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ASMR Ambient Sound for Creativity and Relaxation -

This one is a Cozy Starship Bedroom! You can hear the engine humming away, small gadgets running through diagnostics and light conversation in the hallway outside! Simply the coziest place in the Andromeda Galaxy.

This can be used as backdrops for Tapletop RPGs, Music to help you focus, study or simply relax and be taken to another world for a bit!

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Mercury Part 5

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You have been homeschooled by your uncle Tony Stark for years, suddenly you’ve decided to attend public school, more specifically Midtown High. At this public school you acquaint yourself with a cute brown haired Spider-boy and his ragtag team of friends. You must find a way to juggle your school life and your hero life!

Warnings: Slow burn

A/N: Hiya everyone! Another day, another part! Things are starting to get intense at the tower. Btw I’m sorry that the story is slow in the Peter x reader department, but get ready cause things are coming up soon ;). Hope you guys enjoy! Don’t forget the tags and requests are open! Italics represent a thought. Thanks for reading!  

It was the end of practice, if you could call it that. Peter and Ned were walking out of the auditorium while you and Michelle were farther behind.

“Hey, I have to talk to Peter about something. Do you mind if I go ahead?”

“Sure, let me be alone, all by myself.” Michelle droned with a sigh.

“Thanks.” Then you run up to Peter and Ned, walking in their pace.

“Hey Usain Bolt, what’s up?” Peter inquired smiling.

“Can I talk to you in private for a second?”

“Sure.” Then both of you look at Ned, waiting for him to leave. He stared blankly ahead then looked at both of you.

“Oh, I should go…“

“Yeah thanks.” You say, then with that Ned walks to Michelle and starts talking to her.

“What do you want me to talk ab-“

“Do you really work with Tony Stark?”

“Y-yeah why do you ask?” Peter scratches the back of his head, turning to you.

“Oh I don’t know,” You pause, assessing if it is the best idea to tell Peter that you’re Tony Starks niece, “Maybe because I’m his niece.”

Peter eyes become huge, and his cheeks started to burn bright red.

“Really? Thats strange cause I’ve never seen you at the tower.” Peter questioned.

“Nor have I seen you.”

“So are you going to tell me the truth?” You added.

“I-I’m not lying… you can ask him yourself! He’ll vouch for me.”

“Okay then, I will.” You smile then walk ahead to met Happy outside because you remembered to call him and tell him about the decathlon “practice”.

You open the doors to enter into the school and see the limousine Happy always drove. Not wanting to cause any attention, you quickly hurried down the stairs and ran to the car, opening it quickly.

“Happy, smash the pedal. Lets get going, and fast!” Happy speeds away from the school.

“Do I even need to ask.” Happy spoke up once both of you were far away from the school.

“I just don’t want people knowing that I have a personal limousine. Just from being in school for one day, I can tell you, I would have friends for the wrong reason.”

“But did you have to be so dramatic?” Happy asks.

“I wasn’t going to take my dandy ol’ time here! Practice was over and people were starting to walk outside.”

“You do know that there were other cars, meaning that people saw you. Meaning what you did was pointless.”

“Happy, you are so lucky you are sitting in the front because if you were here I’d-“

“So tell me how was school?” Happy asks hopefully diverting your attention to a different subject.

“It was… different I guess, but also neat at the same time.”


“Well did you know that kids in public schools have to share locker rooms and have to eat crappy lunch? Cause I didn’t know that till today.”

“I’ve known that ever since I attended public school.”

“Oh I’m sorry if I disrespected you. I’m just little ignorant on the whole public school thing.” You squeal embarrassed.

“Its okay, I realize that. Why don’t we talk about the academic decathlon team? I bet they made you team captain.”

“Noooo, but they did say that I was going to be an asset on the team. Plus we get to go to Washington D.C. for a championship thing.“

“Washington? Don’t you have training?” Happy raises his eyebrow.

“I know that but I was hoping Tony would let me go.”

“Don’t tell that to me kid. You have to ask the big man.” Happy says while switching to a different lane.

“Hey guys I’m home!” You yell while walking into the living room of the tower, not seeing anyone there. Soon after Wanda, Natasha and Steve come in.

“Hey Y/N, welcome home. How was the real world?” Natasha asked while plopping herself on the plush couch overlooking Manhattan.

“It was good, I joined the academic decathlon team today.” You smile while sitting next to Natasha. Natasha was like a much older sister to you, of course you loved Wanda, Steve and Sam as much as anyone else. But you’d known Natasha since before you could talk. She and Tony were the first people in your life ever since your family passed, or at least that’s what Tony says.

“Good job kiddo, now you can finally mentor me in something.”

“Come on Nat you know you’re smart.” You nudge her shoulder.

“But is she really?” Sam comes in smirking.

“Oh be quiet bird-boy, you know I can out smart you and out fight you.” Natasha replies rolling her eyes.

“Do you want to test that theory?” Sam teases, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You are such a little pervert.”

“But you love it.” Natasha stands up ready to “fight” Sam.

“As much as I would love to see wrestle mania, I need to see Tony. Know where he might be?” You ask interjecting Natasha and Sam.

“The lab I think.” Steve spoke up.

“Thanks, I’ll be back guys.” With that you walk towards his office which was some lengths away.

“Hey Tony, I was wondering if you know this guy at my school. He’s super cute and he says he’s your intern. No that’s not good enough, I have to say it differently.” You murmur to yourself, practicing on what to say to Tony when you get to him. A little while after you finally figured out what you’ll say to Tony. You walk up to the door of lab and knock on the door.

“Enter.” You then enter the lab, with cool gadgets and trinkets. You’d been in the lab maybe once. That was when you were younger and the world had not yet encountered aliens from Asgard. Now, the world has encountered much more than that, so Tony’s collection of alien toys was one sight to behold. Tony was holding one of his blasters, putting some crystal inside of it. He then dropped his blaster and smiled at you.

“Hey there kid how was-”

“If someone asks me how my day was one more time I’m going to scream.” You interrupt Tony.

“Then I’m guessing school was worse than expected?” Tony raises his eyebrows.

“No,” you walk around the lab running your finger on the gadgets, “It was pretty good, I made some friends and joined the academic decathlon, like you suggested. But I need to talk to you.” Two of the same types of conversations in one day, fun.

“Is something wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong it’s just today I met this boy named Peter Parker, who is also on the academic decathlon team, and he said he was your intern. Ihich I’m pretty sure he isn’t because if he is then I would have seen him around the tower somewhere, or you would have introduced us or-”

“He is my intern Y/N.” Tony stated.

“No, wait. Who? What? When? Where? Why?”

“Okay now you’re just saying the 5 W’s.”

“This is me trying to process what you just said Tony!”

“You don’t have to make a big deal out of it.”

“Just tell me what happened.”

“Fine, I’d seen a video on the YouTube- or whatever they call it- of the academic decathlon video of Peter, who I didn’t know at the time, was really intelligent. Smart enough to work for me, so one day I looked up where he lives to offer him an internship, met his really yet strangely attractive aunt, and the rest is history.” Tony lied.

“And I just so happen to attend the same school as him.” You gave Tony an incredulous look while standing against a table with your arms folded.

“Yes, that is purely coincidental. Happy now?”

“Whatever.” You huff.

“Good, now if you’re done-”

“Nope, I have one more question.”

“Then spill the beans missy, this little Iron Man has to work.”

“Can I got to Washington D.C. for the academic decathlon national championship?”

“That’s a joke right?”

“Tony! I’m not joking please the team said they needed me, and with Peter not going whose probably one of the best on the team, I need to go. My team needs me.”

“Well another team needs you as well.” You glare at Tony.

“Don’t give me that crap Tony! I haven’t been on the field before why would I be on now? What would there be terrorizing another city? Little goblins gnawing on people’s big toe!?!” You state raising your voice.

“I said no, end of discussion.”

“Fine.” You stand up straight and stormed out of his lab, slamming the door behind you. Instead of going the living room, you decided to go straight to your room. You clap your hands to turn on the lights, close the door and flop your body, face first into your bed. You groan loudly and squish your face into the mattress.

“Miss. Y/N are you okay?” F.R.I.D.A.Y asks, and if there was any emotion to her robotic self if would be at this point worry.

“Not really F.R.I.D.A.Y, how do you put up with Tony?”

“I mean I have to… I’m a robot.” You start laughing uncontrollably, making you much more gleeful than before.

“Did that make you happy?”

“I guess it did, I am still upset though.”

“Why not train or work out to relieve your stress.”

“Love to but I just remembered I have homework to do, yay. Maybe after I will.”

“That sounds like a good idea Miss. Y/N.”


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Gadget feels somewhat unwanted by the resistance since they found out he has feelings for Infinite, and has often found himself escaping the teasing through walks. Sometimes long, sometimes short.. they allow him to think, to ponder about his situation.

This particular walk, Infinite has caught him in sight.. he learned about Gadget’s routine walks, and decided to go meet him. As a surprise, and if he found himself brave enough, he may admit how he feels for Gadget.
This fear is so foreign to him, he isn’t sure how to handle it.

Gadget keeps his head down, his ceaseless stare at the ground, mixed with this burning desire inside his chest, would surely set the world into more flames then it already was. He pretty much power walks into Infinite, poor baby.. he wasn’t paying attention. The sudden collision causes him to look up, embarrassment burning brightly in his cheeks.
“I-I’m sorr-”
He turns redder, seeing who he’s run into.

Gadget’s blush had faded throughout his rant.. but it comes back with a vengeance, seeing Infinite’s tail.
He scoots over.. closer and closer as the time passes.
Until the two are so close they could put their arms around each other.. bodies so near to touching.
He.. slowly rests his head on Infinite’s shoulder.. falling asleep like that after some time of understanding silence.

Infinite refuses to disturb Gadget’s sleep.. leaving him like that. After some time, he hears footsteps.. a voice calling out Gadget’s name.
He really carefully, and gently picks Gadget up, using the power in the Phantom Ruby to move to a quiet, calm clearing.. away from everything. He sets Gadget down, letting him sleep.
He truly has no idea about these feels in his head, his chest. No clue how to process them, he doesn’t understand why he feels this way.
After some time, he does a zoom zoom to Eggman’s base, nabbing snacks and a few blankets.

Upon his return, Gadget is still soundly asleep, and safe. Nothing happened to him in the five minutes Infinite was gone.

He puts the blanket on Gadget, but as he does, the wolfy boyo grabs his arm.. latching on and not letting go.
He blushes very hard under his mask, then settles down next to Gadget and gets himself comfortable.

Infinite eventually falls asleep next to Gadget, and time moves on..

Gadget wakes up.. jostling Infinite as he moves. He blushes very hard and looks up to Infinite as he awakens.

Infinite wakes up.. glancing down at the blushing wolf boyo, silenced from embarrassement.

Gadget slowly.. slowly reaches up to take Infinite’s mask off.. lightly setting it on the ground next to the pair.

They both stare at each other in silence for what feels to them like hours, though it was only a minute or two, blushing with a million thoughts running through their heads. Their faces are so close to the other that their noses are touching.

Gadget makes the first move, pushing his lips to Infinite’s, his blush spreading across his face and up to the tips of his ears. His arms automatically move from their position latched to Infinite’s arm, to around his neck.

Infinite is shocked by this action, blushing, blushing, blushing. He comes to his senses, realizing that he loves this, and puts pressure against Gadget’s kiss, a soft purr rising from his chest.. he reciprocates.. tenderly putting his arms around Gadget and pulling him deeper into the kiss, one of his hands slowly moving up to the back of Gadget’s neck, supporting it.

The two stay like this, soft, melting into one panther as they forget that the world is on fire, that it’s burning.. torn apart by war. The kiss only ends when Gadget runs out of breath, and is forced to pull away.

Gadget, still out of breath, whispers.. lovingly..
“I.. I love you, Infinite.”

A smile spreads over Infinite’s features..
“I love you too, Gadget.”


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haroldhutchinsofficialremade  asked:

i'm so upset that they don't give back peridot's limb enhancers because like? even if you ignore the ableist implications of taking away a comfort item, she could do so many cool things with them! remember when they were chasing her in the kindergarten and she just helicoptered away with her robot fingers? why don't they want her running around like inspector gadget 2.0,, she could get so much done,,

honestly! her powers were really cool and were literally an integral part of her character design. even if the limb enhancers were destroyed, it would be so cool to see her make her own limb enhancers as a sign of her recreating herself and her purpose outside of homeworld. 

finding out the abilities about limb enhancers could’ve also helped the crystal gems learn more about the gem tech they’re up against! i was hoping that was going to be the direction they were going to take, but…….yknow  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ gotta have our gremlin

Unfinished Script



Script- episode 1:

Scene 1:


*Looks through a desk rapidly, and looking stressed, sees book*

SPENCER: What’s this..?

*Opens a messy book*

Scene 2:

[enter GADGET]

*GADGET running down a sidewalk or street, or through grass*

GADGET: Crap crap crap I’m so late!!!  

*runs up to a door to see a handwritten sign reading “ATTENTION! Class will be held outside today! - Mr. Keone”*

*Gadget groans*


GADGET: Ugh, I hate this guy sometimes..

*she heads to the courtyard, sees everyone seated on a picnic bench/mat/whatever available*

*MIISHA sees Gadget, waves and gestures her over*

MIISHA: HEY GADGET!!!! C’MERE! You’re just in time!

GADGET: *angrily walking over to the group* and would you mind telling me why you didn’t let me know class was gonna be outside!?

*MIISHA has a shocked look, nervously speaks*

MIISHA:  o-oh I was gonna send an email to everyone! Believe me! But when I got home I immediately fell asleep and kinda sorta forgot all about it…?

*GADGET gives an exasperated groan*

GADGET: seriously, geez…

*GADGET sits down next to Matthew*

*GADGET huffs*

GADGET: Hey Matthew.

MATTHEW: hey, Gadget. If it gives any consolation, none of us knew about it either.

*MATTHEW laughs*

MATTHEW:  Sunny was the angriest I’d ever seen her!

*MATTHEW laughs harder*

SUNNY: I-I was not…

*SUNNY pouts*

GADGET: Man, I missed it!

MIISHA: it was pretty funny, I gotta admit. Anyways, our lesson! I was gonna do some tech stuff, but I got lazy.

*MIISHA rummages through his bag*

MIISHA: instead, I got something better!

*MIISHA pull a out a plastic grocery bag, grinning*

GADGET: You do realize this is a tech class right?

MIISHA: yeah, but I thought you guys deserved a little break from the tech room.

*MIISHA pulls out a mushroom from the bag*

MIISHA: tech and science go hand in hand, kiddos.

MATTHEW: This guy, he knows what he’s doing.

SUNNY: I sure hope so…

MIISHA: alright, so I found this really weird mushroom outside this morning, and I decided to bring it here so you guys can observe it since I was too lazy to make lesson plans!

GADGET: Tell me, how on earth are you qualified as a teacher?

MIISHA: ‘Cause I went to college and graduated, duh. Anyways, feel free to poke the thing until something happens. Jot down some notes on your observations.

GADGET: I might as well have just stayed home…

*SUNNY nervously pokes the mushroom with the end of her pencil*

*Mushroom slightly twitches*

MIISHA: ooooh! Interesting interesting…

GADGET: This is not safe..

MIISHA: we’ll be fine. I have matches, we can just burn it in that trash can over there in case something goes crazy.

*MIISHA points to a trash can somewhere behind him*

*GADGET turns and notices an unfamiliar car.*

*GADGET mumbles*

GADGET: No one uses cars at this time of day.

MIISHA: a car?

*MIISHA look s behind him*

MIISHA: odd.. wait here kiddos, I’ll go check what that person wants. Keep pokin’ the thing.

*MIISHA gets up and walks to the person who just got out of the car*

*The person gets out of his car*

SPENCER: Hello there. I am Spencer.

*SPENCER holds out his hand*

*MIISHA grins and shakes his hand enthusiastically *

MIISHA: I’m Miisha! It’s nice to meet you! When did you move in?

SPENCER: Um, well, I haven’t. Just..passing through.

MIISHA: passing through?

*MIISHA laughs*

*SPENCER gives him a puzzled look*

MIISHA: hehe..  I’m sorry just.. it’s pretty hard to leave this place once you come in.. All roads just loop back here somehow!

*MIISHA’s laughter falters a bit*

*GADGET walks up to the two*

MIISHA: I told you to stay back there.

*GADGET shrugs*

Gadget: You also told us to poke a probably poisonous mushroom.

SPENCER: You said something about the roads? What do you mean…they loop back here..?

MIISHA: nobody knows! But it’s quite nice here, you’re gonna love it!

SPENCER: ..Al-right

MIISHA: so, where did you come from, exactly?

SPENCER: You know..I…can’t remember.

MIISHA: ah.. interesting.

SPENCER: I remember why I’m here though..

MIISHA: ah! May you tell me?

SPENCER: Confidential I’m afraid, all I can say is I’m a scientist.

MIISHA: I’m a scientist too! Well, I’m more of a tech guy..  but I’m studying this place to see what’s goin’ on here..

*SPENCER nods*


MIISHA: well, I truly hope you enjoy your stay here!

*MIISHA smiles*

*SPENCER exits*

*MIISHA waves*

MIISHA: see ya around!

GADGET: Good goin’ Miisha, you scared him

*MIISHA shrugs*

MIISHA: he had to learn the truth. Before.. before they got to him.

GADGET: You worry too much for a teacher. Let ‘em learn. He is a scientist after all

*GADGET smirks*

MIISHA: not like that though… nobody deserves to learn like that…

MATTHEW: We all learned like that.

*The kids look down knowingly*

MIISHA: and I’m trying to prevent any more from learning that way.  

GADGET: Good luck with that Mr. Keone.

*MIISHA smirks*

Scene 3:

SPENCER: hm.. that man.. Miisha… he was acting really strangely…

*Opens journal*


Journal entry #2

June 15th, 1963

I am walking in the woods in this strange town, Ashfield. The people here are quite odd, and they never seem to leave the town either. There are also these intriguing mushrooms everywhere. They don’t seem to grow but… appear.

*SPENCER looks at a sketch of the mushroom*

I have decided to go into the woods to find where these strange fungi came from. Perhaps I may even find a secret to this town that the locals may not even be aware about.

*end narration*


*SPENCER closes the journal*

SPENCER: I’ll figure it out, Grandpa… I promise.

Scene 4:

*GADGET in her garage area*

GADGET: My greatest accomplishment yet I think!

*A tap on the metal door*

GADGET: Hm? Who is it?

*GADGET puts her goggles on top of her head, and wipes her face.*

MATTHEW: Just me Samantha.

GADGET: *Mumbles* Just call me Gadget…

*GADGET opens the garage door*

GADGET: Come on in I guess.

*MATTHEW walks in, looking around*

MATTHEW: It’s so cluttered…

GADGET: It’s not clutter, it’s trinkets and inventions dummy.

*MATTHEW shrugs*

MATTHEW: It could stand to be a bit more organized.

*GADGET glares at MATTHEW*

GADGET: Don’t touch anything…

MATTHEW: I won’t, I promise!

@nuttela-chan, a friend of ours and I, wrote this script last year, but never finished it. 

This blog is dedicated to roleplays, fun facts, scripts, and art of our unfinished story.

You are allowed to make fanart, write fanfiction (SFW ONLY) , and ask me questions about “Ash Field.”

Gadget:*In his thoughts* I can’t believe that I’m really Sonics partner,he even calls me partner to, so awesome!!😁 I’ve got to show Sonic that I can be just as cool as he is, even in doing small things as well. Maybe I can help do some of the other stuff at HQ…hmm…

Sonic:Hm? Oh hey partner,what are you up to?

Gadget:Huh!? O-Oh hey Sonic I was actually going to go help out around HQ for a bit since I don’t have any missions right now.

Sonic:Huh,even though your on break you still want to help out huh,nice partner,*Taps Gadgets shoulder* well I’d better help around to if your gonna do so on your break later! *Runs off*

Gadget:…😳 I…Haha…*Shakes his head* No! I got to help out time to get to work!


Soldier:Agh!!! Dang it!

Sonic:Hmm? What’s up?

Soldier:Oh Sonic! Uhhh…I kinda got some mission files stuck at the top of that supply shelf and can’t get it down but the problem is with how the supplies are stacked if it shakes to much it could all fall then we’d have a big mess to clean up.

Sonic:No sweat, I’ll find a way to get those files down…without getting the supplies knocked over…😅

Gadget:Oh Hey Sonic you having trouble with something?

Sonic:Huh? Oh hey Gadget I’m trying to get some files that got stuck up there but with how the supplies are stacked if the shake a bit too much they’ll fall over and that would be a big mess to clean.

Gadget:I can help I can use my grappling hook to get to the top and grab the files.*Tail was a little in excitement*

Sonic:Perfect want me to give you a boost into the air?

Gadget:No don’t worry I got it, alright…here goes! *Jumps up and gets his hook attached to the ceiling*

Soldier:Now you just need to swing a little to get close enough to grab them!

Gadget:Got it! *Swings back and forth a bit and when he gets close enough he manages to grab the file* got it!


Soldier:Yes! Thank you so much for your help!

Gadget:Alright better back up a bit don’t wanna accidentally kick you.

*Sonic and the Soldier back up and Tails runs into the room as Gadget tries to descend but his hook won’t move*

Tails:SONIC! Where’s Gadget!?

Sonic:Huh? Oh he’s up there he just got some files that got stuck at the top of that pile,why?

Tails:He was supposed to come see me so I can fix his malfunction problem with his hook!!


Gadget:GAHHHHH!!!😰 *Accidentally hits the pile from his hook malfunctioning and making him swing into it*



Gadget:AAAAHHHH!!*Hook detaches And he falls*

Sonic:Gadget! *Jumps And catches Gadget* Gadget you Ok??

Gadget:Y-Yeah…I’ll be fine…

Soldier:The supplies are falling!

*Sonic carrying Gadget,Tails, and the Soldier, get clear from the falling supplies*

Soldier:Oh no…this will take forever to clean up…

Gadget:s-Sorry about that…

Sonic:well on the bright side none of the containers opened so we just gotta restack them.

Soldier:that is true..

Tails:We should get you to the infirmary Gadget you hit the pile pretty hard your leg is bruised also.*Points to Gadgets badly bruised leg*

Gadget:*Sigh* Ok..

Sonic:Don’t worry,we got the files back to him at least so that was still accomplished right?


Soldier:Hold on a sec…*Inspects the supplies* amazing!

Sonic,Gadget,And Tails:Hmm?

Soldier:No wonder Gadget is as good as everyone says all of the wispons are stacked perfectly we don’t need to organize them into which wispon they are!

Gadget:…😳 I Did?

Sonic:Wow Awesome! Nice job Buddy!*Winks at Gadget since he’s carrying him*

Tails:Yeah it’s pretty tough to pull something like that off even if it was all luck.👍


DAY 3083

Jalsa, Mumbai                Sept 8/9,  2016               Thu/Fri  2:35 am

EF Shameera Birthday  

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wishing the sprightly Shameera a very happy birthday .. love and all the joys for you Shams .. never change .. be yourself, spirited self .. the Ef 

What could not be achieved last night, was able tonight and perhaps in better form .. the reason for its non appearance was ‘corruption’ .. a corruption in the files that were with me to be adjusted in size and manner to suit the appearance on the Blog ..

Now after great effort and perhaps dedicated service, on all that goes into making files presentable, we have positive results .. 

Promotions continue and continue with vigour and laborious effort .. a phenomena that has erupted during the last few years .. the next generation are the ones that rule now, having accomplished that art so effectively that marketing and the selling of one’s creative product has become a part of the making of film ..

Many old timers have stayed away from this exercise and have legitimate reason for it .. but when asked about it to me I can only defend myself by the argument that the life of a film has now been limited to those 3 vital days - the Friday Saturday and the Sunday .. all that needs to happen then has to happen then .. the results the collections and the declaration of the success and failure .. unlike of course the old en days or my times when the modes of communication were just the print paper … and films worked for 25 weeks, 50 and 75  .. 

Its different now .. quick returns are demanded because the attention and lasting stance of the movie on release has been reduced to just that first week .. so all efforts must be made to cover those 3 days and if for that a massive promotional plan has to be made and executed it requires patience travel and time .. besides the extra costs of course .. 

So .. great many more radio and Rj interviews and back to the recording studios to sing Haryanvi song for a client campaign - Tata Sky ..

These moments are so demanding and irksome .. 

I am petrified of singing .. conscious of the results .. and have immense apprehension if things have gone right on the project assigned to me ..

So another day in front of the microphone and with tutors and assistants in whom I remove those eye shades, those blinkers, so there forms a relaxed easy atmosphere, which brings out terrible notes from that voice box, treated and run through those wonderful gadgets that bring you in tune with the notes of the song ..

Yes that brings on the pensiveness in thought and deed and because its early start tomorrow .. its good night !!

Amitabh Bachchan