The 35th Annual Great Cow Harbor 10K

When I was a kid, I thought the people who ran this race were frakking INSANE. How many miles? Do they know how hilly this town is? Since I started running a few years ago (more casually then, more seriously now), it’s been on my mind. I’ve really wanted to run it, but I could never justify the trip from Massachusetts for a 10K. But I’m in New York again! So I’m finally running it. The race is part of a greater weekend of small town festivities that also includes Cow Harbor Day. If small town holidays, parades, and lots of people dressed up as cows piques your interest, you should come hang out and run.

(start line - runners as far as the eye can see!)

Have I mentioned that I’ve never run a 10K race before? Two marathons, 3 road half-marathons, a trail half, a ton of 5Ks, and some random distance races, but never a 10K.

(Ryan Hall setting the course record in 2006)

Here are some interesting facts about The Great Cow Harbor 10K:

  • 5,500+ runners
  • 25,000+ spectators
  • 2k fun run / walk with 1000+ participants
  • one of Runner’s World top 100 races in the USA
  • selected as a Championship Race by RRCA for the 11th consecutive year
  • UPS bag drop (lololol - it’s a 10k. TAKE NOTE, NYC MARATHON. This is how you do it.)
  • shuttle service from parking to start line and from finish to parking
  • staggered/wave start + chip timing
  • four water/aid stops (FOR A 10K. C'MON.)
  • $3k cash prize to top male and female; $5k bonus for setting a course record
  • age group awards and raffle for all runners (bib number =  ticket)
  • Last year, Mo Trafeh set a course record - 28:17, 4:34 pace (beating Ryan Hall’s 28:22 set in ‘06)
  • Last year, Janet Cherobon-Bawcom also set a course record - 32:26, 5:14 pace
  • Elite runners have been known to live & train in Northport for months leading up to the race.
  • This race is SERIOUS[ly fun].

It’s a challenging course, and it includes both my least favorite hill (though we run down it - FUN!) and my favorite hill, James Street (which I just learned is often referred to as “Widow Hill” by runners… so there’s that). It’s also gorgeous. So there’s that.

(Cows are everywhere.)

Have I hooked you yet? If you’re in the NY area, you should come play. You probably won’t set a PR, but you’ll have a blast. If you have more miles than that to run, we can run more miles. And if anyone wants to fly out, that’s cool, too.

Saturday, September 15th is the date.

I think I’m going to run with a cow bell.

Sign up, me hearties!


Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah since she is up here visiting her husband’s family.  She’s been to hell and back with being sick so it was really awesome that I got the chance to meet her and to be able to run with her.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her friend Jen (doesn’t have a tumblr, YET!), who is a starting to run again as well.

Today, race epic wasn’t about time.  It wasn’t about PR'ing.  It was about friendship and blogging in real life.  We talked about various things about marathons, half marathons, etc.  It was a great time had by all.

The last maybe .10 or .15 of the 5K was sprinted.  I looked down at my watch and saw 6:56… 7:00 … I was like whoa this feels great.  I really love the feeling of running.  In time, I will be able to sustain that.  And, I will beat you Jim. :)  I might even pull a Claire and zoooooom right past Drew during the Soaring Wings Half.  I don’t know, anything is possible! :)

This was a great ending to a great year.  Tomorrow, 6 miles on tap.  Let’s get back into NOLA training.  It’s like 2 months away. :)

It may have not been the fastest time, and there may have been lots of walking, but hell… we had fun!  That’s what this is all about!

Do Life.  Own Life.