The Republican Party are SHOCKED at Mike Huckabee comparing Obama to Hitler, threatening civil war over gay marriage and suggesting rape isn’t a big deal. Shocked, I tell you. Somehow, someway, a guy running for the republican nomination for Prez dared to actually be upfront about his hideous, outrageous  views instead of just hiding them and pretending he was more moderate than he actually was. Everyone is stunned. Fox News will never recover and may need sedatives.
2016 Candidates Age, Updated Versioin

*Due to the huge number of Republican candidates, I will only be using the candidates that register in the national polls. The same will apply to the Democrat candidates. 

This post is accurate as of 7/17/2015.

Democrat Candidates:

  • Average Age: 65.25 years
  • Median Age: 68 years
  • Ethnicities: White
  • Number of Candidates: 4
    • These statistics do not include Joe Biden, who is currently polling at 13.3% but hasn’t announced if he is running

Republican Candidates:

  • Average Age: 55.57 years
  • Median Age: 58 years
  • Ethnicities: White, Black, Hispanic, Indian
  • Number of Candidates: 14

Republican Candidates Polling Better Than 5%

  • Average Age: 55 years
  • Median Age: 55.5 years
  • Ethnicities: White, Black, Hispanic
  • Number of Candidates: 8

Non-white Republican Candidates

  • Average Age: 48.75
  • Median Age: 44
  • Number of Candidates: 4
    • These statistics do not include Carly Fiorina, who was included here last time


  • Average Age: 10.32 years difference
  • Median Age: 10 years difference
  • Number of Candidates: 10 difference
  • Ethnicities: 3 difference

Which party is the party of old white men now???

"He's not a war hero," Trump, a Republican running for president, said of McCain. "I like people that weren’t captured. "He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured."

every day brings a new gem


Here is the collection of lengths I go to with rp jokes. 

The Presidential Campaign of Tony Stark

How it started: onlytothedream and I were talking about the 13 idiots running for the Republican nomination, and how if those were my choices, I could never entertain being Republican. This was in character as a conversation between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. 

How it Escalated: I received a text from onlytothedream which lead to the above correspondence perpetuating the joke. The following day I began correspondence with gothamisburning as Tony consulting Matt Murdock on the legalities of throwing himself in the ring for public office, part of that conversation is above. The ultimate result is a Stark/Murdock ‘16 ticket. 

Final Result: In continued conversations with starksceo the campaign posters were created using pictures of David Gandy as the Stark faceclaim. 

You’re welcome, internet.
Jeb Bush Wants To Phase Out Medicare

Jeb Bush, who is being sold to America as the moderate from the almost twenty Republicans running to be the GOP’s presidential nominee, told an audience at a Koch Brothers event in New Hampshire, that he’s squarely with those that want to dismantle Medicare, one of America’s most important safety net programs for the elderly.

On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush told a crowd in New Hampshire that Americans need to consider ways to “phase out” Medicare.

The former Florida governor, who was speaking at an event hosted by the Koch-brothers supported group Americans for Prosperity, also suggested “people understand” and agree with him on the issue.

“They know, and I think a lot of people recognize that we need to make sure we fulfill the commitment to people that have already received the benefits, that are receiving the benefits,” Bush said. “But that we need to figure out a way to phase out this program for others and move to a new system that allows them to have something—because they’re not going to have anything.”

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How GOP SuperPACs Are Buying Their Way Into Fox Debates

There’s always been some variation on this game, because media companies (including newspapers) have higher rates for campaign ads. (Why? Because they can!) But in this particular election cycle, what Fox News is doing is outrageous:

Super PACs supporting Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Marco Rubio have purchased millions of dollars of ad time on Fox News, according to data obtained by Media Matters from a media buying source. An adviser to super PACs backing Perry reportedly admitted the spending is intended to raise his profile to help him qualify for the upcoming Fox News primary debate.

Ever since Fox declared that its August 6 debate would only include candidates “in the top 10 of an average of the five most recent national polls,” the 15 Republicans currently running (with more potentially entering the race soon) have scrambled to gain the exposure necessary to make the cut, with some super PACs reportedly changing their entire campaign strategies.

In response to the debate rules announcement, Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus argued that Roger Ailes “will decide which candidates can compete in Republican presidential primaries next year.” The debate rules are already having a tangible impact on the campaign.

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