1. Capleton – Soundkiller Dubplate
2. Sizzla – Wirlwind Dubplate
3. Sizzla – Hardcore Husteler
4. Agent Sasco – Rebellious nature
5. Jah Boukz – Angola
6. Chronixx – Start a fyah
7. Kabaka Pyramid & Italo – Pon di wings
8. Stephen Marley ft.Spragga Benz & Damian Marley – Bongo Nyah
9. Million Stylez – Never give up
10. Randy Valentine – Rat Race
11. Fantan Mojah – Ready to fight
12. D Major – Real know real
13. Shuga – My soul to jah
14. Romain Virgo – Why should I worry
15. Christopher Martin – Reggae road block
16. Christopher Martin – I´m there
17. Shaggy ft. Ne-yo – Youu girl
18. Maxie Priest & Assasin – Bubbly my way
19. Shaggy ft. Beres Hammond – Fight this feeling
20. Beres Hammond ft. Gappy Ranks – Surrender
21. Bugle – Nuh compatible
22. Bugle & Lady Saw – Infidelity
23. Vybz Kartel – No games
24. Mavado - Weed & Hennessy
25. Busy Signal – Mi deh yah
26. Masicka & Shanique Marie – Danger
27. Stylo G – Soundbwoi
28. Sean Paul ft. Damian Marley – Riot
29. Cham ft. Damian Marley – Fighter
30. Stylo G ft. Sister Nancy – Badd
31. Ninjaman – Jamaica town
32. Bugle – Jamaican Obama
33. Shaka Pow – Fight fi mi
34. Konshens & Romain Virgo – no worry bout them
35. Aidonia – Boomflick
36. Vybz Kartel – Pussy me say
37. Konshens – Big people ting
38. Mad Cobra – Ordinary
39. Ward 21 – Links like mine
40. Bling Dawg – Badman
41. Nitty Kutchie – Intimidation
42. Bounty Killer – Entourage
43. Vybz Kartel – We have it lock
44. Busy Signal – still lock the streets
45. Konshens – We a hustle
46. Elephant Man – Stamina
47. Mad Cobra – Di baddest
48. Mad Cobra – Nuh other way
49. Jah vinci – My love
50. Popcaan – Unruly Rave
51. Bounty Killer & Patexx – Mi allright
52. Beenie Man – Touch di road
53. Popcaan – Smile again
54. Mavado – Give it all to me
55. Vybz Kartel – Hold me
56. Aidonia – So good
57. Vybz Kartel - Right wine
58. Charly Black – First time
59. Macka Diamond – Dye dye
60. Demarco – Lazy body
61. Mr.Vegas – A gal nuh like you
62. Vybz Kartel – Georgina
63. Mavado – Bruck out
64. Aidonia – Never never
65. Vybz Kartel- Billion Dollar
66. I-Octane – Weed questionaire
67. I-Octane – Wine and jiggle
68. DJ Gil ft. Aidonia – Grip me
69. Sean Paul & Beenie Man – Greatest Gallis RMX
70. Konshens & J Capri – Pull up to mi bumper
71. Moses – Sample
72. Charly Black – Fiesta
73. Cham ft. O – Bend down
74. Mr.Vegas – Give it to har
75. Bunji Garlin- Differentology (Major Lazer RMX)

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All these madd new tunes outta jamaica. Reggae & Dancehall 2013
Mixed live by Bandelero. Free listen & download.

1. Julian Marley ft. Bugle – move dem
2. Chronixx – they don’t know
3. Chronixx – dread
4. Chronixx – smile jamaica
5. Exco Levi & Kabaka Pyramid — strive
6. Torch – good reggae music
7. Tarrus Riley – gimme likkle one drop
8. Chronixx – never give up
9. Chronixx – most I
10. Jah Vinci – nice again
11. Da Professor – I know why
12. I-Wayne – nightmare
13. Romain Virgo – another day another dollar
14. Kiprich – no fake friends
15. Christoper Martin – mi friend dem
16. Collie Buddz – no time
17. Trixstar – shine dubplate
18. Lady G – nuff respect 2013
19. Jah Vinci – ghetto youths
20. I-Octane – pretty little flower
21. Voicemail – gallis
22. Mavado – always on my mind
23. Delly Ranks – my everything
24. Romain Virgo – cold side
25. Busy Signal – the way you love me
26. Maxie Priest – holiday
27. Chronixx – somewhere
28. Christoper Martin – Mama
29. Major Lazer – Get free
30. Chronixx – Get free freestyle
31. Chronixx – capitalists
32. Chronixx — behind surtains
33. Mr.Vegas – Jamaica nice
34. Ninja Man – ninja mi ninja
35. Chino – argument
36. Chino – sex symbol
37. I-Octane – gal a gimme bun
38. Mr.Vegas – freaks rmx
39. Mavado – this morning
40. Cham – sell out
41. Capleton – bun dem down
42. Agent Sasco – my own
43. Queen Ifrica – come fi party
44. Mr.Gee & Chice – bad like we
45. I-Octane – still nah run
46. I-Octane – buss a blank
47. Agent Sasco – kind to dem
48. Jah Vinci — keep it from now
49. Mavado – at the top
50. Mavado – mr-tek whe your gal
51. Beenie Man & Sean Paul – greatest gallis
52. Bounty Killer – wifey wine
53. Busy Signal – jail juice
54. Mr.Lexx – nuh more than you
55. Tanto Metro & Devonte – tun it up louder
56. Konshens & Darrio – gal siddung
57. Sean Paul – Gyal bruck out
58. T.O.K – gyal madd pon di buddy
59. Sean Paul – nuh badda with dem
60. Konshens – guerilla foreva
61. Sizzla – di baddest
62. Aidonia – mi have it
63. Beenie Man – stand firm
64. Bugle – caan dis mama
65. Lady Saw – bun fi bun
66. Konshens – thank god fi di gal dem
67. Voicemail – muscle & grip
68. Beenie man- step up inna life
69. Mavado – cant happen
70. Konshens – soldier
71. Busy Signal – defense
72. Busy Signal bout it
73. Vybz Kartel – convertible
74. Aidonia- good pussy
75. Aidonia – morning ride
76. Aidonia – pon di cocky
77. Busy Signal – bedroom bully
78. Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal – Bumaye
79. RDX – Kotch
80. I-Octane – peeping tom
81. Bunji Garlin — differentology

Kalagang playlist I had to make. Listen to it here

Flaws - Bastille / Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park / Cecilia and the Satellite - Andrey McMahon In the Wilderness / Twisted - Carrie Underwood / Hold Back the River - James Bay / Devil’s Backbone - The Civil Wars / Treacherous -Taylor Swift / Sex & Candy -Marcy Playground / Ready to Run - One Direction / Iris - Goo Goo Dolls / Patient Love - Passenger / Mess Is Mine - Vance Joy

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when you talked about tumblr bots that turned out to be fake, did you mean "iris" who would always talk about gibson guitars and stuff?

yeah iris was one of them–or possibly the only one? i don’t remember

overall its posts were way too cohesive and cute to be real. but i specifically remember the time the people running iris made an audio file and posted it to tumblr claiming iris had made it and it was. so fucking fake. a bot designed to construct phrases in response to text inputs would not be able to make and post and audio file like that unless it was also specifically designed to do so

but now we have sbnkalny who is good and pure

continued from here (x)


“Oh come back, I was kidding! Humans can’t re-kill ghosts.” Good thing Khorne wasn’t one then.

Despite what the stranger had said, the spirit clearly didn’t look convinced or at all amused by their humour. In fact, it only seemed the make the spook even more wary of the other male and their intentions.  Iri of course knew humans could destroy, or as the other had put it, ‘re-kill’ a ghost. So he knew what the stranger had said was a lie. 

So instead of responding, Iri continued to back away with a nervous look across his features. Until he eventually, decided to turn tail and fly away. This person was giving him bad vibes, and Iri was never one to stick around someone who made him feel that anxious.

Guys like us don’t get the girl.

A fact that’s been proven time and time again and by Oliver and Felicity themselves, who gave up everything to go away together, something he can’t just do. He can’t just give up on these people. He doesn’t have a team to take over.

And anyway, it’s not like Iris would run away with him anyway.


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"Cyrax, it's good to finally see you!" Iris shouted, running over to bow at the man, panting with a smile on her face. -linkueiirishredhead

     Cyrax was a bit surprised at the sudden greeting, taking a step back before he realized she wasn’t going to do much to him. A small smile tugged at his lips as he chuckled a little bit.

    “Well hey there. You kinda surprised me to be honest.”

amour vs fancyfashion w hints of diode & electricbounce (clemontxshauna right??) & annemae & wishful great gatsby au… Serena was genuinely in love w ash as a girl and cannot let the love of her youth go and ash cannot let go of the past (grow up)… Clemont, Serena’s cousin, becomes deeply entangled with ash…

Meanwhile, clemont also deals w the flirtations of Serena’s friend Shauna & dawn’s open affair with iris and cilan’s mounting jealousy.

I wouldn’t change anything tbh
- clemont ends up disgusted with people, moves in with his sister Bonnie as a recluse
- ash gets shot by cilan
- Serena accidentally runs over iris
- Dawn is reckless and wins bc this book doesn’t care about justice
- Shauna goes to do her thing

So I cannot wait for American Horror Story Hotel. Here are some of the characters pictures that were revealed today. Lady Gaga is the Countess and the owner of Hotel Cortez. Sarah Paulson is a junkie named Hypodermic Sally. Kathy Bates is Iris who runs the hotel. Finn Wittrock plays Tristan who is a male model and is unable to resist Lady Gaga. Angela Basset is going to be playing a boss ass bitch named Ramona Royale, and she and Gaga don’t get along. Finally, my man Evan Peters is playing the role of James March, the man who built the hotel and is evil I think? I couldn’t fit Matt Bomer’s character in here but he is Donovan, who has been gaga’s partner for 20 years. Also, Wes Bentley will be playing an LAPD detective named John Lowe. Ryan Murphy mentioned something about vampires as well. This season is going to be very dark and sort of like asylum in a way. Be ready! #americanhorrorstoryhotel #ladygaga #evanpeters #sarahpaulson #mattbomer #angelabasset #kathybates #finnwittrock #wesbentley


“Run And Circus Fest¨

El Pasado domingo 23 de Agosto en la Explanada de la Delegación Venustiano Carranza a partir de las ocho de la mañana.

         Con el objetivo de acercar al público NO deportista a diversas actividades saludables de convivencia fraternal, familiar y deportivas por medio del entretenimiento musical y escénico de una carrera sin precedentes en nuestro país, la iniciativa “Run And Circus” finalmente ha sido anunciada para beneplácito de los amantes del acondicionamiento físico, la vida saludable y la cultura. Es así que Vecordia Producciones y la Escuela Técnica de Atletismo “Club Molina” (ETAM) hacen de éste modo la cordial invitación a la primer carrera de cinco kilómetros denominada ”Run & Circus Fest” que se llevará a cabo el Domingo 23 de Agosto a las ocho de la mañana en la Explanada de la Delegación Venustiano Carranza.

Run & Circus Fest conjunta de este modo el atletismo y el espectáculo en un mismo espacio, en el cual durante un recorrido de cinco kilómetros los participantes podrán disfrutar de actos circenses cada 300 metros que incluyen actos en la cuerda floja, danza aérea, malabarismo, zanqueros, pulsistas, parkeur, cyr wheel, entre muchas otras actividades, así como escenas musicales y  muestras fotográficas y pictóricas.

A pesar de ser una carrera recreativa y familiar pensada para no corredores, Run & Circus Fest otorgará premios en efectivo para los ganadores de las ramas femenil y varonil en las siguientes categorías: Juvenil 15 a 18 años, Libre 19 a 39 años, Máster 40 a 49 y Veteranos de 50 años en adelante, además, se premiará a todos los participantes con medallas de color oro, plata o bronce según su arribo a la meta. Finalmente y con el fin de incentivar a los participantes a conseguir los objetivos se otorgará una playera extra con la leyenda “Yo soy Ganador Run &Circus” a los primeros cien corredores en cruzar la meta.

La cereza del pastel fue en el Centro Cultural Carranza, donde la carrera tendrá final y que será el sitio donde el público podrá presenciar la ceremonia de clausura con performances espectaculares, la premiación de los ganadores y un gran concierto internacional con la participación estelar de Triciclo Circus Band, una de las agrupaciones actuales más destacadas, que regresan de su exitosa intervención en el Festival Vive Latino, y de una exitosa presentación en el Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris. Además, participará el exitoso ensamble canadiense Elsiane, quienes entre sus tantos logros pueden destacar la participación de su soprano en montajes del mundialmente conocido Cirque du Soleil. En búsqueda de complacer y abarcar a una población multigeneracional, la organización de esta carrera presentará a  la emblemática y legendaria agrupación de rock and roll Los Locos de Ritmo, que encabezados por Rafael Acosta pondrán a bailar y a recordar a todos los asistentes los años dorados de la música inmortal. Además estarán más de cien artistas circenses y elencos musicales alternos como Cinema Atrezzo, Román y Montclova para dar fortaleza a este proyecto inédito.  

Reporte: Carla Rivera

Fotografía: Jorge Nava / Carla Rivera

Comentarios o dudas:



DEACON MCBRIDE is 31 YEARS OLD, a BAR OWNER, his family is LOWER CLASS, his faceclaim is UTP, and his role is currently OPEN.


When Deacon was a little boy, he and his brother were swimming in the river with a friend when they realized their friend was nowhere to be found. Eventually they found the boy, but he’d already drowned. Unsure of what to do, they left him in the river and went to get the help of an older boy in the neighborhood, BARRY BECK. He advised them to forget the entire incident, so they did. Although the boy was eventually reported missing by his parents, the cops never found the body. Many assume they never looked that hard since he was just a poor boy from the shacks.


  • FINN MCBRIDE: Deacon is Finn’s older brother and the two are very close. They share nearly everything and spend a significant amount of time at the bar they run together.
  • IRIS NEWDELL: Iris and Deacon met at Deacon’s bar and the two have been dating for the last several months. Their relationship is mostly casual but they enjoy each other’s company.
  • JACKSON HUGHES: Both growing up in the shacks, Deacon and Jackson have been best friends since early childhood. They tell each other almost everything.

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I like Iris *smiles* I can imagine a little curly headed iris running around the house *chuckles* what do you think?-lily

*nods and smiles * sounds precious babe . I mean , anyone with curly hair is cute - Harry


*takes Nick’s hand and walks downstairs with him still holding belle * -Kimi///*kisses you gently before taking off your shirt* -Harry

—— Runs to iris -daniel/ walks behind you -liam// bites my lip hard and looks at you -eruj

Iris Lehrer || 23 || Half Blood || Durmstrang || Trainee Healer || FC: UTP

A sense of the world around us

There were days Iris knew her birth parents and days she just completely forgot about them. She was adopted into the Lehrer family just hours after she was born. Healer Lehrer was visiting St. Mungo’s in London, England when he came upon the whole situation: a young pureblood witch was giving birth to a child but she did’t want to keep it in fear of what her parents might think when they hear the father wasn’t her pureblood husband. The couple, who for years had been trying to have children, was now presented with the opportunity to have one in just under a few hours. They were getting older and they knew their time for having children was running out. The moment Iris was born and brought to them, they started to cry. She was the greatest gift they could ever have and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Iris was grateful for her parents. Sure she wondered what her mother looked like or if her father knew she existed, but she was happy with her adopted parents. They loved her and gave her all they could provide for her. 

Iris loved watching her father work. He was one of the best Healers in Germany and wrote many books on the use of Muggle technology for Magical Medical studies. She enjoyed watching him write notes while her mother fixed him his brandy. Iris had told her parents at a young age that she would become a healer just like her father. They were both very proud of her dreams and ambitious and encouraged her to follow them. When she was accepted into Durmstrang, they gave her the guidance needed to fulfill her dreams. She made sure she received all O’s and E’s in her classes not wanting to mess up her chances. She even became president of her school’s potions club by the time she was in her last year at the school. Many of the people respected her and her ambition. They saw her as a person with a vision, much like her own father. Many students at Durmstrang were shocked that she was able to succeed the way she was, especially since a rumor went around the school for years that she wasn’t even the Lehrer’s blood child meaning she wasn’t Pureblood like they were. But she didn’t let that bother her. They all saw what she could do and she proved that blood status didn’t matter. That skill was the most important thing to help her in her future.

Once she graduated from Durmstrang, Iris decided that she would move to England to start her training as a Healer. Her parents didn’t want her over in England where all the craziness was. Her father partially lived in St. Mungo’s during the Second Wizard War trying his best to help the short staffed hospital. Her mother, who was an expert in healing potions, was there as well and wished that her daughter could stay in Germany with them. Yet, Iris wanted a challenge. St. Mungo’s was one of the best magical hospitals in Europe. If she was going to be a great Healer like her father, she needed to go to where the best practiced. Her first few years at St. Mungo’s were hard. Between the cultural differences and the mind set of some of the other residents, it was like some of them were just there for a job and not because they enjoyed the idea of saving lives. She worked harder than the rest of her group did making sure she stood out from the rest. She earned a few encouraging nods from older Healers, impressed with her work and dedication. Iris was sure that within the next year or two, she would be done with being a resident and start working as an actual Healer. Even with all the rumors going around and her parents worry growing everyday, she loved St. Mungo’s and she loved her job. She wouldn’t have it any other way.


(+) Kind-Hearted, Grateful, Hard-Working
(-) Perfectionist, Single-Minded, Incautious


Althea Crux, Gemma Ortiz, Calisto Ortiz

FC Suggestions

Mae Whitman, Marie Averopoulos, Lily Collins, Willa Holland

This Character Is Currently OPEN