• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the flesh was one of the the best shows to come out in recent years and dealt with real world topics in a popular format that was breached in an original and intriguing way and i will never understand why it only got two seasons comprised of nine episodes in its entirety that ended with a cliffhanger that will haunt me to my dying days meanwhile some shows that have run their course ad nauseum are still being allowed to scrape the barrel for new material

so I’m watching YouTube and the skippable ad starts playing and the ad is the entire 3D animated adaption of Horton Hears a Who??



like I don’t wanna watch this…… but I am so fascinated by how it got here

Seventeens’s Reaction to: Their Really Shy S/O Running Away After They Say ‘Saranghae’!

@highest-quality-of-17trash asked:
Heya! Could you do a Seventeen reaction when their s/o tells them ‘Saranghae’ but runs away right after bc she’s too embarrassed and shy?

Of course~

S. Coups:

  • Would be so shook until someone finally snaps him out of his daze.
  •  Is the type to run ad find you so he could return the favor.

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  • Would be a blushing mess.
  •  It would make his day if you did this.

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  • Would be such a flustered mess. 
  • Would try to find you and tell you how cute you looked.

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  • Would be so damn confused. 
  • Then when it all clicks he’d be on the ground blushing.

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  • Would probably run away too, because wow that was so cute??? 
  • Is also the type to return the favor. 

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  • Would catch you so fast before you could even take a step. 
  • Wouldn’t even care where you two were and would return the favor.

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  • Would be so surprised at the sudden gesture. 
  • Would snap out of it so fast so he could find you and tease you about it for weeks!

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  • Boy would he find your shy gesture to be so cute. 
  • Would sneakily return the favor later with a few teasing remarks.

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  • Would turn into a blushing mess at the sudden PDA.
  •  Is the type to be way too shy to approach you for a while.

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  • Would squeal in happiness at your cute gestures.
  •  Would love your shyness so much because of moments like this.

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  • Would be shook for a solid 10 minutes. 
  • Then he’d be sassing the shit outta you for running away after the kiss.

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  • TBH he’d be running too. 
  • That was the cutest thing ever??? God he feels so lucky to have you????

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  • Would either blush and melt or be bold and grab you before you run.
  •  Would enjoy your short moments of PDA and would find them to be adorable.

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Lord knows I love this GIF way too much….

Alright that’s another wonderful request done!! Keep sending in your asks about me or for kpop groups!

anyway we all know the reason why vine is going down is bcos you cant run an ad on a six second video. and even if they put adds on the site, most people access it via mobile or by linking the vine into tumblr.

no money making = no reason to keep vine up

sad but true. capitalism murdered vine

my prediction is that a ‘new’ vine is going to pop up with longer videos or some way for them to run ads during, before or after. or even a subscriber model. the vine idea has proven successful, they just need to find a way to make money off it now.


Dan looks like he's that cool uncle you meet at Christmas that you didn’t realise you had but turns out to be a creep and just spits all over you as he tells you a story about how he backpacked across Europe

I work at a local newspaper, running the classified ads for our town. A woman called wanting to place an ad to rent an apartment. She seemed unable to understand that our paper, “The Town News,” did not distribute to the neighboring city.

Client: Does this go to City?

Me: No ma'am, City has their own paper– “The City Times.”

Client: Oh. But will these be on the Internet too?

Me: Yes ma'am, all of our ads are places online as well.

Client: And how far does the Internet reach?

Me: ….

An article claiming Nutella causes cancer is going viral — but the truth isn’t nearly so clear

  • Research released back in May by the European Food Safety Authority found that palm oil contained contaminants that could be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing.
  • The EFSA didn’t recommend that people stop eating palm oil all together — but the research moved Italy’s largest supermarket chain to boycott palm oil for all of its in-house products, Reuters reported, and raised concerns about Nutella, which is made with palm oil.
  • Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, is currently running an ad campaign in Italy reportedly meant to “assure the public about the safety of Nutella.” Read more

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