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I appreciate Beyonce and Jay-Z trying to fix their relationship, but this idea that we have to fix toxic, harmful relationships needs to…end. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a relationship that’s emotionally scarred you, and if you don’t want to put in the work to fix something that’s taken so much out of you, that’s fine.

I don’t dislike Beyonce or what she’s choosing to do with Jay-Z, but i dislike how widespread this idea that we have to fix these shitty relationships are, i hate that some of our biggest stars are the ones spreading it around.

And I don’t even have to get into how harmful this idea is to the black community :/

The types as people I know


-Really outgoing when it comes to daily life interactions, but it’s harder for her to open up about personal things

-Always there if you need her, good listeners

-Generally lazy but very responsible if something interests her

-Very independent, she doesn’t need others to do things

-She tries to hide it but she gets very emotional when something happens to her

-Extremely creative


-So bossy

-Best time manager I’ve ever seen

-She rarely breaks the rules

-So hard working and organized, she studies every day

-She only does things the way she’s specifically been told to do them

-Loves compliments

-Dominant in relationships

-Addicted to shopping but somehow she never runs out of money


-Mysterious and shy when seen from the outside

-Very down-to-earth and with a clear mind and ideas

-She will listen to you for hours even if she has other problems

-Sometimes she needs to “disconnect” from the world

-She gives good advice but never follows any of it, specially concerning relationships

-She has a “mother complex” she likes fixing and taking care of people


-Good leader

-Very outspoken and outgoing

-He has deep and philosophical side

-He constantly tries to improve himself but he’s not competitive

-He puts a lot of effort in what he does and never gives up

-Funny and flirty

-Very optimistic


-He always has something to object, his favorite answer is “yes, but…”

-He looks so nice and adorable but when you know him he’s an asshole

-Loves analyzing people

-Needs change and freedom

-So critical with himself and other people

-Love talking about himself but not in an arrogant way

-Narcissistic af but with some insecurities


-Weird and mysterious, you never know what he’s thinking

-Doesn’t like letting others influence his decisions

-He hates being like everybody else

-He has a lot of deep thoughts and existential questions

-Loves partying and being with friends

ESFJ: (my mom)

-She literally sacrifices her life for the people she loves

-She has a lot of perseverance and willpower

-Gets mad so easily and takes everything personally but then she forgets

-She thinks everything that differs from what she believes or she doesn’t understand is wrong

-She’ll never admit her faults

-So natural and funny, she says the first thing that comes to her mind


-Her dark humor is great and scary at the same time

-She can be shy but she’s very outgoing when you know her

-She’s very independent and sometimes just cares about what she wants

-Looks more confident than she is

-Loves going out with her friends


-Very kind, cares about others


-Loves books, TV shows…etc

-Talks too fast

-Likes being with people but also spending a lot of time at home

-Gets mad easily but hold no grudges

-She acts selfish but also cares about others a lot

-Loves cooking

INTJ: (math professor)

-Might be a genius

-Doesn’t know how to interact with people, usually very very rude

-Values initiative and finding different ways to solve a problem

-So stubborn

-He lives in his own world

-He values rules and organization

ISTJ:  (my aunt)

-Super bossy, she could actually work in the army

-Surprisingly chill most of the time, loves to relax and try things

-Very organized, she always gets things done

-Has sudden bursts of anger that last like 30 seconds and then comes back to her chill state again

-Very independent


-Very talkative

-You can easily tell she is confident by the way she speaks

-Very independent, does what she wants

-Loves being the center of attention in small groups

-Smart and organized


-Very independent

-Loves to roast people

-Doesn’t study but for some reason he’s always lucky enough to pass

-Loyal friend

-Has a soft side he shows his friends and family

-Very funny

My ideal coming out scene for Steve

Avengers are flying out on a mission, steve and Bucky are jumping out first to scout the area bc they are Sneaky Super Soldiers. They approach the jump zone and steve says something like “stay safe Buck, I’ve got your back” or some corny shit.

Bucky turns from the open door and uses his metal hand to pull steve into a gentle but insistent kiss before running to dive out of the plane. All without changing his expression from winter-soldier determined because he is a fucking bad ass.

Now we have the endless possibilities of team reactions. I give you Thor, looking joyfully clueless as always; happy for his friends and their Warrior Embrace without any idea something significant just happened. Natasha, with a knowing, I-knew-it smirk. Sam nodding to himself like alright, that’s cool, shoulda seen that coming. Clint and Wanda with equally shocked I thought we were the only ones with secret relationships faces. Vision and Banner looking perplexed and impressed respectively with the unpredictability of humans. T'Challa not giving a shit because he already knew - hello he was there for Bucky being re-frozen and asking for steve every time he was thawed.

A dumbfounded Tony just sputters, standing up before steve can follow.

“B-but I thought you had that long-lost love affair with Peggy!”

Steve’s face softens. “She’ll always be my girl.”

Tony’s still confused. “What about that-uh Sharon chick?”

Steve shrugs indifferently. “She was cute.”

“I don’t-”

“It’s called being bisexual,” Steve interrupts with a grin. “Look it up, you can google it now.”

And that little rascal, proud as FUCK for understanding how google works now, gives his team a sassy salute before flipping out of the plane after his boyfriend.


Summary: Y/N’s mother doesn’t approve of Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 2266

A/N: This is another repost from my Ao3. It’s been awhile. I love you guys. Thanks for reading!

Warnings: A shitty parent, slight angst 

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“He’s what?” Her mother is shaking her head in disdain.

Y/N isn’t paying attention, too caught up in talking about the man she’s fallen in love with. There’s too much happiness swimming in her veins for her to hear something negative. “He’s so sweet, mom. You wouldn’t believe what a gentle giant-,”

A derisive laugh rings out and Y/N stops talking, looking up from where her spoon is lodged in a carton of ice cream. “That’s rich, Y/N. Really funny. Now what did you really come here to talk to me about?”

They’re sitting at the counter in her mother’s kitchen. Her mother is sitting stiff and cold next to her, staring over at her with a righteous judgement in her eyes. Regret fills her, she had told Bucky that this was a bad idea, that her mother wouldn’t understand, that she was too hypercritical and hateful.

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Here are some Domestic Boyfriend/Girlfriend!Zutara headcanons because I’m trash
  • The two are literally the cuddliest couple you will ever meet. When most people who’d known Zuko before Katara see the two together, they’re shocked. Zuko has never seemed like someone who enjoys physical contact, but with Katara, it’s like they’re joined at the hip. If you turn around, they’re always holding hands, or linked at the arms, or hugging. 
  • BUT they don’t throw it in your face. They aren’t one of those gross couples who can’t keep their hands to themselves. In fact, for the longest time, no one had ever actually seen them kiss. Besides cheek kisses, of course. Cheek kisses are a common occurrence. You’d think with all the motherly kisses Katara gave Aang, she’d give more than she receives. You’d be wrong. Cheek kisses are almost always given by Zuko to Katara. 
  • One day though, Sokka caught them making out behind a pillar at the royal palace, and they were both so embarrassed they couldn’t look him in the eyes for a week. He has NEVER let them live it down. 
  • Even as teenagers, the two were the mom and dad couple. Everyone KNEW they were going to get married. They act like grandparents. When Katara visits from the SWT, they take daily walks through the gardens and feed turtleducks. 
  • Everyone in the Fire Nation hardcore ships the two. Ever since Katara saved Zuko’s life, the people have loved her. Zuko’s council didn’t like her at first, and hated the idea that a waterbender was invited to join meetings as an ambassador. Katara didn’t take any of their crap, and eventually won them over. When the two finally start dating, the Nation FLIPPED OUT. Towns and villages everywhere celebrated. 
  • Once, at the start of their relationship, Katara confessed to Zuko that she always secretly loved the idea of running to hug someone and having them spin you in their arms. Ever since then, WITHOUT FAIL, Zuko makes sure to pick her up and spin her when they are reunited. 
  • While Katara and Zuko have been jealous people in the past, the two are weirdly never jealous of the other… At least, not in the angry way most people are. When one sees the other talking to someone who may or may not be flirting, they don’t run over and start slapping them. The two just gravitate towards one another. So say if Katara is talking to a nobleman at a party and the nobleman starts sweet talking her, Zuko will magically appear behind her, wrap his arms around her, and join the conversation. If some Fire Nation fangirl starting giggling too much around their Fire Lord, Katara will be right next to them, giggling just slightly louder. The two are so in love with each other and oblivious to other advances, however, that they don’t realize that the other has come to rescue them from a flirty pursuer. They’re just happy that the other turned up. 
  • They both have only had ONE angry jealous moment each, both at the start of their relationship. An adviser’s daughter somehow slipped on a piece of ice (which is so weird, since it was a FIRE NATION party) and into a servers tray of wine, and a poor, unsuspecting busboy who tended to flirt with anything and anyone stood too close to one of the torches in the room, and his pants burned clean off, leaving him in his underwear in front of everyone. 
  • Zuko would never, ever, in a million years admit this, but he loves having his hair played with. Katara discovered this fact on accident. He was running late for a meeting and asked her to help him put his hair up. As she started to gather it up, she noticed he instinctually leaned in slightly at her touch. Curious, she continued running her fingers through it, and Agni as her witness, he closed his eyes and sighed happily
  • Lucky for him, Katara loves playing with Zuko’s hair. It’s just so soft! During cuddles, she will always absentmindedly run her fingers through it and twirl it. Once it got to around his shoulders, she even started braiding it. 
  • For all their cuteness, however, the couple has one fatal flaw: They’re competitive as fuck. It started with just Katara. Everyone was on a vacation at Ember Island, and the two were challenged to a beach volleyball game. They both got really into it, but Katara got too into it. When the opposing team won with a foul move, Katara lost it and started yelling at them. Zuko had to throw Katara over his shoulder and drag her away as she kept yelling. But then the opposing player insulted Katara, and Zuko flipped. The two went back for a rematch and obliterated them into the ground. They were sore winners, too. 
  • Katara and Zuko are not allowed to play beach volleyball. 

A concept that popped into my head from around the beginning of June. The first set of drawings are from when I was still trying to get a hang of making digital art, hence the shoddy coloring. All the adult miraculous wielders have a pretty sophisticated choice of style so I imagined Natalie’s design would of been no exception. Aaand instead of a yoyo she has a cross bag with an entire arsenal of random women products themed lucky charms because why not??

I haven’t actually thought very far ahead into this AU yet but it originally sprung from the idea of Natalie being temporarily entrusted with the Ladybug Miraculous and becoming Ladybug. Her life’s already pretty hectic, what with being the secretary of an eccentric shut-in who by day parades around as the owner of a fashion empire and by night moonlights as Paris’ residential villain. That and having to keep tabs on said shut-in’s elusive son while dealing through their very awkward and tense relationship as best as she can which pretty much keeps her busy full time and relax-free. 

Then one day she finds Chat Noir catapulting into the Agreste Mansion, and by some ill-timed circumstances he hastily winds up entrusting her with the very thing her boss has been trying to steal for months. She only realizes how royally screwed she really is when Chat’s luck runs out and leaves behind a young Adrien Agreste in his place instead.

The idea sounds like a lot of fun, though not so much for Natalie. I might come back and add some more once I’m able to flesh the idea out better 

Ellie inspected the single length of chain with curiosity. She and her boyfriend had eased into a BDSM relationship at first, though now it was beginning to become a lifestyle. Ellie virtually never removed her collar or cuffs anymore, they were rigged for some sort of restraint for all sexual contact, and she no longer even owned any footwear. So, when He told Ellie that He wanted to transition to a 24/7 relationship, it wasn’t such a shock. The first item of business, he said, was to “come out” to their friends. That’s what the chain was for. In a couple hours, guests that Ellie and He had invited over would arrive - to find their hostess scantily dressed and chained securely to the staircase. And, just like that, they’d know. No need for uncomfortable explanations, and Ellie would no longer have to live in secret, explaining away her lack of shoes or suspicious rope marks when running into friends out in public. “They probably have a good idea anyway,” Ellie told herself she tried to calm her nerves as the clock crept closer to the start of the party.

That klance bodyguard au we love

I’ve been non-stop thinking about that klance bodyguard au and I wanted to write my own version but I’m not quite sure about how I want it to go, so here is just some random stuff I was thinking of including!!

-lance is the altean prince
-Keith is a member of the blade of marmora
-altea and BoM are allied in the fight against former black paladin zarkon and his galra army
-Keith is assigned to be prince lance’s bodyguard after an attempted kidnapping
-lots of langst in the beginning
-his father basically ignores him and heavily favours his sister, and he feels like he can never live up to his expectations
-basically just a sad lonely boy hiding behind a bright smile
-he is pretty close to his sister tho, and he knows for a fact that coran adores him
-lance develops a crush on his new bodyguard right away b/c Keith is a hot af badass whose actually a closet cutie pie
-Keith immediately thinks that the prince is totally cute, but he’s kinda slow to pick up on emotions so it takes him forever to figure out his own feelings
-when he does it’s mutual pining city
-Keith refuses to start anything w/lance for the longest time because he’s the prince and is definitely off limits
-but lance is super persistent, esp when Keith admits to liking him too
-eventually Keith will cave b/c he’s weak when it comes to lance
-a secret relationship begins
-lance will probably tell allura b/c she’s his best friend, and she’ll tell him it’s a bad idea but she won’t rat him out
-siblings that ride or die
-still the pressure of being prince and being in love and not able to tell anyone is slowly getting to lance
-he knows what he wants but he isn’t sure how to get it
-finally he makes a decision and tells Keith that he wants to run away together
-at first Keith will refuse (just like when they first got together)
-but we’ve already established that Keith is weak, so eventually he agrees
-he doesn’t really have any strong ties to anyone anyways
-lance will write these super long and emotional letters to coran and allura, who both cry profusely after reading them
-the letter he writes to his father is a lot more formal, but after all this time of barely even being on his radar he’s not quite sure what to say
-they leave in the dead of night is Keith’s ship
-can’t forget that he’s still the best pilot anyone’s ever seen, which means he gets the best ride
-it’s sleek and silent, has a convenient cloaking mechanism, can open wormholes and travel faster than anything else
-that things his baby
-when they first leave they don’t really have a destination in mind
-their main goal is to just get as far away as possible
-when alfor finds out his son is gone he’s beyond pissed that lance would pull something like this during a war
-but as time goes on and there’s still no sign of him he becomes worried
-eventually he realizes his mistakes and is super guilty for pushing his son away
-as Keith and lance travel they keep a low profile and try not to attract too much attention
-they eventually come across earth, a planet tucked far away on the outskirts of the known universe
-they take a stealthy look and fall in love with the blue planet
-they also think it’s the perfect place to start over
-you aren’t supposed to interfere with any planet or race that hasn’t developed enough to discover space on their own, but since they aren’t planning on standing out here they think it’s fine
-they spend their first few months on earth in a secluded desert shack, using their advanced tech to learn as much about their new home as possible
-lance uses his altean chameleon ability to look human
-for stories sake I’m headcannoning that galra can use their magic to somewhat change their appearance
-it still surprises them both when Keith is able to easily change his appearance to look completely human (first clue to half-human Keith)
-they fake their papers (gotta make it look like they’ve always lived on earth) and apply to the garrison (it’s the closest school, and they applied on a whim)
-they both make it in
-Keith is obviously top of the class (after flying super high tech alien spaceships, the ones on earth are like child’s play)
-lance is second (he isn’t nearly as good as Keith but again, super high tech alien ships are way harder to fly than earth stuff)
-lance and hunk meet when lance sneaks away one night to raid the kitchens for a midnight snack and finds hunk already there
-they hit it off right away and become best buds practically overnight
-Keith also likes hunk right away when lance introduces him the next day
-he’s easy to get along with and doesn’t mind Keith’s quietness
-hunk thinks Keith is pretty cool, and practically writes him a sonnet when Keith helps him learn to control his stomach in the simulator
-after that they become a dream team, and shiro (upperclassmen) takes notice
-at first he just introduces himself to them and gives them little pointers, but after spending some time together they all actually become pretty close
-hunk and lance cry when shiro leaves for the Cerberus mission, and laugh when he promises to bring them back some space rocks
-all three of them are worried when news travels about the missing Cerberus astronauts
-not long after this pidge joins the garrison
-they get adopted into the group almost immediately
-she and Keith bond over their shared love of conspiracies (Keith discovered them back while he and lance were still in the desert shack and quickly became obsessed)
-her and lance shoot one liners back and forth
-they get really into it, and sometimes hunk has to physically cover their mouths to get them to stop
-her and hunk talk tech for days
-the self proclaimed science bros
-the whole group becomes sort of like a makeshift family
-eventually lance and Keith agree to tell them their secret
-hunk is shook
-pidge is so excited that it gets a little creepy
-but they’re loyal so both agree to keep their secret
-not long after the reveal shiro crash lands back on earth the the group launch a rescue mission to save him from the government
-when he wakes up he tells him what little he can remember
-lance and Keith tell him about their past and use their knowledge to try and help him piece things back together
-shiro is convinced that the galra are coming to earth, so they use the tech in Keith’s ship to scan for other alien tech
-they don’t find anything galra but there is a weird signal coming from the desert
-they investigate and find the blue lion
-Keith and lance recognize it and tell the others about voltron and what happened to it
-the details are fuzzy b/c nothing was ever confirmed, but they do know that the last black paladin (zarkon) went awol and somewhere in the chaos the other paladins died and the lions were lost
-they find out that lance is the new blue paladin
-the blue lion guides them to the other lions, and eventually they form voltron
-they run into allura and Coran along they way, who left in the castle ship to try and find lance
-they are both overjoyed to find him and tell him what’s been happening while he was away
-zarkon attacked their planet while they were gone, and their father is MIA
-after this it follows a lot of the general plot of voltron with them liberating planets and fighting galra
-klance acts like an old married couple
-coran is both amused and happy for them
-pidge is so done with the both of them being all mushy and gross
-hunk thinks their story is super romantic and won’t stop teasing them about it
-allura and shiro would probably have more to say about it if they weren’t too busy making heart eyes at each other

There’s a whole lot more to this but I’m literally just typing things as they come and forgot the rest 😂 also ignore the terrible spelling and punctuation, I’m on mobile rn..

Old Lovers

Bruce Wayne x Reader


Damian one day decided to snoop around the library, he was bored and was grounded from patrolling due to him trying to escape the manor at night and getting caught.

He went to the back section, he rarely ever went this far. He pulled out a few books hopping for one to trigger open a secret passage way, much to Damian’s dismay a white letter fluttered out. Damian scrunched his eyebrows in confusion but quickly picked up the decaying letter, it had a slight yellow tinge but the letter seemed to have never been opened.

He ripped open the letter pulling out the paper inside.

‘Dear my beloved Bruce, I decided to run away from my family. They have always dictated my life and actions, but you taught me to think freely, to let go. They don’t approve of us and planned to send me away, but I will not let them do so. I thank you for teaching me this way of free thoughts, I will not tell you where I’m going but I do know one thing, we will meet again if we are meant to be. Love, Y/N’

Damian’s eyes widened after reading the letter, he quickly ran out the library note still in hand. He rushed to the living room where he heard the familiar voices of his bickering brothers.

“No Jason you just can’t-”

“GRAYSON!” Damian cut Dick off and quickly handed him the letter, the boys huddled around him reading over his shoulder.

“Who’s Y/N?” Tim asked snatching the letter out of Dick’s grasp.

“I have no idea, does Bruce just have a bunch of secret relationships and more spawns of his running around that we aren’t aware about?” Jason snatched the paper out of Tim’s hold while Damian glared at him.

“Y/N?” Alfred was eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Who is she?” Damian questioned the butler. “She was Bruce’s first girlfriend, his first everything. He was madly in love wit her but her parents didn’t approve of her dating a Wayne son, they wanted her to marry into another higher class family to seal some deals.” Alfred sat down on the couch over looking the letter.

“Master Bruce became devastated after her disappearance he never really loved ever again, I don’t think he ever got over her.”

“Do you know what this means?” Dick clapped his hands in excitement, “No, I don’t.” Jason said sarcastically.

“We need to find this Y/N person! To make Bruce have an actual Valentine.” Tim rolled his eyes, “We don’t even know anything else but her name.”

“Her name is Y/N Y/L/N, I wish you all luck.” Alfred walked out as the boys began to scheme.


“Are sure this is her?” Jason quirked his eyebrow, “Well she seemed elated when we mentioned Bruce, I’m hopping she is.” Tim answered as they waited for Bruce to come.

“Why are you all calling me? Did Damian stab Jason again?” Just as Bruce walked in asking questions the door was knocked. Dick ran over and opened the door revealing a mature women with a warm smile on her face.

“It’s been a long time Bruce.” She smirked as Bruce’s jaw dropped.


The video is simply just so beautiful it leaves me breathless. It’s beautifully made and beautifully filmed. The aesthetic in this video is insane and completely breath-taking. 

But like all those cute, tender moments the video focus on in the relationship: the way Shawn holds her hand so tightly. The way he kisses the top of her head so lovingly. The way his arms slips around her body teasingly yet so warmly. The way he looks at her with a loss of words because she’s just that beautiful to him. The way he always holds out his hand for her to take, holds out his hand to make sure she’s always there with him. The way his fingers wraps into her hair. The way he pulls her closer to his chest simply just because he can. 

I love how they showed this relationship so loving and warm but also so fun and easy and free. The scenes where they are running and laughing and biking around, almost acting like kids not caring about anything else in that exact moment than enjoying being young and in love with. 

I’m in love with the idea of a relationship like that. I’m in love with the idea of it being them against the world no matter what people say or think. Like in a crowd full of people, his eyes are still drawn directly to her. It’s not even his own choice, it just happens. He always just finds her. He doesn’t even know how, but his eyes will always catch her first. 

I’m in love with the idea of them creating their own little crazy world and their own little spontaneous adventures late at night at the Eiffel tower or running around the empty streets and dancing with each other at midnight, just because they feel like it. Just because they feel like being free and act a little crazy with each other, because that is how they make each other feel inside. 

I’m in love with the idea that a simple car ride or a boat trip or a train journey or drinking coffee, can be such a loving and intimate moment to share between them, simply because they’re sharing it together. I’m in love with the fact that those everyday things turns into just as much of an adventure, because they want it to be. 

I’m in love with the idea of the relationship they’re showing in this video. A perfect mix between being wrapped into their own little safe world and taking on the world together because they can, because they feel like it. This video is just beautiful. That’s all there is to say. 

And just thinking about this might be how Shawn imagines his relationship to be when he’s touring, it just makes my heart melt. Thinking about how this might just be how he pictures it; bringing her along on adventures, having her support him and dance her heart out at his shows, but also escaping the world entirely and just be the two of them in piece. This is beautiful.

normal people: oh wow Shiro and Keith’s dynamic is very overtly shown to be deep, unconditional & loving, and at the very least supports the idea of romantic involvement. even with the show’s running theme of platonic love, the words “I love you” used between family/friends, and characters stating they see others as their family etc. Keith and Shiro’s relationship and exchange stands out as more intimate and deeper than the rest as shown by the visual language used, and it being described as such by characters in the show and the staff

some of y'all: uh-uh he explicitly said “brother” and if you listen carefully you can hear Keith’s adoption papers rustling in Shiro’s pockets!!

Procrastination (Jaehyun/Smut)

Ask:  Hello love can u do a jaehyun dry humping like the full scenario based on ur reaction i loved it thank you vm 💖❤💓

A/N: If you’re curious abotu what the scenario was the anon was talking about  you find it here

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tags: Making out, dryhumping, teasing, cursing, idk I only write pure filth at this point so you can guess

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All For Show Part Five

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader

8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon.

Warning : Language?

Word Count : 1,660

A/N : Next few parts are going to be a little roller coaster and yes, I might be basing off, Steve and the Reader on Danny x Riley sue me.

Catch Up Here ; Ch.1 - Ch.2 - Ch.3 - Ch.4

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“What’re you doing here?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

Steve swallowed hard, as he slowly met your gaze. He knew right there that it was too late. He missed his chance and it would be ridiculous to tell you now.

“I Uh—I just wanted to thank you for the whole Riley thing.” He lied, forcing a smile. “She’s amazing.”

Those words somehow managed to hurt you. Feeling as if you were hit with a bag of bricks.

A lump formed in the back of your throat, and you wanted nothing more than to break down and cry. But you put on a fake grin and forced yourself to pretend everything was okay.

“Dude, you did me a huge favor.” You said. “I had to hold up my end of the deal.”

Bucky cleared his throat, snapping you out of the daze you were slowly falling in to.

“Right! How rude am I?” You chuckled. “Bucky, this is my best friend, Steve.”

He reached his hand out to Steve and flashed a smirk. “Nice to meet you.”

Everything felt surreal in that moment. The guy you had feelings for in the past, and the guy you were in love with were meeting each other.

You weren’t sure what to think of it.

Steve swallowed hard once again, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and realizing he should leave.

“I Uh—I have to go.” He muttered. “I’ll call you tomorrow. Take care of her for me, okay? She’s one in a million.”

And with that, he started his way toward his place. Not once looking back feeling as if his heart had dropped to the pit of his stomach.

You watched him for a moment, wishing he’d turn around and tell you he loved you. But it never happened.

Bucky lightly nudged your side, grabbing your attention. “Ready to go inside?” He asked.

You nodded, flashing a soft smile. “Yea, lets go.”


(6 months later)

Things were going great with you and Bucky since that night.

You spent almost everyday together, either at your place or at his.

Bucky was the perfect guy. He was tall, and funny and everything you could ever dream of. You remembered why you fell for him in the first place.

He knew just how to make you laugh and smile. Even when you had a bad day at work.

But no matter how amazing he was, a part of you always felt like something was missing. And you couldn’t figure out what it was exactly.

Steve and Riley were moving pretty quickly in their relationship. They were already talking about possibly moving in with each other, which was in your opinion, a bad idea.

You and Steve were still close as always. Texting one another everyday, meeting up for coffee every Sunday morning to ‘catch up.’ Which is really just an excuse to bitch about life to each other.

“I still can’t believe I didn’t get the promotion!” You exclaimed, running your hand through your hair.

Steve leaned on his elbows, staring at you with soft eyes. Mesmerized by your features, though you were too busy looking down at your coffee.

“I mean, I’m happy for Riley. But—I don’t know. I feel like I failed.”

He reached his hand out over yours which caused a shiver to ripple down your spine.

“Hey—you didn’t fail. They missed out. You’re the most amazing talented person I know.”

“What about Riley?” You asked, regretting the question almost immediately.

Steve swallowed hard and slumped back into his seat. “Y-you’re both amazing.”

As you were about to say something, your phone went off, interrupting the moment.

“Hey babe.” You said with a smile.

Steve sat there in silence, watching you talk on the phone to Bucky, feeling his stomach churn. His smile fainted into a slight frown.

Even after all this time, moving on with Riley and trying to forget his feelings he had for you, he was still in love with you.

“Okay, I’ll call you when I leave.” You muttered. “Bye.”

And with that, you hung up and placed your phone onto the table.

“Sorry about that.”

Steve swallowed hard and shook his head. “Don’t be.”

“Okay, then I won’t.”

“So, hows everything going between you and Uh bucky?”

You bit on your lower lip, “we’re good. Were actually really good. He’s pretty amazing.”

Those words struck a cord in Steve. His stomach churning more by the second. But seeing you happy was all he ever wanted, even if it wasn’t with him.

He sat there and listened to you as you went on talking. He watched the way your mouth curved with every word. And studied your features to the point where he could draw it from memory if he had too.

But as the minutes went on, hearing the way you talked about Bucky made him realize that there was never going to be a chance with you. He knew that this was the extent of your relationship. And that’s all it would ever be.

It hurt knowing that the girl he loved was falling in love with someone else.

And with that, he knew he had to let you go.

“I saw Peter the other day.” You said, snapping him out of his daze. “Can’t believe how much he’s grown since the last time I’ve seen him.”

“Yea, he’s sixteen now. Almost finished with high school.”

“Can’t believe it. Little Peter is almost an adult.” You pretended to shed a tear.

He let out a sigh, “nah, he’ll always be that annoying little kid across the hall.”

You dramatically rolled your eyes. “Where do you think he learned it from.” You teased.

You pulled yourself up onto your feet and slung your bag over your shoulder. “Don’t be too hard on him, in his eyes you have everything.”

Steve held your gaze with his, his heart pounding profusely in his chest with only one thought on his mind.

You flashed him a cheeky grin before pressing a quick kiss on to his cheek and making your way to the door without another word.

“Not everything.” He whispered to himself.

Once you were gone, he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and sunk into his seat. Every part of him yearned for you. In a way that made him hate himself because he knew he shouldn’t feel this way.

But no matter what he did to try and shake the feeling, he couldn’t.

Steve wasn’t someone who knew what Love was or cared to know. Until that night he kissed you at your sisters dinner party.

A text appeared on his phone, snapping him out of his daze.

‘Hey, are you home? I have some big news!’ Riley texted.

‘I’m on my way home now.’ He replied.


There was a knock at your door and you made your way over.

“Steve?” You said furrowing your brows. “What’re you doing here? Aren’t you and Riley suppose to be on a date?”

Steve shoved his hands deep into his pockets, and sighed. “Can I come in?” He asked.

You nodded and moved for him to walk right in. Closing the door behind him without missing a beat.

“Are you in love with Bucky?” He asked you.

You were taken aback by his question, confused of the situation. “What?”

“Are you in love with him?” He repeated his question.

For a moment you thought to yourself, thinking of bucky and how he made you feel. A soft smile appeared on your lips, and your shrugged. “I—I don’t know. I think I am.”

Steve swallowed hard, a sharp pain forming in his chest though he tried to ignore it. “Good. Because I needed to make sure you would be taken care of when I leave.”

“Leave?” You asked, scrunching your brows. “W-where you going?”

“Riley is moving to Paris for her job and I decided to go with her.” He stated.

Your heart felt like it sunk into the pit of your stomach. “Paris? F-for how long?”

He shrugged his shoulders, forcing a fake smile on his lips. “I don’t know, just want see what happens I guess.”

You slowly nodded, feeling a knot begin to form in your throat, your eyes welling with tears. “But what about me?”

Steve tilted his head to the side, baffled by your question. “You? You have Bucky. He’s the guy you deserve and I need to see if Riley is the one for me.”

You walked over to your couch, and sat down. Tears streaming down your cheeks as you began to weep into your hands. Feeling as though your whole world had crashed.

“Why are you crying?” Steve asked, taking a seat beside you.

Shrugging your shoulders, you took in a deep breath. “I don’t know. I just, I can’t imagine not having you in my life.”

Steve felt horrible watching you cry and those words made him feel worse. He wiped a tear from your cheek, before cupping your face in his hands. “No matter where I am, I will always be here for you.” He leaned in a pressed a soft kiss on to your chee, causing chills to cover you completely.

As you were both lost in each other, Bucky stood quietly in the kitchen. Listening to every word, and watching the way you cried in Steve’s arms. He didn’t know what to think or do.

He let out a breath and made his way over, pretending he didn’t know what was going on.

“Oh hey Steve, didn’t know you were here.” He lied.

Steve quickly propped up on to his feet, “I was just leaving.” He muttered. “She’s all yours now.”

And with that, he made his way out of the apartment, leaving you with your boyfriend.

Bucky turned his attention into you. His smile slowly dropping. “Is she?” He whispered to himself.


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So, okay, thoughts about the Lions and what we learned in Space Mall.

The Black Lion was made of the meteor that hit Zarkon’s home planet. Possibly the home planet of the Galra, which is/was destroyed.

We don’t see the other Lions in that scene. But there’s not a lot of the other relevant elements- it’d be hard for me to imagine say, Green, or Blue, coming from the planet that we see in that flashback which doesn’t seem to have much, if any, liquid water or observable foliage.

Which would suggest that the Lions weren’t all made at the same time, or in the same place- that different meteors struck different planets, and this may have gone according to their elemental affinity, and, possibly, the species of their initial pilots- this would suggest that the home planet of the Yellow Lion was Altea, which would seem to fit- we don’t see much of Altea, but Coran did say it rained stones. Altea- or rather, “Arus” in Defender of the Universe has a large desert, lots of cliffs and mountains and canyons- and underground tunnels. And what we see of Zarkon’s planet does match up with DotU’s Planet Doom- gloomy atmosphere, dark-colored architecture that sticks upwards from a near-perpetual fog. 

But, of course… the Lions are able to literally sync together to become a larger entity. They’re intensely interrelated. Which would suggest all those meteors came from some kind of single source- they all start of the same kind.

Other things of interest: In the Blade of Marmora episode, Kolivan never refers to Red as a vehicle or machine. He calls her “your beast”.

All of the energy-dense minerals we’ve encountered- the Balmera crystals, and then scaultrite- is some kind of organic byproduct off a living creature. And both the Balmera and the Weblum tell us that there are absolutely living creatures as large as the Lions, if not even bigger. And like the Robeasts and Balmera, they can initially seem inorganic.

The Lions have a lot of physiology and behavior that just doesn’t make sense for a warship. As far as we’ve seen, they’re the only vessel that is shaped like an animal. But they roar, snarl, fight with claws and teeth, run along the ground… form a symbiotic relationship with, and intercommunicate closely, with much smaller creatures, accompanied by odd noises and glowing lights- just like how the Balmera talks to its populace.

The Balmera is described as an animal that was fossilized while it’s still alive.

@headspacedad suggested a while ago the idea that the Lions are robeasts, but now I’m wondering if the robeasts are actually a knockoff attempt at recreating what the Lions actually are. If what that meteorite basically was, was like a chunk of amber, and what they forged the Black Lion out of wasn’t the crystal or metal or whatever that was- but something alive, and fossilized inside of it.

…Basically the idea of if something cracked open a Lion’s chassis, what’s inside that is a certain amount of flesh and bone.