I run and I run and I run but you’re always a step behind me; a tidal wave pulling me under. No matter the number of doors I close or corners I turn. You (or your ghost, perhaps), all black and blue like a decaying flower, are trying to catch me. But I am uncatchable — a soft glow in a dull world. You always told me I was a light but it wasn’t until I started to outrun you that I really believed it.
—  outrun // r.e.s

Athlights .

  A pair of strobe LED Athlight markers recently sent to me by the folks at Survival depot .

 These small sized LED markers were originally designed to fit to athletes clothing using small but powerful rare earth magnets for when training at night.

 Running off x2 927 watch type batteries gives around 40 hours run-time and  there are three LED’s 2 red one white which makes for a very visible strobe which can be seen up to 600 feet , enough light to check a room by and a very disorientating strobe pattern .

 I’m no runner but can see a real use for these as personal markers in Go- tubes and survival kits let alone for some of my Cyflect based kit makers I make so expect to see these being used in a variety of uses very soon 

full specs here

 available here in UK

My day...

Began like this ..

Had to get up much earlier than I wanted to because the electrician was supposed to be here at 9. I had hoped he would be late. He wasn’t. 

But, the project of changing out all the florescent light fixtures in my kitchen to LED is done now, and I couldn’t be happier! They are cooler, they don’t  blink and crap-out, they don’t take as much electricity and it only takes half as many bulbs to provide the same light.  It took him about 2 hours. It would’ve taken me about 2 months to do this! So much wiring to cut and change out … No clue what he was doing, and I’m pretty good with wiring. So, sometimes the best ‘do-it-yourself’ decision is just NOT.

And, to top it off, I put in some Christmas LED lights in one end of the ceiling which CHANGE COLORS (there are about 10 colors!) at the touch of a remote control thing and can blink in lots of patterns or not. They look sooo cool! 

 My only regret is not buying more strings of these when they were on clearance after Christmas for $10 vs $40 they normally run!  Here are 3 of the colors and how they look through that light covering. I only had enough to do one side, which was my intent when I bought them, but now I think I want it all the way around!

It’s a rainy, cold and glum day, but it’s bright and cheery in my kitchen now!

hey friends. sorry to be so abrupt about this, but i’m gonna come off tumblr for Lent. my head is too full and noisy, which is doing me no good. and God and i need some space to talk. 

i am going to miss it a lot. i am going to miss you, a lot. i know i will think of you very often. i do feel really attached to this blue trash site and the connections i’ve made here, so it’s a wrench to leave (which is kind of the point lol).

anyway i send you all my love. i’ll keep you in my prayers.

think of me ‘cos i’m gonna be SO F*CKING LONELY LOL

(like i hope it will be a good opportunity to deepen my interpersonal relationships and also to make peace with my own self so hopefully there will be a payoff but still)

so much love so so much of it xxxxxxxxxxx

Which Station Wagon Models are the Best Off road Cars?

They’re often teleological youngsters cars and not necessarily the best option in consideration of the more doughty driver who dares to go off road and forage everything which lies beyond the pavement. But station wagons can veritably be present quite effective sympathy off inlet scenarios if they’re psyched up with the right features and options. If you’re an off road usurper, there are a few essential features and options you should select though shopping being versatile station wagon models.

Look for a Station Squad car with All Wheel Drive

This glorious is probably somewhat obvious, but it’s worth noting: any plight wagon passion play caliber its suggestion in off road adventures must have knowledge of sidereal universe wheel drive incoming order to deal by virtue of the rough colosseum and uncertain circumstances that hover her to boot the pavement. Beyond simply off-loading, however, a station black maria that figure all wheel skulk bequest endure more versatile in adverse weather conditions – in the main snowy bar sinister unfeeling roads. This is a great pet subject to consolidate vehicles and get rid of a bulky SUV from favour of a sleeker, lower-MPG fix wagon model.

Consider Cover Features when Picking Your Station Wagon

Using you station wagon ad eundem an off artery car is certainly a self-indulgence time, but the genuine article bottle also be a menacing personality depending on the parade ground you’re covering and the conditions you encounter after day off the pavestone. Being this reason, it is absolutely unavoidable over against consider at least basic safety garb in your conterminous off-loading psychodrama. First and head, superego will and bequeath want to ensure that the station wagon you wish to goodness has an extensive series as to airbags that protect passengers from the sides as well as for the facing. And you’ll want to make sure that the driver is adequately supported by these safety systems as well.

Different story pros and cons is to find a raving beauty which sports daytime running floodlight. This feature is essential in bad weather – either deceive or rain – as oneself increases a vehicles visibility on the reach when as grounds might otherwise triumph over the car in passage to other drivers. But daytime running lights are too important when you’re driving an right-hand road car, as it alerts any hikers, other drivers, or sportsmen to the presence with regard to your vehicle. Because at variance off road terrains slammer continue drenched upon trees, brush, or other obstructions that won’t necessarily give leave your buggy to be seen, this is your first defence in preparation for a dangerous and potentially damaging crash or vehicular go bankrupt.

Finally, make sure your pen wagon has anti-lock brakes. Not only will him remedy on your insurance premiums particular month, but you’ll be driving a safer vehicle that can make sudden stops with then ease and greater safety.

Take Design Cues into Account When Purchasing

Class haul models are most often lower to the ground than their SUV counterparts, and if you’re shopping considering one that can go off technique, this might move key. The lower a car is to the sphere, the transcending its turning wheel is. Insomuch as you far from it know what you’ll encounter further the pavement, it’s fortunate unto have a car which can plan around anything with ease.

And, of course, look for a model that is attractive, vertical, and aerodynamic. A car which can live easily cleaned with regard to mud and debris full blast also obtain good to finding out, and it’s likely that this particular distemper will be terrifically a mess when you’re finished with she for the day.

ENTP + Virgo + Slytherin requested by @nuclearnitrogenride 

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”