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On character customizations and self-indulgence

Jokes aside (the jokes are inevitable at this rate), maybe the custom character feature will put the mobian OCs on a positive light.

Like, when people see a mobian OC, they instantly deem as “cringe” and/or “mary-sue”/“gary-stu” (DeviantART is to blame), and it gets a bad reputation, as the fandom itself also has a bad reputation.

I call that bullshit.

When you create an OC, you’re actually practicing and exploring your creativity potential, and possibly, adopting a new persona (that’s the self-inserts’ case), and this is great. There’s nothing wrong with being self-indulgent (as I am self-indulgent myself), and this is an oportunity to remodel and fix that old overpowered character of yours (don’t lie, we all had an cringe-worthy OP character), and plus: there’s nothing wrong with an overpowered character (just look at Son Goku and Saitama for an example; overpowered, and yet the people love them!)

Like, if we’re going to demonize OCs and self-inserts, then we should burn all the games that feature customized characters and shit on game companies and their consoles for having an avatar feature (Mii for Nintendo, and Avatar for XBOX) and burn everything down.

Gameplay wise, from what I’ve seen, it’s heavily based on DragonBall Xenoverse series (this game also used the custom character feature), as you have different character/species types with certain advantages that could be helpful in-game and such.

Like, if DBXV did it, and it aided in some people into coming up with their own characters and stories (I’ve seen lots of DragonBall OCs pop out after Xenoverse came out, and they were absolutely superb!), then why can’t SEGA/Sonic Team do it too?

Like, quit bein’ a salty ass, and join the fun! Where’s the crime in being able to create a character yourself, huh? None! Zero! Zilch!

Go ahead and have fun! Expand your horizons! Live your wildest dreams! Let your imagination run wild and free!

The world is a canvas, and YOU are the artist!

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Title : Ride

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 2,592

Prompt : Ride by Lana Del Rey

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You walked with your arms wrapped around yourself, hugging your black leather jacket to yourself. The night air was cold, and you could see your breath in front of your nose. Your hair curled in the wind as your boots splashed in the puddles on the pavement. You heard a soft growl behind you and looked up as headlights lit the world in front of you. You let out an exasperated sigh and stuck out your thumb.

The car sped past without so much as slowing down. You grimaced to yourself as the red truck drove away into the night, leaving you alone to keep walking on the lone, dark highway.

You normally didn’t resort to hitchhiking, but this was your only option.

And you weren’t about to go back. Not now.

You heard another car approach and you turned around to face the vehicle as it advanced. You released your grip on your jacket, revealing a tiny bit of your stomach in the crop top you wore as you walked backward, holding out your thumb again.

If you had learned anything in your line of work, it was that a little skin could get you a long way.

However, you were a little surprised when the approaching car actually slowed down. You stopped walking so the black vehicle could brake beside you. You slung your backpack over your shoulder as the car came to a stop beside you, concealing a small dagger in the fold of your jacket as you did.

That was another thing you had learned in your line of work, never leave home without a knife.

You stood still as the window of the black car rolled down. You pushed your hair behind your ear and leaned into the window.

“Hey.” A low, gravelly voice spoke from the darkness. You looked in, ignoring your instinctual trepidation. You found yourself staring into the nice interior of an old car, probably a 60-something Chevrolet. In the driver’s seat sat one of the most attractive men you had ever seen, leaning back with a small smirk on nearly perfect lips. His eyes were green and smiling, so you smiled back, biting your lip.

“Hey.” You leaned into the window further, exposing more of you to the man’s view; but despite your act, you were ready to whip out your knife at a moment’s notice. You knew how to play these games; and you never lost.  You had met some of the scariest things in the world; freakily attractive men were no problem, although you highly doubted he was entirely normal as you noticed a small cut on his forehead.

“Where are you heading?” The man asked, leaning forward on the steering wheel.

You inhaled softly. The car smelled of whiskey, leather, and cologne. You ran your hand along your back, feeling for the other knife you kept stashed in your shirt. You cast the man the sweetest smile you could muster, blinking up at him through your lashes. “Anywhere but here.”

You saw the man’s mouth pull into a smirk, an unbelievably handsome one at that. He bit his lip and you smiled back. “Well then, if you are heading nowhere, I think I can give you a lift.”

He leaned over and swung open the passenger door with one hand, smirking up at you.

“Thank you.” You smiled back, getting in the car next to him. You closed the door, and before you had your seat belt fastened, he was driving away. He leaned over the radio and turned up the volume and you were whisked away to the sounds of a collection of 70’s and 80’s music.

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“Mirror mirror mirror on the wall
Telling those lies
Pointing at your flaws
That isn’t who you are”

I was listening to this song this morning and thinking about how much our body image comes from those things we heard from friends and family growing up. But that isn’t who you are. You’re much more than what you see in the mirror.