So i had this Image a long time in my mind and finally drew it^^
I had to do little preparations for my cell, because it takes another size for the Lock Screen. But i hope this is the right size for you guys
I really fell in love with this little dork >-<
Please somebody help me I´m in Undertale Hell .

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hey chief, i might be wrong, but i think your blog updates are the only redeeming feature of sundays. This makes me feel happy that this blog exists! One thing you could do is keep up the fantastic work you do with this, making the worst day of the week that bit better :) How does that sound to you?

ahhh thank you so much, i’m so happy my post make sundays a bit more bearable (tbh sunday was chosen as post-day for this express purpose^^)


I just thought this screenshot was a really good example of the simple editing that I do, for anyone that’s been curious. I’ve gotten a few anons asking about it in the past.

1. I use the in-game camera to take my screenshots, and because I want to keep my images as large as possible, I always use the Tab camera and try to frame my shots perfectly so I never have to crop the image. I often take 2-3 shots of the same thing at slightly different angles and then pick my favorite. This is the untouched image that the game gave me. (other than the text, obviously)

2. I then run THIS Photoshop action by @dani-paradise on all of my Scone legacy posts. I usually leave it at full opacity, but sometimes it’s a smidge too bright, and I’ll reduce it to 80% or so. I kept it at full for this image.

3. This step isn’t always necessary, but you can see that in the original screenshot that the background is much brighter than the subject of the screenshot, and so it’s hard to make out the sim’s face. The Photoshop action helped a lot, but also made the background even brighter, washing it out a bit. So I select the base image underneath the Action layer that I just ran, and go to Image→ Adjustments→ Shadows/Highlights in Photoshop and mess with the settings in there. 

I usually set Shadows to lighten at 15, and Highlights to darken at 10, but it will vary from picture to picture. As you can see, it brought out more detail in the sim’s face, and slightly darkened the brick and tile behind her, making them less washed out and uncomfortably bright. As I said before, not every image will have such a drastic contrast, and may not require this step.

And then to save, I like use File→ Save for Web, then select JPEG at quality setting 90 or 80. This keeps my images from pixelating too much from the JPEG format, while still keeping the image size fairly small. (this is still a novelty to me, I used to use a freeware image editing program that did not have this lovely feature).

And that’s about it! Which is good, because this is long enough already. ;) Hope this helps someone!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of art and sorry to those who are still waiting on commissions.

My computer can no longer run SAI or Photoshop. Well, technically it can - but the moment I try to save whatever I am working on my entire computer crashes.

I am a little over halfway towards what I need for a new laptop (thank you bunches to everyone who donated/commissioned/reblogged). I am working on raising the rest of the money and will hopefully be buying a replacement soon.

In the mean time that means a hault on art, including commissions and my webcomic. Hopefully not for long though!

Thank you for all you understanding and support!


Went to the gym last night and received photo messages of my wonderful friends eating ice cream T^T @aimislimydesu @realcontroll