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Never date a singer!

So, my loves… this one is inspired by Shawn’s performance at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Hull, England. Hope you enjoy!

“Never date a singer. Or an actress.”

“But whatever happens, Shawn, don’t fall for a singer!”

Shawn has been used to do what his management told him.

Do that photoshoot!

Go on that TV show!

Smile for the cameras, Shawn! Yes, beautiful!

But when it came to his dating life, he didn’t accept any intrusions. Not from his friends, and surely not from his management.

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Here is what Mark has said about the tour so far (will be updated if theres more info):

1. He’s only doing the shows he has now east and west later on. 

2.  They’re trying to make the shows accessible to people.

3. This tour is just a test run.

4. The VIP tickets are that you get in early and you get to meet them and zwag stuff.

5. The shows WILL NOT BE RECORDED to keep it special only clips/highlights and BTS will be on the channel.

6.  They will crack down on recording cause they want everyone to live in the moment.

7. They will not have a meet up at the show its just a show thats interactive. 



A/N: I am trying really hard to post more, at least once a week. Also, my requests are open again so don’t be afraid to ask me to write you something! 

Y/f/f/n = your first friend’s name Y/s/f/n = you second friend’s name.

I woke up to my phone ringing. Groaning, I reached over to my nightstand to answer the phone call. “Hello,” I answered groggily. “Hey babe, did I wake you,” I heard my wonderful boyfriend ask me through the phone. "Mhm, yeah. It’s fine though, it’s the best way to be woken up in my opinion,” I replied cheekily. “I just wanted to wish my beautiful girlfriend a very happy birthday and apologize once again for not being able to be there,” he apologized. “Baby, it’s fine. My birthday isn’t even that big of a deal.” “If you say so,” he said, sighing. “Well I should go eat some breakfast, call me later,” I asked. “Of course, love you bye.” “Bye, love you too!”

I laid in bed for a good fifteen minutes before actually dragging myself down the hallway and into my kitchen. I made myself breakfast and sat down at the table. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. I got up and walked over, opening the door to be met with the faces of my two best friends. I was instantly greeted with excited squeals and hugs. “What are you guys doing here,” I asked them. “To celebrate your birthday of course,” Y/f/f/n exclaimed. “And we may or may not have bought you a dress to where to the club tonight,” Y/s/f/n added sheepishly. “You didn’t,” I gasped, instantly noticing the bag in Y/f/f/n’s hand. Y/f/f/n handed you the bag and you pulled out the dress, amazed by it’s beauty. “Oh my god, thank you,” you yelled excitedly, pulling your friends into a hug. “It was no problem really,” Y/s/f/n replied, giggling.

Y/f/f/n and Y/s/f/n had been working on my make up and hair for the past two hours, making sure I looked perfect for my night out. “Guy I can’t thank you enough f-” “Y/n if you try to thank us one more time I just might scream,” Y/f/f/n joked. We all burst into a fit of laughter. 

Soon I was ready to go. I gave myself one last look in the mirror and started my way down the hallway. Once my friends saw me they gasped. “Y/n,” Y/f/f/n trailed off. “You look amazing,” Y/s/f/n finished. I blushed and thanked them, grabbing my keys and heading out the door. 

I finally arrived to the club and parked my car, heading towards the main entrance with my friends. “We were able to find passes to get into the VIP section,” Y/s/f/n whispered in your ear. I turned around to look at them, my mouth falling open. “I love you guys,” I whispered, running over to the VIP section, my friends following closely behind. My friends showed the security guard their passes and he let us in. “We’re going to go get some drinks, stay here,” Y/f/f/n yelled, running off with Y/s/f/n. “Ok,” I said to yourself. Suddenly there were hands over my eyes. Before I could react they whispered in my ear. “Happy birthday babe.” I gasped and turned around quickly, meeting eyes with Josh. “Josh,” I exclaimed. I pulled him into a hug, squeezing him as tightly as I could. “I missed you,” I whispered. “I missed you too,” he whispered back. “Best birthday ever,” he asked. “Best birthday ever.”

5  <—— Link to the VIDEO.

By Request, Sam and Mackenzie at the Dodger Game, June 2016

I got an Anon request to post the pics (they’re actually screencaps from two videos) and the video of Sam and Mackenzie attending the Dodger game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in June of 2016. (Anon, call me paranoid, but I am wondering why you’re asking for this now, so don’t think I’m not leary, but nevertheless I’ll post it for those who haven’t seen it). 

Above is the link to the short video of Sam and Mackenzie as they are sitting in their seats in Dodger Stadium watching the game. As the game ends, they leave their seats, and make their way up the stairs. You can see that since Sam is sitting closest to the aisle he goes out first, but then turns around to make sure Mackenzie is following him, and she looks up at him all smiles. If you turn the sound up you can hear the song “I Love L.A.” playing and this is why Sam and Mackenzie are bopping to the beat fast up the stairs, not as the ES liked to claim that “Sam looks like he’s trying to get away from Mackenzie.” Puhlease. *eyeroll*

This was taken by a fan who was at the game that day and saw that another fan had posted a pic with Sam. When fan #2 checked her phone at the game she saw that fan #1 posted a selfie with Sam on her IG account. Fan #2 realized how close Sam and Mackenzie were to her and ran to catch them and get the video. Both fans have already posted on IG that Sam and Mackenzie acted like a couple and “were cute together.” The fan who got the selfie with Sam sat a few rows behind them the whole game and saw their interaction, and she is not an NST or shipper, so she has no horse in this race. 

This is the game where the ES went digging for hours trying to find a pic of Cait at the game too and found the faux Sam with a brunette there and swore up and down that that was Sam and Cait at the game, even though, um, there is VIDEO (see above) of Sam with Mackenzie. And even though, it’s been debunked that faux Sam’s t-shirt was different and that faux Cait was too short to be real Cait…and hello, there is VIDEO of Sam and Mackenzie there together (again, see above). 

Because Mackenzie’s friend, Paydin, also happened to be at the game and posted a pic from the nosebleed seats, ES made up this whole conspiracy that Sam and Cait went to the game together and that TPTB hired Mackenzie to be on standby with her bestie in the nosebleed seats, just in case fans saw Sam and Cait together and then Mackenzie could run down to the VIP section where Sam was at and switch places with Cait. I shit you not. 

Obviously that ES theory is ridiculous and here’s just a few points why:

1. There is VIDEO of Sam and Mackenzie together.

2. There are fan #1 and fan #2 eyewitness accounts of seeing Sam and Mackenzie sitting together the entire game and “acting like a couple,” and were “cute together.”

3. If you are sitting in the nosebleed seats you are not allowed to go to the lower levels. The people in the good seats can go up, but the people in the higher levels cannot go down. 

4. There is VIDEO of Sam and Mackenzie together.

5. Faux Sam was wearing a different t-shirt than real Sam. Faux Cait is shorter than real Cait.

6. There is VIDEO….and screencaps from video of Sam and Mackenzie standing next to each other watching the game, and then going up the stairs together and then going to the bathroom and then walking off together. In order for ES theory to be true, you would have to believe that Cait hid out of sight so that the fan could get the Samzie video (and that Sam and Cait were aware they were about to be videoed), that Cait would agree to something like that, and that both eyewitnesses lied about Sam and Mackenzie acting like a couple. The whole thing is SO ludicrous it is literally giving me a headache just thinking about it again.

Anywhoo, the whole Dodger pic of faux Sam and faux Cait at the Dodger game has gone down as canon in ES annals BUT the rest of us saw the above proof and read the eyewitness testimony and knew that real Sam and real Mackenzie were a REAL couple. And keep in mind, this wasn’t last June, this was JUNE OF 2016…come 2018, Sam and Mackenzie will have been together TWO YEARS. I wish ES would put on their big girl panties, deal with reality and be HAPPY SAM IS HAPPY. But I won’t hold my breath…I’ll just keep posting proof and let the TRUTH SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

PS: I hadn’t posted it before because it’s not very clear and you can’t really see Mackenzie, but the bottom pic on the left is when Sam was walking back from the bathrooms and Mackenzie is standing up against the wall waiting for him. Fan #2 said that she watched as both Sam and Mackenzie went to the bathroom. Mackenzie came out first, looked around for Sam didn’t see him so she went to the wall facing the bathrooms to wait for him. When he came out, he looked around for her and once he saw her, he smiled as you can see in the pic, and then “sauntered over to her, went right up to her pressed his body to hers, looking down at her, playfully shaking her body back and forth with his.” The fan said that “Mackenzie looked up at him all wide eyed, smiling back.” Roooarrrrr! I get the feeling Mackenzie makes Sam feel like “the man.” The big golden maned lion and his little wide eyed kitten. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Meow. 

PPS: I post this info for people who WANT it. If that’s not you, then just scroll on by. Thanks!