A running list of Republicans actually speaking out over James Comey’s dismissal

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.)

  • Burr, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is leading an investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible Russian ties, said he’s “troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination.”
  • “His dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the Committee,” Burr tweeted.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)

  • “I’ve spent the last several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey’s firing,” Flake tweeted Tuesday night. “I just can’t do it.”

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.)

  • In a statement, Sasse called the timing of Comey’s firing “very troubling,” adding that he reached out to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “for clarity on his rationale.”

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

  • McCain said in a statement he’s “disappointed” in Trump’s firing of Comey, and re-iterated his call for a “special congressional committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.”

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.)

  • Amash tweeted Tuesday night that he was, “reviewing legislation to establish an independent commission on Russia.”
  • Amash cited the “bizarre” second paragraph of Trump’s letter announcing Comey’s dismissal, in which Trump claims Comey told him three times he was not under FBI investigation.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.)

  • Comstock, one of the most vulnerable House Republicans up for re-election in 2016, said in a statement that she “can’t defend or explain tonight’s actions or timing of the firing of FBI Director James Comey.”
  • Comstock also called for an “independent investigation” of the Russian influence on the election “that the American people can trust.” Read more (5/10/17 10:20 AM)

Self-inflicted wounds?

These aren’t self-inflicted wounds. 

What you are seeing is a consequence of who the GOP nominates, who chooses to run as a Republican, and the kind of garbage human their voters tend to be.

None of this is a “self-inflicted wound,” at all. 

From everything we keep seeing in the White House, and in both houses of Congress, all of this is exactly what the GOP deserves, because people like Greg Gianforte are exactly who the GOP is.

With the posts going around reminding people how crucial the 2018 midterm elections will be, this is your reminder that there are going to be a small handful of elections in the US this year. There will be gubernatorial elections and state legislature elections in New Jersey and Virginia, as well as a few special Congressional races elsewhere.

If you live somewhere where there’s an election this year, it’s REALLY crucial for you to show up. Weird off-year elections aren’t an accident, it’s a deliberate attempt at disenfranchisement because the powers that be figured (correctly) that people wouldn’t even think to show up to the polls when there’s not a major election. Don’t fall into that trap. NJ and VA are both going to be electing new governors as neither incumbent will run again, and the state governorships and legislatures being run by republicans are part of the reason why the country has been gerrymandered to shit.

Know your elections, know your candidates, figure out if you have to go to the polls this November. Volunteer. Organize. Vote. It starts now, this year, and this fight will be a lot longer if you’re not vigilant and active.

Steve Bannon reportedly advised Trump to keep a “shit list” of Republicans who oppose him

  • Citing anonymous Trump administration officials, the Daily Beast reported that Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has advised the president to keep a “shit list” of all the Republican lawmakers who choose to vote against the American Health Care Act during a scheduled vote on Friday.
  • Amid mounting evidence that GOP leadership will be whip enough votes needed to pass the legislation, Trump has reportedly become incensed — prompting Bannon to suggest that he make a note of the defectors.
  • “[Bannon] has told the president to keep a shit list on this,” one official told the Daily Beast. “He wants a running tally of [the Republicans] who want to sink this… Not sure if I’d call it an ‘enemies list,’ per se, but I wouldn’t want to be on it.” Read more (3/24/17 4 PM)

consider: gansey, a young trans boy traveling the world entirely by himself in an anxious frenzy to find clues about glendower

  • getting his hair cut short almost immediately and rationalizing that it’s just more convenient, especially when traveling and hiking
    • anyway, he’s never quite liked fussing over his hair - never quite liked how it looked, always envied boring boys and brave girls for their short hair
    • and it doesn’t matter because it’ll be months before he sees his parents again
  • dressing progressively more androgynous, convincing himself it’s just for comfort and practicality, but feeling a definitive zing in his heart when a stranger stumbles over his pronouns and ultimately decides on ‘he’
  • going to places where no one knows him and introducing himself by only his last name
  • spending an overnight layover in a nearly-empty airport and deciding to, just this once, correct the woman at the check-in when she addresses him as “miss”
    • “have a safe flight, miss”
    • gansey’s throat goes slick and he knows there could be no real consequence for this, that he will never again return to this airport, never again see this woman, so he tries “actually, it’s mister”
    • and the woman fumbles and looks back at the passport, to see if she had misread the unmistakable little ‘f’, but she hadn’t, and gansey’s heart is racing
    • but ultimately, she just goes “well, safe flight either way” and hands him his passport and shuffles him along
    • and gansey stays up all night on his flight staring at the emergency exit lights and playing the moment over in his mind
  • and the next place he goes, he tries it again, this time with someone more permanent (although he doesn’t yet know quite how permanent)
    • roger mallory was maybe not the best test subject for this new identity - he’s rather rambly and forgetful, but he gets the hang of it eventually
  • and slowly, gansey stops calling home, stops picking up calls, can’t bear to speak to a family who think they’re talking to their daughter
    • until he goes off the grid altogether, not entirely because of his gender, but when he’s being honest, it’s definitely some part of it
  • and eventually, his quest leads him to henrietta, and something in him just knows that that is where he needs to be, not just for a few months of gathering intel - that is where he needs to be, where he needs to live, where he is going to find answers
  • so he approaches his family with the option of attending aglionby academy, prep school for boys
    • and his parents are confused and they huff and they balk, and they think it’s a joke
    • but by now, gansey has been traveling for long enough as a boy to know that that is where he belongs
    • and helen helps talk his parents into believing it, and it takes them a few months to rationalize it, but when they do, they’re expedient and clinical about it like they are about everything
    • gansey does all the research himself, bringing them a checklist of things they need to do to get his gender legally changed and to get him on hormones, including a list of doctors in the area and their addresses
    • his parents aren’t always happy about it, especially since his mother is a republican running for congress and he’s setting up shop in a very red virginian town, but.. even more the reason to help him pass as much as possible, so gansey takes what he can get
  • and when he goes to henrietta, when he goes to aglionby, he goes as who he is
  • and that’s when he knows henrietta will be his home. it’s the first place he’s ever been where he’s been truly himself, or as close as he can get, and it’s the place that he’s going to find his king
The Diary of a Teenage Senator

Being a regular teen girl is hard, but being a teen girl who’s also the senator of Texas?

Hi. I’m Ted Cruz, and this is my story.

Congress is the absolute worst! The speaker absolutely has it out for me. At least I have my best friends, Jeb Bush and John Kasich, with me. I don’t know what I would do without them.

There’s this one boy in Congress who is just sooooo dreamy. His name is Marco Rubio. *sigh* he’s so perfect, but he’s way out of my league. Sometimes, I doodle “Mr. Ted Rubio” in my notebook. I would just about die if anybody found out I did that.

This week, we’re having the presidential election. I’m running for the republican nominee, but guess who else is running? Marco! I hope this means I get to spend a lot of time with him. The new kid is running, too. His name is Donald, and he is so mean to me! He calls me Lyin’ Ted and says that my dad killed JFK. As if! Ugh, being a teenager is so hard.


Ted Cruz

On “I Didn’t Leave the Democratic Party, it Left Me.”

Without fail, a few times a week I hear someone who claims to have been a Democratic voter say, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.”  This is almost always said as a rationale, a justification for voting for Trump or not voting at all.   It is also almost always said by a white male.  A lot of the times, they either are or were in the manufacturing sector and/or a member of a union.  They blame the loss of jobs in their field that have either affected them and/or their family and friends on the Democratic Party.  They also blame the Party for the decline in union membership and anti-union bills passed in once proud union states like Michigan and Wisconsin.  Whenever I hear these complaints, I ask for specific examples of exactly how the Democratic Party betrayed them.  So far, I haven’t received a single specific from anyone that can’t be disproved by my eight-year-old and Google.  All I get is a reiteration that the Democratic Party left them or right-wing talking points about the Democrats being the party of “corporatists.” When I ask them to explain how Democrats are supposed to push pro-union bills when many union members themselves vote for Republicans or how they are supposed to alter the inevitable changes that arise from globalization, they hem and haw and end up not saying a damn thing.

The Democratic Party didn’t leave these folks.  These folks left the Party for a number of reasons.  One reason is because they, like most Americans, are intellectually lazy, especially when it comes to knowing and understanding how their government works.  They don’t understand or care to understand how laws are made, what can and can’t be done because of legislative rules, what can be legitimately done at any given moment in time due to the makeup of the legislative bodies involved.  This situation isn’t unique to ex-Dems, the far-left also suffers from being severely civics challenged.  They expect, demand, and want FDR-like progress without the very large progressive majorities FDR enjoyed every single term in office.  This same unrealistic demand applies on the state level, as well.  If people who claim to be progressives don’t vote for progressive majorities, then they shouldn’t bitch when things are not as progressive as they’d like.  I know this sounds simple, but it seems to completely elude a whole lot of people.

When I ask these ex-Dems whether or not they voted or Democratic candidates in the 2010 and/or 2014 midterms, they almost always say, “No.”  I don’t know exactly how the Democratic Party left people who didn’t support it.  I really don’t know how allowing Republicans who are anti-union and all for shipping jobs overseas to have power is a reasonable response to wanting pro-union, less globalization.   If I’m ever able to get an answer about this, it usually ends up being something along the lines of, “to teach the Democrats a lesson.”  This is the same stupid mindset from many on the left during the 2010 midterms with regard to what they perceived were sleights with regard to health care and Wall Street reform.  How’d that “teach them a lesson” thing turn out?  As far as I can tell it led to the rise of the Tea Party, Democrats losing many states including blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin, the U.S. House of Representatives and most of the political leverage progressives had.  That wasn’t a lesson.  That was political suicide which was followed by giving Republicans control of the Senate in 2014 and the White House last November.  This is where I sarcastically slow clap and say, “Bra…..fucking….o!”  You wanted the Democratic Party to do things for you but you didn’t do anything for the Democratic Party.

Another reason these people left the Democratic Party is the same reason a lot of people left-racism/bigotry.  To many of these individuals, unions were great until minorities became members.  Public schools were terrific until their kids had to go to school with “those kids.”  Living in the city or suburb adjacent areas was fine until “those people” started moving in.  Make no mistake, White Flight isn’t something unique to conservatives.  Many so-called “progressives” bolted from their neighborhoods once it started getting ethnically diverse.  The beliefs, attitudes, mindset behind progressive White Flight are the same behind, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.”  Anyone who claims differently doesn’t know a damn thing about anything, especially political history, voting patterns, sociology, psychology, belief systems….

The Democratic Party hasn’t won the majority of the white vote since 1964.  Now, why is that?  What happened in 1964 that would cause white voters to turn away from the Democratic Party?  Was it, A) the government outlawing the poll tax?  Or, B) Barry Goldwater winning the Republican presidential primary nomination?  Or, C) the last Looney Tune cartoon produced by Warner Bros.?  Or, D) the passage of the Civil Rights Act by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson?  If you say anything other than, “D” you need to be remanded to third-grade history and can’t come back to the discussion until you pass.  The underlying reason for White Flight, for School of Choice, for whites not voting for the Democratic Party is racism. Full…Fucking…Stop!  When people tell me, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me, “ what they often mean is, “An awful lot of people I don’t want in the Democratic Party are a major voting bloc in the Party.”  The same reasons behind conservative and progressive White Flight are why the Democratic Party hasn’t won the majority of the white vote since 1964.  It isn’t because the Democratic Party’s stance on economic issues.  It is because, when push comes to shove, too many white voters don’t want to minorities to have the same rights and privileges they do.

Of course, people aren’t going to come right out and say the reason they no longer support the Democratic Party is because of racial issues. Instead, they come up with nonsense claims like, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me” or “Democrats have moved too far to the left.”  This latter claim is used by the right, the media, and so-called “Democrats” who think chasing the white vote is a smart, moral strategy.  Former Democratic Senator from Virginia, Jim Webb is the most recent person making the idiotic claim that Democrats have moved too far to the left.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows  Webb’s political history. Until 2006 he was a Republican.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone with such a conservative background to say something different than Democrats have moved too far to the left.  This is why anyone with an ounce of sense can and should completely ignore anything Webb has to say about the Democratic Party.

The political reality is only one party has moved hard towards their extreme and that would be the Republicans.  Read Eisenhower’s 1956 platform and it sounds like it came out of the 2016 Democratic Convention.  You don’t even need to go back that far to see just how hard to the right Republicans have shifted.  Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., even W. wouldn’t have lasted two months running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.  This shift to the right by Republicans in Congress is well researched and documented.  Since the early 70s, the majority of Democrats have pretty much stayed in the same just left of center grouping while Republicans in the Senate, but especially in the House have moved sharply to the right.  To say, “Democrats have moved too far to the left” isn’t backed up by the data.  If the gap between the majorities of the two parties was four spots on the political spectrum in the 70s and now it is ten, this doesn’t mean each has shifted three spots.  What has happened is the left has shifted one spot and the right has shifted five.  It is intellectually lazy to look at the difference between four and ten and say, “both sides have moved equally apart.”  There are no Tea Party equivalents on the left.  Jim Webb and others saying, “The Democrats have moved too far to the left,” is complete bullshit.

Progressives love to point out white privilege when it applies to conservatives.  Of course, it is low hanging fruit. What many white progressives are not very good at is recognizing and admitting their own privilege and how their beliefs and actions undermine the very ideology they claim to believe in so strongly. Progressivism is about equality, justice, and fairness with no fine print, no fucking asterisks.  If you aren’t standing up and fighting for the rights of those in society who have been and are denied them to one degree or another, stop pretending you are progressive in order to make you feel good about yourself.  Don’t blame the Democratic Party for being the only one of the two major political parties that stands up for these things because you don’t have the mental or intestinal fortitude to do so yourself.  Don’t say, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me,” when what you really mean is, “I’m uncomfortable with the Democratic Party prioritizing the most vulnerable in society over my white privileged ass.”  There are actually white supremacists at the seat of power in our country right now.  So-called “progressives” who aren’t adamantly standing up and fighting for those most at risk from the quasi-fascist right may say they were Democrats, but at best they were fair weather fans who, if they were honest, would say, “I’m perfectly fine with progress as long as it is focused on my wants and needs and not on people who really need it.”  This is what it really boils down to whether progressives want to admit it or not.  If you want social/economic change, you have to vote for the party that is your best chance to get it, not the party that is completely against it.  The more you vote for and elect Democratic candidates, the more they will have power.  The more power they have, the more they can enact change.  It is See Spot Fucking Run for anyone smart enough and honest enough to see it.

Hamilton was not content to write [under the pseudonym] Camillus alone. Two days after his second essay appeared, he began to publish, in the same paper, a parallel series as ‘Philo Camillus.’ For several weeks, Philo Camillus indulged in extravagant praise of Camillus and kept up a running attack on their republican adversaries. The prolific Hamilton was now writing pseudonymous commentaries on his own pseudonymous essays. He also tossed in two trenchant essays under the name 'Horatius’ in which he accused Jeffersonians of 'a servile and criminal subserviency to the views of France.’

Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton

alexander hamilton joined a forum and created multiple accounts so he could agree with himself in a political discussion thread

so centrist reddit (r/politicaldiscussion) is now saying not only should the dems focus on running moderate liberals, but they should also run moderate REPUBLICANS.

please don’t let this be real

“Lindbergh was the first famous living American whom I learned to hate––just as President Roosevelt was the first famous living American whom I was taught to love––and so his nomination by the Republicans to run against Roosevelt in 1940 assaulted, as nothing ever had before, that huge endowment of personal security that I had taken for granted as an American child of American parents in an American school in an American city in an America at peace with the world.”


“Though on the morning after the election disbelief prevailed, especially among the pollsters, by the day after that everybody seemed to understand everything, and the radio commentators and the news columnists made it sound as if Roosevelt’s defeat had been preordained.” 


“With the cop out front, we were headed past one big federal building after another when Sandy excitedly pointed toward a rolling lawn just to our left. ‘Up there!’ he shouted. ‘The White House!’ whereupon my mother began to cry. ‘It isn’t,’ she tried to explain just before we reached the hotel and the cop waved goodbye and roared away, ‘it isn’t like living in a normal country anymore. I’m terribly sorry, children––please forgive me.’ But then she began to cry again.”


“So our perfect outing was ruined––and not so much because a recreational flight piloted by one or another of the Lindberghs happened by chance to have passed over our heads for the second day in a row but because of what the stunt, as my father called it, had inspired in everyone except us. ‘We knew things were bad,’ my father told the friends he immediately sat down to phone when we got home, ‘but not like this. You had to be there to see what it looked like. They live in a dream, and we live in a nightmare.’”

-Philip Roth, The Plot Against America


Fat Fingers part 1: Coffee

Note: I know that I am not that active and I am really sorry about that. I post more regularly on my main account, @hamiltontrashfam, if you’d like something more regular. Also, it will probably be a couple of days before part 2 of this is out, sorry. :/

Word count: 2302

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing, I guess. Do not read if you are a Trump supporter.

Originally posted by jayvoom

You had openly been supporting Bernie Sanders since the election began. But, when Hillary turned out to be the candidate for the Democrats, you felt that you had no other choice than to vote for her, as you never wanted Donald Trump near the presidency. You had often discussed this with your parents, as they were unable to understand, how you could possibly hate Donald Trump that much. You never really felt like any of them understood you. And unlike you, they wanted the country to be run by a Republican again and whether that was Trump or someone else, they did not care at all. And because of your family’s opinion on politics and your lack of social interactions throughout your childhood and teen years, you did not have a lot of friends who agreed with you either and you felt very alone.

The only distraction from the fact that you had no one’s accept or understanding of your political views, were the celebrities and online friends who felt the same way about Trump as you did. You never actually expected to meet anyone who felt the same as you and befriending them, because your family had gained quite the reputation after taking action in several demonstration that were against woman’s rights and especially against rights for people of colour and queer people. You thought that no one could possibly feel that your views were any different from your family’s. You found comfort in music, especially tracks against the Donald, like the song Fat Fingers by the California based experimental hip hop group clipping.

You had just picked up your morning coffee from the small coffee shop on the corner of your street in downtown Sacramento and were on your way to work. You walked down the street with music in your ears while you sipped from your coffee. You had to look up when a police car passed by quickly on the street, with the deafening siren and the constant flashing of the red and blue lights on. You were unfocused for a short moment, which made you crash straight into someone’s built chest, spilling your coffee all over the guy in front of you and knocking your headphones out in the process. It took a moment for you to gather what had just happened and when you did, you really could not help the embarrassed blush that spread across your cheeks. “Oh, God. I am so sorry. I should have watched out. Are you okay?” You rambled. You did not dare to look at the person in front of you and instead you stared straight at the grey pavement, feeling really embarrassed about spilling your coffee on a stranger.

“Shit. It’s okay, man.” You heard a very familiar voice answer softly. Your head snapped back up to look at the person in front of you and your mouth hang open slightly at the person in front of you. You knew who this was. Very well, actually. As a matter of fact, you were just listening to one of their songs on your phone. It was Daveed Diggs. Fucking Daveed Diggs. You had just spilled your coffee all over a man that you had developed somewhat of a celebrity crush on since you discovered clipping. when the election started.

Your mouth went dry as a desert for a second and you sort of forgot how to even function. You swallowed and took a moment to gather your thoughts before you answered. “I am so, so sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin your shirt Mr. Diggs.” You answered, unable to stop yourself from mentioning his name and your eyes grew wide with the realisation. You had just mentioned his name. Not creepy at all.

“Oh. You have an advantage, I see. You don’t strike me like a musical kid. So, how do you even know who I am?” He asked curiously.

While it was true that you were not much of a musical kid, you still knew what he was referring to. Practically every person who was the slightest amount of clipping. fan, knew that he had been a member of the cast on the hit musical Hamilton. You had not listened to much of it, but you actually sort of liked the small bits that you had listened to.

“I hate Trump.” You blurted. You felt another blush spread across your cheeks, as it did not offer much of a explanation as to how you knew who he was. “I mean…. I listened to Fat Fingers and I agreed with a lot of it and after that I sort of just became a fan of clipping.” You added with a nervous chuckle, trying to explain how you knew who he was in a way that actually made sense. At least more than your first explanation did.

“Oh. Me too.” He answered with a soft smile. You were very much aware that he did not like Trump and the fact that you had a lot of the same views as him made you really happy, because you thought that he was a pretty amazing human being and if you shared a lot of views, that made you a pretty decent one too, right?

“You don’t really strike me as much of a hiphop fan, though?” He asked with an arched eyebrow.

It made you chuckle softly. “Yeah, no. I know….My family is very conservative.” You admitted with a soft sigh. You then realised for the second time during the last couple of minutes that you had indeed spilled all of your coffee over him. You were actually about to offer him a new shirt, because there was no way in hell he was getting the coffee stain of off it. However, it seemed like he beat you to it.

“I see…. I am fine, by the way. It was an accident and just as much my fault as yours. How about I buy you a new cup of coffee?” He asked. You were actually sort of surprised that he thought that this was his fault too. You were the one focusing on the police car that drove by after all.

You chewed on your lower lip lightly, not really able to make up your mind. On one hand, you had to get to work. But, you always showed up really early anyway and what could it hurt to let him buy you a cup of coffee? On the other hand; If your family figured it out in anyway, they would probably murder you. You looked at him thoughtfully. “I…. I don’t know.” You answered honestly and lowered your gaze.

“Oh… I see. Is it because of your family?” He asked, hitting the nail right on the head.

You nodded. “Yeah.” It was indeed about your family. Of course it was. It always was. They were always the once that fucked up everything for you. If they ever figured out that you had let a clearly democratic, black rapper buy you coffee, they definitely would not let you in their house ever again. You had discussed this with your parents several times. They even tried to send you to an all- white high school. However, that definitely did not work out.

He looked at you thoughtfully, before a soft sigh escaped his lips. “Right. Okay… No coffee then.” He answered. You felt really bad for disappointing him, but you had to think about your relationship with your family after all. “Can I at least have your name?” He asked. It was a pretty simple request, but you still found yourself wondering whether you should tell him or not. Not because you did not want him to know. But, if he figured out just how racist, homophobic and close minded your family was, he probably would regret offering to buy you coffee.

“I am…-” You were about to answer, when of your dad’s friend, Garrett pulled up beside you in his car. It felt like you were stuck in the middle of some terrible movie scene. Everyone who knew your family, knew who Daveed was, because you were unable to shut up about him when with your parents and they had obviously told their friends and no one approved of what they called your unhealthy obsession.

“Y/N? What a coincidence! What is a nice girl like you doing talking to a stranger like him?” Garrett asked through the window that he had just rolled down. You felt like a deer in the headlights in a way.  He could have just meant, that you were talking to a stranger and that was it, but you knew Garrett and that was definitely a racist remark. The sticker on his windshield of his car, a man resembling the confederate flag kicking another man resembling the rainbow flag with the lettering ‘Trump 2016’ made it very clear where this guy stood politically.

“Garrett. I um. I accidentally spilled my coffee on this nice young man’s shirt.” You shot back. You were already caught talking to someone you apparently should not and you knew that you were already screwed, so you might as well defend Daveed.

“Nice? Okay. Aren’t you late for work young lady? I can drop you off at the office, if you’d like.” The thing about dropping you off at the office might have sounded like an offer, but that was definitely not the case. You knew that you had to obey, because otherwise you would get even more shit from your family and that you definitely did not want.

“I am really sorry about this asshole, Daveed. I am Y/N. I hope that I get to take you up on that coffee some day.” You finally decided to say, though not loud enough for Garrett to actually hear. While you hated the guy, you definitely did not want to get on his bad side. He could make your life hell after all and you really do not have any intention of letting him do so.

“I should go.” Daveed answered, obviously completely disgusted. You had thought that it had been with you at the time, even if it had not. You had no chance to say anything, before he left and you could feel your mood fall even more. Another thing your family had managed to fuck up, again.  Your gaze followed him shortly, before you got into Garrett’s car hesitantly, as he had told you to.

You knew that he was about to comment on what had just happened, so you simply held your hand up to cut him off. “Just go, Garrett.” You sighed. You did not want to hear any of his disapproving and racist comments. You just wanted to get away from him as fast as possible.

On your way to the office, you passed Daveed in his coffee soaked Oakland hoodie and you felt really bad for not being able to make it up to him. You could practically feel the tears beginning to sting your eyes. Your family always managed to fuck up your every attempt to meet someone who had the same views as you. It was like they followed you day and night to make sure that you felt isolated and alone.

Once the car came to a stop outside your office, you did not even bother to thank Garrett for dropping you off, because he honestly did not do you a favour at all. You did not say goodbye either, instead you just left without a word. You knew that you had to make it up to Daveed somehow, you just had no idea how. It was not like you knew him at all. But, you felt like you had to apologize on behalf of your racist, homofobic, Trump supporting family, even if it really had nothing to do with you.

You spent the rest of the day knee deep in work, yet your mind kept wondering back to your run-in with Daveed earlier that day. It was on your mind pretty much all the time, inevitably distracting you from your work. You just felt so bad. Now that you had finally met someone who shared your views, you had to fuck it up. Not really you, but your family, but you somehow got into your head, that it was you who Daveed was mad at and not the racist asshole who had picked you up after you spilled your coffee all over him.

Nearing the end of your shift, you were feeling even more defeated than when you arrived. You wanted badly to contact Daveed somehow, but you thought that it was perhaps not th smartest idea after the incident earlier. You sat there, your head pounding from all the thinking you had done during the day and perhaps from your lack of morning coffee, when someone placed a soft hand on your shoulder. “Miss Y/LN. I have noticed that you have been very distant today. Are you alright?” Your boss asked.

You knew that he did not care at all, but you nodded half heartedly. “Yes, I am quite alright, sir.” You managed as you gathered your things to leave. You were really not okay though, but you managed to hide it pretty well.

“Well, I want you to focus tomorrow, okay? We have an important meeting coming up.” He said sharply. You knew that you had fucked up today, both with Daveed and your job. But, luckily you could actually do something about the later.

“Of course.” You simply stated, as you got up from your office chair, stretching lightly from sitting down during most of the day. Then, you left without another word, just wanting to go home and go to bed early to forget everything about what had just happened.

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you don't need to be successful to be respected as a politician! you just have to run with a (R) next to your name.

i’ll run as a republican and surprise everyone last minute

The RudePundit: F*ck You, Rural Elitist

“And there you have the reason why liberals are called "elitist.” We actually know that most of our taxes go to the Republican-run states. We aren’t fucking hypocrites who condemn government, elect people who want to shrink government, and then are pissed off when the government doesn’t offer enough services. We don’t get our news from conspiracy theorists and liars. Are there excesses on the left? Of course. We’re fuckin’ human. But when one group is inclusive of all races and religions and genders and sexual orientations and more, while the other pines for a time when white Christians ran everything, it’s pretty damn clear who the real elitists are.

What you’re calling ‘elitism’ is just simply not being ignorant. We don’t have our heads shoved up Jesus’s ass. … You can stop explaining the white working class rural conservative Christian farming folk, hot-takers and self-justifiers. Instead, why don’t you explain liberalism to them? Why don’t you explain that jobs are drying up and communities are dying not because of abortion and same-sex marriage but because of Republican economic policies that have favored the wealthy, most of whom live in cities, including a certain president-elect they voted for who took advantage of those very policies in order to stay rich? Ultimately, though, it won’t matter. Because despite every fucking word to the contrary, the real problem is that those who voted for Trump are racist. They are sexist. They are Islamophobic. They are ignorant.

The whole thrust of these ‘let’s learn about the yokels’ articles is to imply that there are real Americans and there are coastal elites. Sorry, motherfuckers. We’re all Americans. And if I have to suffer under your stupid, you have to hear about our smarts.”

Macron Wins in France: Time for an Independent / a New Party in the US?

I was happy to see Emmanuel Macron solidly defeat Marine LePen in yesterday’s French elections. What is most interesting about his victory is that he started his movement En Marche! only last year. The received wisdom in the United States is that it is impossible to get past the two party system. If someone wants to become President, they have to run either as a Democrat or a Republican. I am not sure this is true anymore and arguably Trump, while running as a Republican, did so – at least initially – against the support of the party.

With the rise of social media a lot has changed. It has become possible for a candidate to take their message directly to the people. And if that message resonates with enough people it will also be covered by the existing traditional media channels. Trump demonstrated that amply here in the United States. He did it by going to extremes which allowed him to move especially fast. Someone with a less extreme message would have to build for longer but once they gain traction they will be covered.

So for the 2020 election I would love to see a truly forward looking candidate who does not tie their fate to one of the existing parties but rather establishes a movement of their own, as Macron did. They may not succeed on the first go around but the opportunity for innovating politically outside of the two existing parties has never seemed stronger to me.