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I re-watched TF S1 over the hiatus, this last episode, and all the references about Barry and home, made me think of 1x03. The opening monologue talks about running, from something, to something or someone. It ends with a conversation he has with Henry about missing his Mother and learning how to walk. Henry tells him that he walked slower than the other kids in the neighborhood but his Mom said when he had someplace to go he would walk and he ran to her. Barry has been running toward Iris! #WA

Barry will always be running to Iris. In every time, in every world. And yes, he has always been running to Iris, since the show began. Excuse me…*runs off sobbing….*

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All these madd new tunes outta jamaica. Reggae & Dancehall 2013
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1. Julian Marley ft. Bugle – move dem
2. Chronixx – they don’t know
3. Chronixx – dread
4. Chronixx – smile jamaica
5. Exco Levi & Kabaka Pyramid — strive
6. Torch – good reggae music
7. Tarrus Riley – gimme likkle one drop
8. Chronixx – never give up
9. Chronixx – most I
10. Jah Vinci – nice again
11. Da Professor – I know why
12. I-Wayne – nightmare
13. Romain Virgo – another day another dollar
14. Kiprich – no fake friends
15. Christoper Martin – mi friend dem
16. Collie Buddz – no time
17. Trixstar – shine dubplate
18. Lady G – nuff respect 2013
19. Jah Vinci – ghetto youths
20. I-Octane – pretty little flower
21. Voicemail – gallis
22. Mavado – always on my mind
23. Delly Ranks – my everything
24. Romain Virgo – cold side
25. Busy Signal – the way you love me
26. Maxie Priest – holiday
27. Chronixx – somewhere
28. Christoper Martin – Mama
29. Major Lazer – Get free
30. Chronixx – Get free freestyle
31. Chronixx – capitalists
32. Chronixx — behind surtains
33. Mr.Vegas – Jamaica nice
34. Ninja Man – ninja mi ninja
35. Chino – argument
36. Chino – sex symbol
37. I-Octane – gal a gimme bun
38. Mr.Vegas – freaks rmx
39. Mavado – this morning
40. Cham – sell out
41. Capleton – bun dem down
42. Agent Sasco – my own
43. Queen Ifrica – come fi party
44. Mr.Gee & Chice – bad like we
45. I-Octane – still nah run
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47. Agent Sasco – kind to dem
48. Jah Vinci — keep it from now
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56. Konshens & Darrio – gal siddung
57. Sean Paul – Gyal bruck out
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59. Sean Paul – nuh badda with dem
60. Konshens – guerilla foreva
61. Sizzla – di baddest
62. Aidonia – mi have it
63. Beenie Man – stand firm
64. Bugle – caan dis mama
65. Lady Saw – bun fi bun
66. Konshens – thank god fi di gal dem
67. Voicemail – muscle & grip
68. Beenie man- step up inna life
69. Mavado – cant happen
70. Konshens – soldier
71. Busy Signal – defense
72. Busy Signal bout it
73. Vybz Kartel – convertible
74. Aidonia- good pussy
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77. Busy Signal – bedroom bully
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81. Bunji Garlin — differentology

Team Flash/Rogues Road Trip

“So we’ve got you, me, Cait, Cisco and baby Rogues in a van for a month with only a map to guide us, what’s the worst that can happen?”


1) Iris’s outfit when they were in the CCPD is amazing. It’s very professional but it’s still fashionable. Glad to see E2 Iris hasn’t lost her touch with fashion

2) Is Deadshot Iris’s partner? If so, I am sooooooo here for it. He’s fine af tooooooo

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3) “He becomes emotionally attached once he runs into Iris West and Joe West.”


It was literal perfection
Married Westallen😩😩💕 barry was getting so used to those kisses watch him run back to E1 Iris and be like “lets stop thinking and start doing” 😂 or drag E1 Iris to E2 and show her what she’s missing like this could be us but you playing 😂😂 also E2 Iris is badass!!
Reverb was awesome!!! Bless Carlos cause that was equal parts hilarious and jaw dropping
ZOOOOOM😱 if i wasn’t scared of him before.. i am now
Killer Frost & Deathstorm was coool! Danielle actually did a good job playing KF
NOOO JOEEE😩😩😭😭 even if its not our E1 joe it was still devastating
Barry’s phone call with his mom was also devastating😣

This episode was hilarious, shocking, heart wrenching, it was a damn rollercoaster of emotions, the best one yet
And one last time to MARRIED WESTALLEN!!!!!!!!!!

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My head is spinning. Barry is playing with his WEDDING BAND. E1 Barry gets emotionally attached, once he runs into E2 Iris West. One of the articles that was posted about WestAllen says that fans will get what they've been asking for, and more. What if there are WA babies? Or she's pregnant and she tells him. There are still 4.5 hours before the episode airs on the E coast. I CAN'T....

I hadn’t seriously thought about Iris being pregnant, but that would be incredible. At the very least we know they are married, and if we’re getting “everything we want and more” then I’m pretty sure we can expect a kiss. If were lucky we will get E1 Barry/E2 Iris in 2.13 and then E2 Barry/E2 Iris in 2.14!

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Cisco is the black and Barry is the red (he already has Mythbusters).

 See, I considered this! (I went with BBRae because it fit easier and also is a freaking CLASSIC I miss bbrae) (Here’s the post)

But the way I see it, Cisco would write the black yeah, but then Barry would grab the list on the way out the door and notice that it had grown since he started it. He’d look it over, one foot out of the apartment, then swing back inside.



“Did you write this list?”

Cisco glances up, peering over the couch. “Oh! Yeah. Don’t worry about finishing it today, the stuff on top is more important. I just gotta remember to get to it all at some point.” He stands, moving beside Barry. “Oh, and I forgot, Felicity gave me back all the copper wiring that she swears she doesn’t need-” he rolls his eyes “-for the Arrow cave, so I’ve got that one, you can cross it off.”

“What are you planning to do with all this stuff?” Barry asks, scanning the list one more time. He pulls out a red marker and crosses off copper wiring.

Cisco shrugs. “Couple’a things. Make sure you grab the kerosene and the dry ice, that one’s really cool.”

Next to ‘many many candles,’ Barry writes “(4).” He raises an eyebrow at Cisco, who shrugs and nods. Okay, good. They can get more later if they need them, but Barry’s not going to spend the first week of living in their new apartment tripping over boxes of flammable items. He asks about the PVC pipe.

Cisco tells him.

Barry thinks it’s awesome.

“I have Mythbusters already,” he says finally, when he’s headed back toward the door. He crosses out that last item and drops the pen back into his pocket, bringing the grand total of list adjustments to three.

“Where?” Cisco asks, muffled, head ducked into one of the boxes they’ve yet to unpack.

“Should be marked ‘living room,’“ Barry calls. “I’ll be back soon.”


Barry leaves, humming to himself, and considering whether he should call in sick to work tomorrow.

So… Uh… Poor Mettaton, am I right? I mean… All he wanted to do was to be a star… Yeah, he was rather selfish in using this as his excuse to save and protect humanity… But then again… You know… I expected him to put up at least something of a fight. Since he was created to destroy humans and all that. That being said… Is Mettaton corporeal? Is he emotional enough to be so, or does he just inhabit the metal body he has? … There really is a part of my that really hopes that he goes on to live as a ghost still… Maybe even seeing Napstablook again… Oh well.

Experience a New World in this 'The Flash' ''Welcome to Earth-2'' Trailer

Experience a New World in this ‘The Flash’ ”Welcome to Earth-2” Trailer

External image

The CW has released the trailer for next week’s The Flash episode ”Welcome to Earth-2”. Synopsis BARRY VISITS EARTH-2 – Barry (Grant Gustin), Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) journey to Earth-2 to rescue Wells’ daughter, Jesse (guest star) from Zoom. Barry is stunned when he runs into Earth-2 Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin), but nothing prepares him for meeting…

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That was a great Iris episode and I loved her scenes with Wally, but I'm so disappointed that we didn't get a WestAllen scene after. Barry didn't even seem that affected?? Why are the writers toning down the WestAllen, Patty is gone so what's the issue.

I think the important thing to concentrate on is how good the episode was for Iris. Barry did feel upset about Iris getting hurt and he talked about it.

However, I’m positive the writes still held back on WA tonight because next week is a wham!episode. Barry needed the space to “mourn” his previous relationship, and Iris needed the space to have a real family story line.

One good thing that this episode did is show that Barry isn’t part of the West clan, know what I mean? Then next week, when he runs into E2 Iris, we’ll know exactly in what light they see each other…

Compass Points You Anywhere (Closer to Me)

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an. okay lets just get it out of the way, I know this is late. I have had a lot of problems over the last week, both writing-wise and other that didn´t make this fic being finished earlier possible. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this update, and I promise we´ll be back to normal next week

Earth 34: Cosmoville is the superhero capital on this Earth, a shining metropolis kept safe by the light brigade. Among them are two speedsters, The Flash and Lighting Girl

Everything slowed down around Iris. It always did, whenever she was running. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and like electricity ran through her veins. She was used to the feeling, of course of moving at top speed. But nevertheless, Iris loved running. There was nothing quite like it, and despite living in the city of superheroes, she had yet to meet anyone, who could understand the feeling. Nobody in the entire universe. Well except maybe one person.

He was running next to her, the Flash. He had moved here from Central City a couple of years ago, as far as she knew. That was at least how it had made sense to her, and she was a journalist by trade. They ran together often, they rarely talked, but every now and again they did. Iris had realized, she was glad he was there. She had had her powers her whole life, but she hadn´t realized, how alone she felt until one day the Flash had shown up. “To the city limit?” she asked, the only response she got was a wide grin.

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So… I finally did it… I finally beat Undyne. It ate up all of my healing items, even the Butterscotch pie that I was hoping to save for Asgore… But I did it. After hours and hours of dying and getting my ass utterly wrecked by her, I did it… And boy was it hard. It was so very hard.

And ohh Undyne… Oh poor sweet Undyne… Even when she has lost everything… She still knows… She still cares… And ultimately, she still hopes and relies on her friends to protect the world… I don’t know… It’s kinda odd… In the genocide route… I almost feel like… Somehow, in a way… It makes them closer to one another… All of the other characters… In uniting against you, they all begin relying on one another to defeat you. Their friendships truly shine… Even in the True Pacifist route, I didn’t really feel that Papyrus and Undyne were that close of friends (though to be fair, by the end of the game, you get the sense of their friendship). When Papyrus talks about the loneliness that you must feel of having no friends, and the desire to be popular and becoming cool friends with him… Well, we all know that he is in part projecting his own thoughts onto you… And so while Undyne cares about Papyrus, and they train and cook a lot together… I somehow get the impression that they never really saw one another as very close friends. But here… When you, or in this case, Iris (what I named Chara) completely ignores Papyrus’ puzzles and japery, his thoughts turn to Undyne, and he notes just now much he values her as his friend. And when Papyrus doesn’t show up for their meeting… Undyne is more than just angry at you for killing him… She’s absolutely heartbroken… Crestfallen over the fact that he died. And you really do honestly see how much she cared for him. How much he meant to her, and just all the hopes that she had for him. And yeah… It hurts to see. And after killing Undyne… She doesn’t feel sad over her loss. She isn’t disappointed in herself. She isn’t even scared to die. Because she knows. She is brave to the very end, and she is oh so very noble. She knows and has faith that she has done her best. Everything that she ever could possibly do. And though she may have fallen, her friends will not. And in her last words… She speaks of Alphys. Because she really does love her. And she would never trust the fate of the world on anyone less than the one that she truly loves and believes in. And while it’s so sad… I love her for it.

Lightning bug pt 2

part one

Barry’s eyes flickered, lightning sparking in them, from the door to the door that lead to the back room. With Eiling’s entrance, three soldiers had filled the gap. Wally looked up, pressing closer to Iris’s side.
“Barry, you need to run.” Joe hissed, hand dipping to his waist where he kept his service weapon. Barry  swallowed hard, nodding, but as he reached for Wally and Iris, knowing the second he used his speed there was a high chance of shooting, the familiar voice of the general rang out.

“I thought you were supposed to be smart, Allen. Run and you won’t get far.” 

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i was tagged in a thing by @kanafinwhy​ and considering that i always like those posts to come back later and then and forget to do them, i decided to go for it as soon as i got out of class!

1) Spell your name with song titles!

  • Run To You - Pentatonix
  • Iris - the Goo Goo Dolls
  • My Medea - Vienna Teng
  • I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons

2) Why did you choose your URL?

you know, i honestly don’t even remember ahaha, i think i went to my sister like “help what do i pick” when i first joined tumblr and she gave it to me and i was like “that sounds cool” and then it just stuck.

3) What is your middle name?

i don’t have one! but i guess i could say the name my mom almost gave me is “razia” so there’s that?

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

hmmmmmmm. i think i’d have to go with a dragon probably, being a dragon would be pretty damn awesome.

5) Favourite colour?


6) Song you like right now?

i have to pick one??? um. is that possible. there’s “Paper Boats” from the Transistor soundtrack (im still not over the ending of that game. </3), “Stray Italian Greyhound” by Vienna Teng, and “Take Your Time Coming Home” by Fun. and also maybe “give me love” by ed sheeran, but that’s just one of my all time faves in general.

7) Top 4 fandoms? 

tolkien, fullmetal alchemist, homestuck, star wars, i guess? :0

8) Tag 9 people!

@howtheyshineforyou​, @writer-mcwriterlyface​, @malevon (when did you change your url omg i didnt even notice???), @gaymowgli, @astralazuli, @maidofpasta, @fantasmaglory, @ladybugmiracles, and @coffeecakey :D

New photos have dropped for the upcoming episode of The Flash, “Welcome to Earth-2,” which airs this Tuesday (Feb. 9) on The CW.

The synopsis for the episode is as follows:

Barry, Wells, and Cisco journey to Earth-2 to rescue Wells’ daughter, Jesse from Zoom.  Barry is stunned when he runs into Earth-2 Iris and Joe, but nothing prepares him for meeting Killer Frost and Deathstorm.  Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Jay has to take over the Flash’s responsibilities when a meta-human nicknamed Geomancer attacks Central City.

Check out the trailer below:

The Flash airs every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST on The CW.

‘The Flash’ Visits Earth-2 In Upcoming Episode New photos have dropped for the upcoming episode of The Flash, “Welcome to Earth-2,” which airs this Tuesday (Feb.