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Humanity really doesn’t exist. Instead of having full media covering on the genocide occurring to the Muslims, Jews, Christians, Syrians, Arabs, etc. in Aleppo, the media full coverage is focused on Kanye West and Donald Trump; steering the focus away from a genocide currently occurring on Muslim lives. The entire world is watching innocent Muslim lives die at the hands of their government without offering an helping hand, and the only thing people care about is Donald Trump, the same person who’s discriminatory and racist against minorities the most. Wake up, humanity is dead. The civilians in Aleppo have no where to run, and ZERO hospitals to go to for their injuries. The world is coming to an end. Educate yourselves, question everything, research yourselves, because relying on the media will leave you blinded by the truth. Ya Allah my heart hurts, please #PrayforAleppo

My Eurus/Sherrinford Theory

Eurus begins to show all the signs of a psychopath/serial killer as a child.

Sherlock finds her torturing his dog, Redbeard, who dies from his injuries.

Sherlock is so upset that he runs to Mycroft, who tells their parents.

They have Eurus committed to a mental health facility called Sherrinford.

Mycroft feels responsible for her since he told and he takes over checking on her over the years.

Mycroft makes reminders to check in with Sherrinford because Eurus has tried to escape repeatedly and he is afraid she will seek revenge.

Eurus has been in Sherrinford since she was a child so Sherlock doesn’t recognize her in TLD.

Eurus is why Sherlock is so insistent he is a high-functioning sociopath and not a psychopath.

Eurus is why Sherlock freaks out about serial killers. 

Sherlock is so destroyed by his own sister killing his best friend that he swears off all emotional attachment from that point on.


The burning house in The Final Problem trailer is the Holmes’ family home which Eurus set on fire. 

Moriarty’s “posthumous game” plan was helping Eurus escape Sherrinford.

The body horror headcanon realization I just had about Reyes is fucking terrifying.

Ok, we know nanobots are a thing in the Overwatch universe. 

We know they have serious medical applications, allowing an elderly combat veteran with serious injuries run like a fit athlete.

What if, when Reyes was there dying, they tried to bring him back?

What if the nanobots, because of the damage from the explosion and their prototype nature, misinterpreted their intended function, and instead tried to save Reyes even though he was too far gone?

They would find the last vestiges of his thinking mind, slowly dying and they would copy that neural net, store it for safekeeping, maybe try to resuscitate the body and then dump the brain back into it.

Except, that much processing power requires energy. 

A lot of energy. Carbon-based energy. 

So, while the nanobot swarm is trying to save his mind, it’s eating his body away like acid, imprinting his mind and causing it to bleed across to physical existences, one which is a literal mesh networked swarm of nanobots, the other his now rapidly dissolving body. 

His first memory is seeing his own skull dissolve before eyes that aren’t even his.

This explains his wraith ability; he isn’t a single body, but a mesh network of trillions of nanoscopic robots, and it explains his ability to consume corpses, his death blossom, as well has his “infinite shotguns.” 

It also means he’s terrifying, because all bullets/pulse weapons would do is destabilize him; you probably couldn’t actually kill him per-se unless you were able to nuke the nanobot swarm full-on. 

Hit and Run Chapter 3

Hey guys, as promised here’s chapter 3 of Hit and Run!

For those who haven’t read the previous chapters yet…


Tumblr: 1 / 2

Thanks @gays-on-ice (aka @peanut-jars) ,  @ppastelderpp, and @peachyviktor for putting up with me <3

Also… considering the new information revealed by the last few episodes… I may need to review my general outline and make appropriate changes.

Chapter 3 : Hospital Stay (2)

Yuuri plastered his most serene expression onto his face and hoped that Victor wouldn’t be able to call his bluff.

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Hit and Run Chapter 2

Welp. I know I’m very late in posting. I’m really sorry. I’m very slow at writing orz

Thanks to @gays-on-ice​ for letting me bounce ideas for this chapter off of you!

For those of you who haven’t read chapter 1…

AO3 (I’ll post this on AO3 tomorrow!)


This is unbeta’d by the way. Feel free to point out any mistakes you may find!


Chapter 2…

Victor slowly came into awareness, rising towards consciousness slowly, but surely.

“…sorry… couldn’t… save… too severe…”

The figure skater’s brows furrowed, as he tested those words out in his mind.

Couldn’t… save? …who…?

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anonymous asked:

What happens when a patient pulls out their own IV? Does it run the risk of greater injury? Do alarms sound and notify the nurses?

Mostly they bleed all over stuff and annoy the nurses. If the patient is on an IV pump, the pump will just slowly squirt the medicine onto the floor; to the pump, any downstream resistance just went away. It can’t tell if it’s pumping drugs onto the floor or into a patient. So no alarms there.

There isn’t a big risk of injury from pulling out your own IV, though like I said, there’s usually some bleeding. From a nurse’s perspective, this means that the IV needs to be replaced, the wound bandaged, the sheets changed, the bed cleaned… it’s a pretty big hassle, especially if the patient’s good IV sites have already been used, or if they’re a hard stick to begin with.

In kids or patients who keep trying to pull IVs (and aren’t awake enough to understand why they need to be there), IV sites are typically wrapped with roller gauze and/or protected with a small splint thing (this last one is usually in small kids).

So other than being annoying, it’s usually no big deal. Hope this was helpful!

trying to explain how u injured urself @ guard part 1
  • The doctor: So how did you break your toe?
  • Me: i dropped my rifle on it at practice
  • Doc: A rifle.
  • Me: yup
  • Doc: And this ... rifle was in your hands when this happened? Three or four feet off the ground?
  • Me: was in the air bc i tossed it
  • Doc: ...
  • Me: so like eight feet because my fives are lofty as heck
  • Doc: ...
  • Doc: *types very fast for ten minutes*
Dating Negan would involve...

Originally posted by rikkisixx

-Him protecting you at all costs

-Threatening anyone with Lucille if they so much as look at you in the wrong way

-You being the only one who can calm him down when he’s mad

-Cupping your neck and leaning his forehead on yours, closing his eyes

-Him sending you ‘sex eyes’ across any room

-Openly showing his affection toward you. Whoever is present

-Warning people who escort you on a hunt that if you are hurt, there will be trouble

-Him being angry when you get hurt on a run

-Mainly at you

-Him calming down and gently tending to your injuries

-Kissing any cuts or bruises you have

-Him being obsessed with eating your pussy

-Seriously. He loves it

-Him slapping your ass whenever you walk by him

-Fucking you everywhere. In the sanctuary, in the woods, even in Alexandria

-Loving when people walk in on you two having sex

-Leaving hickeys all over your skin to ‘mark you’

-Him kissing you to shut you the hell up

-The both of you getting seriously jealous all the time

-”Thank you for being here”

-”You didn’t really give me a choice”

-Him not wanting you to be one of his wives because he thinks you’re better than that

-Him telling everyone he meets that you’re his

-Just simply the two of you being madly in love


Rib Injury, Day 10

It’s been tough. Can’t run. Can’t lift. I’ve been doing a lot of walking and just started riding the bike at the gym. I did an hour on Saturday and was dripping sweat. Although the longest hour of my life, it felt so, so good to sweat that hard. It’s been awhile. Today I investigated the stairway to nowhere and spent a little time on the bike. Starting to feel better (thanks to the power of Ibuprofen), but I’m trying to give myself as much time as I can to heal before jumping back into full on running. Happy Tuesday, y'all.

my boss: why cant you come into work today?

me: I have been shot, stabbed, set on fire, torn up all over my body, caught in a conveyor belt and had a decent amount of skin sanded off down to the muscle and fat, ripped up, run over, poisoned, irradiated and not to mention the other dozen or so injuries I have had that required stitches that I had to administer myself or other things such as cauterizing my wound with a hot knife blade


Requested: Imagine Minho being jealous after seeing you with the new Greenie. He tries to play it off cool but fails miserably. 

I watched him run into to the maze for another day of searching for an exit and avoiding grievers. Minho and I have been dating for four and a half months now, I came up into the maze five months ago on this exact day, being the only girl here was horrible for the first few days, but I became fast friends with the boys, especially Newt, Alby, and Minho. Minho and I were instantly attracted to one another, and since I was a medjack, we fell in love through Minho’s numerous injuries from running.  

I shake my head to clear the thoughts and walk into the medjack hut. I’m organizing a medicine cabinet when the alarm goes off. Today is Greenie day, and because of my caring, maternal instinct, I’m in charge of helping the Greenie feel at home. I push through the crowd of boys and meet Newt, Alby, and Gally at the edge of the box. It opens and we see yet another boy, he is muscular with dark hair, and looks absolutely horrified.

Gally jumps into the box and lifts the boy up, “Rise and shine greenie!”

Newt, Alby, and I walk the Greenie away from the amused crowd of boys, “Welcome to the Glade Greenie, I’m Alby, the leader, this is Newt, he’s second in command, and this is Y/N, the only girl around this place.”

The Greenie scans my body, then looks back up to my face smirking, that’s when Newt steps in front of me, “I swear to god Greenbean, if you lay a bloody finger on her, I will kill you before Minho even gets the chance!”    

I smile at Newt’s protectiveness, he and Alby, along with most of the other boys, have always treated me like a sister, “I’ll take it from here boys,” I say turning toward the new boy, “come on Greenie, time for the tour.”

I walk him through the Glade showing him every inch of the place, “So do you remember your name yet?” I ask trying to make small talk.

“It’s-” He pauses, deep in thought, “um…”

“It’s alright; it’ll come to you in a day or t-”

“Nathan!” He suddenly exclaims, “My name’s Nathan.”

“Alright, so Nathan, do you have any questions?”

“Yeah, I do actually,” I raise my eyebrows at him, “Who’s Minho? Newt mentioned him earlier who is he?”

“That’s for me to know, and for you to find out,” I wink then giggle.

Minho’s POV

The sun will be setting soon, so I’m making my way back to the Glade, smiling at the thought of seeing my beautiful girlfriend. It’s Greenie day, so we will be having a bonfire, I know how much Y/N loves them. I run through the gate and instantly see her, laughing with the Greenie, his eyes hungrily wander her body, and I trip over my own two feet and faceplant into the ground.

“Shuck!” I hear her call out, trying to conceal the amusement in her voice, “You struggling a little over there sweetheart?” That sassy little slinthead.

I get up on to my feet, trying to gather my dignity up off the ground, and walk up to Y/N with all the pride that I can gather. I look the Greenie, who is standing directly behind her, straight in the eye before turn back to Y/N. I grab her by the waist, dip her down and kiss her square on the lips.

I finally look at the Greenie who is starting back with wide eyes and walk towards him.


Still flustered by the kiss, I see Minho walking towards Nathan, he grabs him by the front of the shirt, pulling him on to his toes, he looks tiny compared Minho, “If you ever look at my girlfriend like that again I will throw you off the shucking cliff, am I clear shank?!”

Nathan nods frantically and Minho walks toward the map room.

“And that, Nathan, was Minho. My wonderful boyfriend,” you say before walking away to prepare for the bonfire.  

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Ah, dog ‘breeders’.

A Malinois ‘breeder’ came in today with her 2 years old dog having grade 3 lameness on its left hind leg. I started asking her about recent events that may have caused traumatic injuries, such as long walks, running, hiking, etc. She told me the dog ran up and down the stairs during the weekend, but that is not what caused her lameness, but its anal sacs that need to be emptied. Her dog had the lameness before and it resolved after we emptied the anal sacs.
I expressed my doubts regarding her ‘diagnosis’ and suggested booking an appointment with my colleague, who is an orthopaedic surgeon, for an x ray and a thorough examination, since I felt that its knee was swollen and painful to the touch. Until then, I advised cage rest and wanted to administer some nsaids because the poor dog was obviously in pain. She told me that she knows better, because she has more experience than I do in dog breeding and she doesn’t BELIEVE in painkillers. Like painkillers are some kind of religion in which you believe or not. Sigh. She also thinks that Malinois dogs have an insanely high pain threshold, so her dog will cope with the pain on her own.
I tried to convince her how unethical it would be for me to not relieve my patient’s pain but she vehemently refused the treatment.
Oh, she’s the same breeder whose pregnant dog died a terrible death a few months ago. We diagnosed it with uterine inertia due to a pup with hydrocephalus being stuck in the birth canal, so we suggested caesarian section asap, but she refused, saying that she always gives them oxyitocin and they’ll give birth without any problem. Although we strongly discouraged the use of oxytocin, she didn’t seem to care, but she came back the other day with the dog in a state of shock due to uterine rupture. Needless to say there was nothing we could do.
I hate this *person* with the burning passion of two hundred thousand suns.
Rant over.

Walk To Me

Requested: can you do an imagine where you can’t walk but start getting rehab while shawn is on tour and you surprise him at a show in toronto and walk on stage and he freaks out and is super happy and surprised?



About a year ago, your life changed. You used to be active, always running, doing gymnastics, and adventuring everywhere. But you got a spinal injury from an accident while you were doing gymnastics, and the injury left you unable to walk. Although you have been undergoing intense physical therapy to try and regain control of your legs and learn to walk again, the progress is slow and so difficult. The biggest bright spot of this past year has been Shawn for sure.

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foam rolling for old people

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve been running with plantar fasciitis for 2.5 years now.  I haven’t been able to run without any pain or discomfort since then.  Last October I saw the ortho and came away with a focused plan to treat my plantar - consisting mostly of stretching and merciless abuse of my arches with a hard rubber spike ball.  Two months later I got back to running - with improved feet but a hugely painful right ankle with pretty bad mobility.  I ran on the ankle thinking it was like any standard twist or sprain - nothing to be super concerned with.  And it got a little better over time.

Fast forward to last week, and after a heavy weekend of running, my ankle was killing me and so were my heels.  Lightly touching my right heel hurt and any hard contact was enough to take me down.  I did some research on Dr Google and came to the conclusion that I have achilles tendinitis.  And I immediately launched into a stretching and rolling routine for that.  The key point being the rolling.  While extending my foot and rolling my lower calf, it was almost too painful to handle.  So I’ve kept at it for the last several days and it’s not nearly as painful now.

The result?  Today I ran 15 miles (my longest run since my last race on labor day weekend).  And for the vast majority, I felt good.  Almost no ankle pain to speak of and I didn’t notice any lack of flexion or mobility.  And after the long run, my heel hurts a little, but nothing too serious.  Stronger quads from some speed work along with an increase in range of motion of my ankle allowed me to keep good form for 2+ hours.  My running economy was better and I don’t have any connective tissue pain.  This may sound dumb to a lot of you, but this was better than any run that I can remember in the last 6+ months.  Suddenly there’s hope.


Now let me get to the title of this post.  I’m almost 38 years old.  I don’t bounce back as easily as I once did.  I’m not as physically elastic as I used to be.  And I have 7+ years of somewhat heavy running as a not-super-young guy.  I’ve done a lot of research lately on myofacial adhesions.  Basically the connective tissue of your body (that wraps your muscles, connects your tendons and ligaments, etc) when damaged will often heal asymmetrically.  Normally fascia fibers all run in the same direction, making it easy for them to slide, stretch, etc.  But when damage is done, that smooth lattice can get all messed up when it heals.  And that can decrease the stretchiness of the fascia, limiting mobility.  That limited mobility can cause tendons and ligaments to have less range of motion, forcing them to work harder or maintain more stress over a small subsection than is normal.  Once something gets tight and hurts, we naturally favor it.  That not only makes the adhesions worse, but it messes up other areas because your biomechanics are thrown off.

As we get older, this happens more often.  And it apparently becomes increasingly important to get it fixed.  That’s where foam rollers, spike balls, sports massage, etc, comes in.  Breaking up the adhesions and possibly damaging them and forcing them to re-heal is apparently the way to fix this.  I’m not a doctor or a physiologist, but I can corroborate this theory with my own experience.  It seems to be working for me on 1-2+ year old injuries.  Hopefully it continues to work.  I’m about 6 months out from the Leadville 100 and there’s a lot of running to be done.

While I’m here, I’m going to plug a product that has been awesome for me.  It’s as good as it gets for really hammering trigger points in legs and arms.  It’s obviously not all that useful for backs or shoulders.  But if you have tendinitis issues, plantar fasciitis, and possibly IT band syndrome (depending on how big your thighs are), it could really help: