Running for Non-Runners

Do you get bored of running but still want to run? Do you injure easily, but still want to run? Do you get out of breath easily but still want to run? Listen to this.

Sometime pushing myself to just keep running does not work (asthma, tendinitis, boredom). So I developed short workouts within my long workout to encourage a full length regime. This is how it generally goes:

Start at 3 mph, every 30 seconds, increase speed by .10 mph (15 minutes)
Start at 8 mph and run for 30 secs, then walk for 1 min, repeat (15 minutes)
Start at 3.5 mph, every 30 seconds, increase speed by .10 mph (15 minutes)
Start at 5 mph, hold speed (15 minutes)

The above is more than enough an averages about 4.7 mph, though I might change it along the way and do more or less. I often finish off with a walk between 3-3.5 mph to get to 5 miles total. 5 miles a day is a lot (for real!). It would be fair to just do this particular workout every other day (3 times a week).

For beginners, or those just looking for something new/different. I would recommend doing these in 15 minute sets with breaks in between for stretching and moderate calisthenics. I would also recommend that you just do 30 minutes total running time every day before pushing yourself to do more (I’ve been running for a long time and will often do 8-10 mile runs). For those who are still uncomfortable running, especially on a treadmill, interval training as described in my second set is perfect! Even if you decide your max speed can only be a jog for now and that walking needs to be a bit longer, as long as you are moving and slowly training your body to run, you will be successful.

Running for Beginners Challenge: Week Seven

I had a seriously rough week six, so I took it easy today; I ran at 5.0 mph. on a 1.0% incline for 4 minutes, then walked at 3.5 mph. on a 1.0% incline for 1 minute until I hit 4 reps. I actually finished without any breaks! :) That is a huge improvement from the past few days! I look forward to building up my incline this week (maybe speed too, but I don’t want to burn out by the end of the week like I did during week 6). 

I hate running so much but oh my god I love it. Like, I can go to the gym feeling like shit and then come back on a stupid, happy high. Woo hoo!

Ive been away from tumblr for a while, sorting my life out. 

Well life sorted and im back. 

Bit of an update: This past weekend 5&6 of April, i completed the Oxfam trailwalker, walking 100km in 30 hours. It was tough, it hurt like ive never felt pain before, i cried and just wanted it to be over but i completed it. 

One of my team mates was terrible, she refused to slow down and treated this team challenge like her own personal competition to see how fast she could walk. Whereas the team’s goal was to complete it, we didnt care how long it took. What this meant is that i spent 40 km asking her to slow down and having to walk faster than was comfortable for me. This resulted in extremely painful blisters all over my feet and for the remaining 60km, walking much slower than i would have had we walked at my pace (the slowest team members pace) for the whole event. Grrr, so angry. 

I will do it again next year but not with the same team. 

Anyway, so ive done this epic challenge and now im looking for another challenge. Im thinking i would like to do a 10km swim next year, i will need to do plenty of training to get up to speed on this, i havnt swum in a competition suitation for a very long time. 

In the mean time, while training to do this 10km swim and of course the trailwalker next year, i need something to keep me busy. Im think triathlon/ duathlon (given its nearly winter here). 

Anyone who does Triathlon or duathlon, runs, swims or cycles, who could give me tips on getting started?

I dont really run, i can run for very short distances so i guess his is a good starting place. 

All offers of help welcome

Running for Beginners: Week Three

Slowly but surly, I am climbing my up the running ladder lol. I was so excited to start week three yesterday, but I took a nap right before going to the gym so that might have brought my excitement down a bit. Regardless, the workout was good. I started my running at 5.5 mph. and kicked it up .1 mph each rep. I ended up with a new personal record! I ran/walked 1.56 miles (including a .10 mile warmup)!! I ran up to 6.1 mph and I didn’t ever really feel like I was going to die! I think I like this running thing. Every day I’m going to start running at .1 mph more than the last day, which means I should be running around 6.8 or 6.9 mph by next week :)

Running For Beginners Challenge: Week Six

I started week six tonight on the trusty treadmill. High interval was running at 5.1 mph. and low interval was walking at 3.5 mph. (both at 1% incline) I didn’t really have any trouble running, but I felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough. I’m going to kick up my mph. tomorrow to see if I can really step things up, or I might raise the treadmill’s incline. I just hate feeling like I am not pushing myself to my fullest potential, but this is such a lazy point in my fitness routine. I need to pump things up!

Wow I just realized that I sound so strange. I would have never said any of that running was anything close to easy 6 weeks ago. Go me. Progress rules. 

Running for Beginners: Week Two

I cheated on the last day of week 1 by jogging the last 3 minutes or so but hey, it was a good cheat :P

Anyways, I began the actual week two this evening and I must say that it was better than week one. During the first rep, I ran at 5 mph, then kicked it up .2 mph each rep afterwards. I ended up running at 6 mph on the last rep so that felt pretty great. I hated having my short get all crushed up in-between my legs though! (you all know what I’m talking about haha)

I think I will continue to improve my speed and distance as the week progresses. Today I made it 1.45 miles (including a .10 mile warm-up walk) in about 25 minutes. I don’t ever count the cool down, by the way. 

Wish me luck this week! :)