((((゜д゜;)))) I wouldn’t want to have to pay for their dinner…but then again, I would do pretty much anything for SHINee… ◔̯◔

Gag Concert 130310

I talked with my uncle about Korean music and then he looked up EXO and watched Call Me Baby but he used internet explorer.  He says Xiumin and Sehun look like girls and Kai looks more Japanese than Korean. Just thought I would share that fun little experience. I was mostly amazed that he used internet explorer. 

I keep seeing random comments on my dash about shipping Kylo Ren with people and honestly the only thing I can ship that wet noodle with is a swift kick in the ass


Ways I’ve earned $$ from swagbucks:

-Watching videos on my computer (on mute)
-Answering surveys (13-250 pts)
-Clicking through slideshows (1-4 points)
-Answering a daily poll (1 pt)
-Clicking through special offers (but not having to take any of them)
-Letting slideshows run on a background tab (1-4 points)
-Watching videos on my phone (36 pts daily)
-Signing up for free/cheap trials of websites (25 pts to 3500 pts so far) then canceling before getting charged
-points earned by people who used my referral link
-shopping thru links from swagbucks to walmart, target, and others
-coupons printed from swagbucks
-downloading apps on my phone, installing, opening, then deleting (seriously)
-downloading apps on my phone, buying basic in-game purchases (no more than $4.99, sometimes as low as $1.99), then deleting.
-using swagbucks search to surf the web instead of google (google is still better, but I’ve earned as much as 36 swagbucks on a single search, and still found what I was looking for)
-entering swagcodes (2-4 points)
-playing a goofy game 20 times daily (10 points total)

Since 12/30/2015 I have earned 20,536 swagbucks using the above things (and probably a couple more I can’t think of).  In terms of real money- that (for me) has equated to $200 to my paypal account. In a month.


And that doesn’t factor in monthly bonuses, or even all of my referral points. Now I don’t expect to put away $200 every month.  The big-value trial offers that I’m willing to do, I’ve pretty much done, but it’s not unreasonable to to still earn $100 a month.  


SO! If you need extra scratch and you don’t mind sometimes tedious activities to do it: check out swagbucks.  It’s currently this cripple’s best friend.  And I can tell you from experience- it DOES pay out.  Any of the linked text in this will take you to sign up (using my referral link). 


So, I was watching this video because I love to listen to and watch these kind of videos whilst just bimbling about. Suddenly, I realise at about 2 minutes in, the guy uses my picture of the original Lizard Labs test run tabs.

Given that that is one of my most reblogged posts, I immediately recognised it. But yeah, it’s a small world, guys, sometimes you bump into yourself :D

m01s1k00 asked:

Does Little Girl get spanked ??? Love the blog, can't wait for the next update in the series.

Oh my.. Daddy loves to spank me!!!! He keeps a running tab of all the spankings I earn during the times that we are apart. And I definitely earn a lot! Thank you for the question! ☺️

To the 2 grown men in a town 5 hours from me that took the liberty of stealing my 16 year old’s debit card number online and then printing your own copy of it, running up a tab, in the amount of 116.00, and then leaving her with like 10 cents in her account, after she worked after school for 4 days working minimum wage in a pizza shop… I’ve got 2 words for you.


Cause you’re gonna need it. Reaping and sowing is as real as your hangover tomorrow morning.

And you didn’t even have the common curteousy to tip the bartender 20%.
You gave them an additional 21.00


mothraofficial asked:

hey oc meme whichever ocs you HAVENT BEEN ASKED or if you remember any of the awful gays we made togeher do one of those ;0

OKAY there’s a lot so I’m like gonna pick just one of mine that hasn’t been done bc I’m a lazy fuck.

Full Name: Benjamine “Ben” Hawke
Gender and Sexuality: Female, pansexual
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: Somewhere in Ferelden, but she moved a lot.
Guilty Pleasures: Nothing is a guilty pleasure for her. Go big or go home fuckers. She’s dragged her whole party to the Blooming Rose unabashedly multiple times.
Phobias: Not being loved, being used.
What They Would Be Famous For: Other than being the Champion of Kirkwall, probably the longest running bar tab at the Hanged Man.
What They Would Get Arrested For: So much. Being belligerent with authorities most likely.
OC You Ship Them With: Once again, none, Isabela is her lovely pirate wife.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: The Knight Commander would do it before any of them.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Biographies. She totally read her own once it was published.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Lack of overdramatic climactic action sequences.
Talents and/or Powers: A pro with daggers like holy shit.
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s humorous, loving, a very affectionate friend, and very close to her family.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Impatient and reckless as fuck.
How They Change: She becomes a more diplomatic person, and one confident in her abilities.
Why You Love Them: She’s a precious quirky sweetheart who just deep down wants the best for everyone she loves.

freckledfeet asked:

Hey! Mind giving me more info on this 5k? 😁 sounds awesome

Yeah definitely! If you go to womensrunningcommunity(.)com and look under their virtual runs tab on the far right! It’s $27 and its a hunger games theme for the medal.

anonymous asked:

Hey, have you heard? They say that the police has mounted a manhunt for Jeff the Killer. They say to bring him in dead or alive. It seems that they're pretty close to finding out his location.


Liu could feel his throat tighten up at the thought. He was certain that big crocodile tears would have been shed if they hadn’t been around others. Shaking his head, Liu went over to his backpack and pulled out his laptop. As soon as he had it running, he opened multiple tabs to different news sources.

“They can’t possibly be doing that,” he croaked. He immediately began to search for an article, a video clip, anything that could confirm that the information he had just been given was true. “He isn’t even… T-There’s worse people out there!”



I decided to really reduce down my website to just the main core pieces that now are relevant and purely represent me as an artist - both my aesthetic and esthetic.

Instead of having many tabs, I changed my website to just ‘portfolio of works’ with years and then a drop down menu of the works. I find this is less fussy than having many tabs running across the top and looks clean and well laid out. 

I decided to also attach this blog and my instagram to my website as they both allow the viewer an insight into me more personally - how I write more relaxed instead of the professional and cold front that a website gives - I think it is important to have this balance between professional yet approachable and relatable.

`i also created a more in depth ‘about’ section, as this gives the viewer more understanding as to my working practice and what my work is about. It is all good and well seeing a piece of work, but the entirely wrong concept could be taken by the viewer if the work is not explained - I want my work to represent exactly what I intended when first creating it. 

> Scrolling down tumblr
> See a magic school bus post
> “Neat.”
> Try to keep scrolling
> The entirety of Google Chrome locks up
> “That’s weird.”
> Forced to kill it
> Try to reopen it
> It reopens as “Au_.exe”



Increase your vocabulary & look smarter to your friend & social network. New secret meme is using a 1 big word/day that no one knows about. Be the trend setter.

It just has a blank white screen. My daughter school uses this to help with spelling test. Please fix I have a note 4.

It previously worked ok on my Samsung gx 3 but now its a blank white screen on my Note5? Please fix.. my daughter uses it and it helps her..

My son has been using this app to learn his spelling about 2 years ago. It has served its purpose well. Recently, I paid to become a premium member so as to make full use of all its features. The only problem now is that the app does not work in my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running on Lollipop 5.0.2 (blank screen). It is still working fine on my older Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 running on Jellybean 4.1.2. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Rating: 3.5
Downloads: 500,000+
Creator:, Inc.
Price: Free
Size: 50Mb #androidgames

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