I am in the process of deciding what computer I need to buy. I need something that can run photoshop smoothly (I don’t mean the occasional error, I mean something that doesn’t crash cos I used a paintbrush it didn’t like). 

I’ve had a lot of people saying Macs are THE BEST and that microsoft is rubbish. I’ve used Microsoft all my life and really the only problem I have with it is the computer ages at the 5 year point and becomes unusable. 

I was considering a mac, But man they are so pricey for one with a bit of grunt to it… I would ask a specialist but, they’re just going to be really biased and sing Mac’s praises. and that gets on my nerves a bit. then there are others who love PC’s and shit all over macs and I feel like I’m not getting a clear answer.

I want the most honest, unbiased opinion I can get for which machine is going to be best for me to invest in. My computer is 5 years old now and I need to start working on stuff a lot more. 

My budget range is about $1000 - $1500 AUD (tower only) and I don’t know a lot about how computer specs work.

could anyone point me in the right direction?  

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The man believes the picture could be some sort of response from the “aliens” because of his interest in the subject and the additional claim that he witnessed a “few crafts” around his house at the time of the technological “implant” occurred.

“I have run the photo through a few tests , such as checking the internet for matches of the image to verify its uniqueness. As well as running it through Photoshop checking programs to confirm that it has not been tampered with,” he said.

Source from MUFON and Cryptozoology News

Al built my new computer yesterday (and one for him too)

It runs photoshop so beautifully fast, I can’t wait to start working on it! @w@

…after I sleep a bit more cos I was up until
late last night ..

So my Mac laptop finally died on me. Luckily, I backed up most of my stuff to dropbox beforehand because it was making weird noises, and with as old as this computer is I wasn’t expecting it to live much longer.

So now I’ve got my eye on this sweet-looking Dell from Best Buy that’ll be perfect for gaming and my art. Bonus: The nonprofit organization whose website I manage is with a service that offers you stuff like Microsoft Office and Windows 8 and Norton antivirus for SUPER CHEAP to run nonprofit businesses, and they’re letting me download those programs through them. Which basically means I’ll only be paying for the computer itself ($899) and not have to fork out $100+ more for all those extra programs.


anonymous asked:

All hail you, knowing weeks ahead and not spoiling us! (^sarcasm). As if you knew 100% that it was real, very convenient to say this now

There’s really no need to be an ass? It was pretty easy to tell it was legitimate because otherwise the person would have had to do a lot of homework to make it look so realistic. The release date seemed correct going by the number of squares on Troye’s Tumblr, and Bite had been a rumored song for months, and running it through a Photoshop checker gave a negative result. There were later screenshots from various websites so it became clear that it was definitely real. This wasn’t some amazing secret only I was in on, loads of blogs knew and weren’t talking about it because they knew it wasn’t fake. My blog is spoiler free, and part of that means I don’t talk about things like that.

If you don’t believe me I can show you screenshots of me frustratedly texting my friends about how I really wanted to talk about it but couldn’t over a week ago. I don’t think that’s necessary though, I’m pretty sure you just felt like being a bit rude today. 😉

Guess who just realized she’s been unintentionally starting to make photo sets?

Me. I don’t know why I asked the question. 

But thanks to the plot bunny that ran free with secondarysushicorps about a Hartwin wedding, and storgefreyja mentioning a Hartwin Disney vacation, and the fact that I’m almost ready to start posting more of my business!AU fic, I have a bunch of pictures bookmarked to go with these stories and nothing to do with them.

I apologize for future photo set spam in the future.