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Venezuela seizes 4m toys to distribute to poor children as Christmas gifts
Government authorities detained two executives from Kreisel, the country’s largest toy distributor, on suspicion of hoarding and price gouging

The Venezuelan government has seized nearly 4m toys from a private company and says it will hand them out as Christmas gifts for poor children.

The country’s fair pricing authority seized the toys on Friday from three warehouses run by Kreisel, Venezuela’s largest toy distributor. Two company executives were detained on suspicion of promoting price speculation.

Agency director William Contreras alleged that Kreisel under-reported its inventory in order to sell some toys at higher prices.

Contreras said the seizure would teach companies “that you can’t play with the rights of Venezuelans”.

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heyyy fam if you're still taking jimon prompts can you please do stuck in a closet (either on a mission or just in the institute) I live for that trope and these idiots in love THANK YOU

hey pal…thank you?? so much?? i don’t know why this is so long but It Is so i mean,, i hop u like it

set like 2 weeks after stains


If you had asked Simon what he was doing tonight 3 hours ago, he probably would have said something along the lines of “Nothing” and “Well I don’t know what are you doing,” in that way of his that just made him sound lonely instead of trying to flirt with you. He definitely did not expect his night to be “running through an abandoned warehouse being chased by a pack of Shax demons.”

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The Joker x Reader- “Love at First Sight”

First time you saw the Joker you were mesmerized. It felt like someone dropped a bag with 20 bricks on your head and kicked you in the nuts. Wait, you don’t have any, scratch that off, it might have been a cramp.

Could be related to this:

First time you saw the Joker you were mesmerized. It felt like someone dropped a bag with 20 bricks on your head and kicked you in the nuts. Wait, you don’t have any, scratch that off, it might have been a cramp.

**** You just froze, staring at him. J is sitting on that fancy armchair he stole from Commissar Gordon’s office when he raided the police headquarters last week. He is on his phone texting and Frost is at the desk, typing something on the laptop. Everyone is running around the warehouse like crazy, getting ready for tonight’s robbery.  

The Joker lifts his eyes for a sec and notices you glare his way. He doesn’t think anything of it and goes back to texting.  After a couple of minutes he looks up again and you are in the same spot, glancing in his direction. He looks left, right and behind him to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that got your attention. Nothing. And he doesn’t know you. How did you get in? Unless you’re…

“Hey, Frost, who’s that?” he growls at his henchman, pointing his head towards you.

Jonny sees you and:

“That’s my cousin, sir, that’s Y/N. She finally got here.”

“You sneaky bastard, you didn’t tell me she’s pretty, I would have hired her sooner,” he smirks, throwing his cane at Frost.

I had my reasons, Jonny sighs, keeping his composure. He knows what that look on your face means: you are smitten with your new boss- J is so your type.

Oh my God, I didn’t know Mister J is such a nice piece of a..”

“Y/N, you found us!” Frost interrupts your train of thought, signaling you to follow him.

**** You can’t take your eyes off him; you are totally infatuated with the Joker. Your cousin completely hates it that you two shamelessly flirt all the time. J calls you all these pet names and he can tell you love it. Frost wants to throw up every time he witnesses all this shit. Too bad for him because you absolutely adore your boss.

“Princess, go get Daddy a drink,” he asks while organizing the maps on his desk.

“Right away, Mister J,” you grin and go get it for him. The Joker is concentrating on his project, grabs his glass and without even realizing it he takes your hand and briefly kisses it:

“You’re such a good Doll.”

You never had a heart attack before, but you are pretty sure that is what it would feel like.

Holy crap, I’ll never wash my hand again!  you promise yourself, excited to the maximum.

**** You have to go to the penthouse and pick up some explosives. Getting around a living room might seem like an easy task for a skilled hit woman such as yourself but it all goes to shit when you see the Joker coming out of his bedroom with just a towel around his waist.

The two neurons in your brain that survived the visual impact have a hard time connecting because you can’t think right now. You are basically drooling.

Oh my God, look at those tattoos!!!! you squeal inside like a high school girl. His skin looks sooo smooth and soft, I wonder if he’s smooth aaaalllll over. Lord, I just want to yank that towel off him and grab h…

“Pumpkin, did you hear me?”

“Hmmm?” you try to pay attention but it’s hard.

“I said the dynamite is on the balcony, go get it, come on, you don’t have all day, you need to take care of my black list too.”

You make a few steps then you stop, a huge smile flourishing on your lips: Mister J is winking at you. Ahhh, he’s such a flirt, you think, delighted, but…why does he look so awkward while doing it?

“Stupid contacts, I really hate them,” he complains, heading towards the bathroom and rubbing his eyes, annoyed.

You must admit this moment is one of the biggest disappointments of your life, right up there with that time when you cat died.

**** At his club, late at night, just you and him in the VIP room, trying to wrap it up. You help him bag the money you guys stole from the Bank of Gotham and he suddenly asks you:

“Y/N, can you please scratch my back? I have a spot, right around …here” he guides your hand, ”it’s been itching like crazy, I can’t stand it anymore.”

You gulp, your eyes devouring him but he can’t see because you are behind him.

Oh, you sexy thing, I have an itch too and I would love for you to …

“Baby doll, what are you doing?!”

You look down, coming back to reality and realizing you are running your nails along the velvety tapestry of his chair. Oops. You didn’t mean to fondle it.  

**** J sits at his desk, very interested in the notes you gave him. Your informant was able to smuggle the new plans of Arkham Asylum, it looks like they actually have some secret rooms in the basement. The Joker keeps on licking his lips, purring, satisfied he has such a treasure in his possession and you are a step away from losing it.

You go and sit on the glass desk, scooting over until you are in front of him and all the papers are pushed to the side. He sees you and looks up, confused.

“Princess, what are you doing?!”

You lean over so you can be close to his face and just ask:

“Did anybody tell you you’re beautiful?”

The Joker’s blue eyes narrow, he thinks he didn’t hear you right.

“Did. Anybody. Tell. You. You’re. Beautiful?” you repeat, smiling.

“Ummm…yes?” he replies, now completely baffled.

“Who?” you snap, backing out a bit, irritated. “Was it one of the bitches working here?!!!”

“What? No, you told me last week and the week before, you always tell me that, you naughty girl. I’m starting to think you’re flirting with me.”

“Huh? I did?”  You really don’t recall.  “So I’m the bitch then,” you begin laughing so hard and he doesn’t know how to react. “All right, as long as it’s me I’m OK.”

He watches as you happily head towards the door and bump in the armchair.

“Sorry, my bad!” you giggle, closing the door behind you.

Why is she taking to the furniture? he wonders, snickering. And they say I’m the crazy one, J rolls his eyes, amused.

**** “Baby doll, can you make me some of those dark chocolate chip cookies I like?”

“Sure can, Mister J, “ you gladly oblige because you like using the kitchen in the penthouse.

“Can you make them into little bites?”

Gosh, I would love to bite your …

“Kitten, did you hear me?” the Joker interrupts your daydreaming.

“Yes, bite…everything,” you mumble, distracted.


“I got it, sir, no worries!” you reassure J, backing out while staring him down.

“Y/N, kitchen is the other way,” he points out the obvious direction, not understanding why you forgot where it is.

After you bake the goodies you bring them over and watch him munch on them, absent minded while drawing things on his maps.

He’s such a delicious morsel, you conclude and feel it is your sacred duty to do something about it.

You step in front of him, lift his chin up and kiss him. That was something he did not expect.

“Mmmmm, you taste so sweet, yummy!” you close your eyes, enjoying the moment.

“Y/N, are you flirting with me?” he asks, even if he knows the answer.

“No, never, not me…nope…Maybe?… Most definitely!… God, you’re such a tease!” you blur out, frustrated, kissing him again.

J snickers, definitely impressed by this new approach:

“What did I do?! I just kill people, steal and blackmail,” he seductively whispers on purpose (jerk, taking advantage on such a sweet, innocent little thing such as yourself) and doesn’t expect your reaction:

“Oh, my God, yes, talk dirty to me!!” you moan and land in his lap, starting to kiss his neck and face all over and he has to admit you’re not boring at all.

“I also drive my Lamborghini…”

“Jesus, yes, tell me more, you bad boy!!!” you scream, pressing your body against his, totally turned on.

He is so entertained and he has to admit no woman did this to him before.

“…And last night I washed my own dinner plate,” he confesses, winking at you.

Your jaw drops to the ground.

“Shut up !!!! No way !!! My Goodness and all the saints, you have such a dirty mouth, I love it !!! You sexy beast, keep going!!!”

He laughs and spanks you while you try to rip his shirt and actually succeed after two tries. You frantically start kissing his tattoos. The Joker has another one for you:

“The other day I was able to change a light bulb in my bedroom.”

“Holy shit !!!” you gasp, panting like you ran the 10K marathon. “You are so bad, I love it!!! I never imagined you could be so naughty!” You pull down his pants and push him on the floor.

He never had a woman before that undressed him so fast. And he thought he was impatient.

**** Frost comes up to the Penthouse to talk something important with his boss but doesn’t see anybody around. He suddenly hears some noises coming from the master bedroom and stops in front of it, listening at the door. What’s going on in there?

His eyes almost come out of their sockets when he hears you two:

“This morning I changed my earrings,” the Joker grunts.

“Ahhh…” you scream, “…you’re killing me!!! Talk dirty to me, don’t stop!!” you moan, ecstatic at the revelation.

“Last week I stole 8 million dollars,” he snarls, nibbling on your ear.

“You’re the worst!!! Wash your mouth with soap, Mister J!” you shout, feeling you are going to completely go bonkers soon.

“Wanna wash it for me?” A few slaps and muffled laughter.

WTF?! Jonny thinks, distancing himself from the room.

He’s going to have nightmares after this.


The Other (Bucky x Reader) Part 11

Summary: Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

Author’s Note: Shit goeth down.

Chapter List


Part Eleven

You felt something clasp around your throat, and you felt your oxygen falling short. You scratched at your throat, trying to rid yourself of whatever it was that was choking you, but there was nothing there. You felt the pain starting to emerge in your neck, and just before you thought you were going to burst, you felt a release. You gasped loudly and your gaze started coming back into focus. That’s when you realised you were tied to a chair. You quickly eyed your surroundings, although they weren’t much to take in. A run-down warehouse, like any other, with dripping pipes along the walls and a musty smell in the air.

You felt something hit you over the head, and you felt yourself growing woozy. You still couldn’t see anyone, and you felt a chill creeping up your spine. Suddenly the dripping from the taps grew louder and louder, and before you realised it, you felt your toes touch the cold water. You tried to look around, but your body was stuck in one position, not moving at all. You started thinking about where you could be, and why on earth you would be there, but nothing came to your mind.

You suddenly snapped back into reality when your ankles became painfully numb. Looking down, the water was now beginning to fill the entire room unrealistically quickly. What was going on? You tried to tug yourself loose from the restraints, but you couldn’t feel any restraints. Yet, you couldn’t move your body at all. You tried moving the chair, but it seemed to be nailed to the ground. Suddenly the water was up to your throat, and you just remembered to inhale as the water passed your lips and you were submerged in water.

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Can’t Help Falling In Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Summary: Dean doesn’t like to dance, and he doesn’t want to be forced to do it. Reader loves to dance, and she would dance for the world if she could. Reader and Dean get into a fight that could possibly lead Dean to doing something he thought he’d never do…

Warning: a bit of angst, a bit of fluff, swearing, a little of smut (first time writing so bear with me)

Words: 3,175

A/N: I have no idea if I’m happy with how this turned out but fuck it


You had spent the last two weeks in Oklahoma City hunting down three creatures; a shape shifter, a vampire and a djinn. The three turned out to be working together, which made it an odd hunt for you. It seemed as if the shape shifter was using the appearance of the two victims’ lovers to lead them to the run down warehouse. From then on, the djinn gave them a single touch, pulling them into a reality-altering hallucination, leaving the vampire to drain their blood day by day, bit by bit.

To say you were exhausted was an understatement.

All you wanted to do was stop at a motel and sleep the exhaustion off, but you didn’t have the time to sleep. You wanted so badly to get to Lebanon and spend your planned week with the man you had been love in with for the past seven years. Within four hours, it’d be the marked date of the third year anniversary since the two of you had gotten together – and you both planned to put hunting aside for the week and spend it together.

It was already one in the morning by the time you had reached the bunker, quietly grabbing your bags and heading inside. By the silence throughout the bunker, you knew both Sam and Dean were asleep. You made your way silently to Dean’s room, opening the door slowly before squeezing your way through. Dropping your bags on the floor, you removed your boots and took off your clothes. You were thankful that you had showered when you left 19 hours ago to remove the stench of blood – thankful that you still smelled of the rose scented body wash.

You made your way to his bed, lifting the sheets and slipping in beside him. He stirred a little from the movement, but instantly fell right back into his slumber. You inched closer to him and wrapped your arm around his waist, pressing your bare chest against his bare back. Placing a gentle kiss to his shoulder blade, you soon fell asleep with your head against his back.

You had pleasantly woken up to the view of Dean between your legs and his eyes glued to your face. You were pulled out of your sleep by the wonders of his tongue and the bruising touch clamped to your hips. Both hands were urging your hips to stay on the bed, teasing you with a slow pace his tongue was working at. Many pleading whimpers left your mouth, in hopes he’d cave in and give you the release you had been craving for the past month.

His tongue flickered over your clit, just barely touching you. An impatient groan left your lips as you reached down and pulled at his hair. A quiet chuckle left his mouth before running his tongue over the sensitive spot he knew too well, causing a moan to leave yours. Clamping his lips to the sensitive area, he sucked and licked and grazed his teeth ever so gently. Your hips jerked into his hands, throwing your head back against the pillow.

The ache you had felt with his teasing soon turned into a pulsing throb from the actions his tongue made. Your eyes couldn’t stay open from the pleasure he was giving you, blocking the sight of Dean and his mouth working wonders on your cunt.

“Fuck,” you cried out as his tongue created patterns against your pulsing cunt.

Your moans pitched higher, his hands leaving your hips, freeing your hips to jerk and grind against his face. With the moans leaving his mouth, the vibrations were almost too much to bear. Your toes curled at the sensation, your fingers tugging at his hair. Your stomach clenched as the orgasm ripped through you, your body trembling as crashing waves of pleasure washed over your body, leaving you weakened and in bliss.

Dean never took his mouth away, not until your tremors eased and you were clean of any leaked juices. After that, he crawled back up your body and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. A satisfied hum left your mouth, a lazy smile on both your faces.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he mumbled, lying down beside you and pulling you close to his warm body.

“Morning, sunshine,” you looked up at him in awe, still amazed at how handsome he looked in the mornings. When you first slept with Dean, you expected to wake up to him being as unattractive as you were in the mornings, but you were proven wrong. Even with sleep in his eyes and a drowsy look on his face, he still managed to look sexier than ever.

He chuckled softly, “well, that was my breakfast,” before placing another kiss to your temple.

With all the energy left in your body, you pushed him to lie on his back. A smirk was evident on your face as you slid down his body to his hard cock.

“I haven’t had mine yet.”

You spent the morning fooling around in bed and whispering sweet nothings to one another. You both could’ve spent longer if it weren’t for your stomach growling in hunger. The both of you got up and put on pieces of clothing – yours consisting of just underwear and one of his shirts, his consisting of black sweatpants. You pleaded for him to remain shirtless for the rest of the day.

When you reached the kitchen, Sam was there making himself a salad. He grinned instantly when he seen you walk in and quickly rushed to give you the greatest bear hugs. You laughed when he lifted you up in the air and spun your around.

“Oh Sammy,” you giggled, clinging tightly to him as he spun you, “I missed you.”

And it was true. You and Sam grew exceptionally close during the period Dean went to purgatory two years before you got together. You both supported one another during the loss of Dean, and immediately became closer friends – basically best friends. You told him every single thing about you, and he did the same with you.

“I missed you too, Y/N/N,” he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck before eventually letting you go, “when did you get here? How have you been? Why haven’t you contacted us all week?”

“First of all, I got here just after midnight,” you watched him finish preparing his salad as you sat down at the table, crossing your legs in the process, “second of all, I have been really great, exhausted as hell, but fucking amazing.”

“Alright, now the last question?” He pushed, earning an audible sigh from you, “tough case?”

“That and it was confusing,” you mumbled, “enough about work though, how have you been?”

He smiled politely at you, grabbing a fork and sitting in front of you at the table. You glanced over at Dean to see him preparing a meal for the both of you, giggling when he accidently walked into the corner of the counter, earning a grunt from him.

“I’ve been good, actually. Taking it easier with hunting,” he replied, shoving a mouthful of salad in his mouth.

You smiled in reply, reaching over and taking a piece of lettuce from his bowl to eat. The strong taste of balsamic vinegar danced across your taste buds, causing your mouth to drool at the taste. Before you got close to Sam, you had hated salads. In fact, anything that was remotely healthy you would throw in the bin in an instance. But during that period, he made you salads and ended up getting you to enjoy it once in a while.

“You need to make me some tonight,” you pointed at his salad and grinned.

He chuckled and nodded, looking over at his brother. You gaze followed his as you both watched Dean make what looked to be bacon and eggs. You were about to remind him to flip your egg, but he did the action before you could even open your mouth. It always seemed to amaze you at how well he knew you.

Whether it was the fact that you like ice in your drinks or you like sleeping on the left side of bed. He knew every tiny detail about you. He had studied you from the moment he met you and since then, he learnt how you liked to have things done or the way you completed something. He noticed that you can’t sleep without music or no fan – you have to have both things on. Those were just some of the many small things he adored about you.

“Baby, can you butter the toast for me?” Dean’s voice broke you out of your trance. You nodded in reply and sauntered to the fridge, grabbing the butter and grabbed a knife on your way to the toaster. You grabbed the four pieces of toast and put the spread on each of them, placing two each on separate plates.

You carried the two plates toward him and place it on the bench. Sam had finished his salad by the time you completed your task, placing his empty bowl in the sink.

“I’m going to go out for a bit,” Sam spoke, “I’ll see you two later.”

You turned towards him and opened your arms, offering him another one of your infamous hugs. He wrapped you tight in his embrace once again, placing a kiss on your forehead, before patting Dean on the shoulder and heading out. You wrapped your arms around Dean’s abdomen and littered gentle kisses across his shoulder blades.

Feeling his body relax under your touch made you smile against his skin, before resting your head against his back. You could feel every muscle work as he continued with preparing your meals.

“Can I put some music on?” You asked, currently in the mood to dance around the Bunker.

“Go ahead.”

Running back to Dean’s bedroom, you grabbed your phone and the small Bluetooth speaker you had bought months ago before running back to the kitchen. Dean had finished with your meals, placing them on the table. You placed the speaker on the bench and connected your phone, putting your music on shuffle. The first song happened to be Runaround Sue by Dion and the Belmonts.

“Really?” Dean looked over at you as you shrugged, sitting down beside him at the table. You kissed his cheek and mumbled a quick ‘thank you’ before digging into your meal. You hummed along to the song every now and then, swaying in your seat. You couldn’t keep still with each song that played and Dean found it hilarious. He watched as you abandoned your food and got up to dance along to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.

You lip-synced to the song and done your best 50’s dance moves. Dean grinned at you, egging you on with cheers and claps. You held your hand out for him to join you, but he refused, shaking his head and pushing your hand away. You pouted and moved closer to him, pulling him up. He groaned and step away from you.

“C’mon, dance with me!” You pleaded, grabbing his hands and pulling him closer to you, swaying your hips in the process.

But he pushed you away again. He didn’t want to dance. Grumpy old man needs to relax, you thought.

“I don’t want to!” He yelled, balling his fists with frustration.

“Okay,” you sighed and stopped the music. You weren’t interested in finishing your meal, so you grabbed it and threw the leftover in the bin. You could hear Dean mumbling profanities under his breath as he sat back down.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he groaned, “you never stop pushing.”

Not wanting to anger him anymore, you remained silent. You knew he would continue to talk his anger out until he was done talking. Part of you felt upset that he wouldn’t have fun with you and ease up a little, but the other part felt guilty for pushing him out of his comfort zone.

“You never know when to stop,” Dean continued, “You keep forcing me to do things I don’t want to do!”

This caused you to look up at him and frown.

“What things do I force you to do?” You argued back, anger starting to boil at his accusation.

“You force me to do immature and childish shit like dance with you or sing with you,” He retorted, narrowing his eyes at you, “and even fucking force me to go to a damn zoo for your own satisfaction.”

You felt your heart break at his last comment. It was your birthday that day and he asked if there was anything you wanted to do, and you stated that you had never been to a zoo before. That being said, he took you to the zoo for the first time. You didn’t force him to do that. He did that on his own.

“You’re always up my ass about this dumb shit about relaxing and having fun; always so damn clingy and never know when to shut the fuck up,” he growled, his words ripping further into your heart. You looked down to hide the tears that started to well.

“I’m sorry I make you feel that way,” your voice cracked, “I’m sorry that I wanted to have you to share my favorite hobbies with; I’m sorry that I always talk about you having to relax at some point, I’m so damn sorry for being ‘clingy’. I’m sorry for loving you.”

He watched as you spoke every word; regret starting to take over his anger.

“Lastly, I’m sorry that I like talking to you whenever I get the chance, because with our lives,” you paused, wiping the tears that fell away, “I never know if I’m going to wake up to multiple missed calls from Sam telling me that you fucking died during a hunt. I’m fucking sorry that I fell in love with you. I’ll leave you alone to enjoy your peace and quiet.”

Grabbing your speaker and your phone, you darted out of the kitchen and back towards Dean’s room. You stuffed the speaker into your bag as you pulled out a pair of tights and chucked them on. Pulling your ankle boots on, you grabbed your bag and walked back out of the room. You walked past the kitchen and out towards the War Room, clutching your phone tightly in your hand.

Dean seen you walk past and quickly followed you. Calling out your name multiple times didn’t slow you down; instead, you walked faster up the stairs towards the Bunker’s entrance door.

“Y/N! Dammit,” Dean grunted, rushing up the stairs and catching hold of your wrist, “don’t leave.”

“It was a waste of my time coming here for our anniversary,” you stated, pulling your hand out of his grasp and headed towards the door, “should we reconsider our label?”

Dean shook his head hurriedly, dropping to his knees in front of you. He wrapped his arms around your knees, burying his face into your thigh. Mumbled ‘no’s’ could be heard as a wet patch could be felt through your tights. You wanted to pull him up and cradle him in your arms, but you were still mad at him and hurt from the words he had said.

Prying his hands off, you stepped back and looked down at him. He was crying, making your heart clench at the sight.

“I’m so sorry,” he exclaimed, “I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t mean any of that! I was just tense from the past week and I took it out on you by accident and I’m so damn sorry, baby.”

You could tell that he was telling the truth. He never begged. And if he did, it was between the sheets. But he had never physically begged before. You couldn’t leave him like this. Dropping your bag, you stepped forward, allowing him to wrap his arms back around your legs, clinging tightly to you.

“I love it when you dance and sing, I love it when you try to get me involved but I’d rather watch you instead,” he cried out, “I love it when you care about my health and tell me to quit worrying despite never caring about yourself; fuck, I love it when you talk. I love hearing your stories. I love when you’re clingy. God, I fucking love it. It makes me feel happy. You know why? Because you’re clingy with me, I know for a fact that there is no one else. It’s only me.”

His words shocked you. You pulled back and dropped down to your knees, cradling his face between your hands. His eyes were red and puffy from crying and you’re certain that yours were too.

“I love you,” he whispered, “I fucking love you. Don’t ever leave me. I need you.”

You couldn’t reply. So instead, you pulled him into a kiss and poured your every emotion into it. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist as he pulled you closer, kissing you back with the same amount of emotion.

“Sorry for being a drama queen,” he muttered against your lips, causing you to giggle and pull back slightly, “am I forgiven?”

“Yes,” you smiled, giggling when he smiled and nuzzled his face into your neck, “I love you.”

He pulled the both of you up to your feet before he grabbed your phone. He went through the music until he landed on the one song he knew you loved. The familiar tune of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love sounded through your ears, making you smile up at him. He placed your phone into his pocket, grabbing your phone and pulling you down the stairs.

As soon as you reached the bottom, his hands immediately went to your waist as yours slid up to his neck. You couldn’t believe what was happening. Dean Winchester was slow dancing with you. He pulled you close, swaying side to side. You stayed in that position for the whole song until it ended and the upbeat song you enjoyed way too much came on, causing you both to break apart as you began to sing along with the girls.

“If you wanna be my lover,” you sung loudly during the chorus, dancing around Dean as he laughed out loud, “you gotta get with my friends.”

“God, I love you,” pulling you close to him again and slowly beginning to dance with you, finally enjoying himself.

5x10 trailer observation

So besides the obvious fact that our couple is getting sonic scream’ed together (YIPEE), I noticed something else that at least I am screaming about. Prometheus throws Oliver through a wall (and Oliver loses his bow), and the next shot is Felicity and Curtis running in a warehouse that looks a lot like where the GA and Prommy were fighting. Could that mean another this: 

Oliver gets hurt, and the only people around to help him are Felicity and Curtis. Ironically, she’s wearing the coat that Emily’s wearing in the picture Bam Bam posted about her throwing a killer right hook. Anyone?

Ideas for a Warehouse 13/Wynonna Earp fusion that I am definitely for sure never ever writing myself (i mean it this time)

-the earp family is torn apart by an artifact that made wynonna shoot ward and killed willa (idk how let me live)

-wynonna left when she turned 18 and she ran into another artifact and she keeps getting tied up in warehouse 13 cases (at first by accident and later on purpose because she starts seeking it out) 

-waverly does all the languages work and ancient cultures and history degrees and starts publishing papers under a fake name

-thats what gets her recruited to the warehouse as a claudia-type person being set up to be a future artie 

-dolls is the current artie-type. imagine the claudia and artie dynamic with dolls and waverly. i mean it wouldnt be exactly the same, but

-plus he does enigmatic boss who seems strict and tough but is a secret softie so well. also re: the drug thing in WE he could have some sort of dependence on an artifact like steve did when he died that one time

-and then wynonna gets caught up in one too many cases adn she’s recruited along with detective haught. 

-detective haught is a detective but like steve and pete in wh13 she has a “special ability” that makes her stand out even outside of her being very good at her job (even if she does break the rules a fair bit) like she’s a bit of an empath like she’s Excellent at just understanding what people are feeling at any time and connecting with them through that. like, uncannily good at it

-haught and wynonna are like the field agents. and okay at first when they meet each other theres a little tension because haught is like in a nice suit and wynonna is in jeans and a t-shirt and like wynonna thinks haught is going to be uptight like all the other cops shes met (haught does look very by the book) and haught can tell that wynonna doesnt like/respect her at first and resents it. but then they get literally glued together by an artifact and they bond and they come back from their first mission bffs for life

-honestly they make a great team because wynonna inspires haught to improvise and think outside of the box a bit more and haught keeps wynonna from doing anything too wild and they just balance each other out and get along great

-also when wynonna gets there and finds waverly already there shes like “????WTF i though you were in purgatory?” and its hilarious.

-doc is the caretaker. like everyone is always like “is he…..doc holliday?” and its never confirmed or denied but he totally is. 

-you have field agent haught bonding with wynonna and falling for the researcher who desperately wants to get out in the field and its all adorable 


“We really need to stop meeting like this.”  Turning slowly you made sure to keep your hands raised above your head, quirking an eyebrow when you noticed the gun Alex had drawn on you.  “Is that really necessary?”

“Got to make it look good, right?”  His shoulders shrugged almost unnoticeably before he glanced cautiously around and holstered his gun.  “How much longer are you going to keep up with this cat and mouse game?”

Letting your hands drop back to your sides you smiled and closed the gap between Alex and yourself.  Pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek you pulled back enough to whisper “Until the FBI gives up.” in his ear.  Patting him lightly on his chest you stepped back once more and turned to run through the warehouse and to the getaway car you knew was waiting for you.

honestly all i really want to learn in the raven king is what possible thought process led ronan and gansey to look at their enormous warehouse with a several thousand square foot main room, a spare bedroom, and an entire unused ground floor, and decide to put their refrigerator, microwave, and washer/dryer in the bathroom.


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The Bay 👽
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“The Hunted” Part 4

Summary: The reader is a hunter and close friend of the Winchesters, and is so much more than she thinks. Some say she will be the savior, some say she will destroy all that she touches. All say that she is in fact hunted.

Characters: Sam x Reader x Dean

Warnings: Language, Violence

Pairing: None yet

847 Words

Catch Up Here!

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

The three of you run out of the warehouse and towards the scream to find the limp bodies of two teenagers by the dumpster.

The bodies are unrecognizable, bite marks and scratches everywhere.

You look away from the gruesome picture, “They’ve all turned.”

Dean runs a hand over his face, something he does when he feels overwhelmed.

Sam turns around, “Guys.”

The recently turned vampires are standing side by side, facing the three of you with their teeth bared.

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Vitaliya the Potato Queen

GM: Ok so everyone passes their stealth check… except the ninja

Ninja: OOC: oh god why

GM: The guards walk into the warehouse and see you are the only one standing there - where you aren’t allowed.

Ninja: OOC: I roll Bluff

GM: …what are you bluffing?

Ninja: OOC:Insanity

GM: *sigh* ok go ahead

Ninja: *rolls decently*
“I AM THE POTATO QUEEN!!” *runs around warehouse* “QUEEN OF THE POTATOES!”

GM: *simultaneously laughs and facepalms* Alright, they let the insane dhampir woman go.

Promise (Newt Preference)

A/N – Heyyyy everyone!!! I am back with another preference/imagine for NEWT!! OMGGGG this one is quite long, I don’t know what was going through my mind *cough*minho*cough but I couldn’t help myself lol I did add more to the story with little twists thrown in there so I hope you all like it! This one was such a cool concept, I loved writing it! This request was sent in by the lovely tiagrindalen. ENJOY MY LOVES! 

Originally posted by deathunicornfan

When the Group is Seperated from Thomas and Brenda and You Remember Newt from WCKED

It was 2AM when you heard the scurry of a hundred feet racing sporadically throughout the run down warehouse. It didn’t take you long to realize that something was wrong. The Scorch was a place where everyone was always on high alert.  You didn’t waste a minute and instead reached for the dagger beside your pillow. Within seconds, you threw on your leather jacket accompanied by a pair of tracking boots. Sheathing your dagger, you placed it securely into your boot before racing out into the main hall with the others. 

“Commander!” you called out towards the woman in front of you, “What’s going on?" 

Before she could answer you, panic escalated so she turned her attention to the anxious crowd. Her loud, stern voice echoed against the stone walls of the crowded building and at once, the pandemonium came to halt. This was the effect Ranger or "the Commander” had and she didn’t look pleased. 

“If I see another person run through these halls in panic, I will make sure you are forever banished from The Cove,” she commanded sending a shiver through your spine, “We don’t succumb to fear here. If you can’t handle it, then try your luck out in the Scorch." She paused for a bit and then continued. “I know there is word spreading of certain visitors in our area and I assure you, once my team and I have completed our investigation, we will release a clear statement.”

A grave silence enveloped the tension in the room. Nobody dared to retaliate after that, if they knew what’s good for them. She turned to you and answered in a low tone. “Come on Y/N, we found a crazy group roaming around our borders claiming that they were looking for two kids.”

“Kids?” you asked, “All the way out here?”

“I know, it doesn’t make sense.”

She walked with you to a dim lit room and there before you, you saw a few burlap bags … and they were moving. Ranger gestured towards the two hefty men before her as they dragged the sacks and placed them in front of you. The men opened them one by one, revealing five kids who were relatively your age and one adult. Their arms and legs were bound but they were brought to their feet, forced to balance in place. 

You slowly removed their masks. When you finally released the last captive, your heart dropped upon gazing at the soft brown eyes which peered back at you. 

It can’t be. It’s impossible. 

You tried to break yourself from this trance but couldn’t bring yourself to do so and instead found him staring back at you with the same amount of curiosity and surprise. 

"Newt?” you asked slowly.

He flinched back for a second. “You know me?” he asked back. 

He doesn’t remember you. Well, it does make sense given his current position. You stepped back a bit disheartened but his eyes never moved away from you. 

Ranger walked up to the eldest man within the group. “Who the hell are you?” she asked. 

“I’ve already told you. We’re looking for two kids who passed by this way, a boy and a girl who are relatively about the same age. They got separated from us and used the underground tunnels as an escape." 

"Escape?” you asked almost immediately, “Escape from what?”

Ranger placed her gun beside the man’s head, her eyes burning. “She asked you a question.” When no one replied, the large soldier who had brought them in walked behind the line of fugitives peering down at the back of their necks and nodded towards Ranger. “WCKED” the soldier stated.

“What? How? Why would they be all the way out here?” Ranger asked, “Not unless these kids are - ”

“Test subjects,” you replied instantly, “You all made it out of the maze.” You turned to Ranger and asked her to lower her weapon. “They won’t let them leave. They’ll hunt them down no matter what the consequences. We have to do something.”

“How do you know all this?“ a rough voice asked you. 

"Because I use to work for them.”

Ranger stepped back. “Does WCKED know where you are?”

“No we lost them over the hills.”

“We can’t take that risk. Rog, take a scout and check the entire perimeter. Increase the number of patrols on night duty. And as for you and your little group of fugitives … you can stay the night but you have to leave at dawn. Considering your run down appearance, I’m feeling a bit generous today.”

You didn’t know why, but you felt a sense of relief emanate through your heart. You watched as the soldiers slowly cut the binds off of the group’s arms and legs. All while Newt never lifted his gaze from yours. Does he remember? Maybe just maybe … NO. You turned away and broke away from his alluring eyes. You had to come in touch with reality that this is the present and whatever happened in the past or whatever you felt in the past is lost. Life goes on and so must you. 

You raced through the darkened hallways avoiding contact with the guards out patrolling the facility. You were quite petite, making it extremely easy for you to maneuver through the building without being detected. But there was no time. You had to warn him. Something felt off these past few days. Dr. Paige seemed to be a bit distant from everyone in the lab and you weren’t sure if this was the same with his group as well but you had to know for sure. 

You tapped your card key on the touch pad and heard a soft click signaling you to enter the room. Upon your entrance, you saw him shift his gaze towards you. “Newt,” you whispered and he smiled back. You swiftly walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“And what do I owe this warm welcome, love?” he asked kissing your cheeks.

“Newt, I think it’s happening." 

"What’s happening?” he asked brushing the hair from your face.

“They’re going to start dropping people into the maze. I heard Dr. Paige talking to Mary from the lab. And they’re going to use kids from this facility.”

He stepped a bit surprised by your words. “That’s bloody outrageous. That’s against protocol. The subjects are to be randomly selected to eliminate any bias. How can they put people in there who they trained unless they - ”

“Erase their memories,” you completed suddenly coming into terms with the reality of the situation, “I don’t think we have any control over this anymore." 

"Then who does?" 

You didn’t answer his question. You were too preoccupied about what else was at stake. "What if they take you?” you asked with terror, “You can’t leave me Newt. I won’t let them do that. If she takes you or anyone else away from me I swear I - ”

“Whoa, hey calm down there love,” he stated cupping your face with his hands, “That’s not going to happen. I will always be with you no matter what." 

"You promise?”

He brought his lips to your forehead and placed a chaste kiss on your skin. “I promise.”

You learned about the group and their travels by dinner. By the way they devoured their meals like they haven’t seen food in ages, you could tell they were famished. You pushed a tray of bread towards the group. “I think you all need it more than I do,” you stated with a smile. They didn’t answer and by their grim expressions, it was clear that there was a form of tension and insecurity brewing in the air. “You don’t have to be on guard all the time,” you replied, “We are all on the same side.”

“Are we really?” Newt asked walking into the Mess Hall. He excused himself earlier to hit the bunks but from the look on his face, it was clear he didn’t sleep at all. He sluggishly took a seat beside Frypan.

“Yeah, if I remember correctly,” Minho replied with his iconic rough voice, “You shanks tied us up in bags.”

“Hey, tough guy,” you answered refusing to take his attitude, “That was before we knew you were from the maze. You all aren’t the only ones who lost someone. Everyone here has as well. And the reason why we have been driven to madness is because we trust each other. If you want your friends back, I suggest you put a little bit of faith in us. You have no choice at this point. Do we understand each other?”

There was an uncomfortable silence in the air. Were you too harsh on them?

“Sorry about that,” Teresa answered breaking the silence, “I guess we are just a little on edge. I mean could you blame us?”

“I know it’s difficult, but trust me. Ranger has a good ship running here.”

As if on cue, Ranger made her way to the center of the room and made her usual announcement. “Alright everyone, let’s wrap it up and get some sleep. Our new visitors need their rest too.” As soon as she made her way through the hallways, everyone else followed a few minutes later. It came to a point where the room was completely empty, leaving only but you and Newt.

“Can’t sleep?” you asked finally.

“It’s been getting worse actually. I haven’t told anyone yet so let’s just keep this between us?”

You nodded. “How’s your hand? I saw the medics fixing you up a bit earlier.” He raised his arm almost to show off the thick, loose bandages concealing the cuts and slits in his skin. You brought your fingers closer to his wrist and gently pulled the dangling strands around his palm to properly wrap his wound. Upon doing so, you felt his fingers graze upon your own. Before you had a chance to pull back, he grasped your hands softly.

“We knew each other didn’t we?” he asked abruptly causing your heart to nearly burst from the intense pounding.

“Why do you say that?” you asked.

“I saw you … like flashes from … before I lost my memory. It’s weird, it never happened to me before until now.”

“A trigger,” you whispered softly to yourself. It was the side effect you learned while working in the labs. The memory swipe is very strong but not strong enough to combat the most dominant emotions experienced by the subjects. If the link between the emotion and memory is strong, then it may come back but in bits and pieces. This only happens with the proper trigger. In Newt’s case, the trigger was you.

“There was something between us, wasn’t there? I know you remember, just tell me.”

You pulled your hand back ignoring that craving desire burning inside you. “Yes, we knew each other. We were … friends.”

“Friends,” he asked raising his eyebrows as if he knew something you didn’t.

You nodded, “They kept us divided. It was a part of the rules there. But sometimes I would sneak out to visit you.”

“That’s quite bold.”

You shrugged.

“Or just stupid,” he replied with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes. “Same old Newt,” you answered while carrying your tray to the disposal bin.

“It’s weird, you know,” he stated following you, “It’s always that same scene playing in my head. Its weird cause usually Tommy gets these frequently.”

You heart dropped. “Tommy?”

“Yeah,” he replied with a smile, “Didn’t the others tell you about Tom – ah sorry Thomas? Bloody shank got himself down in the tunnels with Brenda. He’s usually the one we tend to follow so without him, everyone seems out of place right now. Sorry about the bit of hostility earlier.”

You didn’t pay attention to anything else except that one name. “The person you’re looking for is T-Thomas?”


“They put him in the maze,” you whispered with tears brewing in your eyes, “Oh my God! This is all because of me.” Newt gazed at you with utmost curiosity.

“Hey, none of this is your fault,” he exclaimed placing a firm grip on your shoulder.

“No, you don’t understand. He’s the reason I’m still alive. He helped me Newt. He helped me escape from WCKED.

“I can’t do this anymore Thomas,” you exclaimed clutching your head in frustration, “You saw what he did. He nearly killed himself!”

Thomas brought himself lower to your level and placed his hands on your shoulder. “You have to keep it together Y/N, if they find us talking about them or even together out here – “

“I don’t care anymore! Newt is our friend, Thomas and so is every single one of them out in the maze. How can we do this to them?”

“I know how you feel, trust me I do.”

“He made a promise to me before,” you said softly, “He promised we would never be apart and now look what happened. They knew about us and they purposely dragged him in there. He won’t remember me anymore Thomas.”

Thomas sighed bringing you into a hug. “I know you hate all of this and I hate this too …and that’s why I leaked some info out to the resistance.”

You looked up at him with wide eyes. “That was you? You gave them the other WCKED location? Damn it Thomas, if they found out what you did – “

“They won’t find out. I’ll make sure of it. But I think I can help you.” You looked up at him, a bit curious. “There’s a group leaving tonight, Mary is with them.”

“Mary, my head of the lab?”

Thomas nodded. “There are more people against WCKED than you think. We can set everything right again.”

“Thomas if they find out you helped me – “

“I told you, they won’t find out. Just be ready by midnight. You don’t deserve to go through this much pain Y/N. Leave while you can.”

Guilt rushed through your veins while piercing your heart in the most silent but painful way. You almost lost your balance if it weren’t for Newt keeping you up. Somehow his arms found their way around your waist as he peered into your eyes. There was a certain tenderness in the way he looked you and for one brief second, you almost believed that you were reliving the past. He brushed your hair from your face like always did before and brought his face closer to your own.

A loud cry broke the two of you apart. You found yourself coming back to reality when Rog raced into hall. “What happened?” you asked.

“We’re surrounded,” he answered gasping for air, “We need to alert Ranger. Get everyone ready.”

“WCKED is here?” Newt asked following the two of you back into the main chamber of the facility.

“Worse, boy” Rog answered, “Its Cranks.”

“Shit,” you replied grapping a few more daggers and guns from the side armory. Up ahead, you saw the rest of the group along with Ranger.

“How is this possible?” she asked, “How did they know where we were?”

“I think I know why,” Aris stated causing you all to look back at him, “Jorge released some within the warehouse before we left. He hoped that it would slow them down.”

“Oh God, they followed you,” you stated, “And they kept a safe distance behind so you wouldn’t suspect anything.”

“Damn it,” Ranger cried out while loading her rifle with bullets, “So thanks to you and your little army of rebels, my facility is exposed.”

“Hey,” you cried out, “We have no time to argue about this. We need to get Newt and everyone else out. We can slow the Cranks down, give them enough time to get out.”

“What? What about you?” Newt asked turning towards while the other prepared themselves, “You’re coming with us right?”

You shook your head giving him a soft smile. “There’s so many of them out there. We need as many people here to give you all a chance to escape.”

He nodded as if he was taking his time thinking about something. After a few seconds he asked, “Can I tell you about that memory I kept having?”

“I think now’s probably the worst time to tell me.”

“Fine, then I’ll show you.” He instantly brought his lips upon yours and swept you into a passionate kiss leaving your heart racing in the speed of light and your insides burning with intense ecstasy and pleasure. You melted into his arms as he deepened the kiss, causing your to near plummet from the sudden rush of desire. When he finally pulled back, he rested his forehead on yours. “Promise me you’ll be ok,” you stated, gasping for breath.

“Promise me you’ll be safe,” he replied back.

You nodded and together, you walked back to the group and prepared to face the savage beasts outside. Since you’ve been in the facility the longest and know more about the building itself, you lead the group down the halls as Ranger and Rog provided you cover from the Main Chamber. You slid through the cave walls virtually undetected when the ceiling suddenly crumbled, revealing the most hideous creature you have ever seen. No. You can’t back down. You couldn’t help Newt before. But you will sure as hell help him now.

You lashed out at the creature with steel blade in your hands, slitting its throat in one, clean, swift movement bringing it to its knees. Minho gave the grueling beast a heavy kick, throwing it’s body off to the side. This wasn’t over yet. Up ahead, you heard screeches and earsplitting wailing from the darkened pathway. While running through the dark, you quickly sheathed your blade and pulled out two guns from your back pocket. You began to fire as soon as you saw a glimpse of the creatures up ahead.

Finally, you reached the doorway to open Scorch in the side of the cave wall and urged everyone to leave before the Cranks came any closer. One by one, they thanked you and ran through the exit of The Cove. Newt was the last to leave.

“Go now,” you stated ushering him out the door.

He paused, turning to face you. “Thank you,” he replied softly, making your heart melt.

He kissed you once more before following the group into the abyss. You locked the gate shut and turned to face your foes. Before you fired your gun, you heard another string of bullets from behind you and saw Ranger accompanied by the Cove’s soldiers. “Take them down!” she exclaimed and no one dared to question their Commander.


You looked back out into the horizon while cleaning your blade with the edge of your sleeve. So few of your group survived the attack but you did what you intended to do. You gave Newt and everyone else a chance. A chance they deserved, just like any other immunes out there. You looked back at the soldiers from The Cove who were being aided by the remaining medics. There was nothing left to do but move on. Maybe someone day you will see him again, when the world is a better place. But until then, you remembered his last words to you.

He made you promise you would be ok, and you swore to keep true to it this time.

If You Had to Choose

Pairing: Dean x reader, Sam

Word Count: 479

Summary: Stuck in a warehouse with a difficult decision to make, 1st person POV

Warnings: Violence, bad lanuage, and major character death. 

A/N: This is inspired by the Supernatural 30 day challenge. So I wanted to write at least a short fic everyday for each answer. This is Day 1 Sam or Dean. 

There was no getting out of this one. Apocalypse, sure, no problem. My arm started to shake, the strain of holding the gun still, elbow locked firm. Sweat dripped into my left eye and the burning made me desperate to rub it, but I was stock still. Though my vision was blurred slightly, I couldn’t shake the image of the run down warehouse. Why did monsters always hang out in places like this? Standing near a pile of broken grimy white tiles was Dean. And two feet to his left near some rusty copper pipe was Sam.

Looking the same as ever. Well there were some differences, Sam had a cut high on his cheekbone and it was oozing blood down his chin, his hair was messy, and his shirt had picked up some of the dirt from the floor. Dean was looking extra bowlegged, but that was probably just from his hands being bound behind his back, his legs were spread a little to maintain his balance. Neither looked angry, although I was holding them at gunpoint. 


In one simple word I heard the threat of what would happen if I didn’t comply. It wasn’t a choice of the boys, or even the boys or me. If I didn’t pick one of them it would have been all of us. Maybe that would be better but I couldn’t imagine watching both of them go. Luck didn’t really ever hit me, so I knew there was no way of counting on us being able to wiggle out of this situation if I held out any longer. 

The case should have been simple it was supposed to be witches. Something that could be fought, beaten, instead you found one pissed off Goddess. A stake hadn’t worked and now here I was, left in this dripping dirty place having to kill off one of the only two men I had ever loved.

“Your gonna regret this bitch.” Dean’s threat only caused the toga-clad, braided haired monstrosity to howl with laughter. 

I knew the time was getting short. 

Closing my eyes, I took aim, the shot was easy and I couldn’t watch when I pulled down on the trigger. The resulting crack was so loud I dropped the gun. The laughter finally stopped, it was its absence that made me realize I had hit the mark. 

 “Sammy,” the older Winchester’s voice was wrecked.

 “I’m so sorry.” Holding my eyes closed I couldn’t watch it.

More than that, I thought of the reasons why I picked Dean, and it only made my guilt grow. I knew in that frozen second that even though I loved both of those boys, I loved the blond haired, green eyed one in a way that was more than that of a stand in brother. 

“How could you? What is wrong with you?” 

And you ruined it. 

svt at costco

s.coups: is constantly looking for hoshi, seungkwan & dk (who are probably ransacking the free samples), buys all the toothpaste and stuffs it into a backpack under his jacket

jeonghan: helping the gag trio smuggle out crabmeat samples to eat later, snoozes in the shopping cart (no fucks given)

joshua: diligently helps out a harassed s.coups in any way possible (carrying groceries, babysitting dongsaengs, yadda yadda), refuses to go on Sundays

jun: charms the lollipops off every single mom in the warehouse, runs naked into the giant produce freezer

hoshi: manages to singlehandedly knock over an entire tower of toilet paper that falls on wonwoo, gets high off sparkling water samples

wonwoo: sneaks off to the book section to read r-rated romcoms, is blamed for the toilet paper tower incident

woozi: is stuck with 5 shopping carts (and sleeping jeonghan), hoards crates of coffee and instant ramyun 

dk: buys a shit ton of plastic plants and flowers to spruce up the dorm, says thank you every time he takes a free sample and only takes one each time

mingyu: buys all the gmo-free / organic products he can find with nothing but coupons, always brings issues of cook’s illustrated and martha stewart living back to the dorm

the8: helps lost kids find their families (awawiudfhsdhf), drags a naked dancing jun out of the produce freezer

seungkwan: brings a self-penned song / grocery list and sings it extremely loudly (with dk on backing vocals and instrumentals), gets accidentally locked in a pizza freezer by vernon 

vernon: tries to sing along with seungkwan, sees himself in the surveillance screens and dabs for the camera with the8

dino: gets very lost trying to find the shamwow promo booth, instead manages to get diarrhea from drinking all the smoothies at a vitamix demonstration 

Joshler fanfiction rec list

This is really good, Tyler hallucinates about an old and run down warehouse and may just get a boyfriend in the process (warnings: violence, mental instability, smut)

A good one, where josh may have just kissed his (totally) platonic friend on the mouth and it totally didn’t escalate into a makeout session

The bEst fic I have probably ever read, there’s a boy who sits on the street corner every day and plays the ukulele for money, Josh hopes he’s okay.
(Extreme trigger warning: dysphoria, suicidal thoughts, unplanned preganacy, miscarriage, drug abuse, non-con.

I will add more as I go, but for now those are the best ones I can think of!