Okay, real talk: Do you know why Donald Trump is good? He’s a potential vote-splitter. If he keeps running as a Republican or decides to go Independent, his divisiveness has the potential to split the Right voting bloc in half, meaning no conservative candidate will be able to get enough votes to win in 2016. That’s why he needs to stay in the race. Because America will never elect him President (he’s a total idiot), but enough people will support him that it reduces the likelihood of any conservative winning.

It just occurred to me that when Obama was running for office Republicans were calling him out saying that he wasn’t experienced enough in politics to be an effective president, but when Donald Trump decides out of the blue he wants to hold possibly the most important political office in the world with exactly zero practical knowledge of the field suddenly experience is totally unnecessary
Scott Walker: Canada-U.S. border wall worth considering
'That is a legitimate issue for us to look at,' Republican presidential candidate tells Meet The Press

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is putting a new twist on the topic of securing the border, a staple among the Republican candidates running for president, by pointing north.

Walker said in an interview that aired Sunday that building a wall along the country’s northern border with Canada is a legitimate issue that merits further review.

Republican candidates for president have often taken a get-tough approach on deterring illegal immigration, but they usually focus on the border with Mexico.

Walker was asked Sunday morning on NBC’s Meet the Press whether he wanted to build a wall on the northern border, too. Walker said some people in New Hampshire have asked the campaign about the topic.

“They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at,” Walker said.

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what makes me sad is that even if Bernie sanders becomes president, he probably won’t be able to do anything because all his ideas will be voted down by the republican-run congress I think?? is that how politics work??? Im just scared that he won’t make as much change as we hope

the-francis-scott-key-key asked:

So I think you make some good points about minimum wage and stuff but can you please stop insulting everyone who disagrees with you (whether they be people you're talking to or presidential candidates) because they make good points too and discussion is how good things happen. I really like your blog and I was disappointed when I read that big post where you were discussing that.

I really don’t think I was that insulting to people and if I was I feel it was justified and worth it. Especially if it was directed towards Republicans running for the nomination because they are (with very few exceptions) dangerous and worthy of very little respect in terms of the language I use to describe them.

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your opinion on Bernie sanders vs. Hilary?

well i used to like hilary a lot but she is very inconsistent in her opinions on gay marriage,immigration, etc and a lot of women want her as president simply bc she’s a woman and not bc of her ideals and such so i wouldnt mind if she was president but she isnt my first choice

BERNIE ALL THE WAAAAYYYYYY ❤️❤️💙💙💗💗❤️💞💗💞💓💞💓💞💞💓🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 i think he would be a great great president and i think a lot of teens agree because he talks so much about our generation and our futures !!! hes very consistent in his ideas which is cool bc hilary is not at all!!the sad thing is a lot of people don’t even know hes running/dont pay attention bc he is a republican running as a democrat/bc hes older which they dont like and is ignorant af but he has v smart and awesome ideas AND hes jewish and being jewish myself i think it would be monumental to have a jewish man as president

(i typed this all in one shot and its a grammatical mess but!!!)


Has Anyone Been To America’s Liberty Pac Lately?

If you haven’t, then you may enjoy this. I haven’t been there lately, and I decided to grab a video or two from there to post here. I go there, and their homepage is almost nothing but some text, and gifs of eagles catching fish.

I’m being completely serious here.

Did Rand put runningrepublican in charge after Benton left?

A lot of people on here don’t understand how American politics work I’ve realized as I look down my dash. I’m not saying that everybody on this website who decide to talk about the debates and the primaries and etc. are unaware of how the government and elections work, but I’m seeing a lot of misinformation being put around. 

If Trump wins the Primaries, he will run as the Republican parties candidate for the presidency. I personally doubt that he will win despite his approval rating, however if I recall he said that he would run an independent campaign if he was not selected as the Republican candidate (which may split the Republican party again and more than likely cause the Republican candidate to lose the election, according to my Civics professor). BUT these are still only the primary elections, and the preliminary things at that as the primary elections aren’t until April, which means that this is just the candidates for their respective parties are just showing their opinions and the way they speak to try to be elected as their parties presidential candidate.

Warning people to ‘don’t vote for Donald Trump, vote for Bernie Sanders’ is useless. 

Bernie Sanders is running to be the Democratic parties nomination, and only Democrats (or in some states independents, or even members of the other party (seriously depending on the state)) can vote in the Democratic parties primary, and only Republicans can vote (and in some states independents) can vote in the Republican primaries. If or until Donald Trump gets selected as the Republican candidate and if or until Bernie Sanders gets elected as the Democratic primary, they are not running against each other for the presidency.

Deez Nuts is not running for the presidency. I can’t find the post (if anybody can find a link let me know), but I read that he was in fact in a POPULARITY POLL. People, probably young people, voted him up as a joke. He is a 15 year old boy and couldn’t be the president anyway. Nobody is electing Deez Nuts, don’t worry about people voting for Deez Nuts as a joke.

For the record I am not saying I am an expert in politics or government, but my dad is a history and government buff and my mother works for the government, so I have a baseline knowledge level. If I get anything wrong in this post, please send me a message or reblog with a comment saying what my misinformation was and I will gladly fix it. 


Donald Trump is not yet the Republican parties candidate. People cannot yet vote for Sanders over Trump or vice versa. Deez Nuts is not running in the primary.

So.. I had just finished dinner with my family in which we had a heated debate about the presidency. I made the comment that in ten or twenty years, my generation will start being in charge. My dad said it was worrisome since the majority of my generation can’t lift their heads from video games to care. He said that I was different because he raised me right. It was a big ol crock of Shit. Made this video in response. It’s silly and won’t matter but it felt good to make.