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Running Hiatus

After all of these big races I have done over the past month, I have to admit I am in a bit of a running burnout stage. With this new marathon sign up, I know that I better use this hiatus to my advantage before my life is given over to the sport of running come July. At first, I felt guilty for not wanting to run…how have I just done all of these events and the sport no longer excites me? But then I realized that it is a natural thing that most athletes go through it when they are at their sport for a long time. Therefore, I am going to start celebrating this hiatus rather than ignoring it!

I think taking a break from running (not entirely but just not as religiously as before) will allow my legs a little rest and my cross training to really kick up a notch. I still have that list of classes and gyms I want to try and now I have the gift of 0 obligations which means I can jump into them at any time! The good thing about taking a rest period is that I will be itching to run by July. It won’t feel like a mundane routine but rather a gift as I start training again!

In the meantime…there is also something I will stay focused on for this race: raising money for Team In Training. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be running with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for the ING NYC Marathon 2013. What drew me to this charity was how much they have done already for cancer research. They have allocated billions of dollars to researchers to help find a cure and they have welcomed cancer survivors to their teams to help them train for their first races back in action. They host discussions where you hear testimonials from survivors and have the ability to understand their struggle and be inspired by it. They join together people from all walks of life to work as a team and train for one big dream.

I am so honored to run alongside some of the toughest people in New York City and to be pushed beyond my perceived limits as well. If you feel compelled to help donate to this cause and to my Race for the Cure then please CLICK HERE and give whatever you can manage. Every little bit helps!! The world (and I) appreciate it. THANK YOU <3