This was part of my final for my animation class! I’m really excited to make more of these little vignettes. 

spidergansta asked:

I am an aspiring artist who needs assistance on how to get started, more specifically, getting an income. How did you buy the equipment you needed to make your art? Did you have a source of income prior to posting art? If so, what did you work as?

Hey dude.
So I started drawing stuff and posting it online when I was about 14, I was lucky enough to have parents who supported me and bought me a scanner. With that I downloaded Photoshop 7 and started learning how to work with it.
I saved my birthday money for two years to buy my first and so far only wacom tablet (resilient bastard), after high school I started doing all kind of freelance work to buy whatever I needed (usually better laptops). Good thing about having a a simple cartoony style is that you just need any computer that runs photoshop. I would advise just that, if you’re into digital art, buy any computer that supports photoshop, a cheap tablet and learn everything you can.

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anonymous asked:

Things are always manipulated through pictures and social media now a days. I have always wondered if perhaps there are some pictures of Chris and Darren on dates out there somewhere. There have been many confirmed parties or social events they have both showed up to but yet no pictures. Some where out there someone has proof.

Oh Anon, I am sure there are so many pictures of Darren and Chris out there.  And some manips have been discovered.  Its amazing what these two can and do get away with.   Think about this, I was in Washington Square park not long after Darren posted this photo on his IG

Based on our observations, even this photo, completely innocent, was run through photoshop and altered (the scenery could not have been taken in one shot).  If Darren would alter a photo of a snow scene, think what he and Chris would do with a photo where there is something to hide?  There are so many games being played. You almost have to question everything.