i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

My ideal coming out scene for Steve

Avengers are flying out on a mission, steve and Bucky are jumping out first to scout the area bc they are Sneaky Super Soldiers. They approach the jump zone and steve says something like “stay safe Buck, I’ve got your back” or some corny shit.

Bucky turns from the open door and uses his metal hand to pull steve into a gentle but insistent kiss before running to dive out of the plane. All without changing his expression from winter-soldier determined because he is a fucking bad ass.

Now we have the endless possibilities of team reactions. I give you Thor, looking joyfully clueless as always; happy for his friends and their Warrior Embrace without any idea something significant just happened. Natasha, with a knowing, I-knew-it smirk. Sam nodding to himself like alright, that’s cool, shoulda seen that coming. Clint and Wanda with equally shocked I thought we were the only ones with secret relationships faces. Vision and Banner looking perplexed and impressed respectively with the unpredictability of humans. T'Challa not giving a shit because he already knew - hello he was there for Bucky being re-frozen and asking for steve every time he was thawed.

A dumbfounded Tony just sputters, standing up before steve can follow.

“B-but I thought you had that long-lost love affair with Peggy!”

Steve’s face softens. “She’ll always be my girl.”

Tony’s still confused. “What about that-uh Sharon chick?”

Steve shrugs indifferently. “She was cute.”

“I don’t-”

“It’s called being bisexual,” Steve interrupts with a grin. “Look it up, you can google it now.”

And that little rascal, proud as FUCK for understanding how google works now, gives his team a sassy salute before flipping out of the plane after his boyfriend.

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainer Kas!

I’m rewatching episode 2 and the way Hunk says “oh boy. Okay, how hard did you bang your head” leads me to believe this is not the first time Lance has gone on about mermaids and Hunk’s had to deal with this before

Like imagine Hunk and Lance together at a beach and they’ve spent all day in the sun and in the water, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, playing, and then suddenly Lance comes running up to Hunk, dive mask still over his face and snorkel flopping around on the side of his head and he’s yelling and gesticulating, trying to bodily tow Hunk into the water, and he’s like “Hunk, Hunk I swear this time I really saw one. There’s a mermaid in those rocks” and Hunk is just “ok buddy I think you’ve spent enough time in the sun for today”

Edited to add: OK I’D FORGOTTEN HUNK’S “Lance, I know this mermaid thing is a dream of yours” LINE NOW I’M POSITIVE LANCE HAS GUSHED ABOUT MERMAIDS TO HUNK BEFORE

Here’s a character design I’ve been bouncing around during my work breaks! Gonna take offers on her as an adopt, or do a design trade or something.

Mama Neroli’s a total sweetheart who runs a dive restaurant. She’s like a big hairy slug…thing…with a leech mouth, and thinks that she can offset her sometimes very creepy appearance by wearing a cute ‘face’. It sort of has the opposite effect, honestly, but her warm personality more than makes up for it.

(honestly I just wanted to design a big weird mouth mouth monster mmmmWHOOPS my design tastes are showing)

Setting the record straight on Overwatch Mains

Marinette: Constantly switches between Reaper (tankbuster) McCree (damage dealer) and Mei (crowd controller/staller) to counter the enemy team comp aka steal POTG.

Adrien: Genji on attack, Hanzo on defense. Spams the “Need Healing” button until Nino throws a pillow at him.

Nino: Mains Lucio but will fill in whatever support hero the team needs. Likes Ana for Competitive.

Alya: REINHARDT REINHARDT REINHARDT (will go Zarya if the team is running a dive comp).

Chloe: Widowmaker main. Will not switch. (Actually hits her shots tho).

Sabrina: Mercy (so she can pocket boost and solo res Chloe).

Nath: Symmetra or Torb, even on attack. (Don’t touch his turrets).

Alix: Tracer or Genji (gotta go fast).

Kim: Any DPS or Roadhog (Isn’t happy unless he has Gold Damage and Elims every game).

Max: Zenyatta (Top 500 Grandmaster player).

Rose: Orisa or Dva. Sometimes Mercy.

Juleka: Pharah (she and Rose make a DEADLY Pharmercy combo).

Ivan: Bastion main since day one. (Wept tears of joy when he got buffed.)

Mylene: Zarya or Mei (good team player and always has gold objective time).

Lila: Sombra and only Sombra (surprisingly useful to the team.)
Fanfic: Body Talk, Major Crimes | FanFiction

He knows her body like the back of his hand. A short little Shandy drabble.

Surprises (Part 3)

Originally posted by stydiaislove

A/N: I’m not super happy with this but also I don’t hate it so I’m sticking with it because I am committed. I’m also an angst qween, I enjoy expressing my dormant rage through literature. It’s cathartic, you know?

Part 1 / Part 2

Summary: He’s lying and you know it, but the fallout for confronting it is going to be painful. Is it really worth it?

Word Count: 1,631

Warnings; Swearing, angst, Jughead has so many emotions, he just wants to be loveD, this ain’t gonna make sense if you havent read at least Part Two

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anonymous asked:

"Wanna go out sometime?" LadyNoir (preferably in the middle of a battle but its not necessary)

“That’s it, I am calling it,” Ladybug growled as she and her partner cowered behind the stone column as another volley of balls whipped towards them, “baseball is the stupidest sport in the history of the world!” 

“Oh come on now my Lady,” chat grinned, “no need to pitch a fit about it.” 

She glared at him. “Is this really the time chaton?” 

“Sure, we seem safe back here.” 

Ladybug rolled her eyes before darting out and diving behind the next pillar while her foe refilled his horrifying auto pitching machine. Chat managed to fling himself behind an adjacent column just as the next volley began launching out at them. 

“Come out and fight me!” the akuma bellowed. “Where is your sense of sportsmanship?” 

“No need to be in such a foul mood,” Chat called out, “but you can’t really blame us if we don’t find you all that striking.” 

Ladybug couldn’t help but smile as the akuma roared in annoyance, fixing his attention on Chat and allowing her to take another running dive towards the akuma. Her partner was laughing and smiling behind his own hiding place, occasionally popping out to wack some of the speeding balls back at the akuma with his baton which only further infuriated their foe. He really was a fantastic partner. 

“Come and face me you mangy cat,” he shrieked waving his bat above his head. 

Ladybug made another running pass, finally circling out of the range of his weapon and creeping up towards the akuma from behind and waiting for her moment to strike. Hopefully Chat could buy her just a little more time. 

“You’re way off base if you think I will fall for that sort of baiting.” Chat laughed. “Hey My Lady, as long as I’m thinking about it, want to go OUT sometime?” He called, causing the akuma to turn back towards where she had previously been hiding. 

Ladybug seized the opportunity, she summoned her lucky charm- a skateboard. She flung her yo-yo out, wrapping it around the enchanted bat and kicked the board forward so it went crashing into the akuma’s legs. He stumbled, losing his grip on the bat and allowing Ladybug to easily pull it from him, breaking the cursed item and purifying the akuma. 

“Good game kitty,” she smiled as he came over to exchange their obligatory fist bump, “although asking me out there might have been a stretch.” 

Chat eyes gleamed happily at her teasing. “But My Lady, after I so gallantly went to bat for you I would have thought you would love a nice walk.” 

She laughed tossing the skateboard into the air and watching the cloud of ladybugs soar off to repair the damage done to the city. 

“Sorry chaton, I’m more into fencers myself,” she said, flicking his bell playfully. 

Chat gave her a choked laugh his eye sparkling with mischief. “Touche My Lady, touche.” 

Dive || Park Jimin

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Maybe I came on too strong. Maybe I waited too long. Maybe I played my cards wrong. Oh, just a little bit wrong. Baby I apologize for it.

It was the first day of senior year, a cheesy setting, but that’s just how life decided to play out. It wasn’t your choice, and you weren’t complaining.

You were sat at one of the tables in the servery, minding your own business. Classes had just started and you were getting prepared for each one, reading a little bit from each of your textbooks before your teachers decided to provide a pop quiz.

The sound of a chair moving across from you brought your attention forward and you couldn’t help but notice the boy with pink hair sat in front of you. He had a bright smile on his face and was just staring at you.

“Hi there, I’m Jimin, and you’re really really pretty.” He said. A laugh escaped your lips and a blush covered your cheeks before you could hide it.

“I know who you are Jimin. We’ve been going to school together for three years.” You answered. It was Jimin’s turn to blush now and you couldn’t help but think about how adorable he looked in front of you.

I could fall, or I could fly. Here in your aeroplane. And I could live, I could die. Hanging on the words you say. And I’ve been known to give my all. And jumping in, harder than ten thousand rocks on the lake.

“Jimin.” Your voice rang out through the room and the boy looked up at you. He knew what was wrong the moment he looked at you and it was something he had been dreading for a long while.

You dropped your bag on his bedroom floor before running and diving onto his bed. He turned in his computer chair and stood up, walking over to where you were laying with your face stuffed in his pillows.

“Don’t you dare say it.” You said as you heard him approaching.

“I would never say it because you already know it’s true.” He replied, kneeling on the floor and resting his chin on his bed.

“Yes Jimin, you told me so. You said Yoongi would dump me and that’s exactly what he did.” You removed your head from the pillows and poured at him. Jimin just chuckled before reaching a hand out and running it gently through your hair.

“I would treat you so much better.” He whispered quietly, just barely loud enough for you to catch it.

“I know you would, and you do. That’s why you’re my best friend.” You said, giving him a wide goofy grin. Jimin mustered the biggest smile he could, the twinkle in his eye slowly disappearing.


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Korean vocab list: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) - Chase Me

Watch the MV here.

자꾸  repeatedly; frequently; always; again and again
짜릿하다 (be) pungent; piquant; spicy tingling; prickling; aching; smarting
원하다 desire; wish; want
텅 빈 empty / vacant / bare / void / hollow / deserted.
사람들 people
꿈속 dream
따분하다 boring
어제 yesterday
간단하다 simple; brief; short; plain; light; easy
오늘 today
뭐 what
하다 to do
발칙하다  outrageous; mean; rude
장난 a game; play; mischief; prank; a joke; trick
시작하다  begin; start; set up
어둡다  (be) dark; dim; dusky; murky; gloomy
밤 night
몰래 secretly; privately; quietly; stealthily; imperceptibly; furtively; clandestinely
다가가다 go[come / get] near; approach; step[come] up to; steal up.
뛰어들다 jump [leap] into; rush into; run into; dive into
폭죽 firecracker
막 just; just now; (be) about to; (be) on the point of
터지다  explode; burst; break out; occur [happen] suddenly; blow up
깜짝 with surprise; with a start; all of a sudden
놀라다 (1) be surprised [astonished, amazed, shocked]; be startled; be astounded (at); be stunned; jump; be taken aback (by) (2) be frightened [startled, alarmed] at; be horror-struck; be terrified; have a fright
깜짝 놀라다 be startled all of a sudden[out of one´s wits]; bat an eyelid; eyebrows go up; be rocked on one´s heel
조용하다 quiet; silent; still; calm; tranquil; serene; peaceful;
세상 world
잔뜩 till full; to the fullest; extremely; intensely; heavily
소란하다  clamorous, tumultuous, loud, noisy, riotous, emotionally or mentally agitated; disturbing; troubled
막다 block (up); obstruct; stop; check; intercept; defend; protect; keep away [off, out, back]; ward off; prevent; provide against (a disease)
한번 once; one time
잡다 catch; hold; take hold of; capture;
아슬아슬 risky; dangerous; thrilling; critical; close; narrow; near
거리 a street; a road; distance; a difference; a gap
거리에서 on the street; in the street
벌써 already; yet; long ago; by now [this time]
거기 that place; there; there; to that place;
이번 this time; recently; lately; present; new; now; next time; shortly; soon; next; last; recent
또 again; once more; another time; for the second time; repeatedly; in succession
어디 where
가다 go
찾다 seek for [after]; search (for); hunt (up)
멈추다 stop; cease; put a stop to; bring to a stop[halt]; halt
더 more
다르다 different
숨어들다 steal in[into]; get in by stealth
나쁘다 bad
본능 instinct
따르다 follow; go after; obey
빨갛다 red
사과 apple
한 one
입 mouth
한 입에 at a gulp[mouthful]
딱 accurately; exactly; tightly; firmly; definitely; resolutely; flatly; wide
베다 cut; chop
물다 bite
베어 물다 sever[cut off] with one´s teeth; bite off
착하다 nice; good; virtuous; gentle; kind
아이 a child; a kid
틀 a frame; framework; a mold
맞추다  fix into; frame; put together; set (it) (right); correct (it); adjust; adapt; conform; fit;
그저 only; merely; simply; slightly; just
규칙적인 regular
심장 the heart
박동 pulsation; palpitation; beat
심장박동 heartbeat
위 the upper part; the upside; the top side; the above
위에 above; over
일곱 seven
가지 a kind; a sort; a class; a variety
작다 small; little; tiny
놀이 play; game
선물하다 give [make, send] (a person) a present; make a gift (to)
매일 every day; each day; daily
기억 memory; mind; memorization; remembrance; recollection
모두 all; everyone; everybody; everything;
꺼내다 pull [draw] out; take [bring] out
들다 hold (in one’s hand); carry [have, take] (a thing) in one’s hand; have
가득 full; to capacity; filled (with)
던지다  throw; hurl; fling; cast; toss; pitch
폭풍 storm
휘몰아치다 blow violently [boisterously]; blow hard; blow great guns; storm boisterously; fall in whirls; fall thick and fast
어지럽다 (be) dizzy; be in disorder; (be) troubled; chaotic; turbulent; disturbed; disorganized
포근하다 soft and comfortable; downy; fluffy
베개 pillow
조금 a little
축축하다 slightly [moderately] wet; moist; damp
바쁘다 busy
아직 yet; as yet; still
많다  many
호기심 curiosity
가득하다 full  
상상 imagination
다 all; at (the) most; as much as one can
펼치다 open, outspread, lay out
짓궂다 ill-tempered; ill-natured; unlucky; unfortunate; cursed; malicious; (mildly) mischievous; prankful;
또 again; once more; and; moreover;
잘 well
모르다 do not know  
바로 rightly; honestly; just; exactly; immediately;
뒤쫓다  follow up, chase, pursue
네 your
모습 features; looks; appearance; a shape; a figure; a visage; an image; a face
가까워지다  v. become close, approach, appeal to -, turn to -; come near to
그렇게 like that; so; so much;
쉽게 easily
잡히다 be caught
계속 continuation; continuance; succession;
쫓다 run after (a person); chase; pursue;
끝 end
까지 till; until;
끝까지 out, until the end
숨 breath
차다 be out; fall[become] due; run out
내 my
새롭다 new; fresh;
내일 tomorrow

Fic: We Are Young

Summary: Dan and Phil go skinny dipping in Jamaica in 2010
Word Count: 1,349
Rating: Teen
Tags: Established Relationship, Skinny Dipping, Sexy Fluff
Author’s Note: This is for @alittledizzy, because she chatted with me for ages this morning when I had a terrible headache, and she thoroughly distracted me with phan love. The story is partially inspired by Pentatonix’s cover of fun’s song “We Are Young,” which has a definite reggae beat during one section that got me thinking about Jamaica. This fic is set during the 2010 YouTuber trip to Jamaica sponsored by Sony to advertise their waterproof video camera.

We Are Young

Tonight we are young (we are young)
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun
- “We Are Young” by fun. (covered beautifully by Pentatonix)

Phil was lying on the hotel bed, his body exhausted by all the activities of the past few days. He was more used to playing video games and watching television than all this constant swimming and cliff diving and running around! He wasn’t sleepy, just pleasantly aware of the tiredness in his muscles as he sank into a state of complete relaxation on the soft mattress.

Dan was standing by the sliding glass doors, looking out through the curtains into the darkness that hid the ocean waves they could still hear breaking softly against the beach. As happened so often, Phil felt his breath catch at the sight of Dan standing there lost in thought, so young and lovely with his hair curling out of control and his bare chest bronzed by all the sun they’d been getting on this trip. He always felt wonder in quiet moments like this, as if he’d caught a butterfly in his hands, having this beautiful boy in love with him.

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054-PHLIPPIN [Flipper-Dolphin]
-The Swimmer pokemon
-Ability: Cloud Nine - Hydratation(HA)
-Dex: “This playful pokemon adores floating around the surface of water on a sunny day, even developing a lifesaver-like air bag around its waist to keep itself afloat without any extra effort. This pokemon can deflate this air bag at will allowing and once it is free underwater it shows an incredible swimming technique that rivals with those of professional swimmers.”
    -Water gun
    -Aqua Ring
    -Water Sport

–>Evolves at lv. 25<–

055-JETACEAN [Jet-Cetacean]
-The Supersonic Pokemon
-Ability:  Swift Swim - Drizzle(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is extremely smart and has evolved to be extremely fast on water, where he can easily outspeed a powerboat. This pokemon move in groups where they communicate with telepathic powers, sometimes they can even communicate with humans, as many sailors has mentioned in their stories.”
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Aqua Jet

–>Evolves at lv. 25 holding a Casteliacone <–

194-NARVOREAL [Narwhal-Boreal]
-The Icebreaker Pokemon
-Ability:  Slush Rush - Snow Warning(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is adapted to icy water, with a body design to move through the thick layers of ice, using its drill and ice covered fins to break it. This pokemon drill is incredibly valuable for its toughness and impermeability, some people say they can drill even through the hull of an aircraft carrier.”
    -Horn Drill
    -Drill Run

–>Evolves at lv. 25 at night, holding a Rare Bone<–

195-VAQUIJIRA [Vaquita-Bake Kujira]
-The Extinction Pokemon
-Ability:  Shadow Tag - Serene Grace(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has become a legend among both trainers and fishermen, believed to only exist in old tales due to it being impossible to be found on the wild. This Ghostly spirit is a gentle soul who shrouds itself in the bones of fallen sea creatures, appearing only after dark to conceal its soft body. Its is surrounded by an unsettling aura, which attracts some mysterious pokemon.”
    -Water Spout
    -Ominous Wind
    -Skull Bash
    -Phantom Force

Auston Matthews #1 - Gold Medal, Baby!

Originally posted by willynylanders

A/N - ugh i got so carried away while writing this i loved it so much. so yeah, now I have a 5 page document about being a canadian national team diver at the world championships. that doesn’t even mention auston matthews until like the third page. I basically wrote this 2.5k pic about this prompt, realized that ppl are prob not going to want to read about moral courage and determination then cut it down to just the cute sappy parts with ma boi aus. message me if you want the full version, i think it adds to the whole emotional effect of this

for the prompt: Anon: Hi you’re such a good writer! Please can you do one where the reader is a diver for Canada and has her last competition and Auston surprises her?

(also thanks bby <3 i love when i see messages like this)


As soon as your hands touched the water and your body slipped perfectly in the pool right after, you knew it. You had the performance of a lifetime at the World Diving Championships in Bangladesh and were fighting for first place with this last dive. You couldn’t help the smile that broke onto your face when you knew that you had nailed it. When your face reemerged from the water you were enveloped in the sound of the crowd, which was the first time you really noticed how loud the fans were all meet. You swam to the edge of the pool and pulled yourself up and immediately ran to your coach. He was wiping a tear from his cheek when you practically launched yourself over the barrier to wrap him in a hug. You separated and he held your hands while waiting for the results.

It felt like an eternity. You hopped from foot to foot holding your breath, not caring that now that you were out of the water you were starting to get very cold. When the results came in, you couldn’t even help your reaction: your coach screamed something incoherent in your ear and you jumped into his arms once more in a bone-crushing hug. You could feel the happy tears stinging at your eyes and you stayed in the arms of your coach for a long time. You couldn’t even get your head around it. You did it; you won. You were the World Champion of the Women’s 3m Diving.

“Look behind you,” your coach said when you finally pulled away. You turned around assuming that the camera crew wanted a shot and you gave a big wave and blew a kiss at the camera. “No, behind that. Look at your family.” You scanned the crowd and located them quickly by the sheer volume of their cheers and the almost obnoxious amount of Team Canada apparel they were sporting. A megawatt smile broke out onto your face when you made eye contact with your family and you shot them a thumbs up which they returned. Right when you were about to turn around to go find your best friend on the international circuit, Aifeng Xing from China, who came second and celebrate with her, you noticed him.

Standing right between your parents wearing an obnoxious bandana and Canadian muscle shirt was your boyfriend, Auston Matthews. Your jaw dropped and it took you a second to process what was happening. How did Auston manage to get all the way to Budapest without you knowing? And more importantly, why did Auston take so much time out of his schedule to see you compete?

In that moment, Aifeng wrapped you up in a hug and you held her for a bit, both trading congrats and I love you’s and so happy’s in English and Mandarin. When you separated you wanted nothing more than to run over to your family and boyfriend and share this moment with them but the camera crew lined you, Aifeng, and your American rival Mindy LeRoy up for a picture. You smiled and said congratulations to Mindy, who pretended to be gracious.

You grabbed the towel and clothes from your coach and threw them on to go and run over to your family at last when an interviewer pulled you to the side.

“(Y/N) how do you feel being the first female Canadian diving to win a World Championships, in your last competition no less?” some woman that you vaguely remember seeing at CBC asked you.

“Honestly it’s such a surreal feeling.” you breathed out, “but right now I just really need to go be with my family and boyfriend who flew all the way from Toronto to surprise me.” you managed to force out before running, somewhat childishly, over to where Auston was leaning over the railing. You jumped up to him and he picked you off the ground a bit, arms grasping tight under your shoulders with your arms going around his neck. In the back of your mind you realized that this was going to be all over sports media back home but right now you really didn’t care. You were on top of the world and the only things you could hear was Auston’s voice in your ear saying how proud he was of you and the distant sound of your mom crying and your dad cheering. When you pulled back, Auston set you back on the ground before leaning down some more and kissing you soundly on the lips.

Yep. There go the cameras.

“Gold medal, baby!” he smiled big at you.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” you shouted up at him

“You really think I would miss this?” he replied, “I love you so much (Y/N) and I am so ridiculously proud of you. But that is also the most nervous I have been in my entire life.”

“I can’t believe you are actually wearing a Canadian flag muscle shirt and maple leaf bandana right now.” you laughed.

“Not gonna lie, it hurt a bit putting it on,” the ever-patriotic Auston laughed, “but I’d do anything for you.”

If you could smile any bigger than you were already, your face would probably threaten to split into two. You moved away and shared an emotional hug and a couple words with your parents and siblings before you were pulled away to finish your interviews. You quickly pulled on the rest of your clothes and re-did your hair while listening to the interviewer’s questions. You answered a couple about the significance of this win and if it changes your plans of retirement. You also answered some more backhanded questions from American media about your long-standing rivalry with Mindy that you smiled through and wished her the best in the rest of her career. Finally came the question about your relationship that you were just waiting for,

“So we saw you run off after your dive to your boyfriend, who is a professional hockey star back home. What is it like having such a large, close, support group like you do?”

“Honestly, I owe all my success to them. I wouldn’t be here today without the sacrifices that my family made for me and I don’t think I can ever truly repay them. As for Auston, I am the luckiest girl in the world for everything that he does. He is truly beyond words.” you gushed producing a chorus of aww’s from the little group of media and some of the fans. After all the questions were asked, you were ushered to the medal ceremony where you got a little more than misty eyed when the Canadian anthem played and you saw the flag raise at the top of the podium.


“Oh my god, (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N), I need to get your autograph!” Auston exclaimed the next morning when you woke up beside him in the hotel room the next morning.

“Aus, what are you doing? It is too early for me to understand your jokes.” you mumbled while wrapping your arms around his bare torso and snuggling closer to him.

He wrapped his arms around you in return and tucked your head under his chin so that you were flush against him, “You’re famous now! I need to get an autograph so I can sell it on eBay and make tons of money.” he explained.

“Auston.” you sighed, “You are literally the saviour of an Original Six team: you already make more money than you know what to do with, and if you really wanted to sell something on eBay you would make 3 times whatever you could get for something from me by selling something stupid of yours, like your sock.”

“Whatever.” he smiled and placed a kiss to the top of your head, “Mitch has been sending me pictures all day, apparently we are all over TSN now.”

“Oh, really?” you looked up at him, “What are they saying?”

“Just that we are the greatest athlete power couple of our generation. They caught your runaway from your interview to see me all on camera and now everyone is obsessed with us. We inspired a TSN countdown of the greatest relationships in sports.  And apparently there was a really creepy segment from some network i don’t recognize talking about how we need to have babies and train them to be the ultimate athletes. Then the discussion devolved into two middle-aged white dudes arguing about whether or not if we banged and had kids, which country they would compete for.”

“Oh my god.” you laughed into his chest.

“But you want to see my favourite?” he asked

“Mmhmm” you mumbled. Auston reached around you and pulled his phone off the bedside table. When he turned on his phone you could see that the lock screen had changed. Now instead of it being a picture of you too with ice cream on your faces after an impromptu ice cream war, it has been replaced with a new picture you’ve never seen before that makes you gasp. It is taken from the side and shows Auston leaning over the railing and holding you in your still-wet suit and hair still a sloppy mess in a tight hug. The background is faded is faded but the moment of pure happiness and elation is captured in perfect definition and you can see the way you can’t control the grin on your face and Auston’s adoration is written all over his face while he’s kissing your cheek.

“..oh auston…” you smile, “that is incredible.”

“You are incredible babe.” he kisses you on the lips again, “Each and every day I continue to be amazed at what you do.”

You blush and smack his chest playfully, “You’re such a sap.” you giggle.

“Gold medal, baby!”


yeah so that was really long… oh well! again: message me if you want to read the full version, I personally really like it lol

AU ideas for Tony related rare pairs

Tony Stark/Clint Barton : IronHawk :

  1. Successful animator Tony Stark is a workaholic who gets cheated on by his boyfriend. Heartbroken and stressed out, he decides to get away for Christmas and signs up for a home-swapping arrangement with Darcy, a journalist in Yorkshire. After having a terrible time in his new holiday home, Tony thinks about going back, only to bump into Darcy’s cheeky and handsome brother, Clint Barton. A little holiday romance never hurt anybody, right? - The Holiday AU
  2. Tony Stark is rich, handsome, successful and a kleptomaniac. When his kleptomania gets him entangled with a professional thief, he must decide if he wants to take the dive or run away. The only problem though, is that the thief, Clint Barton, might be the only interesting thing in Tony’s life.
  3. Archer Clint Barton and Cyclist Tony Stark are part of the same confederation sent to the Olympics, but get them in the same room and it’s cold war. It probably could be because of their disastrous break-up three years back.
  4. Tony and Clint are competitors on the track and secret lovers off it. The F1 circuit might just become hotter with the tension this situations brings with it.
  5. Clint dated Tony’s sister Natasha through college. Tony dated Clint’s sister Laura for two weeks during a business trip. Things become awkward when Natasha and Laura are getting married, and their brothers falls head over heels for each other.

Tony Stark/Natasha Romanoff: IronWidow:

  1. When Royal Advisor Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts told King Tony that he needed a better Knight Guard, he had expected a deadly, serious, broody grump. Well, Knight Natasha was serious and deadly, but the sarcastic dorkiness might just be the King’s undoing. 
  2. Tony was trying hard to impress his new mob boss, and had taken his first kidnapping very seriously. If only he had kidnapped the right redhead, and not a rival mob boss herself.
  3. When divorce lawyer Tony Stark took on Natasha Romanoff’s case against her business tycoon husband, he hadn’t expected to fall in love with a mind far sharper than his own.
  4. Tony and Natasha are rival hackers in anonymity and dating in public. Love comes no codes barred.
  5. Pilot Natasha Romanoff has a strict no-work-romance policy. But when air-steward Tony Stark comes into the picture, things get a bit more tempting than usual.
  6. PR genius Natasha Romanoff has had many clients but Tony Stark might just be her biggest disaster.

Tony Stark/Sam Wilson: IronFalcon:

  1. Tony Stark is the new barista across the street and rival cafe owner Sam Wilson decides to scout the competition only to fall in love. With the coffee, of course.
  2. Sam and Tony are the best stand up artists in the biz. They just might not be all that funny with each other at times.
  3. Tony Stark moves into the next door apartment with his duck, and cat, and pet lizard. Sam is the veterinarian who just wants to sleep without a handsome dork knocking on his door late at night every week.
  4. Tony makes things explode or burn out or catch fire with no real effort and mostly unintentionally. Fireman Sam Wilson really wants to not be amused. 
  5. Sam is a closet opera lover and singer. Tony is not a closet anything. Meeting during opera shows might just escalate into something more.

Tony Stark/Thor: IronThunder:

  1. Prince Thor of Asgard and Prince Tony of Midgard are forcibly betrothed to keep peace between the two kingdoms. Now if only Tony would stop trying to kill Thor with strange inventions and Thor would stop trying to throw Tony for javelin practice. 
  2. When biker Thor met mechanic Tony, all he was looking for was a better engine. If he got some extra strokes, well, nobody was complaining.
  3. Thor is a Guardian Angel with wings of lightening. Tony is his charge who hates thunderstorms. 
  4. Thor is the stripper Tony hires for his best friend’s bachelor’s party. He should probably have taken his stupid romantic heart into consideration before such a decision.
  5. Thor and Tony are co-pilots who had a one-night stand that escalates into a no-strings-attached relationship that escalates into something more.

Tony Stark/Bruce Banner: Science Boyfriends:

  1. Dr. Bruce wasn’t looking for a charming flirt as a patient. He didn’t really have any control in falling for the man whose heart could give out any time.
  2. Bruce Banner was the lawyer who began working for the handsome business tycoon to save his community center. After four years though, he realizes that he has probably become a nanny instead of the legal council he signed up to be. It’s only ironic that when he quits, Tony begins to value him more. - Two Weeks Notice AU
  3. Bruce Banner was the Mage who was wary of royalty. King Tony has always been wary of magic. This doesn’t seem to stop both men from starting something intense.
  4. Tony and Bruce are employer/employee professionally. When they meet for a blind date they start a secret relationship that straddles the line between beautiful and potentially dangerous.

Tony Stark/T’Challa: IronPanther:

  1. Tony Stark might have been the worst choice as Ambassador of Peace from Midgard to Wakanda. King T’Challa would have him thrown out if he wasn’t amused and intrigued by the man’s wit.
  2. Professor T’Challa should really have thought twice before becoming the guide to Doctorate student Tony Stark.
  3. Dr. T’Challa is the historian who must take the help of adventurer to uncover the mysteries of the lost land of Wakanda.
  4. When Shuri injures a man in a car accident, her older brother agrees to take care for him till he recovers. T’Challa wasn’t expecting to fall in love with an amnesiac.
  5. T’Challa and Tony were friends at work and nothing more. But when T’Challa’s parents remind him of his promise to get married before turning 29, he panics and lies that he is engaged to Tony. Tony agrees to go along with the lie, even though he wishes it were true.

Tony Stark/Scott Lang: IronAnt:

  1. Scott Lang and Tony Stark were game developers who had once been friends and were now rivals, thanks to a misunderstanding during their first successful pitch.
  2. Tony was a man who had lost his family in a car accident and had moved away to rebuild his life. He wasn’t looking for love but his new neighbor, single dad Scott Lang, and his daughter Cassie might just be the temptation he couldn’t resist.
  3. Tony is a bee keeping assistant who goes on a blind date with Scott Lang, an ant keeper, when his best friend and boss Janet Van Dyne pushes him to it.
  4. Tony Stark is the new charming teacher in town and divorced dad Scott feels like he might be a bit over his head with this man, especially when his daughter Cassie decides to play matchmaker.
  5. Scott is a regular at Triskelion Prison. He has his cell, his favorite chipped mug and his regular bed. The new cellmate, businessman Tony Stark who is wrongfully accused of corruption, disrupts the peace of Scott’s prison life.

Let me know if you’d like to see any of them?

The Aim of Elves

Summary: You disobey Thranduil’s orders and decide to help the dwarves which has a better outcome than you expected.

A/N:It’s a bit “too good to be true” but I don’t care lol. Also, this is only a test to see if people would actually like it so if you do, please request more for this. If you don’t that’s fine :)

Chapter 2

Master List

You pick up a large black arrow from the ground. It is evidence of a man’s failed attempts to kill the dragon.

“Y/n!” King Thranduil barks and you run back to the front line where you’re supposed to be, forgetting about the arrow in your hand. Over the hill, you can see dwarves running from a place they had once called home. Defiled by the dragon Smaug.

There you see a dwarf waving and shouting,“help us!” You look towards Thranduil but he turns around. How dare he turn his back on these people! He would risk the alliance over this! He was more selfish than you thought.

You move to jump over the mountain, but the voice of your King brings you to a halt.

“Y/n! If you take another step, you will be banished from my lands,” Thranduil tells you and slowly, you take off your helmet, throwing it at his feet.

“I do not want to live in a kingdom where the king does nothing to help the suffering of others,” you tell him and you jump down the side of the hill.

As you reach the bottom, you hear footsteps following you and you turn around to see that ten others have joined you. You already know who has followed you because they have been faithful to you from the day you became a guard.

You turn back to direct them, needing to get the dwarves to safety as soon as possible.

“Four of you, help these dwarves move away from this mountain, four of you help the dwarves stuck inside, the rest follow me,” you announce, running past the dwarf who was calling out for help.

You had no time to look at his face. If you did, you would have noticed that he was the Prince.

You go inside the mountain to look for that blasted dragon. You have no idea why you want to go looking for him instead of helping the evacuation. Maybe it’s because there is a slim possibility you could kill him but that was very slim. Slimmer than a strand of your hair.

The heat is unbearable as you run further into the Kingdom, but you have to deal with it. You hear and feel the footsteps of the beast and the three of you make our way to the source.

The dragon has already made its way to the treasury.

“I – smell – elf,” he growls turning towards you.

You hide behind a pillar as he blows fire at the three of you and the two elves who followed you does the same as well. You pat your tunic, trying to douse the flame that has started. It goes out quickly and you carefully look at the dragon again. There is a scale missing. The aim of men had not been false.

You run to one of the other elves, finally recognizing him. “Elrohim. Under his left wing, there is a missing scale. We need to hit him there, but I do not know how,” you tell him.

The only thing that could pierce him was a black arrow from a dwarvish windlance. Both of which you did not have.

“The arrow in your hand, y/n. It can pierce the dragon,” he tells you and you roll your eyes at your stupidity.

You had somehow forgot that you had picked the arrow up on the way here. Who forgets that they have a 7 foot tall arrow in their hand? You, of course.

“Distract him and I will kill him myself,” you say. He nods and goes over to Gallean. The two move to get Smaugs attention and you move over the coins to get closer.

“You will perish with these dwarves! Perish!” Smaug rumbles and he breathes fire, thankfully missing the two elves. You sit behind a pillar before he can see you. There is no possible way that you can kill this dragon by throwing the arrow.

“I smell three elves, but I only see two. Tell me elf, do you think that I am that stupid?” Smaug roars, head over your pillar. You stand and run, diving into the coins. You hide behind the stairs as he breathes fire again.

You sigh, knowing what You have to do. You snap your longbow in half. That was a bow gifted by the Lord of Dale and best friend Girion. You hope that he will forgive you for it.

You run as quickly as possible to the other two. As you’re running up the stairs, you see Fallan and grab him as well. You drag him behind a pillar, avoiding the fire.

“Over here!” You shout.

The three elves follow you and you lead them under a platform.

“Elves. They think they’re so amazing,” Smaug says, walking around. You motion for two of the elves to stand at either pillar and You hand them the two ends of your bow. You direct Fallan to stand in front of the string. The two elves, sensing your plan, try their best to hold the ends, pushing their entire body against the bow.

You notch the arrow into the string and lay its shaft on Fallan’s shoulder pulling back as far is it could go.

“And yet they did nothing to help the dwarves and will continue to do nothing as I kill their kin,” Smaug snarls. You see him making his way towards the platform and as soon as you see the missing scale, you let go.

He lets out a great howl. He flies away and back to where he came.

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