The republican candidate running right now believes vaccines should be optional. Along with wanting to repeal the affordable care act, make same sex marriage illegal, and is extremely pro-life. He wants there to be no gun regulations, and he would take away funding for schools. I don’t care if you hate Hillary, but if you don’t want our country to turn into a worse hell hole than it already is, please vote for her. Rand Paul will make our lives a nightmare. Please don’t allow that. Thank you.

if the 2016 election turns out to be Jeb Bush vs. Hilary Clinton I will laugh because it’ll be the second time the presidential race will be Clinton vs. Bush but I will also cry because the US is a fucking oligarchy and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise they’re either lying to you, or they’re lying to themselves

okay but like honestly?

rn we have a republican congress. when we elect a new president, it’s likely they will have to appoint supreme court justices, and it may be as many as four. so imagine if we get a republican president who appoints 4/7 republican supreme court justices & have every branch of the government run by republican party

but like, by all means, don’t vote because it’s ~liberal~ or what tf ever

this whole ‘vote for Hillary bc if u dont then u support the devil’ mentality on tumblr is really annoying and ill informed. 

  • like firstly, voting is a right as well as a privilege of any american citizen so it is their choice to utilize; dont bully people into choosing the candidate or party u want in office. 
  •  if you actually follow supreme court cases and see how history has progressed in America rather than listening blindly to tumblr yall can see it is literally impossible to make abortion illegal (hello Roe vs Wade anyone?) at this point. Same with gay rights; right now the world is changing and as more states legalize gay marriage it’s only going to influence the rest of the states who have not legalized it yet. If you know anything about the supreme court and check and balances yall would know one person cant just make a mandate without it being checked by congress and if necessary by the judicial branch. And really ad these cases are being appealed to the Supreme court we see that equality is the biggest power despite party alignment.
  • for fuck’s sake not all people that align with republicans are douches. in some cases they’re a lot fucking smarter than lots of you because they aren’t blindly quoting ’facts’ from a social media website with no sources. At least some people know why they align with the candidate or party they do.
  • i understand social issues are important but dont you dare say ‘look over her faults bc she’s better’ ‘i kno she’s shitty, but…’ like great cool. And for some people her fighting against the charges of child rapist as a lawyer is too big of an issue to look over. Dont tell me now you get to decide who’s the devil if you dont have the same expirerencs and mindsets as other people have had. Hillary supported the illegal settlements by the Israelis, so like all of a sudden tumblr is supposed to overlook that. News fucking flash, people have grandparents in palestine so dont u fucking dare tell them that they are helping the oppressor by not supporting gay marriage, b/c like  are u trying to rank the atrocities that can be committed? bc then i guess by that screwed up logic uall are supporting the genocide of the palestinians. 
  • off that point you need to understand people are different. People from certain cultures or that have certain experiences will vote based on different pulls. Yes everything social is important but to others Hillary’s fiscal or international relations plans won’t cut it and you need to fucking recognize that, at least realize that people may have different problems which will cause them to feel a certain way towards a candidate. 
  • lastly like yall are thinking hillary is he end all or be all. there are other democrat hopefuls because the majority of the contenders are still undecided on both sides (*holds a prayer group for Joe Biden*)

Now the most important thing you can take from this is to absolutely be wary of everything i said. Why? not because I haven’t student US gov’t and US politics, but b/c i didn’t site sources, and more importantly these are my opinions.Read articles yourself, search up the candidates yourself. Form your own goddamn opinions instead of being so influenced. Be able to see the all the issues and see where you stand on it. Just don’t let tumblr bully you into voting for a certain candidate or don’t be ignorant enough to completely abide by another’s opinions. It does not matter who you vote for as long as you know why you are voting for them, b/c in the end the candidate you vote for is that one that best represents your views on issues. 

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im confused do you not like hillary clinton? did she do something recently i havent heard about?

she’s messy wrt defending a child rapist, voting 4 the iraq war, backing the patriot act, supporting the death penalty, supporting israeli war crimes, and her stance on immigration is gross


John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio, may or may not be running for president. He’s showing up in states like New Hampshire and South Carolina and forming PACs and doing other things one does when preparing to run for the White House, but he’s still mulling it over and waiting for God to give him the thumbs-up. I hope Kasich does run, mainly so the Republicans can have a knock-down, drag-out fight over Obamacare.

Ohio’s GOP governor hates “Obamacare” but embraced its Medicaid expansion, and that could roil the 2016 GOP field


“radical” is relative, and also unlikely to describe anything that has a chance of happening at a national level

if you want radical change, you need to work towards a climate where it isn’t radical, at which point it has a chance of being actually discussed

which means not abstaining from voting now in the name of ideological purity

abstain and the overall climate will keep being conservative because republicans will keep getting enough votes to stay relevant and will have absolutely no reason to ever shift left. this limits what democrats can even talk about doing. you don’t think they’re doing enough? work to shift the spectrum.

think long term here. id like to be around long enough to see it.

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Honestly, the only reason why I'm voting for Hillary is because she seems to be the lesser of the evils, even with all the horrible crap she's done.

There’s no ‘voting Hilary’ yet. Hilary is not the official Democratic candidate for president and may or may not become it. With the recent hoopla about her emails, it’s not like she’s a shoe-in. We also don’t know who is going to be running for the Republicans.

Also, everyone saying 'I don’t want a rich, old, white guy running the country!’, Hilary is literally that, just with a women instead of a man.

Personally, I think that transparency is a deal breaker for me in government and so, I probably wouldn’t vote for Hilary. I don’t really think that you can trust her and trust is a pretty big thing for me.

-The Trans One


The contest for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in American politics. Not just because every Republican politician in the country is running, or because the Republican party is further to the right than it’s ever been. Those two facets of this cycle are really symptoms of the larger change at hand: this may be the first contest in which none of the first- or second-tier candidates have to worry about money.

Money will no longer be a concern for candidates, and we’re only beginning to understand the implications

Like, while I respect folks who refuse to vote should Hillary get the nomination, there is no stronger candidate the democrats can run with than her. Even if someone else is a better choice, none of them will have the power she has to actually get into the White House :/.

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Look there is one other option. There are always people running besides democrats and republicans, people who suck less. But they aren't funded or that well known. They can be known if we, the youth, promote them on social media, if we can get the candidates enough coverage, maybe we can make a change. It's a long shot but it's now or never.

It’s definitely not now or never. And thank God for that, because the “youth,” let’s say voters age 18-30, make up less than 20% of the vote. Even if we assume that all voters in that range and 10% of remaining Democrats vote for this hypothetical third party, and assume that the 18% of voters that are non-leaning independents according to polls will vote for that candidate, we get the Democrats and this third party tied at 34.4, with the Republicans trailing at 31.2 (assuming, of course, no other third parties, just for the sake of the hypothetical). And of course, that’s including independents who vote along party lines but don’t admit it on polls as well as people who vote for the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, the American Nazi Party, and the Green Party all in the same group as though they’re all going to unite behind this person. It also assumes that the popular vote is the deciding factor in an election, which it isn’t.

If we really want to see third parties win outside of flukes like what almost happened in 1992, we need to change the election system itself, because otherwise, we eventually get a party in place as replacing one of the current major parties and they settle into an equilibrium of being more or less what these ones are based on the political landscape of this country as it generally functions and progresses.

“If you choose not to vote in the next election because you don’t agree with hillary 100%, you’re not helping anyone but the nasty republican running against her” a shining example of critical thinking