Battleborn characters according to people I've played with

Alani - Will heal u but will be salty over it. Will drown u where u stand, there is no escape.

Ambra - Actual mom. Constantly running between lanes in meltdown, eternally tired.

Attikus - Will either kill u in one hit or jump into a wall.

Beatrix - Will rarely bless u with patient zero. U never see her in game and yet she has the most kills. A mystery.

Benedict - Smartass. Everyone hates him. Always misses his ult.

Boldur - Good solid friend. Reckless. Runs alone ahead of the group only to be seen running back to safety with no axe.

Caldarius - Always lands his ult at least 50m away from the intended target. Blinds everyone and runs away.

Deande - Healers hate her because they keep healing her duplicate. Everyone else also hates her because they keep killing her duplicate. Silly face and dance taunt.

El Dragón - Runs ahead of the group, immediately runs back with 10 health. Always either dead or clapping.

Ernest - Everyone’s best friend. His egg brings joy to many.

Galilea - Either an annoying dudebro or a really nice lesbian, there is no inbetween. Always losing her shield.

Ghalt - Will kill everyone. Always chains enemies close when he has to reload.

Isic - Rotating wards when no one is shooting at him. Taunts bots. Plasma dashes into enemies and dies.

Kelvin - Chomps all the minions. Good reliable friend. Everyone forgets to heal them.

Kid ultra - Either only uses support drones on himself or places 2 drones in one player.
Sometimes throws drones at the ground, everyone jumps over them, everyone dies.

Kleese - No one knows he can float like a magestic sky blueberry. Places energy rifts everywhere. What are they for? No one knows.

Marquis - Stand in a corner and snipe. All the hoodinis are in the spawn zone chilling. Occasionally collects shards but only to activate his gear.

Mellka - Stands in between the lanes in meltdown. Spends 5 whole minutes shooting a supply station.

Miko - Either the best healer you’ve ever seen or the literal worst and just stands in place through a whole match. Tries to take down thralls in incursion, dies. Places healing mushroom in the enemy’s direct line of fire.

Montana - Pure wholesome human shield. No one can see what they’re shooting at bc he always blocks the view. Is the happiest in parties with 3 Montanas or more. Lumberjack dashes into walls.

Orendi - Constantly pushes herself off cliffs with nullify. Dies and immediately respanws, uses 8 extra lives in 3 minutes.

Oscar Mike - Always in stealth when you need him. Air strikes 1 minion. Spams taunts.

Pendles - Hoards shards. Doesn’t activate gear, doesn’t build turrets, just hoards every single shard. Spends entire game fighting turrets.

Pheobe - Phasegates her way to ur death and into ur heart. Uses blade cascade to open chests.

Rath - Rage quits. Constantly reported for leaving matches early. His specialty is throwing enemies into the air as his teammates are about to use their ults.

Reyna - Only shields u to shield herself. Deploys photonic ward only to be swarmed with melee enemies.

Shayne & Aurox - Constantly pulling enemies with fetch to attack them at close range with her boomerang. Uses tag team just as every enemy leaves the area.

Thorn - Steals all ur kills. No one knows where she is. Most likely to be kicked and reported for being innactive.

Toby - Shields everywhere. Arc mines on the ceiling. No one ever watches his back when he uses core discharge so he always dies.

Whiskey Foxtrot - Butt taunt 500000 times. Taunts bots, taunts players, taunts the walls. Sticky bombs scattered accross the floor.


Anne Marie Hochhalter, 17 in 1999.
Anne Marie was outside eating lunch on the grassy knoll with two friends when the shooting began. At first she thought it was a joke but when she saw students getting shot in the legs, she realized it was for real. She tried to run to the safety of the cafeteria and was shot by Eric Harris once in the back and once in the chest. Paralyzed by a bullet that damaged her spinal cord and diaphragm (it was later found lodged in her liver), she collapsed, unable to move. She told investigators later that while she was playing dead she could hear one of the gunmen shouting orders to the other but couldn’t understand what they were saying. If rescue workers had been as little as two minutes slower in reaching her, she would have died. As such doctors later called her the “miracle girl”. She was later moved to Craig Hospital for spinal cord rehabilitation. She spent four months in the hospital.

Her mother Carla, who’d been diagnosed with depression committed suicide 6 months later, on October 22, 1999. The reports say she went to a pawn shop, bought a gun, loaded it and killed herself on the spot. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. Her father Ted remarried a year later, marrying one of the grief counselors he and Anne met.

Her 16 year old brother Nathan was also a student at Columbine. While the shooting occured, Nathan was trapped in a science room. Anne Marie underwent therapy at Craig Hospital with Patrick Ireland and resumed school Sept. 9 1999, taking one Physics class with him. Her family bought a house with wheelchair ramps and lifts with the help of Colorado Homebuilders Foundation. At age 18, she was attending Columbine part time and helped out in the nurse’s office in addition to taking classes. She wanted to go on to community college once she graduated but had planned to take the summer of 2000 off to “be a teen” since she’d lost that time the previous summer.
- acolumbinesite

Anne Marie Hochhalter made a facebook status on febuary 11 2016, where she wrote;

Dear Sue Klebold, I was injured at Columbine High School in 1999. As you know, your son Dylan, and his classmate, Eric Harris, killed 13 people and then themselves. You are releasing a book called, “A Mother’s Reckoning”, and are appearing tomorrow on the TV program 20/20 to talk about what happened and what your son did. I have only two instances to form an opinion on you and they are as follows:
1. You and your husband wrote me a letter a few months after I was paralyzed saying how sorry you were. It was genuine and personal. The Harris letter, on the other hand, was four sentences long on a folded up piece of paper, and was cold and robotic. To refresh your memory, your letter read like this:
“Dear Anne Marie,
Our prayers have been with you each day as we read about the terrible ordeal you and your family have experienced. We read that you had been transferred to Craig Hospital, and we were so thankful that you had progressed to the point where you could enter a rehabilitation facility. Though we have never met, our lives are forever linked through this tragedy that has brought unspeakable heartbreak to our families and our community. With deepest humility we apologize for the role our son, Dylan, had in causing the suffering you and your family have endured. Your recovery process will be a long and difficult road, and we hope that the support of people all over the world will help you find strength and courage as you meet the many challenges you have yet to face. When we read reports of your progress, we marvel at your resolve. It is still terribly difficult for us to believe that the son we knew could play a role in causing harm to you and others. The reality that he shared in the responsibility for this senseless tragedy is beyond our comprehension. We offer our love, support, and service as you and your family work to gain control over your lives. May God watch over you during your recovery process and beyond. May each day bring you successes, however small, that bring you hope and encouragement.
Sue and Tom Klebold.
2. I was contacted by ABC to comment for the 20/20 special and they told me that any proceeds from your book (aside from publisher’s costs) will go to helping those with mental illness. Six months after Columbine happened, my mother, Carla, committed suicide. She was already suffering from depression so the shootings didn’t directly cause her to do what she did, but it certainly didn’t help. It means a lot to me that you wouldn’t keep those proceeds for yourself, but to help others that suffer from mental illness.
I think it’s appropriate that the program that you are appearing on is named “20/20”. Hindsight is truly 20/20 and I’m sure you have agonized over what you could have done differently. I know, because I do the same thing with trying to think of ways I could have prevented my mother’s death. I have no ill-will towards you. Just as I wouldn’t want to be judged by the sins of my family members, I hold you in that same regard. It’s been a rough road for me, with many medical issues because of my spinal cord injury and intense nerve pain, but I choose not to be bitter towards you. A good friend once told me, “Bitterness is like swallowing a poison pill and expecting the other person to die.” It only harms yourself. I have forgiven you and only wish you the best.
Anne Marie Hochhalter.

Reasons Wash Isn’t Sleeping: Justice Doesn’t Sleep

Title: Reasons Wash Isn’t Sleeping – Justice Doesn’t Sleep

Characters: Agent Washington, Director, FLISS

Warnings: A small mention of blood.

A/N: I said I would do this, and then got caught up. But I did it. A short based on this image by @strangestquiet

Agent Washington watched as the holograms dissolved around him. His frustration had been growing with each target that had popped up in that test. His head dropping for a moment as the scenario finished. He was making too many mistakes. Too many of his hits weren’t center. Sloppy.

“Director. Agent Washington’s reaction times have fallen over 300 percent in the last –”

“Run it again, FILSS.”

“Safety protocols prohibit Agents being active for long than –“

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modern mythology is my favourite

  • witches whose day jobs is treating ill people with “alternative” remedies like crystal healing and herbalism that actually work
  • incubui and succubi who are models
  • dryads and other nature spirits who are huge environmental activists
  • schools designed for supernatural and magical creatures
  • witch tattoo artists who secretly disguise protective runes into all their tattoos
  • fair folk who sell potions at market stalls
  • mermaid marine biologists
  • normal humans that somehow come across dragon eggs and are trying to hatch it in their basement
  • elf scholars who run libraries filled with books about magic
  • werewolves running animal shelters
  • safety runes graffiti on apartment blocks


Quick little drabble, inspired by @deadlybingo post here. 

“Everybody inside go!” Barry yelled.

Felicity ran for cover, not caring as she dropped her umbrella to the ground. The rain hit against her face as she pushed herself to run for safety. Once she was under cover, she turned back to face her teammates. She froze, her breath caught in her throat at the sight before her.

Oliver hadn’t moved, a gold light flashed over him.

A loud buzzing sound filled her ears. Her eyes widened in shock. Time seemed to slow down around her.

“Oliver,” she choked out, she jumped forward, trying to reach him. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist, holding her back. “No!” she screamed as Oliver disappeared from sight. “Oliver!”

Her breathing sped up, coming out in short pants, tears filled her eyes. “No, no, no,” she muttered to herself, she closed her eyes tightly. He couldn’t be gone. Oliver couldn’t be gone. Not when she… There was so much that she hadn’t told him yet.

Images filled her mind. Flashing behind her closed lids.

The first time he walked into her office.

Oliver showing up, shot and dressed as the Hood, in the back seat of her car.

Oliver saving her from the Count.

Their disastrous first date.

I want to be with you… if you’ll come with me.

Oliver finally opening up to her, telling her the stories of his past.

The house in Ivy Town.

Coming back to Star City.

Oliver on one knee in front of her. Sliding the ring onto her finger.

Finding out that Oliver has a son.

The look on his face as she placed the ring on the table.

Staying together, to work as a team after Digg and Thea left.

And then, Oliver vanishing before her eyes.


She shook her head.


This couldn’t be the end. He couldn’t be gone… Not when

“Oliver!” she screamed, her voice cracked as tears slipped down her face. Her knees started to buckle, but the arms that were around her waist, held her up.

Is is real?

His voice echoed in her head. Questioning her relationship with Billy.

Had that only been a few weeks ago? Now, it felt like years.

I don’t know.

Had been her reply. Which had been the truth. She didn’t know.

But now, in this moment, having just watched Oliver vanish before her eyes. She knew.

It wasn’t. It couldn’t be. She was still in love with Oliver. And always would be.

He was her always.

But he…

“Felicity,” Barry’s soft voice broke her out of her thoughts. She looked at him, a look of despair on his face. “Felicity, I’m sorry. I tried… but, I wasn’t. I… I wasn’t fast enough.”

She reached towards him, the arms around her waist let go and she rushed into Barry’s open arms. Sobs racked her body.

“We’ll get him back,” Barry promised, squeezing her tightly. “I swear Felicity, we’ll find Oliver and we’ll bring him home.”

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This photo won the award for best photo of the decade and led the photographer into depression.

The Cheetahs chased a mother deer and her 2 fawns (baby deers), the mother could’ve easily outrun Cheetahs but instead she offered herself to Cheetahs so that her kids can manage to run to safety.
In the picture she is seen looking at her babies running safely as she is about to get torn into pieces…

how do i love FEED so much and yet somehow always forget how much it GETS to me?

I just.  None of the characters in this book seem unrealistic or bigger than life.  Not really.  Even Tate was believable, if on the extreme side - less so after this past election, i gotta admit.

It’s just a book, but I’m sitting here crying a little because someone craved power enough and hated enough that they shot a security guard named Tracy in the knee so she couldn’t run away from the zombies that were closing in on her.  We don’t know her.  She has like one line, and all we know about her is that she was only working this job because it would look good on her resume, but I’m crying because someone had enough hatred and greed in their heart that to get the power they wanted they would shoot her in the knee so she couldn’t run for safety.

maybe i’m crying because, especially now, I know there are people in this world - people in this country - who would do that without a second thought.

And I wish I didn’t know that.

Dating Zara Young ( Jurassic Park) would include

Originally posted by lena-luthcr

● Dating before she became Claire’s assistant.
♢ Travelling out to the island regularly.

● Knowing she isn’t looking forward to babysitting Claire’s nephews.
♢ Going to the island a few weeks in advance so you could spend time with her before she was on babysitting duty.
¤ Going to the beach area.
¤ Going on the attractions.

● Helping her babysit.
♢ Zach crushing on you.
¤ Zara finding it hilarious, but she would kiss your cheek just to remind him that you’re taken.

● Getting her coffee everymorning.
♢ Making sure the barista writes her name incorrectly.

● Relaxing on the king sized bed in the hotel together.

● Fancy dinner dates.

● Zara planning on marrying you.
♢ She has the whole thing planned.
¤ You knowing about this so you make reservations at restaurants under Mrs and Mrs Young.

● Being amazed at her sunglass collection.

● Helping her find Zach and Gray after they disappeared.

● Rescuing her from the Pteranodon.
♢ You tackled her before it caught her, unfortunately it’s claws scratched you.
¤ Running to safety.
▪ Zara trying to make sure you ok.

● Zara proposing to you a week after you two got off the island.
Dating Daryl Dixon would include...

- it being awkward at first
- him being shy and not wanting to show PDA in front of the others
- but always being super sweet and passionate when in private
-him teaching you how to use his crossbow
- him refusing to let you join him on his runs for your safety
- you trying to convince him you can take care of yourself
- you comforting him after Merle’s death (I forget if he actually dies??)
- not ever having to worry about infidelity
- teasing him about rickyl/desus
- constantly having to remind him that you only have eyes for him, because he just doesn’t understand how such an amazing person could ever want to be with him
- because it IS the end of the world, you two don’t have much time to get intimate with each other, but when you do it is gentle and sweet
- always discussing settling down together
- you two loving each other unconditionally
A/N : This is my first piece on my account ! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please feel free to offer me tips to make my writing better, and don’t forget to request!

Noragami Ch. 71:

Hiyori jungle savates anyone who gets in her way and carries Bishamon to safety

She runs and jumps and sets Bishamon down safely and hurries to take her son Yukine out of the time out box

Then she rushes over to her husband Yato and saves him with her love and believing in him

Heaven reconsiders and let’s Yato and Bishamon go. Everyone is ok and trash dad gets locked up in a special box where he can’t hurt anyone anymore (and won’t affect Yato) and Nora probably gets put in one as well or changes her ways

Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine return to earth and eat food as a family at Kofuku’s

This photo won the award for best photo of the decade and led the photographer into depression.

The Cheetahs chased a mother deer and her 2 fawns (baby deers), the mother could’ve easily outrun Cheetahs but instead she offered herself to Cheetahs so that her kids can manage to run to safety.
In the picture she is seen looking at her babies running safely as she is about to get torn into pieces…

Photo Credit: Alison Buttigieg


Though he’d asked for them, Cas found Sam’s words near impossible to believe. He raised his hand in a half-hearted wave, watching the taillights of your cab pull away.

You waited until you were out of sight to let the tears fall. Your heart felt heavier, pulled tighter and tighter until it felt you couldn’t breathe, with every second taking you further from Cas.