Truthful Tuesday
  • Today’s {now redacted} situation has been mostly resolved. Unfortunately not in the way that *I* wanted it handled, but resolved nonetheless. 
  • Antonio is still being a massive turd, but at some point he’ll build a bridge.
  • Nyann came down and sat with me while I explained to her in the least “sounding like my mother” way possible that I didn’t rescue her from the wrath of our family so she could hide in a room all summer. 
  • Tomorrow I’m going to take the boys to run on the track early, or just take a walk. Do something different.
  • Does anyone ever stop to think about how Tevin Campbell feels being more easily recognized as Powerline from A Goofy Movie than for his epic “I’m Ready” album?

“Winners can come from anywhere. Winning is intentional. It requires you to sacrifice, to do the hard work, whether it’s studying for the test or running early in the morning or after work, you have to purposely set your mind and your heart to accomplishing these goals. Even if you don’t win, just giving it your best effort - you’re going to win in life. It’s going to pay off for you.”

I am bettering myself daily.


Photographs by Barbara Pyle 

Legendary unseen photographs. 

“I knew I was witnessing history in the making.” Barbara Pyle’s intimate behind-the-scenes photographs from 1975 during the recording, rehearsing and touring of Born to Run have been eagerly awaited for forty years and are finally being published for the first time. Do you know any Bruce fans? Brighten up their day with a shoutout! 

Coming in October from ReelArtPress.

(Open rp) incest - father and son/daughter

-your character had been home alone for a few hours and decided to masterbate for a bit as they had thought that their father wouldn’t be getting home soon. After some time masterbating their thoughts lead to their hidden feeling towards their father-

Kage: *he was just getting home early from running a few errands as he thinks that he hears some moans from upstairs

Sunday in London...

A few hours ago, my friend called me on a spontaneous vibe, and told me to get ready. He usually does this when he wants to celebrate something. I was running really early and decided to finish the chapter of this new book that I’m reading. That’s where I messed up. An hour passed and he was outside beeping and I didn’t even begin to start getting ready.

Anywhooo, 🙈 we arrived at Juno Bar in Shoreditch. I’ve been searching for a Neo Soul vibe for years and gave up, until I went to a photoshoot the other weekend and met a hair stylist who introduced me to this event. It was such a vibe, great music and a different crowd of people - I literally felt at home.. musically. I think I might make this a regular spot on Sunday’s tbh and it’s also a really nice place to go to for a date. I say that, because the music isn’t too loud and the atmosphere is so relaxed and chilled. There was a mixture of couples and single people/ groups of friends. The vibe was so chilled. We vibed to the likes of Erykah Badu, J Dilla and TheRoots for the whole night and met a bunch of really cool like-minded people. No hype, No drama, No mean mugs, Just vibes.

I rarely do this, but because they’re so rare.. I recommend anyone who’s looking for a Neo-Soul night, to visit Juno in Shoreditch on a Sunday. 🌻

Arrow Fic: Sartorial Choices 1/1

Sartorial Choices
Author: dettiot
Rating: T
Summary: A Sunday in the new normal for Oliver and Felicity.  Set in early season 4.  No real spoilers.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Happy birthday, sarahtwinkie!  Since she’s hard at work on her novel, I wanted to commemorate her birthday by giving her a little bit of fluff with a dash of humor.  :-)  Hope you have a wonderful day!  


It was unusually muggy for late October, especially in Starling City, but Oliver didn’t mind too much.  His early-morning runs were a habit he had continued after they had returned home, and he wasn’t ready to give them up because of a little humidity.  Besides, he always sweated a lot on his runs, so it didn’t really matter.      

And Felicity liked him sweaty.  

Smiling to himself, Oliver walked into their bedroom, peeling his t-shirt off.  Felicity was right where he left her: asleep, in their bed.  

Their bed.  Even after nearly eight months, he still felt a thrill at any indication of how far they had come.  Whether it was Felicity getting the hot sauce he liked when she was at the store, or taking her lunch when she had back-to-back meetings, or just remembering that the bed was theirs … Oliver loved that moment when he realized, once again, that he and Felicity were together.

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“Years & Years hit the stage lit from beneath. It’s not long before the silhouette of Olly starts cutting shapes through shadows. Take Shelterand Desire get an early run and suddenly, we’ve got a fully blown Sunday night rave on our hands.

His voice is actually insane — hearing that breathy falsetto live is something else. The clarity and control on the slower tracks like Eyes Shut and Memo is damn impressive.”


To: Sweet Old Man In The Park -- SCRIPT


ILLUSTRATORS: Create a Storyboard based off this script. Feel free to write down direction and ideas for Filmmakers.

FILMMAKERS: Cut together an Animatic with these storyboards and voice over performances.




To: Sweet Old Man In The Park – SCRIPT

Dear Sweet Old Man Walking In The Park,


I regret ever initiating the wave hello in which we so tediously engage each morning. Must we, Mr. Old Man, always smile and nod/nod and wave when we see one another? MUST WE?

I don’t always feel in a waving mood on my early morning run. I find this dastardly tradition of our hello to be an imposition upon my freedom for appropriate early morning curmudgery.

Nothing, however, compares to the pure insolence you show by walking around the running path THE WRONG WAY.

I don’t care if there isn’t a sign. Everyone else goes counterclockwise. Go counterclockwise. Take your anti-establishment rabble-rousing elsewhere, you old coot!

For the last three years we have done battle daily.

TWICE every SINGLE morning I am forced to either move out of your way or play chicken with you until you move out of mine. Twice each morning I consider putting my shoulder into you and ending this once and for all.

Do you think I like running? I’m only there in the first place because my doctor told me exercise would help with this horrid anger problem of mine, you asshole.

And what is this thing you do that is neither walking nor running but has yet somehow broken from the realm of speed walking? You look like you’re hurrying to a business meeting that is impossibly far away.

You infuriate me, Sweet Old Man Walking In The Park. But I guess that doesn’t matter to you, you goddamn sociopath.

See you tomorrow,

You Fifty Years Ago

Spirits and Dieities are out in the morning, celebrating the birth of a new day, so to be out running at this time shows mother earth and father sky what kind of a person you are, that you are working to be a stronger person so when you reach times of struggle, they will be there to help you
—  Quote on Running early in the morning

“Running In Mazes” - Zoom Lens (1980)

A delightfully weird video (that Tim Burton would have killed to have directed) for this amazing single from 1980 by Zoom Lens, one of the most obscure UK new wave bands of the early ‘80s.


It wasn’t uncommon for you to wake up without Steve in the mornings - his sleep pattern was shot to hell from the serum, and he only tended to need a few solid hours of rest to function. This morning though, you were a little put out to wake up at sunrise without his arms around you. 

Groaning, you rolled over to check if Steve was somewhere in the room, perhaps getting dressed or in the en suite. The bedroom was empty, however, and the door to the bathroom was open. No Steve. 

He wasn’t on an early morning run, because when he did that there was always a note on his pillow to say where he’d gone. Today there was nothing. 

Ordinarily you wouldn’t have minded, but today was your year anniversary with Steve, and you’d been hoping to make it special. Part of that included waking up next to him. 

Your stomach growled expectantly, so with a sigh you got out of bed, grabbing a sweater you’d thrown into the corner and pulling it over your head. Perhaps Steve had woken up early to cook breakfast?

You paused, sniffing to see if that was the case, frowning when you couldn’t smell anything except the faint scent of Steve’s aftershave and deodorant. 

“Dammit Sam, I’m being serious!”

The faint sound of Steve’s voice from the next room made you jump. Apparently you’d found your Super Soldier. 

Pushing the bedroom door open a little, you peeked into the living room to see Steve bent over the table, a pencil in hand. His phone was beside him, and you could hear the unmistakable sound of Sam Wilson cackling through the speaker. 

“I thought you were gonna have this finished like last week?”

“Found a picture I liked better.” Steve murmured, moving back a little to examine whatever was on the table in front of him. “I just can’t get her eyes right…”

“Dude, when even is your anniversary?”

Steve paused, frowning. “Today…”

“Today?! Dude, come on.”

“I know I know…” Steve sighed. “It’s one year… I just want this to be special.”

“How long have you got until she wakes up?”

Steve leaned over to check the time on his phone. “A couple of hours. If I’m lucky.”

“I’ll leave you to carry on then.” Sam chuckled on the other end of the line. You heard the beep signifying he’d hung up, and Steve sighed, dragging his hand through his hair. 

You watched him sketch for a few more minutes before coughing gently to get his attention. His head shot up, and he looked across at you, groaning audibly. “How long have you been standing there?”

“A couple of minutes.” You smiled gently, walking over to him. “Watcha doing?”

He sighed, dropping the pencil back to the table. “Trying to finish your anniversary present.”

On the table was a nearly finished sketch of a photo you recognized. It was one of you that Steve had taken last week when you’d both been out walking in the City. You thought you looked awful, but Steve had just smiled quietly and tucked his phone back in his pocket. 

“Steve…” You smiled. “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to give you something special.” He frowned, getting to his feet. 

“This is special.” You assured him, wrapping your arms around his waist. “And very sweet.”

“It’s not finished. I was busy with…”

You laughed. “Steve, you took the time to draw me. And I know you’re busy saving the world.”

“I should have gotten this done earlier.” He mumbled, glancing down at the table. 

“Well,” you kissed him gently. “Why don’t you finish it then?”

“The surprise is kind of ruined.” He sat back down, dragging you down onto the couch with him. You curled up to his side, smiling at him as he pulled his sketch back into his lap, starting again. 

“I love you.” You murmured to him. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him smile. 

“I love you too.”

in honor of band camp starting this week for me, i think it’s time for a story

so the whole band (about six buses) was on our way to bandboree which is like a preliminary showoff just so we can get rated on our progress before the actual competitions start all that stuff. it’s a couple hours drive but we were running early so the band directors let us stop at a target.

they lay down some ground rules, “be respectful” “be back in 20 minutes” etc and we go in

okay now imagine you’re a target employee

and suddenly 250+ high school aged kids, dressed all in black, enter your store. they are very loud.

so you call management.

the rumor is that we almost got the cops called on us before one of our band directors could come and explain the situation

idk man

marching season is a wild time and i can’t wait for it to start again

So I’ve had my chickens for over three weeks now, and still not a single egg. Now every time (e.g. five minutes ago) one of them starts making noises, I’m just staring at the coop and running over in night gear like a madwoman.

Edit: chickens have been bought ‘lay ready’ (i.e. 26 weeks?), but one of my friends suspects they’re younger. Their combs are dark red so I reckon they’re healthy, they get plenty of food/drink, so I’m a bit lost as to what’s (not) happening with these birds. Edit 2: Ladybird the chicken just pecked my ring and now one of the other chickens decked her for it.