d risk and get into trouble. Others? Especially people she cared about? Not so much.

She shook her head and looked away crossing her arms. She didn’t even bother answering her, what would she say? ‘No, I won’t just leave you here like this’, ‘I care too much to throw you away as bait to the wolves.

Though the two statements were true, she’d never admit either. Instead she sighed and said: “Don’t be stupid.” They’ll figure something else out, they always did.

[]—She sighed at her friend’s response as she certainly wasn’t expecting anything else out of her. Her gaze shifted from thee red head to the enemy catching up to them then back to her. “I’m not being stupid, I’m dead serious, Val, you need to get out of here” she exclaimed.

She had gotten injured, she would take the fall alone, Val didn’t have to face the consequences of Rosa’s actions and she would never forgive herself if the other ended up arrested because of her.

“We’re running out of time, you need to leave now! I told you, I’ll catch up to you but we can’t waste time discussing this right now” her tone leaked just the right amount of urgency and panic to emphasize on the seriousness of their situation.