Boxed Wine (Michael Clifford)

(I’ve been having major Mikey feels for the past few days so expect one more )

“Please,” you heard him beg. A sigh left your lips as you stared down at the phone that was sitting on your desk.

“I don’t know” you mumbled “I have a few songs I need to finish, and I have a meeting this week” you added “You really caught me at a bad week” you frowned. Hearing as he mumbled into the phone you raised your eyebrow

“I’m only in town for a few days” he sighed you could hear the disappointment in his voice “You know before I leave for Australia” he added. Running your fingers through your hair you closed your eyes. As much as you wanted to see him you did have a busy week ahead of you

“Only for a few hours, I need to finish these songs” you replied. You heard as he giggled into the phone.

“You won’t regret it” was the last thing he said before the line went dead. Rolling your eyes you continued to work.

Running your fingers through your hair you heard your phone ringing. Ignoring the call you slipped on a pair of shorts and a plain t-shirt.

“I’m coming” you groaned into the phone hearing him giggle in the other line “I just needed to change I’m on my way,” you said.

You made your way up to the gate and clicked on his apartment number. Hearing the door buzzing you quickly pulled the gate open and made your way down the sidewalk. Walking towards the last building you went around the corner and knocked on the door.

“You’re here” he squealed as he wrapped his arms around you. Giggling you wrapped your arms around him quickly before stepping inside his apartment.

“Whats the plan,” you asked as you placed your purse on the table.

“I thought we could just chill here” he shrugged, nodding you smiled at him and made your way towards the couch “How was work,” he asked as he joined you on the couch

“Eh, its a normal Tuesday” you replied shrugging slightly and looking up at him “How was the tour,” you asked. You couldn’t help but smile when his smile grew. He turned slightly towards you and started explaining everything that happened. 

You could feel a warm feeling inside as he spoke, your heart jumped for joy as you heard him talking about his fans. Everything he told you took your breath, actually, he was the one who took your breath away. You love hearing his tour stories, you can see how happy he is being on stage and how happy he is doing what he does.

Looking over you watched as he tilted his head back laughing at one of your lame dad jokes. His lips parted as the giggle escaped from his lips. The coffee mug held tightly in his hands. Looking down into your cup you noticed the red liquid was about halfway over. Swirling it a little you heard as he chuckled nervously. Looking over at him you raised your eyebrow

“Sorry” he mumbled a little blush creeping up on his cheeks

“For what,” you asked before taking a little sip from the cup

“Not having those fancy wine cups” he added with a small chuckle, shaking your head you handed him the cup over and motioned towards the boxed wine that was sitting on the counter.

“I like the coffee mugs” you giggled as you grabbed the green mug from his hands. He laughed and shook his head as he poured himself more.

“Also sorry I don’t have the bottled wine” he added. Smiling you winked at him and took another sip.

“Michael you don’t need fancy stuff” you replied shrugging “Boxed wine is pretty good” you added with a smile. “I don’t hang out with you because you have fancy stuff. I hang out with you because I like you” you giggled. He smiled at you shyly and nodded his head scratching the back of his head. Scooting across the kitchen floor you sat down next to him. Laying your head on his shoulder you sighed and played softly with the mug in your hands. Closing your eyes as you felt his lips on the top of your head.

“I leave on Friday” he whispered, nodding slightly you slipped your leg slightly over his. You watched as his smile grew, his green eyes focused on your leg.

“When will you come back,” you asked looking up at him, he turned towards you and smiled

“You want me to come back” he whispered. Giggling you nodded your head quickly

“Of course, I do Mikey, I go crazy without you here. When you leave for the tour its hell, I mean I’m glad you’re going home your mom will be very happy but I miss you so much” you replied leaning back against the wall. Staring down at the white tile floor. You could feel his beautiful green eyes on you the whole time. Looking down at the mug you frowned noticing it was empty. Sitting up slightly you reached over him and grabbed the box from the counter. A giggled left your lips as you set it on the floor. Looking up at the clock that sat on the wall, you quickly sat up.

“Holy shit Michael it 9,” you said as you gripped the counter wobbling a bit. “I need to get home,” you said as you made your way towards the table to find your purse.

“Whoa hold on there,” he said as he made his way towards you. Grabbing your wrist he stood in front of you. He was a bit blurry to you, you could see him smiling down at you. “Why dont you stay the night,” he asked as he rubbed the back of his head “There’s no way you’re driving home and I cant drive you” he chuckled a bit “I had a few too”.

Watching him go through his suitcase he finally pulled out a black blink 182 shirt. Holding it out to you with a small smile on his face

“Just tonight” he whispered to you, nodding your head you turned around and headed down the hallway towards the bathroom to change into the shirt. Looking in the mirror you tugged gently on the shirt, your hair was messy from leaning against the wall, your cheeks red from the alcohol. Slight mascara streaks down your cheeks from laughing and tears rolling down your cheeks. Running your fingers through your hair a bit so it wouldnt be too tangle, you ran your hand slightly over your cheeks to get rid of the little gray streaks. Taking a deep breath you stepped out of the bathroom and made your way towards the living room. He sat on the couch, his feet up on the small coffee table, his arms crossed over his chest as he focused on the screen in front of him.

Michaels P.O.V

She tilted her head back and laughed. Her laugh was music to my ear, she gasped for air a bit before he wiped the small tears that rolled down from her cheeks. Her eyes focused on me as she took another sip from the wine.

“I mean Calum is really handsome” she giggled, smiling I nodded my head before taking another sip from the wine. Her hair was messy but yet she is still the most beautiful person I’ve laid my eyes on. The simple fact that she sits on my kitchen flood drinking boxed wine from coffee mugs with me. She fangirls over my bandmates and doesnt find it weird that I join in with her. She smiled down at the coffee mug in her hands. Both of her hands wrapped around the ceramic cup.

“I promise I’ll get actual wine cups” I laughed, she shook her head and looked over at me. Her stare sending shivers down my back, it made my heart beat faster.

“This is perfect” she replied “It wouldnt be the same without the coffee mugs” she giggled a bit. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked over at me again. “I like this” she smiled as she scoot over towards me, she slid along the white tiles and sat a bit closer to me.

“You just cleaned my floor” I smiled over at her, watching as she laughed before looking over at the floor

“You’re welcome” she giggled.

She leaned her head on my shoulder, her lips slightly parted, tiny snores leaving her lips. Her small hand in mine, our fingers tangled together as she held them on her lap.

“Lets get you to bed” I whispered, she shook her head and moved a bit, her eyes barely opened she focused them on the TV.

“I’m awake” she replied, laughing I shook my head and pressed my lips to the side of her head.

“Sure you are” I laughed watching as her eyes closed again, moving slightly I stood up and made my way towards the bedroom grabbing the blanket. Sitting back down I moved her a bit and slipped my leg behind her. She cuddled to my chest, her hand gripping my t-shirt as I drapped the blanket over the both of us. “Goodnight” I whispered looking down at her, her head nuzzled into the crook of my neck. Wrapping my arms around her tightly I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

When you realize you didn’t have ads set up right on all 500 of your YouTube videos. And then you fix them and make $5 in a day. Oops. Well I guess I learned my lesson. Thank you to everyone who doesn’t use Adblock on the channel. All those pennies from views really add up and help me with my internet bill and getting new games/gear for us. <3

P.S. I made sure NO ads should run during ANY ASMR videos on the channel.(They do run before them) I would hate for someone to be relaxing and then suddenly ‘BUY A NEW CAR TODAY KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ in their ears. Nightmares. ;-;  

The funny thing about that Kozaki remark about Camilla is that, as a woman and a feminist, I probably would have said the same damn thing…

I would have been unhappy/uncomfortable that my design was being denigrated like that, gently tried to establish that I didn’t design it or see the character like that, but I would have remembered that the cameras were running and added a quasi-agreeable remark to take any perceived sting out of my disagreement and show that I wasn’t offended.

It’s just…what you do when your job is on the line.


Black woman suffers racist abuse after taking over @Ireland Twitter account

“A black British woman has been the subject of racist abuse while tweeting from the @Ireland Twitter account.

Michelle Marie, who is originally from Oxford and has lived in Ireland for three years, was shocked after receiving “eight hours of non-stop hate” within hours of taking over the account, which has 40,000 followers.

The blogger and plus-size model was targeted by trolls, with one user telling Marie to “return to your ancestral lands”.

She posted that she was “hurt” by the abuse in a statement posted on Twitter, but said she would do her best to complete her week running the account.

She added: “I expected trolls, and backlash, and criticism. But today I have experienced racism, sexism, fatphobia and homophobia to a degree I have never known. I have had 8 hrs of nonstop hate thrown at me. I am hurt, shocked and appalled.”

The @Ireland Twitter account rotates each week with a new person introduced every Monday morning.

It is run by, an American news website for Irish news, and Twitter users can either apply to run it or be nominated.”

Read the full piece and see the tweets here

First FKA Twigs, then Leslie Jones, then Normani Kordei, then Gabby Douglas, and now this.

Tweet source

Now that we know for sure that season 8 is the last one for Regular Show, my biggest fear is that Cartoon Network won’t even make that big a deal about it ending. I can see it now. 

They run a 9-second ad a few times on the channel in the week leading up to the finale. They post a single picture of all the characters on their social media captioned “Last episode of Regular Show tonight! Don’t miss it! Thanks for 6 great years, guys!” that quickly gets drowned out by memes from the other shows. The finale gets sandwiched between Teen Titans Go! reruns. It brings in less than a million viewers because nobody knew or cared about it. There’s not even a time period afterwards where they slowly stop airing reruns on the network because hey! They already don’t!!

Nah CN I’m not having that. I want there to be so many commercials for RS that even I end up getting sick of them. I want the #regular show tag on tumblr to be spammed with old memories from the show and photos of the crew. I want a marathon of all 263 episodes played back-to-back on the channel at least once before the series finale. Please make it seem like the show actually matters, just a little bit.

Regular Show was one of the two shows that brought Cartoon Network where it is today and started the 2010 revival, along with Adventure Time. Yeah, I know it’s almost 6 years old and it’s definitely not as popular as it used to be, but CN literally cannot pretend like it isn’t important to them. It currently has the most episodes out of any other show on the network, past or present, and is the first CN show since 2009 to have a movie. I am really hoping that RS doesn’t get forgotten and left behind.

Take responsibility for your horrible campaign. You run zero ads and whine to your existing bitter base. You have never explained one of your policies, you have promised things that will never happen, and you show no interest in understanding issues beyond your limited scope.

In short: you’re lazy and boorish.

Time for another ad from the Adidas “Runners. Yeah, We’re Different.” campaign. This one focuses on the snot rocket, an art form perfected through practice. Often when running I find myself with a runny nose and nothing to blow it with. These times demand a snot rocket. A snot rocket is the act of plugging one nostril with your finger, and blowing out of the other nostril with great force for a clean clearing of the nose. 

While during a run is the only time when this is really acceptable there is still some etiquette involved. Below are a few things to consider while clearing your nostrils mid-run. 

  1. Blow away from the wind, not into it. 
  2. Look back to ensure that no one is coming up behind you about to run into the line of fire. I have been hit by other runners before and was not so thrilled.
  3. Turn to the side, away from bystanders. Non-runners don’t seem to understand the snot rocket and don’t appreciate it. 
  4. Give your nose a little courtesy swipe afterwards.

Now go forth and get your snot rocket on! 

anonymous asked:

As a member of GA (or, just unaligned) I am struggling to understand the effects of what you SQ folks claim to be the reason for the plummeting quality of the show (the pandering to wide(r?) hetero masses that only see Hook's pretty face that erases his flaws &general foulness) as opposed to, well, y'all quitting & leaving badly written stuff to those who deserve it? No offense, but why do you still care? What's the bigger picture here? The briefest recap for an onlooker, if u don't mind? TY. :)

Isn’t that a million dollar question, why do we still care, huh?

Well. The great battle for representation (against underlying homophobia expressed through more ‘subtle’ homo/bi-erasure, via all the heteroimoposing and rape-culture enforcing in OUaT writing) aside, fanservice might fuel business (for a while anyway) but where it fails miserably–is at serving the higher cause of making more permanent and/or substantial art, or the greater interest of the culture. The picture doesn’t get bigger (or briefer ;) than that, I guess?

                                        ||   No one can
                                          the Universe ||

Hi there. I’m Lexi, and I run the blog audio-daddy-o, which is an Indie Greg Universe rp/ask blog. At the request of my friend @mirrorxeyes, I created this blog. I love SU and Greg seems like a fun guy to rp as, so we’ll see how this goes.

  • 7+ years rp experience
  • specializing in paragraph & icon chat styles, willing to try other styles
  • full-time student, part-time waitress, so availability will be limited

                                        rules || 


So I broke it up into groups but a lot of them fit into multiple groups. Sometimes I’m super in the mood for motivation and other times I’m very much in the mood for long-form where people are just talking about not much at all.  Lately its a lot of true crime/mystery. Theres a little bit of it all in here.  

I tried to give a little descriptions of each so you know what you’re getting into. This is only a fraction of the ones I listen to but a lot of them are on hiatus right now/theres just too many to give full descriptions of, it would overwhelm the post.  

I think with each run update I will also add what podcast I listened to that day? That would be fun I think :)

Feel free to reblog and add more suggestions!! I’m always looking for more podcasts and I have A LOT on my “to listen to” list that I haven’t added here.  

Running related:
1. Marathon Training Academy 
(If you don’t already listen to this podcast, PLEASE LISTEN!  It is GREAT and I have listened to several of the episodes several times.  Super informative and motivational.)
2. Runners World Podcast - kind of self explanatory haha. 

1. My Favorite Murder - This podcast is more comedy than anything else.  Its two friends, Karen and Georgia, who each tell each other about a different murder each week. Their friendship is really fun and their banter is great.  It’s definitely one of my favorite podcasts at the moment and I listen to it every week. 
2. Sword and Scale - One of my favorites at the moment!  Be warned that some episodes are VERY explicit.  It is a a true crime podcast that discusses murder, disappearances, and crimes in depth.  Very well researched and put together, so if you’re into things like Making a Murderer or true crime shows I would definitely give it a try!
3. Thinking Sideways - This is a podcast about mysteries and conspiracy theories.  The hosts do a lot of research and give their opinions/theories on how they think they originated.
4. Lizard People - This is first and foremost a comedy podcast - the host and her guest discuss a conspiracy theory, most of them insanely ridiculous - my favorite is the one on President Bush and Britney Spears)

Lady Lead/Comedy
1. Another Round - The hosts Heben and Tracy are two ladies who work at Buzzfeed and they discuss everything from politics to cracker barrel.  Super relevant and informative while being really fun. 
2. Soooo Many White Guys - I just started listening to this podcast and it only has a few episodes but the host interviews only interesting people who are not white guys.  Its great and awesomely diverse.
3. Anna Faris is Unqualified - Anna Faris and and her guests chat and then call a listener and give the advice!  
4. Slumber Party with Ali and Georgia - These are two best friends (they also have a show on food network but I don’t know much about it) who chat/banter with a guest each week.  They have really fun/random questinos they ask each guest and its just really fun all around. 
5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin - motivation and advice from the author of The Happiness Project and her sister
6. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig - This one is on hiatus right now but is worth mentioning because its one of my faves and I’ve listened to every episode. Grace Helbig is a youtuber and this is a hilarious podcast that has left me laughing out loud on many occasions and also has little nuggets of great advice.

Alright.  Theres SO MANY MORE but I think thats enough for now.  Like I said, i think I’m gonna start posting what podcast I listened to that day when I do my run updates.  

Now go run and listen!!! 

I’m always over thinking.

For example, I’m really trying to convince myself there’s a chance this guy I met today at a friend’s party is a little gay and might find me attractive and interesting but in reality he’s probably just a nice straight guy as they always are.
Nike Wants to Empower Young Women. Why Do the Ones in Its Factories Say They’re Treated So Badly?
This article was reported in partnership with the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute. It wouldn’t be the Olympics without the biennial onslaugh ...

The above article is written by Maria Hengeveld. Her objective is to cast Nike as hypocrites for running a campaign called Girl Effect that promotes female empowerment, but pays their Vietnamese female labor force only $200 a month. The article is quite comprehensive totalling 54 paragraphs consisting of 5,076 words.

However, two words are missing from her article entirely: American Apparel.

Up until feminists destroyed the company for refusing to stop running sexy ads with sexy girls, American Apparel’s male CEO made all their clothes in the USA, paid their seamstresses $12.50/hour, and provided them with benefits:

At his factory in downtown Los Angeles, American Apparel workers make $12.50 per hour plus benefits—more than twice the U.S. federal minimum wage and several times the $2 to $3 per hour paid at other sweatshops just blocks away. Those high wages explain why American Apparel is unique in a textile industry characterized by some of the worst working conditions on the planet.

Feminists love to use Vietnamese sweatshops to rally their brainwashed hyena clan with moral outrage over their plight, but when a company comes along that actually solves the problem feminists just bitch about they have more important priorities.

“Sure, American Apparel pays their seamstresses $2,000 per month vs. the $200 per month of their Vietnamese counterparts, but we don’t like their ads so we need to destroy their business!”

Why didn’t feminists write outrage articles on the new female CEO’s decision that American Apparel lays off hundreds of workers and considers outsourcing some manufacturing?

Because it’s feminists’ own elitist fault they destroyed the one company that was doing exactly what they hypocritically castigate Nike for.

Feminism is a fraud. To justify the fraud requires hypocrisy. To enforce the hypocrisy that justifies the fraud requires intimidation. Feminism does not exist to advance the causes of women. Feminism exists to advance the causes of feminists. These are two entirely different concepts.

Once you take an open minded, critical eye to the movement you see this is true. If you deny it you are either disingenuous, delusional or mentally deficient. It’s your choice, but you have to choose.