running with your head down

Don’t order any of the faerie food,“ said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you’re munching a faerie plum, the next minute you’re running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not,” he added hastily, “that this has ever happened to me.” 
― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Fuck You:
4minute - Hate
2ne1 - Go Away
F(x) - Spit It Out
Girls Generation - Run Devil Run
Ailee - Mind Your Own Business
Jay Park - MY
TVXQ! - Keep Your Head Down
Bastarz - Zero For Conduct
Dok2 - Am I
Epik High - Born Hater
Fiestar - You’re Pitiful
Yesung - Here I Am
Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill
Gain - Fxxk You

You know how nice it would be to just lay in bed all day with calum? Both of you in hoodies and no pants, a laptop laying at the foot of the bed, while Netflix is playing. Calum’s arms around your body, running his hands up and down your back. Your head on his chest, hand laying on his stomach. I don’t see calum being much of a talker in this situation more of an admirer. He’d just sit there and watch your every movement with a small smile forming on his lips everyday you make a face at the screen. When you’d finally ask him what’s up he just smile, loop his finger under your chin and pull you up for a kiss.


“Y/N! Get out of the way.” You heard Kylo’s voice near you but the man had already swung, hitting you over the head, thankfully not with a lightsaber but with some sort of club. You fell to the ground, feeling the cold snow on your cheek but you didn’t mind it, it helped soothe the current throbbing in your head. 

Above you, you heard a fight ensue and you were thankful Kylo had gotten here before the man had been able to beat you to death. You wanted to look up, make sure that Kylo was alright, but at the moment, you couldn’t focus much on anything other that the excruciating ache in your head. You saw the trickle of crimson run down over your eyelashes just as you began to lose consciousness.

You woke to new surroundings, covered in a warm cloth, looking down you quickly realized it was Kylo’s very own cloak. The thought of him carrying you and covering you with his clothes made you blush. He was not often kind but when he was, the warm feeling inside you returned though you tried to push it away. Those thoughts were unacceptable. Just then, he walked in the room, taking a seat across from you.

“I have failed you.” You looked down, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“That’s untrue, I should have been there, you were not prepared to face it on your own. I hope you’re feeling better?”

“A bit, yeah, thank you. For saving me.” He smiled, a sight you were entirely unused to but enjoyed.

“You’re my apprentice, it’s my job to protect you.” He stood, offering a hand to you. “You should eat, you’ve been out for quite a while.”

But like imagine showering with thicc Bucky. 

Running your hands along his back, feeling the thickness everywhere. His arms are probs the size of your head. washing his hair, watching the soap run down his back and onto that perfect butt of his. 

and like giving him head in the shower is the best because you can run your hands along his thighs, watching them covered with soap as his hips snap forward as he fucks your mouth. 

and his dick. jesus. 


and looking up at him as you take him all the way in your mouth, his head falling back against the tiles, his eyes closed as his orgasm hits him. the water flowing down his body. 

pls send me church info because i have sinned again. *cries* 

To Me ❂

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Member: Baekhyun
Word Count: 1694

            He found you crying in the car.

           Your head was on the steering wheel and you hadn’t noticed him coming until he opened the backseat door of the van. You froze, pretending tiredness as your nose ran. The surprise had stopped the tears for a moment, but you could still feel the prickle in your eyes and the hiccup rising in your chest.

           The door closed in the van and still you waited, breath frozen so you could hear the quiet over it.

           Then the voice came, soft and questioning.

           “Are you awake?”

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BTS Reaction- To You Randomly Kissing Them


Jin- He would be so shocked. He would just look at you weird before giving you a cute smile and asking what that was for. And when you would shrug and start to walk away he would grab your hand and pull you back to him so that he could kiss you again. And then things would get a little more heated than you had expected and you’d have to take it to the bedroom.

Yoongi- He would be so lazy about it okay. Like you would guys would be snuggled up on the couch and you’d lean over and kiss him softly and then snuggle back into his chest and he would just smile to himself and pull you in closer and kiss the top of your head and then run his fingers down your arm to hold you hand and murmur how cute he thinks you are and i need to take a deep breathe and calm down now.

Hoseok- Okay so picture this. Hobi sitting on the couch and you just walk over, bend down and plant one on him and then walk away. He would smile so big and look over at jimin and be like “i gotta go” and he would chase after you and then pin you against the wall and kiss you so hard okay this would really happen fight me.

Namjoon- he would love it. You’d kiss him as you walked by and he would grab your wrist and pull you back to him and take your chin in his hand and kiss you so hard and so thorough it would be so hot.

Jimin= He would be so cute guys stop it. He would have that dumb grin on his face and would say something like “see guys she loves me she just kisses me whenever she wants she can’t keep her hands off of me guys” he would be so proud i want to date jimin.

Taehyung- Tae wouldn’t even be surprised. Surprise kisses would just be part of you daily life. It would almost be like a game to see who could surprise the other more with kisses. And the other boys would think it was dumb but you two would love it so much okay goodbye.

Jungkook- He would be so shocked and slightly embarrassed okay this is a fact he might act all tough and like hot shit but he is a tiny child who freezes when a pretty girl sits next to him. So he would just blush and look at you and then look down and smile to himself with that cute shy smile of his and then look back at you and say “thank you” oh god he is too precious for this world.

Happy Day Shower Spell ☀️

To brighten up your day and help you stay energized and positive! For best results, do this spell right after you wake up.

Tools & ingredients 
{The amount of each ingredients can vary. Use the amount you feel comfortable with and don’t be afraid to follow your instinct}

» A small glass
» 1 slice of lemon
» A pinch of rosemary
» 3 or 4 daisy petals
» 1 tbsp. of honey
» 1 tbsp. of your favorite hair oil {you can use coconut oil if you prefer}

{Just like the ingredients, the steps can be interpreted to suit your practice and/or your needs} 

»Mix all the ingredients into the small glass while visualizing happy moments you lived and/or images that make you feel good and relaxed.
» Step into the shower and pour the potion over your head.
» As the liquid runs down your hair and onto your body keep visualizing these happy images.
» Massage your scalp, your shoulders and your arms.  
» Take deep breaths, close your eyes and smile.
» While doing so, rub the slice of lemon over your body to dispel all the negative energies.
» Once you are done, simply take a shower as you would normally do!  

Blessed be! 🌻


[M2 ASMR Live] KNK — U

Admin Note:// For those of you who don’t know, ASMR is a physical sensation, almost like a chill, that runs down your body starting from the top of your head and moving throughout your body. ASMR is often described as a pleasurable sensation as well.

How the Avengers Hug You

He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you up to him so his lils go crashing onto yours. Tony isn’t shy in front of others but when it’s just the two of you he’s a lot more gentle. Instead of grabbing your bum and kissing you fiercely, he’ll hold you tight to him and bury his face in your hair.

Steve isn’t used to public displays of affection but when the two of you are alone or he can see that you really need it, he’ll pull you close. You bury your face in his chest and he wraps his arms around you, one hand playing with your hair. He’ll kiss you on your forehead and tell you how much he loves you (a lot) and how he won’t leave you. Ever.

He just holds you tightly. He likes to run his thumb down your wrist while you sit down together, your head on his shoulder, his arm around you. You just hold each other and talk. Or sit in silence and think. Either works as long as you’re together.

Thor puts his hands on your waist. He likes stroke his thumbs up and down your stomach. You put your hands on his shoulders and you share a quick but passionate kiss before going back to whatever you happened to be doing.

Loki snakes his arms around your waist from behind. Pulling you close to him and kissing your neck or ear. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If you have you back exposed he’ll want to hold you. He whispers in your ear, urging you to kiss him, touch him, spend time with him.

He puts his hands on your hips, kissing you on the nose. When you laugh it makes him so happy so he does it again. Kissing your cheek, your eyelids, your collarbone. Anything to get a reaction.

Bucky just holds you. He’ll trace tiny patterns on your skin as he does so, completely fascinated by your beauty. He would kiss every inch of your skin if he had the time. And sometimes, he does.

She holds your shoulders or puts her hands on the back of your neck. It might be a subtle power thing, or she might be trying to ease your sore muscles. Before you can ask she always manages to distract you with a kiss.

He picks you up in his arms, spinning you around like a princess. Then he kisses you gently and says “And they lived happily ever after.”

Wanda holds the back of your neck, holding you close to her and pressing her forehead to yours. 

Late night thoughts

I want to grab you by your hips and pull you closer to me. Your head on my chest while I run my fingers up and down your back. Your soft breathing lulling me to sleep even though I have a headache. When you have a nightmare I’ll just wrap my arm tighter around you and give lazy kisses on your temples. I want that connection with someone where through hand holding and eye gazing you communicate all kinds of emotions and words. I want that deep connection with someone where at two in the morning I can have a nightmare and they’d be there to hold me and whisper loving things into my hair until I fall asleep. I want the goofy laughs and personality that makes me laugh. The eyes that can send a message of caring and one of pure lust. Hands that both caress and make me scream. Lips that give loving kisses and rough passionate ones. Lips that pour out words that are both loving and confident. I want to be where you are. I want to sleep next to you. I want to wake up next to you. I want that kind of relationship where I can tell them anything and talk about anything and nothing all at the same time. Right now, I want to be where you are, next to you, so that we can both fall asleep. That’s what I want.

jiminie-oppa  asked:

Can you Pwease make a part two to the grim reaper Namjoon story 💕 tysm in advanced ( even if you don't do it )

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8  // Part 9// Part 10  // Part 11  // Part 12  // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 // Part 17 // Finale


Check out the side series of all the other reapers!!

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Words: 2659

Death was all around you. You turned the corner on the bustling street before entering the coffee shop. It was busy so early in the morning, but you needed your tea. The line slowly moved, and you were standing behind a woman with a baby carriage and a screaming toddler holding onto her leg. You had a headache, but you was trying your best to keep it together before obtaining your morning caffeine.

While waiting in line, you felt a sudden chill run down your spine. It made you turn your head slightly, before spotting someone in all black standing behind you. For some reason, you felt uncomfortable, but realized that it was all for nothing. You were only standing in a line at the only coffee shop in this whole pavilion. He was looking at your face, and for some reason, he looked much too familiar.

You turned around again, facing the mother while trying to keep the feeling of deja vu from spinning your already sleepy mind into a deeper haze. You wouldn’t let anything get to you until you could fully think. That usually took until after your first morning classes at the local college for you to finally understand what 2 + 2 was.

One more person, until you could order her large cup of tea with 6 sugar’s. While the mother was waiting for her order, someone suddenly screamed. You whirled around, only to be shielded by the man behind you, in all black. He pushed you against the counter quickly, eyes wide. The intruder was holding a knife, and that same knife had just been stabbed through the back of his lower abdomen.

“Oh my god, oh my god…” You felt like you couldn’t breathe, and someone pulled you away from him. The man in black stood there calmly, as if he couldn’t feel himself getting stabbed, but that’s not what scared you.

Why didn’t anyone notice him?

“Are you alright, miss?” Someone asked you, but you were in a daze. From feeling as if you wanted to throw up, to ask if anyone was going to help that man, you ended up shocked into silence. The one that had stabbed that man was tackled onto the ground, with his knife falling with him.

The knife had no blood on it.

The man that had been stabbed seemed to disappear, as well. Where did he go? Was he alright?

“Miss?” The barista asked, but you weren’t listening. That guy had been stabbed, you saw it. How could he run off so easily? So quickly? You pushed him off of you, running straight past everyone in the shop, who just so happened to be staring at you with a shocked expression.

You found yourself pulled into an alley way not far from the shop, and it had suddenly grown very windy. The clouds in the sky had formed a hideous grey that made you shiver with an eerie feeling. Someone stood at the intersect of the alley, and you went charging forward. The figure was tall, and somewhat lanky underneath the black clothes he wore.

It was him.

“Hey, hey!” You called, but he didn’t turn. Growing nearer to him, rain began to fall. You didn’t care, but for some reason it seemed very unnatural for the sudden outburst.

“Excuse me? Were you just in the coffee shop? A-are you alright?” Your voice faltered near the end of your question spur, but he still seemed to hear you. The man stood about 3 feet away from you, and when he turned the first thing you noticed was how black his pupils were. Was that a genetic disorder, or something?

Just looking at him made you feel dizzy with something stirring inside you. Déjà vu. You’d seen him before, this wasn’t the first time.

He wore a grin on his pale face, and he pulled his hood down. Your eyes traveled down to where he was stabbed, but there was no evidence anything had even penetrated his sweater.

“Me?” He wondered in a sultry tone, stepping closer to you. “Are you talking to me?”

“Mm…I mean, yeah! You were in that store, you were…stabbed.”

“Are you sure?” Another step closer. You found yourself stepping back every time he tried to get closer. His smile never faltered, which sent a chill running up your spine.

“How did you get out of there so fast? Why didn’t anyone help you? Where’s the stab mark?” You blurted out, trying to grasp onto any kind of bravery. In a spur of the moment decision, you clamped your feet down onto the ground and stood your place. Seeing him step closer made you want to scream, but you did nothing to show it.

“You’ll know why soon, I’m sure. I wasn’t actually stabbed, either. Only you saw that.”

Even though he said little, all of it made you confused. Only you saw it? He wasn’t actually stabbed but only you’d seen it? What did he mean? He was speaking in riddles, and you hated it.

That was when a small spark ignited in your brain, and you felt about ready to explode. You had seen him before. Not even a year ago, you’d seen him. It was only snippets replaying over and over in your mind, but you remembered him in your kitchen, pinning you against your oven and…and flirting with you?

“Already remembering? Man (Y/N), this is a new record. Should we go back to your place?”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.” You snapped, hugging yourself. There was no reason to go with someone, even if he knew your name. Why did he know your name in the first place? Why would you allow someone in your kitchen that late in the night? You had no idea why, but you were sure there was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

“Oh, so you haven’t remembered that well. I’m real busy today, (Y/N). I got a lot of souls to collect, even since the last time. If I don’t take my share I’ll disappear.”

“Disappear? What the he-” Another spark. He kissed you. The last time you met, he kissed you. The rain intensified greatly, and you knew you should’ve left when it began, but you had no intention of tearing your eyes away from him.

“Come on, I’m tired of saying the same jokes over and over again. Why even give me feelings if I’m not allowed to use them properly? God, what the fuck?” He was looking up at the sky, now, with furrowed brows. He didn’t seem to care much that pearls of rain were pattering all over his flawless face. 

Memories were flooding back quicker than before, and all of them made you nauseous. You clamped your eyes shut for a moment, trying to regain your bearings before letting them flutter open again. Namjoon had his hands in his pockets, and he was staring at you. Rain was dripping down his face, and his hair was soaked, probably much like yours.

“Sorry.” He apologized, and you knew exactly why. Your face felt hot, and your fist seemed to move on your own. Right against his shoulder. Unlike the last time you tried to hit him, Namjoon didn’t deny you. He fell back lightly, but other than that he didn’t make a fuss.

Your bottom lip quivered, and your fist ached from the punch.

“Let’s go back to your place. You’ll get sick out here, you know. I can’t save you from a virus.”

“Leave me alone. I told you, I told you! I told you not to save me if I’d just forget! I hate you, leave me alone!”

“(Y/N), stop yelling. Nobody else can see me unless they’re going to die in the next 35 seconds. You look insane talking to nothing.” His expression was calm, but his voice had an agitated bite to it. Namjoon tilted his head to his left shoulder, right when your fist attempted to collide against his face. It was a clean miss, and you knew he was only doing that so you wouldn’t hurt yourself again. Or maybe because you’d die?

“You think I care if I look insane? I wouldn’t even know you were real right now if you left me alone, I’d be like everyone else if you had just let me die!”

“Could you find a better argument? Every time we fight about this. This is the last time. The last time you’re going to forget me. I’m dying, (Y/N). Someone else is coming here to take my place.”

Shocked, you stood in silence, so he continued speaking. “If you don’t collect a certain amount of souls within 100 years, you disappear. I did just that. I’m not sure whether it was on purpose or if I’m really just terrible at my job. This is kind of like being fired, except I only had one shot. If I blow this, I’ll never be recreated or I’ll never live as a lost soul.”

“Why are you doing this? You knew you only had one shot yet you’re still not collecting the souls? How long has this been going on?”

“Since I met you, the third time. It hurts me, for some reason. Whenever I take a living beings perished soul I feel so worn out and…scared. In the last 7 years I’ve only taken 13 souls. I’m way behind, and within the next year I’ll be gone forever.”

“Stop. How could you do that? Namjoon how could you do this?” Your voice was a shrill squeak, and you realized you were crying. His face fell, and Namjoon closed his eyes. You noticed he’d grown paler since the last time you saw him, and that made you burst into tears harder than you’d cried before.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N). Once I disappear so will all of your memories of me. You’ll never remember me ever again, even if you tried. Stop crying, it’s bothersome.”

You didn’t stop crying. The only sounds in the alley was your sniffling and the soft sound the rain made when it hit the pavement. Namjoon extended his gloved hand towards you, before letting it drop to his side.

“I can never touch you again. I’m stuck in this skin until I disappear. If I touch you, you’ll die. I’m so weak I can’t control who I kill anymore.”

“You touched me in the shop.”

“I know that. I can still touch you with gloves on, but I won’t.” He smiled lightly at you, before shrugging.

“Why do I want to spill my guts to you whenever we meet again? Even after promising myself I’ll leave right after saving you, I never can. I always wait for you to remember, which is the worst. I can’t understand myself anymore. I’m weak and…and I feel like a human.”

“Don’t do this to yourself, please. You were made to collect souls, not to be in love with me. Please…please!” You cried, stepping towards him. Namjoon’s eyes widened, and he quickly fell back, using the wall for support. You took a fist full of his sweater, pulling him against you. Namjoon was radiating cold, but you didn’t care.

He tried to push you away, but he was too weak. Namjoon couldn’t even pry himself away from you anymore, and it made you scared.

“Let go, let go of me. Please let go of me. I can’t control myself anymore, please let go of me.” He kept mumbling, but you didn’t let go of him. He leaned his head away from you so you didn’t accidentally touch him, and his face was twisted in pain.

“Go collect souls! Stop doing this! I don’t want you to disappear. Who will save me?”

“I thought you said you didn’t want me to save you, anymore.” He snorted quietly, and you let go of him.

“If it means you won’t be in this state anymore, I don’t care if I forget you every time we meet. I’ll just…make do with it.  Don’t do this.”

“Death isn’t a state, it’s a being. Why do you care so much, anyway? I just told you that you’d forget as soon as I’m gone.”

“I don’t want to forget you. I love you.”

He closed his eyes again, mouth hung open slightly. Namjoon sighed hanging his head between his shoulders. “I’m so weak. Let’s go back to your house, I can’t be out here around all these souls.”

You did go back to your house with him. Once you got inside, you got him towels and blankets, before turning the heat up high. You changed quickly, sitting as far away from his as possible on the sofa.

“Why don’t you count souls anymore? Isn’t it bad for that many to be running wild?”

“There’s more than one death, (Y/N). I’m the reaper that takes away souls who died from physical things, like car crashes, murders. There’s another reaper that takes souls from illness, heart attacks, strokes, tumors. One for babies, who died in the womb. Another for natural disasters, suicides,. The list just goes on. There’s more than one reaper that harvests souls for physical deaths. It just means I’ll disappear, and they won’t.”

“Go harvest them, please. I know you don’t want this.” Your voice was quiet, after listening to just how many different ways humans die.

“That’d be the easy route, right?” He snorted, “I can’t do it. For some reason, because of you, I have these emotions. I feel regret when I take a soul. I’d rather disappear than to feel these things. How do you deal with it?”

You wanted to shuffle closer to him, do wrap your arms around him, to let him lay his head on your shoulder so you could cradle him in your arms. But, you couldn’t. You couldn’t touch him without dying, you couldn’t touch him without making him feel pain. You held your hand out, and he looked at it.

“I ca-”

“Give me the towel.” You spoke softly, and he handed it to you. Holding the towel in one hand, you passed Namjoon the other side, and you both held it. Even if it meant you weren’t allowed to touch him, you had to do everything in your power to make him decide not to disappear.

“You don’t talk to many people, do you?” You wondered, and he shook his head.

“I’ve never spoken as much to a human as I have to you.”

“You have to talk to people to understand how you feel yourself, you know. Right now you don’t understand why you have these feelings. You’re not alone. Namjoon, I don’t know if I can help you, but I want to try. I can’t help you if you disappear, and I definitely can’t help you if you make me forget you every time we meet. Do you want help?”

He hesitated for a moment, watching your face with a very serious expression. Namjoon nodded after what seemed like a long time, and you felt relief wash over your body.

“Promise me you won’t make me forget you. Promise me you’ll collect souls and gain strength again, so I can help you.”

Silence filled the room, and he furrowed his brows in deep thought.

“5564. Fine. I have to go right now, then. If you don’t help me I’ll be upset.” He sounded annoyed, which made you laugh.

“Don’t make me forget. If you make me forget you, I’ll kill you myself.”

“You can’t kill death, princess.” He stood up, shaking away the towels. Namjoon flashed you a small smile, before pressing his lips to his glove. When he stepped towards you, Namjoon slapped his hand harshly against your forehead.

“Ow, what the hell?” You snapped, clamping a hand on your forehead. He backed up, shrugging.

“Oops, I’ll be back later, bye.”

Another sneeze pushes out of you as you roll a tissue over your nose. You groan as you roll over in bed, this is the worst feeling in the world.

Another shiver runs down your spine as the pounding in your head intensifies. It’s only a cold, but tears run down your eyes as the itching intensifies. It’s not your fault, the allergies in town have been crazy lately, and the usual city smog doesn’t seem to help. 

You hear a clang, and roll over lazily. Your eyes widening when they take him in.

He’s wearing his usual clothes overall. The same black shirt and worn out jeans. It’s only over them is a white apron with bright pink and green flowers scattered all over. He’s wearing your apron, you note silently. Eyes jumping to the mitt covered hands, and the steaming hot bowl of soup in his hands.

“Here.” He says, pushing the container full of soup to you. You sit up, and take it with ginger hands. A bowl filled with clear red liquid is placed in your lap, the steam rising tickling your face. He leaves for a second and returns with a plate full of grilled cheese sandwiches and a tall glass of ginger ale. 

He sits by your side, watching as you lift the spoon with a trembling hand. More soup spills out of the spoon then back into the bowl. You feel the bed shift as his still apron clad body moves closer to you.

“Here let me.” He leans over, pulling the spoon away from your hand and into his own. He lifts the spoon up to your smiling lips, before you part them and engulf the soup.

It’s the first time he’s seen you smile all day.

“You’re so cute.” He murmurs, only to receive a raised eyebrow in return. 

“I’m the cute one?” You’re voice is horse as red rimmed eyes stare into his blue ones. “You’re the one making me food in a cute little floral apron like some adorable house husband.” You murmur, earning a grin from him. 

“You’re still cuter.”

just imagine when calum’s hair grows back into its curly state. sure you loved the way he decided to do something new and shave it down into a buzz cut style, but your knees go weak when you see his fluffy and overly soft, curly hair coming back. it would be unruly and it would sometimes look like he had bed head (no matter how hard he tried to tame it) but you love it anyways. you love the way it feels between your fingers when you’re running your hands through it aimlessly when he decides to lay his head down on your lap during a cuddle session. you love the way it feels to twirl your fingers through the curly napes on his neck when he’s pushing you up against you, haphazardly kissing you- just desperate for skin to skin action. you love it when its wet and it has to be pushed away from his big brown eyes. you just love his curly hair in general and you’d be lying if you said you’d never though about how it would feel to have it tickle the inside of your thighs as he goes down on you lmao byeee

ALLURE | Eric x Reader - Part 6

Originally posted by obscure-imagines

A/N: This is a long one, but you guys deserve it for being so patient with me during finals week. You can find the masterlist here. Smut warning!

You tapped your foot on the floor until you noticed Eric giving you an annoyed glare. You stopped immediately and crossed your legs, looking toward Max’s desk. You heard Eric grunt but you continued to stare off into space. The door clicked open and you both stood up as Max entered the room.

You had spend the last night in the dorms, as Four had suggested, even though Eric protested endlessly. You woke up in the middle of the night to someone walking around, about to yell out for Eric, only to realize it was one of your fellow initiates going for a late night bathroom run. Sighing quietly to yourself, you had slammed your head down on the pillow and went back to sleep. You went to breakfast with Lucie only to be immediately pulled away by Eric. He dragged you to Max’s office and well … here you are.

“Sit please, both of you,” Max said without looking at either of you. You again sat and made sure to cross your legs, preventing you from unconsciously tapping your foot. Eric was already on edge, you didn’t want to further aggravate him.

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On The Run

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1713

A/N: Request numero 7

Originally posted by gurdyroots

You kept your head down low as you walked the streets in the early afternoon. You knew the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM if you don’t want to get into specifics) wasn’t stupid enough to post your picture all over the place, but you couldn’t be too careful. So, you kept your eyes on your feet as you walked down the street, stopping at crosswalks and waiting for the sign to continue walking. You kept your hands in your pocket, something you’ve done ever since you had lost your gloves. It was best to keep your hands hidden in this case.

And then you felt something off and it bugged you to the point where you immediately stopped walking, furrowing your eyebrows as you looked to see what it was, your eyes remaining on the ground. And then you saw it. Three men a few yards ahead of you. Sure, they were wearing casual clothes, and they would seem like normal pedestrians in the eyes of other people, but you knew who they were just by using the street surveillance camera. And they saw you, too, as they started making their way towards you. Starting at a slow pace at first, but when you physically looked up at them, they started running, pushing normal pedestrians to the side so they could get to you quicker.

You immediately ducked into the shop next to you, realizing it was a coffee shop when you looked around. You snagged a pair of motorcycle gloves out of a helmet sitting on a table, the owner not noticing. You slipped the gloves on and shrugged your hoodie off, resting it over an empty chair before you walked away, sliding into a chair with your back to the door, joining a group of strangers who immediately halted their conversation when they noticed you joined them.

Clearing your throat, you mustered up a believable laugh, resting your hand on the wrist of whoever was sitting across from you. You looked up at them, scanning them, and seeing that the man was Barry Allen. You did the same to the rest of them, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon.

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ya lit meme: ten series or books [6/10]  → the mortal instruments by cassandra clare

“Don’t order any of the faerie food,“ said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you’re munching a faerie plum, the next minute you’re running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not,” he added hastily, “that this has ever happened to me.”


Here you go, dear. I hope this makes whatever’s happening a bit less horrible. @skinnyjeansoldier

Pairing: Laf x Reader

TW: Emotional distress, panic attacks.

Words: 637

You couldn’t breathe. Your thoughts were swimming frantically inside your skull and the room was spinning around you so fast you felt like you might throw up. When you closed your eyes, you could swear there was a cinder-block sitting right on your chest and you just wanted it to stop. You wanted it all to stop.

A key turned in the lock just as you let out a broken sob, running your hands through your hair and tucking your head down to hide your face. The tears had turned your face an angry red color and you knew your eyes had to be bloodshot from the crying. You didn’t want Laf to see you like this, didn’t want to bother him, it had-

“Mon amour-” Lafayette gasped, dropping the armful of groceries he’d brought home from the store. You shook your head, standing up and walking away from him, hugging yourself tightly and trying to stop the tears that still poured from your eyes. “L’ange, what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing-” You lied, break in your voice giving you away. “I’m okay.” He followed you into the bedroom you shared, catching your wrist before you locked yourself in the bathroom. “Laf,” You sighed, turning towards him helplessly. “I just, I-” You cried again, letting your shrug convey just how powerless you felt. Laf tugged you into his chest, holding you while you cried. He led you to the bed, tucking you onto his lap and whispering condolences in your ear while he ran a hand through your hair. “Je t’aime, belle.” He whispered. “Even if you won’t tell me what has you so upset.”

“I don’t know.” You whispered hoarsely. “I just sat down when I got home and-” You gestured to your tear streaked face, sniffing again. “I just started crying. I’m sorry, I know this is a lot to handle.” You turned your face away from his, avoiding his eyes. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Rien.” He whispered to you in French. “Nothing is wrong with you.” He gently pulled your face to his, smiling reassuringly. “It’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to cry sometimes, and it’s most certainly okay to need a break. You have worked hard recently,” He praised, hand rubbing soothing circles into your back. “And I am so proud of you for that, but I am worried for your health.”

“I’m fine.” You muttered. Lafayette cocked an eyebrow and you sighed. 

“Non, ma cher.” He shook his head, tucking a strand of hair away from your face. “If you were bien, you would not be on my lap en larmes.” You knew he was right, but you didn’t know what to do. “(Y/N), baby.” You stared at him wide eyed and baffled by his worry and love filled eyes. “All I want is your happiness, your joy.” He kissed your forehead, then your nose, and finally your lips. “But this is not that.”

“I know,” You nodded. You rest your forehead against his, sighing dejectedly. “I don’t know what to do.” You admitted. “I don’t know how to fix any of this.”

“So let me help.” He begged. You squeezed your eyes shut, contemplating the options in front of you. Avoid Gilbert’s help and keep him out whatever was happening with you, or let him help you and drag him into the center of it. “S’il vous plait,” He whispered, kissing your temple. “Please.” You pulled back, staring into his eyes. He silently begged you and you slowly nodded, breathing deeply for the first time in what felt like ages. 

“Okay,” You whispered. “Okay.” You kissed him, anchoring all of your emotions and confusion and hurt into it. “I love you, Gilbert du Montier.” He smiled against your lips, kissing you once more.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Christmas Drabble #1: Tim Drake


The room was deadly quiet, except for the quiet whoosh of the fireplace. You swallowed and tried - really tried - to look contrite and not giggle like you really, really wanted to. Bat-glare; that was the only word running through your head. Bruce Wayne certainly had that formidable thing down; perfectly dressed, black hair combed back, mouth stern and hard. Disapproving eyes surveyed the wreckage of what had been a beautifully decorated room a few minutes ago. Beside him, Damian stood mimicking his posture like a tiny, darker copy of his father. That did it.

You let out an unholy snort, and the corner of Bruce’s lip twitched just slightly. “What happened?” he growled, just as Tim’s disheveled head appeared from underneath the downed Christmas tree.

“Well…” You bit your lip, feeling more laughter threaten. “It’s like this…”


Outside, the wind howled, but in this little living room, everything was golden. Literally - the lights above cast a warm glow, the fireplace roared and the glowing Christmas tree in the corner twinkled. Tim swirled his eggnog in its glass like a wine connoisseur, head tilted pensively to the side. It was an expression you’d seen many times before; you might even say it was characteristic of him to be thinking hard about something. The tip of his tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth and then his eyes narrowed just a little.

“Maybe we should take a page from Jason’s book,” he muttered. “Like, I don’t mean we should start killing people or anything, but what if -”



You got up from where you were comfortably ensconced on the couch, and the too-big, ugly Christmas sweater you wore fell almost to your knees. “Come on,” you said, crossing the room to him. “It’s Christmas, Timmy. There’s snow outside and this house is beautiful and we have cookies.” You paused, kissed the tip of his nose. “Can’t we leave off the vigilantism for like, one night?”

Briefly, he smiled, and reached out one hand to twine with yours. “But -”

“No,” you murmured. You stepped away and lifted a bottle of rum from a tray beside the couch, pouring a shot’s worth into his eggnog glass. “Timmy, frolic with me or I will throw your ass in the snow.” 


“I have made a terrible mistake,” you muttered, not really concerned. In retrospect, you had said the word ‘frolic.’ And that was exactly what Tim was doing. Your eyes followed him with mild interest as he rocketed around the room; if you’d heard him right, he was currently trying to impress you by giving a demonstration of how to kill someone with a fire poker. The heavy wrought-iron poker clattered to the floor, and Tim stopped, panting. A grin spread over his face. “Pretty cool, huh?”

You took another sip of eggnog, set it down, and clapped. “Great job, baby! No imaginary ninjas will dare to ruin Christmas now.”

His face flushed, and he looked away. His eyes fell on the fifteen-foot tall Christmas tree, and a mad flicker lit them. You felt a twinge of real alarm for the first time tonight. “Tim, don’t,” you warned. “Don’t you dare - Tim, no, you can’t fight a Christmas tree -” you sprang to your feet as Tim took a running leap.



Roman x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Swearing

Roman glared as you smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, they linked arms with you and continued to flirt as you walked with them to class. He couldn’t help but follow after you, the burning pit of jealousy in his stomach had him wonder how to draw your attention to him, some actually worthy of you.


He spent all day and only came up with one conclusion. He stood at the top of the steps watching you eat lunch, balanced on the wall outside school, dialling his phone and yelling until he managed to get hold of Pryce.

“I’ve got someone for one of your fucked up experiments.” Roman said before giving him the name of who had been flirting with you and hanging up.

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