running with guts

I’m kinda late to the party, but it’s technically still Summerween night in my timezone! Here’s wishing you all a happy fictional holiday!

They’re getting married.

With the sweat on his back sinking uncomfortably into his costume, Victor’s first and only thought is that they’re getting married. There are cameras flashing at them at blinding speeds as they hold up their medals, recording their every move, and the reporters yell for their attention. Victor drowns them all out.

Victor can’t exactly spare anyone a second of his glance.

Not when from the top podium, his fiancé holds up his gold medal with pride and just a hint of overwhelming disbelief, still in shock that he actually won. 

Not when Yuuri looks down at him with twinkling dark eyes and a breathless, slow grin, sweat beading at his hairline, looking like a masterpiece that has come to life. 

Not when he stares at Victor with his chest heaving, beautiful brown eyes shiny with happy tears, as if to say, Look at me, Vitya. Look how far I’ve come.

The sight makes Victor’s throat run dry, makes his gut flutter and his heart hammer inside his chest with the bruising force of his adoration. It makes Victor want to say, Happiness and a gold medal looks beautiful on you, solnyshko.

It makes him want to say, you make me fall in love with you again and again.

It makes him want to say, you are everything I’ve ever wanted.

It makes him want to say, please marry me. Please stay forever. I love you, I love you, I love you—

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To run cross country you must be stubborn. You cannot bring yourself down. You can’t let the miles phase you. You have to wake up and tell yourself to work harder than you did the day before. You have to make the conscious decision that you value accomplishment over comfort. Anyone can be a runner, but it takes a strong willed person who is willing to run the race on pure guts and 100% heart to be a cross country runner.

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Never have I ever written a Hunger Games AU

Well I hadn’t, until this devious little ask came along.

sorry not sorry

Lance volunteers.

Lance volunteers in his brother’s place, when his older brother - just two years older and in his last year of eligibility for the Reaping - gets picked instead. Lance takes one look at the heartbreak on his mother’s face, the bitter desperation on his father’s and his aunts’ and uncles’ and grandmother, and makes his decision. He’s up to the front too fast for anyone to stop him, and it doesn’t occur to him until later that maybe he hasn’t spared his family from heartbreak after all.

The other Tribute from District Twelve is a young girl, just turned twelve. No one volunteers for her.

Everything happens so fast. Lance gets a few brief minutes to say goodbye to his family - and to Hunk, who yells and shakes him and clings to Lance in a hug that only rivals the one Lance’s mom gives him.

“Stay alive,” Hunk begs him, yells, “You’d better stay alive, and you have to come back and tell me everything.”

“You’re gonna see it,” Lance points out, and winces after the words slip from his mouth.

“Don’t remind me,” Hunk groans, “But all the rest, Lance - what the countryside’s like? What the Capitol’s like? What the food is like? You have to come back and tell me. Promise? You have to.”

“I promise,” Lance says, “Assuming Keith doesn’t kill me.”

“Don’t even joke about that,” Hunk says, as sharp as Lance has ever heard him. “He would never. He’s not going to be your mentor, anyway.”

“I hope you’re right,” Lance says.

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High On You

“Dean,” you looked at him, exasperated by the effects the stupid Turducken sandwich was having on him. He had been completely useless  since the last meal the four of you had eaten, and Bobby and Sam had left you to babysit him because they needed to get some work done without his “nonsense.” 

You had pleaded with them to let you at least come with them, but they had insisted that they needed some peace and quiet to figure this out. You had reluctantly let them leave and now you were about ready to lose it. 

“What, beautiful?” Dean answered lazily, turning to look at you. “You gonna bring me some more food? Cause I could really use another sandwich right about now, sweetheart.” 

“Dude, you saw the shit that came out of your leftovers, right?” you asked, indignant. “That shit is running through your gut right now. I give you another one of those things, and next thing you know, you’ll be eating me for dinner,” you sighed dramatically. 

“I’d eat you for dinner alright, Y/N, but not in the way you’re talking about,” Dean remarked with a sly grin, winking at you.

“Dean!” you shrieked, punching him in the shoulder. “I know you’re high, dude, but get a fucking grip.”

His face was smug and relaxed as he shrugged. He didn’t give two fucks about what he had just said. Not one ounce of embarrassment coming from him. He eyed you carefully as you turned away. 

You turned away from him and ran your hand over your face. Had Dean just admitted that he’d… stop thinking about it Y/N. It didn’t matter that you had thought about what that mouth was capable of dozens of times. Now was not the fucking time. 

“Y/N,” Dean coaxed. “You know that grey shit is wearing off, right?” 

You whipped around to face Dean. He had his head in his hands, rubbing his temples gently between his fingers. You chuckled softly to yourself. Dean was messing with you. Asshole. 

“You’re an asshole, you know that right?” you asked as you moved to sit next to him on the couch. 

Dean reached out and lifted your chin so that your eyes met his. “I may be an asshole, sweetheart, but I wasn’t kidding,” he said seriously. “Shit, I’d do a whole lot more than that if I ever thought I stood a chance with you,” he growled, rolling his eyes as he looked away from you. 

It was your turn to grab his face and force him to look at you. 

“What the hell are you talking about, Winchester? And I swear to god if this is the grey shit talking, I’m going to gut you myself,” you warned as you kept his face between your small hands, forcing him to meet your gaze. 

Dean sighed, grabbing the back of your neck and bringing your lips crashing against his. You held onto him as his lips moved desperately against yours, his tongue begging entrance into your mouth as it swiped and licked at yours. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped you or the way your body reacted to Dean. 

You arched into him which caused him to wrap his arm around your waist and pull you roughly to him, a growl emitting from deep within his throat. 

The door burst open causing you to jump out of Dean’s arms, your lips swollen and red. 

“So get this…” Sam started but stopped dead in his tracks when his eyes fell on the two of you. “Seriously?” he asked, his eyes darting between the two of you. “Dean are you still high?” Sam asked. 

Dean looked at you, his brow furrowing when he saw the look of panic on your face. He grabbed your face and brought your lips to his once more, kissing you fiercely. 

“Sammy, I’m seeing more clearly than I have in a long, long time,” he mumbled against your lips, looking into his eyes. You smiled as he kissed you again. 

“Bout damn time,” you heard Bobby grumble from behind Sam. Sam laughed slightly. “But we’ve got bigger fish to fry now that you’re feeling better and you’re not being an idjit anymore,” Bobby explained. 

You laughed as your eyes met Dean’s. His smile reached his eyes while looking into yours before turning to face Bobby, his hand running along your thigh like he wanted you to know that this wasn’t over. 

“What do you got?” Dean asked. 

“You’re not gonna like it,” Bobby responded. “Two words.”

You both looked at Sam and Bobby as Sam spoke. 

“Dick Roman.” 

You can be Lonely in the Company of Others, You Know

a self-projecting drabble turned into a 2.6k sickfic whOOPS

Lance was tired.  He was so, so tired.  But did school care that he was tired?  Did his teachers care if he was doing homework for four hours at least once a week at this point?  Did anyone care?  He’s sure his friends don’t.  They don’t get the same pile of homework and tests that he does.  His parents think this pile of assignments is preparing him for the real world and college and such, but honestly?  When is he ever going to use half of this crap?  

Never.  The answer is never.  

He’s been staying up late, which isn’t helping, but he’s staying up for a reason.  He has to do something to keep himself sane, and his answer is his art.  He stays up until midnight, his pencil scratching at the paper, and all of his worries and stresses being chipped away with every stroke.  Then, he falls asleep, and when he wakes up, Lance starts it all over again.  It’s miserable, but he guesses he’ll have to just deal with it all.  

Lance has noticed the decline in the strength of his immune system.  Last year, he hardly got sick, maybe once or twice through the year, only missing two days.  Once because of his part in the school play and the other because he had been sick, but this year?  This year, he’d already missed twice that many days, and he knew he’d probably get sick again at some point.  

He wasn’t looking forward to missing any days.  He got sick, went home with a migraine, on the second day of school.  When he came back, he had an entire essay to make up on the second day of school.  What kind of teacher gives homework on the second day of school?  Of course, it was much worse the other few days he missed.  He’d had tests, quizzes, homework, and notes to make up, and most of his teachers refused to outright tell him what he missed.

“Ask your friends,” they’d told him without looking up from their computer screens.  He wanted to say ‘what friends? All of mine aren’t in any of these stupid classes.’  Because it was true.  He had no friends in his classes.  Pidge was in a lot of college-level classes, probably, and Hunk had pretty much the opposite schedule as he did.  He was alone.  Except for Keith, but Lance was sure that Keith didn’t like him very much, and he’s 99% sure Keith hates his guts.  He didn’t want Keith to hate his guts.  He had enough gut-hating with Rolo and Nyma making fun of him every step he takes.  As if he didn’t feel crappy enough, he’s afraid to go into most of his classrooms to ask for help from teachers or get good grades on a test or even have one little hair out of place because he knows, either way, he’ll be made fun of.  He doesn’t want that, so he just stops talking.  At home, at school.  He starts drawing more and staying up even later and later until he’s hardly sleeping at all.  

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Manchester Arena bombing: Everything we know about the suicide attack that killed at least 22 people

Children are among at least 22 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena.

Families were leaving a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande when the blast ripped through the foyer leading to Victoria station at around 10.35pm on Monday.

Isis has claimed responsibility for the atrocity, which is being treated as a terrorist incident by police.

Follow the latest updates on our live blog here

What happened?

Police were called to reports of an explosion shortly after the end of Grande’s concert at 10.33pm, as thousands of fans streamed out of Manchester Arena.

Witnesses described being thrown through the air by a powerful blast that left nuts and bolts across the floor.

Chris Parker, a rough sleeper who was in the foyer at the time, said: “Everyone was piling out, all happy and everything else.

“As people were coming out of the glass doors I heard a bang and within a split second I saw a white flash, then smoke and then I heard screaming.

"It knocked me to the floor and then I got up and instead of running away my gut instinct was to run back and try and help.

"There was people lying on the floor everywhere.”

The 33-year-old saw one girl whose legs had been blown off, and attempted to comfort a woman in her 60s who died of severe injuries in his arms.

Concert goers still inside the arena described mass panic at the blast echoed through the venue.

"A huge bomb-like bang went off that hugely panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena,” said Majid Khan, 22.

"It was one bang and essentially everyone from the other side of the arena where the bang was heard from suddenly came running towards us as they were trying to exit.”

Ian Hopkins, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said investigators believe the attack was carried out by a lone suicide bomber “carrying” a homemade device.

“The priority is to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of a network,” he added.

“The attacker, I can confirm, died at the arena. We believe the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device which he detonated causing this atrocity.”

More than 240 calls were made to the emergency services, with responders including 60 ambulances flooding the area alongside more than 400 police officers.

Who was behind it?

Police have identified the perpetrator but said it was too early in the investigation to publicly release his name.

Isis claimed responsibility for the attack, hailing a "soldier of the caliphate” but suggesting he did not die in the blast.

The group has been periodically releasing detailed guidance on how to carry out terror attacks on “disbelievers” in countries targeting its militants in Syria and Iraq.

The most recent edition of its Rumiyah propaganda magazine listed concert halls among “ideal target locations” for attacks.

Analysts have warned that the group may increasingly turn to “soft targets” with large crowds, as seen in Westminster, Stockholm, Nice and Berlin, rather than protected areas with a high security presence.

Explosive devices using homemade triacetone triperoxide (TATP) have become a signature of the group’s largest European attacks in Paris and Brussels, and has been discovered in several foiled plots.

The Manchester attack took place on the fourth anniversary of the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, which was inspired by al-Qaeda propaganda on avenging civilian casualties in the Middle East.

How many people have been killed?

Police have confirmed at least 22 dead and 59 injured, including 12 children, although the toll could rise as victims remain in hospital and recovery work continues.

Officials have not yet publicly identified any of the victims, amid online appeals for information on dozens of missing people.

Among those killed is eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, who was at the concert with her mother and sister, and 18-year-old Georgiana Callander from Manchester.

They were originally one of dozens of children and teenagers who had not been heard of since the explosion.

They include Laura MacIntyre, 15, and Eilidh MacLeod, 14, both from the Scottish island of Barra, Olivia Campbell, 15, Martyn Hett, 29, Chloe Rutherford, 17, Liam Curry, 19,Courtney Boyle, Philip Tron, Angelika and Marcin Klis and Wendy Falwell.

Facebook activated a safety check feature so that people can let their family and friends know they are safe, as the Twitter hashtag #MissingInManchester was used to track appeals.

Police have established a help centre at the Etihad Stadium, access Gate 11, for anyone who needs assistance in tracing loved ones.

Emergency numbers have been established for anyone who is concerned for loved ones on 0161 856 9400 or 0161 856 9900.

Police have also appealed for concert-goers and witnesses to provide them with any footage they have from the scene if they believe it can assist the probe.

To report any concerns about suspicious activity, call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

What have police said?

Greater Manchester Police have urged people to stay away from a large cordon around Manchester Arena and Victoria station while investigations continue.

They are working with the National Counter Terrorist Policing Network and UK intelligence services to establish more details about the bomber.

Scotland Yard has put extra officers on duty in London in the wake of the Manchester bombing, including armed personnel.

It came exactly two months after the Westminster attack, by Isis-inspired extremist Khalid Masood.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick condemned the attack as “utterly appalling”, adding: “My thoughts are with the people of Manchester as they try to come to terms with the horrific events that took place in their city last night.

“Our colleagues from Greater Manchester Police and their emergency services showed huge bravery as they ran towards the confusion and danger.

"We are providing every possible support through the counter-terrorism network as investigators work tirelessly to understand what has happened.”

How have politicians reacted?

All general election campaigning has been suspended ahead of the 8 June vote as a mark of respect to the victims, with flags flying at half-mast across the UK.

Theresa May held a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee following the “callous terrorist attack” on Tuesday morning.

“While we experienced the worst of humanity in Manchester last night, we also saw the best,” she said, condemning the attacker’s “cowardice”.

The Prime Minister said it was among the "worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the United Kingdom”, adding that police and security services were working to establish the full picture.

Andy Burnham, the Labour politician and mayor of Manchester, condemned the “evil act”.

“It is hard to believe what has happened here in the last few hours, and to put into words the shock, anger, and hurt that we feel today,” he added.

"These were children, young people and their families that those responsible chose to terrorise and kill.”

Mr Burnham urged Mancunians to “come together” following the atrocity, praising the actions of volunteers who have opened their homes to victims, flooded to blood banks and given families free rides around Manchester.

He announced a vigil to be held on Tuesday evening in Manchester’s Albert Square.

The Muslim Council of Britain described the attack as “horrific” and “criminal”.

“May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next,” said secretary general Harun Khan.

Global politicians have been sending their condolences, including Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping and Angela Merkel.

Speaking during a press conference in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Donald Trump called the perpetrators “evil losers”.

How have musicians reacted?

Ariana Grande, who had left the stage shortly before the explosion, tweeted that she was “broken”, adding: “From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”

Musicians and celebrities across the globe voiced their shock.

Taylor Swift sent her “thoughts, prayers and tears”, while David Beckham said his thoughts were with all those affected.

Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Harry Styles, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Boy George and Lorde also sent their condolences, while Liam Gallagher tweeted that he is “in total shock and absolutely devastated”.

Peter Hook, of Manchester bands New Order and Joy Division, said that daughter “made it home safe” from concert, adding: “My heart goes out to all parents & those involved. Manchester stay strong.”

Anything For You, Pumpkin

Reader X Tony Stark!Father

Word Count: 2042

Author: Actually Tony Stark’s Daughter, Kate

Warnings: Abuse, injuries

A/N: IT’S DONEEEEE. I actually really loved writing this, but writing about abuse was kind of hard, and I absolutely do not mean to offend or hurt anyone with this fic. Like I said, loved the request, whoever you are. I had an idea to do a second part where the reader meets Peter, but let me know if you want Part 2. 

“So are you staying for movie night, Y/N?” Natasha asked you after an intensive round of training at the Tower. Though your face was already warm, you felt a blush flare up. You had been on the team for a little over a month, and the Avengers had welcomed you with open arms. You knew that everyone adored you, but you still felt shy and inadequate around the experienced superheroes. 

“Um… I think I better head home, actually.” You said. Nat looked kind of disappointed, but she shrugged it off, knowing you were kind of shy during gatherings. 

“How are your powers doing?” She asked, changing the subject as you grabbed your stuff from the corner of the training area. You smiled, and shrugged, One of the reasons that you caught the Avenger’s eyes was that you had fire powers. No one had been able to pin-point where they were from, and as far as you knew, you had had them since birth. Nat walked you up to the living room where the rest of the team was getting snacks ready for the movie. You were about to head out when Tony yelled out to you.

“Where do you think you’re going, Y/N?” He asked, his tone making you smile. Tony was the Avenger you looked up to the most. He was the one that had found you, brought you to the team, and he cared about you the most, which was saying something. Everyone loved you and loved having you on the team, but you saw Tony as your father figure. 

“I was about to head home. Homework, and what not.” You lied quickly.

“Ahh, come on. It’s Friday night, and you haven’t hung out with the team in days.”


“This is part of your training, Y/N. Getting to be a part of the team.” Tony say adamantly. You caved, secretly happy that someone wanted to have you around.


The movie had ended, and you were happily chilling with the rest of the team in the kitchen, listening to their banter. Tony was watching you out of the corner of his eye, happy that you were starting to feel included. When you first joined the team, Tony felt a need to protect you. It was new to him, seeing as he had never really been the nurturing type, but he thought of you as his kid. 

You were laughing at Bucky and Sam’s petty argument when you felt a buzz from your phone in your pocket. You gulped, and the color drained from your face. You didn’t have any friends at school, so when someone texted you, you knew it could only be one person. 

Mom: Get here right this second.

You grabbed your bag, and ran out of the Tower, dreading your return home. Tony ran out after you, calling your name through the downpour that was engulfing Manhattan. He caught up to you quickly, and grabbed the strap of your backpack to get you to stop. 

“Y/N, what’s going on? Are you okay?” Tony could see the fear behind your eyes as you tried to come up with an excuse.

“My, uh, my mom needs me home. Right now.” You answered quickly, trying to shake Tony’s grasp off your backpack.

“Is something wrong?” The concern in Tony’s voice made you realize how much he cared about you, but the longer it took you to get home, the worse the repercussion would be.

“No, no I don’t think so. My mom is just… strict.” You couldn’t find a better word to explain it. Tony looked skeptical, but seeing your anxious face, he nodded quickly, and watched you run towards your neighborhood. His gut told him something was off, but against his better judgement, he went back inside.


“Where have you been?” Your mother asked, anger in her voice.

“I was- I was out.” You whispered shakily, still out of breath from the run home.

“You’re supposed to watch the house while I’m out.”

“I know… I just, I had study group.” You said wincing at the obvious lie.

“Don’t lie to me!” She screamed, coming closer to you. You crawled back instinctively, bracing yourself. “I didn’t want you! I don’t want to have to worry about you. You stay home so you don’t get in trouble, so I don’t have to clean up the messes that you make.” You nodded, and your eyes glanced up to her, then back down at your feet. She took it the wrong way.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?!” You shook your head violently, terror filling your eyes. The woman grabbed your arm, her long nails digging into your skin painfully. You knew there would be more scratches and bruises to cover up. Your hands were heating up, and you folded your arms so you wouldn’t show your powers. You could feel your skin burning, and you desperately tried to keep your powers under control. “Go to your room. And don’t even think about coming out again until Monday.” 

You nodded, running to your “room”. It was more a closet with a small window. There was just enough room for your bed and a small desk. You fell onto your bed, silent tears running down your face until you fell asleep.


By Monday, your self-tended burns had stopped radiating heat and blistering, though they were still very visible. You chose a long-sleeved shirt, even though it was blazing hot, and some shorts to try and vent out the heat. You walked out and kept your head down. When you got outside, you breathed a sigh of relief, and continued your walk to school. You prided yourself on the fact that you were top of the class at Midtown. When you were younger, you had buried yourself in your studies to occupy your time alone. The day was short, and the work was easy, which you were grateful for because you could keep yourself busy without having to think too much about it. Besides sitting by yourself at lunch (again), the day was refreshingly simple, and you felt relaxed for the first time in days as your headed to the Tower. You greeted everyone with a soft smile, and then went to change into your workout clothes for train. You had chosen your favorite tank-top, and some shorts that were still in your locker at the Tower. You had completely forgotten about your very visible cuts and burns until you heard the gasps of the team when you walked back out.

“Oh my gosh.” Nat practically shrieked as she ran over to you. Your heart dropped into your stomach as you realized what everyone was staring at. Tony walked over to you, and guided you out of the room, and into his private lab. You both remained silent for second. You knew Tony wanted you to confess without a prompt, but you refused, clenching your jaw, and staring at the floor.

“Just strict?” Tony asked finally. You looked at him, utterly confused, until you realized what he was referencing. 

Is something wrong?”

“No, no I don’t think so. My mom is just… strict.” 

The words echoed in your ears as you remembered them. Your eyes filled with tears as you contemplated what to say next. 

“How d-did you know?” You said, your voice shaking with the strain of keeping your tears from falling. 

“There’s always a risk of being an Avenger. I’ve had eyes on you since Day 1.” Tony said, anger burning in the back of his eyes as he inspected the claw marks scratched into your skin. You gulped, not knowing how to take this new development. “I knew your mother was horrible to you, but I was waiting for you to bring it up. I didn’t know she was… abusive.” He spat the word out. 

“She’s not…” You trailed off under the murderous gaze of Tony. “I’m fine, really. I’ve had worse bruises from Nat.” You said, smiling a little. Tony breathed in, relaxing just slightly, but a rage still burning within.

“I was saving this until your birthday, but I think now is more appropriate.” He said, guiding you out of the lab, and upstairs to the living areas. The two of you passed down the hallway that Nat and Wanda’s rooms were in, until you stopped at one of the doors that you knew to be unoccupied. Tony nodded, and you cracked open the door slightly. A large bay window took up one of the walls, a bed facing a TV that beckoned you to binge a few years worth of shows, and a desk with gold letters that spelled out your name above the desktop. You breathed in, shocked that someone would do this for you. Your eyes skirted over all of the accessories that made you instantly feel more at home than you had ever felt anywhere, even the library. 

“If you don’t like something, we can always get it changed, but Nat thought you’d-” Tony started, but you sprinted back to him, and ran him over with a hug. 

“Thank you.” You whispered. 

“Anything for you, Pumpkin.” Tony said after he recovered from the shock. He hugged you back, feeling more paternal in that second then he ever had before. 

“What about my mom?” You asked, anxious to hear the answer.

“I-We’re your family now. Don’t you worry, we’ll deal with her.”


Nearly 4 months had passed since you had officially moved into the Tower. Anybody could see that you were infinitely better. Your smiles were more genuine, your spunky/sassy attitude finally outshone your shyness and fear, and you knew where your place was in life. You were an Avenger, you had a team, you had a family. 

Today was your birthday, and you laughed to think that the team was even more excited than you were, which is saying something, because this was your first actually celebrated birthday. After a dinner of pizza from your favorite pizzeria, a cake that had miraculously made it through a day of the boy’s watering mouths, and many shared memories of you that made everyone laugh, Nat announced it was time for presents. There were so many, it was kind of hard for you to remember all of them. It seemed like everyone had made up for 15 years of disappointing birthdays 10-fold. As the pile of presents waiting to be opened diminished, and the room filled with wrapping paper and bags, Tony felt himself getting more excited but anxious for you to receive his present.

“Alright, alright.” Tony said as you opened the last gift. You looked at him, an ever-present smile still bright on your face after laughing about Bucky telling you they were all expecting you to pick the best present, since they had made it into a competition. “Hate to break it to you, Barnes, but prepare to lose, because I’m winning the best present award.” 

“Don’t count your chicks before they’re hatched.” You quipped, excitement building up in you for Tony’s gift. He rolled his eyes at your comment, and handed you an sealed envelope. You raised an eyebrow at it, and began to open it, wondering what could possibly be inside. You pulled out a blue, official-looking form with a lot of fine print, and three signatures. You recognized two, one belonged to the person who used to be your mom, and one was Tony’s. 

“It’s an adoption form.” Tony said. Everyone around the table was holding their breath, waiting for your reaction. “Welcome to the family, Y/N Stark.” A hand traveled up it’s way to cover your mouth as you took everything in. A tear rolled down your cheek from pure happiness, and it warmed your heart to notice that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Tony stood up to give you a hug, and you returned it, love for your family heating every part of you. “Anything for you, Pumpkin.” Tony whispered, holding you closer. You responded with a term you thought you would never have the privilege of using. And nothing had ever felt more right to say ever, and you would remember it for the rest of your life. 

“Thank you, dad.”

Dixon Brothers Imagine ~ Guts

The Reader is close friends with Daryl and Merle and this friendship has to prove itself when Merle gets cuffed to the roof…


Originally posted by crossbows-and-moonshine

The sun shone down onto you while you let yourself fall onto the ground of the roof you were more or less trapped on.
Trapped, because some idiot in the streets thought he had to play Lucky Luke, showing up in sheriff stuff and riding a horse before beginning to shoot and attract and fill the streets with living corpses.
You looked over to Merle who sat next to you, tipping with his shoes impatiently onto the ground.
You knew both of them, Merle and Daryl, for a long time now and over time you’ve grown to be pretty close friends and even though you were a lot younger than both of them, you were more than just sometimes forced to play their Watchdog when they, or especially Merle got driven by his hothead once again.
Merle stood up, grabbed the gun standing next to him before he walked over to the edge of the roof.
“Merle? What the fuck are you doing?”, you asked looking confused at him while he kept walking.
“You’ll see, Darlin’”, he just said, cocking the gun as he brought it up to his face and fired the first shot down the roof.
“Merle, stop that shit there are already enough around”, you hissed while you saw him continuing.
“We’re dying anyway doll, why not having a little fun before we peg out”, he said, stopping shooting for a short moment before he put the gun back to his face.
You huffed, stood up and walked over to him while you crossed your arms in front of your chest.
“Merle Dixon, you fucking stop shooting. Now”, you growled before he stopped again, shaking his head chuckling before the door on the other side of the roof hit open.
“Hey, Dixon are you crazy?”, you heard Morales scream as you turned around while Merle laughed and sent another shot down the building.
“Hey! You ought to be more polite to a man with a gun! Huh?”, Merle called out as he finally stopped and turned around.
“Only common sense”, he said chuckling as he hopped down the ridge you both were standing on while the others made their way with the guy in uniform who got you all into this trouble.
“You are wasting bullets we ain’t even got!”, T-Dog yelled as he stormed towards Merle.
And hell, you could already tell that it wasn’t gonna finish with yelling.
You saw the anger in Merle’s face rising as he began to yell.
“Merle. Come on it’s not worth it”, you hissed trying to lay your hand on his shoulder to keep him from doing something stupid and of course, it didn’t help.
You didn’t need to listen to his now calming down voice that all that was coming out of his mouth was offending shit while you kept trying to hold him with a greater urge back.
You weren’t dumb and you weren’t naive as well, you knew Merle and you knew how much of an asshole he could be when he was edgy and the last thing you needed was an escalation here.
“I’ll tell you the day! It’s the day I take orders from a nig-” “Merle!”, you furiously cut him off before he could continue.
“Stop (Y/N), let that damn asshole say what he wanted to say”, T-Dog growled while still glaring at the chuckling Merle who raised his voice and you saw T-Dog’s fist landing in Merle’s face.
“Merle!”, you screamed again as you saw how he wrestled T-Dog to the ground and you couldn’t see anymore who hit who until Merle leaned over T-Dog, hissed again before he stood up.
You looked glaring over to both of them, you didn’t need a big fight here while tons of walkers were trying to make their way to you.
“So what are we gonna do now?”, Merle said chuckling before you saw how the man hit him to the ground and a sharp gasp escaped your throat.
He leaned over him hit his handcuffs out and got merle faster cuffed to the pipe than you could look.
“Hey! wait that’s not necessary”, you said looking at the man who grabbed Merle now by his collar.
“Oh it is”, the man said before merle began to growl again. “Who the hell are you man?!”, he got out of his mouth while the man still held him forcefully.
“Rick Grimes”, the man just hissed before he let go of him.
“Damn it”, you growled quietly while you looked over to the others, T-dog still on the ground while the others watched the scene playing in front of them.
You heard Rick talking to Merle before you looked back to them, seeing how he pulled a small bag out of Merle'a pocket.
He had promised you to stop with that shit, with these damn drugs, not only for you but also for Daryl.
Rick stood up, tossed the bag from the roof and as much as you already couldn’t stand him for all the misery he had brought you in, you inwardly thanked him for that.
“You’re not gonna leave him this way now are you?”, you asked tensed up as you saw Rick walking to the edge of the roof before he turned around.
“He has to cool down”, he said while you huffed.
“He can cool down without this thing on”, you said looking from Merle to Rick.
“Nah, he can’t, not gonna take the risk”, he said before you sighed.
Great Job, Merle.
Great Job, Officer Know-it-all.
You scowled before you let yourself fall next to Merle, deep down you knew that he needed a break even though you didn’t like seeing him cuffed.
But as long as this Sheriff would get him off of it again, you could somehow get along with it.
“You told me you’d stop with that shit”, you growled while you looked down to your hands.
“I’d stop, right after that sweet little stash”, Merle said as you huffed annoyed.
“What? You playing moralizer or what?” He asked with a hissing undertone.
“I’m not, I’m just not interested in you dying because of this fucking crap”, you growled.
“Now that’s really cute, Doll”, he said while he chuckled provocative.
“How’s the signal?”, you heard Morales ask as the crippling sound of the walkie could be heard.
“Like Dixon’s brain. Weak”, T-dog answered, a grin on his face while Merle flipped him off and your glares hit him.
“Really T-Dog?”, you asked annoyed.
After all, Merle was still your friend.
An asshole friend, but still a friend.
You liked T-Dog and you got along with him well, but you just didn’t like seeing Merle cuffed.
You heard the others and the Sheriff talking about how to get out of here while Merle turned his head to you.
“Doll, you gonna get me out of these cuffs?”, he asked looking at you.
“I’m gonna talk to him again, but you have to stop acting like a dick or you’re faster cuffed again than you think”, you hissed before you stood up.
“Now that’s my girl”, you heard him chuckle while you walked over to the new man.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?”, you asked tensed but calm.
“I’m not gonna get him out of the cuffs”, he directly said while you clenched your jawline.
What did he think of just coming here and thinking he can manage everything after he brought you into this shit?
You took a deep breath, keeping yourself under control before you started again.
“I’ll not let him attack someone again, I just need the keys”, you said trying to somehow convince him.
“Sorry, but no. Not for now”, Rick answered while you couldn’t hold a huff back.
“So how do we get out?”, you heard Andra ask before you could walk Rick something else.
You walked back to Merle, knowing that you had to find another way to get him out of this.
You kneeled next to him, took your knife and brought it close to him.
“Woah, what are you doing darling? You suddenly into knife play?”, you heard him ask while you huffing began trying to open the cuffs.
“Shut up Merle. I’m trying to free you”, you hissed while you kept on trying.
Hell, why did he always have to act like the biggest Asshole on earth?
Well, to be fair, he wasn’t always like that, you knew probably every side of him and there were good, gentle ones but mostly they couldn’t keep him from getting himself into trouble.
You heard the others muttering some plan before you heard Andrea telling T-Dog to watch over Merle and shortly after that you heard the crashing metallic sound of the door.
“It’s not working”, you huffed, looking desperately at the cuffs that began to turn his skin underneath red.
“Oh come on Sweetie, they’ll get me off, later on, why don’t we have some fun before we all die? My hand may be impeded, but my pants aren’t. Why don’t you go for a ride?”, he asked grinning while he earned a glare from you.
“Fuck you, Merle, this is not the time for this shit”, you growled before you started a new try.
And you tried until you heard the door opening again and saw the others walking over to the part of the roof where you sat.
“Hey! You get him off of this now!”, you called over to the Sheriff.
“Like I said, not now”, he hissed before you stood up again.
“Listen Sheriff Smartypants, you can’t get us into this whole thing and then play big boss! I get why you got him cuffed up and yes, he deserved it, but it’s enough now. Get. Him. Off” you growled while he shook his head.
“Listen, I’ll get him off, when we’ve found a solution to get out of here”, he said calm but tensed while you still looked glaring at him.
“I’ll do it. You can believe me”, he said while you tried to figure out if he really did or just said it to calm you down.
“I hope so”, you said growling before you looked over to Merle again and walked huffing over to him.
“You gotta wait a little bit, but he’ll get you off”, you muttered before you sat next to him again.
“Sorry”, you added swallowing while you looked over to him.
“Don’t worry, Sweetie. This is not on you”, he said, a tensed undertone in his voice, before he patted your knee.

Some time passed, Sheriff Smartypants and Glenn had worked out some plan and right now, they were running covered in guts through the streets while you still sat next to Merle and you could see the clouds above you darkening.
“That asshole is out on the street with the handcuff keys”, Merle hissed through the grumbling of the upcoming storm before you saw how T-dog held the small silver key up.
You almost jumped up and walked toward him, before you stood above him. “T-Dog come on. It’s enough now”, you said first trying hit keep everything calm.
“(Y/N) you’re a fine person but I really don’t understand how you can stand up for this prick. So no”, he said looking up to you while you began to glare.
“T-dog, don’t make me do something I don’t want to do”, you growled before you heard the grumbling of the storm right above you, the first raindrops falling onto your skin.
“God damn it”, you growled as you looked up to the clouds and felt your clothes turning wet.
“At least I’m gonna have a nice view, when things go south”, you heard Merle say before you turned around and saw him looking at you.
You just shook your head glaring at him before you turned to T-Dog again who now stood at the edge of the roof and looked down to the scene that was playing there.
“They’re in a car”, you just heard Morales say as he looked through the binoculars and the rain got weaker again.
“They’re making it! We-We gotta go”, you suddenly heard Morales call out before he suddenly grabbed his stuff and ran over to the door while you stood bewildered there, seeing the others rush over to Morales.
“(Y/N), you have to come now!“, Andrea yelled over to you while you looked bewildered at her.
“Are you kidding me, Andrea?! I’m not going! You can’t leave him here this way!”, you yelled over to her while she looked smitten at you.
“I’m sorry we have to go”, she called over.
“No, NO! You’re staying here until we get him free!”, you yelled while you walked a few steps towards her and T-Dog.
“Please!”, you heard Merle scream behind you.
And when Merle screamed “please” things had to be really worse for him.
“I’m sorry!”, Andra said again before she stormed through the door.
“Fuck you Andrea”, you yelled already feeling the desperation creating a lump in your throat.
“T-Dog, please! Come on man! Please help me, I’m sorry!”, you heard Merle scream again while T-Dog’s glance wandered to you, his breath heavy while he seemed to struggle.
“(Y/N), I-”, he said struggling while you looked desperate at him.
“Please T-Dog, I won’t get him out of the cuffs by myself, will you leave me here too? Come on, please”, you said your mood constantly switching between anger and desperation.
T-Dog breathed heavily before he grabbed something from his pocket, ran over to Merle before he suddenly tripped and fell onto the hard ground.
The dull bang his body produced while hitting the ground got followed by a metallic sound that traveled down the pipe in the roof.
It had been the key.
He had just dropped the damn key.
“I-I’m sorry”, T- Dog stumbled as he got up and you still stood stuck in shock there, Merle screaming before you turned to T-Dog who now rushed to the door.
“You can’t go!”, you yelled before you saw him looking as smitten at you as Andrea had looked at you before he kept running.
You heard Merle still screaming while you saw how T-Dog chained the door up, while he called out to you that walkers won’t get you.
You were still stuck between desperation and anger as you began to hear Merle’s screams.
“Shit…shit!”, you heard Merle call desperately out from behind the pipes.
“I’ll get you off…somehow”, you said, trying to calm yourself down.
If you would panic, it would just make it worse even though your body was already a trembling mess.
Your glance wandered around, fell onto the box with the tools.
You felt your legs almost automatically moving as you walked over to them, grabbed the whole box and sprinted over to Merle who laid panting on the floor.
“We’ll make it Merle, I promise”, you said, your voice still trembling even though you tried to keep it under control.
You grabbed the first tool you saw, a small saw before you tried with all the strength you had to break the cuffs.
Merle began to talk but his words were just empty echoes in your head while you kept going. Soon you felt like your sharp breath was ripping crannies into your throat as your breath got even more heavily.
“This shit’s not working”, you said gasping before you angrily tossed the saw away from you both and grabbed some pair of loopers.
You were already out of breath, you could feel your muscles begging you to stop but you couldn’t.
With all the strength you had left you tried to let the metallic cord rip open, but nothing seemed to help, doesn’t matter how much you tried, doesn’t matter how long you tried.
“Shit!”, you scoffed while the sound of the word came more out as a whimper.
“I-I’ll find a way-”, you said gasping while you looked up to Merle, his face just seeable through the faint light that got weaker and weaker.
You had probably tried for longer than you thought.
“Damn (Y/N), are…shit are you crying?”, you heard him say, suddenly in a more gentle tone as you felt a tear rolling down your cheek.
“No-…No I’m just… yeah, I probably am crying”, you said scoffing while you let yourself fall next to him, running your hand over your face.
You heard Merle sigh next to you before you looked up to him once again. “Maybe you should go too”, he quietly said.
“Don’t ever say that again. I’m not leaving you”, you said and even though your voice was still weak, the determination could be heard through it.
“I’d tell everyone else to keep their asses here, but you need to survive you know”, he said scoffing slightly.
“And you need to survive too. Daryl, he wants that too. Last time I’m saying that, doesn’t matter what shit happens, I’m staying”, you said before you picked up the pair of loopers once again but realized soon that with the small strength you got left, nothing would just somehow work out.
“Leave it, try again tomorrow”, you heard him say unlikely calm for him.
Maybe that kind of calmness people fall in between of panic attacks, that numb feeling you get for some time before the storm of panic inside you begins to rage again.
“I will, I-I will”, you said huffing before you leaned yourself against the pipe.
“Why don’t you lean yourself against good ol’ Merle, huh?”, he asked with a slight chuckle in his voice.
“Because If I do so, you’re gonna get the wrong ideas”, you said, a small grin on your lips.
You tried to stay awake, to keep your eyes open but after a few more moments you felt your eyelids forcing themselves down.

”(Y/N), you alright?“, Daryl said as he drove along the road, Merle on his motorcycle driving in front of the truck you sat in.
“Do you think it’s going to end? That the military can stop it?”, you asked swallowing while you looked out of the window remembering the pictures the TV had shown just days ago.
Cops shooting down people, well, living corpses that ate people.
“I don’t know”, you heard Daryl mutter before you looked over to him.
“Can you promise me something?”, you swallowing asked after a few moments.
“What is it?”, he asked looking for a short moment from the road to you.
“That we stay together. That…that we search for each other if we ever get split up…doesn’t matter what happens”, you said while your glance stayed onto Daryl.
“I promise”, he said before he looked over to you.
“I really do”, he said seriously before he cracked a small smile for you.

You woke up, leaned against Merle as you felt the first sunbeams shine down to you.
“Good Morning Doll”, you heard him say before a metallic thud made you jolt up, followed by a choir of groans.
Your eyes darted to the door, still mostly locked but some walkers tried to squeeze their rotting bodies through the gap.
“Oh no, god no!”, you heard Merle desperately groaning.
And there it was again, the panic.
You swallowed hard, tightened your grab around your knife before you walked towards the door and stabbed into the heads of the walkers, avoiding their flesh craving mouths while you took each one out.
Your hands were covered in blood as you walked back to Merle, picking up the pair of loopers again.
Your glance went to Merle’s wrist, already bloody and swollen before you leaned your full bodyweight onto the tool.
You wouldn’t give up, you wouldn’t even allow yourself to think about it.
You were in some kind of trance, not even hearing what Merle said for some time before you heard the metal clicking and saw the metallic cord of the handcuff finally ripping.
“Oh my-”, you called out, not believing what you saw as you heard Merle laughing relieved.
“You are a force of nature! Shit, thank you!”, you heard him call out laughing while you looked at the ripped cord.
“Come on Doll, gotta get off this shit”, you heard Merle say before he pulled you up along with him.
“Yeah, need to go back to Daryl”, you said while you caught your breath again.
“And back to the shitheads? You kidding me?”, Merle said as you looked up to him.
“No, I’m not”, you said before you began to walk over to the door and raised your voice again.
“I got a promise to keep.”