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Not Today MV Theory

I think the concept/story in Not Today is rather easy but I’ll show you step by step what I think what happened.

The MV starts with shots of a mountain and BTS and black dressed people running on a road uphill

They want to reach the top so they’re running and rushing.

But suddenly we see Jungkook’s eye and a reflection of himself standing alone between his fallen friends.

I’ll later tell you who shot them. But for now we see a flash back: Jungkook running in front and suddenly Taehyung and Jin get shot right behind him. Jk is shocked.

But the flashback gets cut off by the writing “Not Today” and fire bruns on the screen. This tells us that this sad event won’t happen today, they’ll prevent it.

Now they tell us the story, their story. It starts of in a big building. The camera zooms in on the ground floor, indicating that they started fro the bottom.

Namjoon walks to a group go black dressed people. But he opens his arms welcomingly, they are his friends. The people are sitting on the floor, obedient, looking down. But not Namjoon. He’s dressed more colourful and standing. He tells them to fight (Today we fight!) and that is when they stand up and join him.This is also when the fire from the beginning is there again, representing their power, strength, will. The don’t want to be obedient and live in hiding. That is when the other members join too, helping Namjoon.

And because of their hard work and their power the room starts to break, they came one step closer to their dreams. they want to get higher.

The scene transitions to Jungkook who came to the roof of the building. But he’s alone. He was faster and stronger than the others (like we see in the running scenes later). The members join him shortly after, but he looked lost for a moment, all alone on this big rooftop. The other people are now throwing away their jackets. They are breaking free, ready to fight, letting the old behind them. becoming a little more like their leaders BTS.

But the other members are struggling more than jungkook that’s why Namjoon is next seen still inside the building but with more light than before. It shows that he needed more time than Jungkook.

Next we see a shot of the sky and them running uphill again. They want to reach the sky, they want to fly, they want higher. They broke out of the building and now out in the world looking for a way to achieve their dreams. Everyone is trying really hard but they aren’t all running at the same speed, Jungkook is in the front, once again seemingly progressing faster than the others.

But they are dancing on ice. this means two things: 1. it’s not spring yet, it is still hard and cold it’s still winter, they still have to fight. 2. It is easy to trip and fall if you go too hard or too fast. It’s risky. But it is their path up to the sky (that’s why it is reflecting the sky)

But the problem was that they were running next to each other not with each other. Everyone was going on their own, everyone was using their own strength only focusing on surviving and achieving their dreams, not looking out for the others. So they were easy to attack. So when every single member started facing hardships (got shot) and fell, that was the first time Jungkook was looking at them, but it was too late. They were already on the ground. Even their other friends. They didn’t get chased by them, they were running together.

This is were the actual flashback ends, so we see his eye again.

But this is what will not happen, at least not today! This is what BTS will prevent from happening. So now the scenery switches. Instead of snow and lighter colors, now it’s night. Dark colors and sparks are symbolising their fighting spirit.

And yes they are still running but now they are in a formation, looking out for each other, acting as a teams.

So in the end when the last shot comes, they stand together tightly and no one falls. Together they are bulletproof!

It ends with the fire once again, symbolising that this is what will happen, what they will make happen, what they are capable of. You never walk alone! That’s their message! We’ll all fight together, not just side by side but in a team, our ARMY.

I hope you liked it because I’m really sure that this is true or at least most of it. What do you think?

Uphill Running Tips
  • Shorten your stride
  • Keep your head up rather than focusing on your feet
  • Swing your arms up and down (not side to side)
  • Lean slightly into the hill
  • Don’t compensate form.  Don’t over-rotate your trunk in an effort to get momentum, you’re just wasting energy!!
  • Maintain a consistent effort up the hill…don’t trail off just before the crest.  Keep your mind on the goal and push through

Coraline turned her back on the door and began to run, as fast as was practical, through the dark corridor, dragging her hand along the wall to make sure she didn’t bump into anything or get turned around in the darkness.

It was an uphill run, and it seemed to her that it went on for a longer distance than anything could possibly go. The wall she was touching seemed warm and yeilding now, and, she realised, it felt as if it was covered in a fine downy fur. It moved, as if it were taking a breath. She snatched her hand away from it.

Winds howled in the dark.

She was scared she would bump into something, so she put out her hand for the wall once more. This time what she touched felt hot and wet, as if she had put her hand in somebody’s mouth, and she pulled it back with a small wail.

Her eyes adjusted to the dark. She could half-see, as faintly glowing patches ahead of her, two adults, three children. She could hear the cat, too, padding in the dark in front of her.

And there was something else, which suddenly scuttled between her feet, nearly sending Coraline flying. She caught herself before she went down, using her own momentum to keep moving. She knew that if she fell in that corridor she might never get up again. Whatever that corridor was was older by far than the other mother. It was deep, and slow, and it knew that she was there…

This ridiculous bird is an Altai Snowcock. They have tiny wings and they’re terrible at flying, it’s more like gliding. They start at the bottom of a hill and walk uphill looking for plants to eat. When they get to the top of the hill and run out of uphill to go, they glide down to the bottom of the next hill and start over.

Photo by Tumendelger Humbaa.

Hi! I hope You had wonderful Christmas time! BUT, it’s over and now we should have wonderful training time! :D When I started with exercises I liked to workout in the morning, now I prefer evenings. But today, after 3 days without exercises[ooops] I started my day with 0,5km uphill run. It’s not a lot, I know, but for me it mean a lot. Because at first- I don’t like running! And that’s ok, not everybody like that same ;). Second, I hate working out without breakfast, but I didn’t want breakfast yet, only thing which I wanted was a little run haha. I burned like 200 kcal, run 0,5km and I’m happier now! So even if You will run 100m but it will make You happy, it’s worth it!

Photos are from today, like 1 min before running hah. I didn’t make any progress in last time with my body, but I didn’t do regress too. I make progress with being systematic. So I’m proud of myself, I ate some unhealthy food for Christmas and it was ok. Now New Year Eve full of unhealthy snack and alcohol[yes, I drink alcohol(in Poland it’s legal in my age ofc ;D), but ofc not everyday and not so much]. Btw. my parents gave me this sports bra for Christmas, it’s from Primark and I love it hah.

Have a good day!
Utah group will start a Boy Scout troop that welcomes gay leaders
Days after the Boy Scouts of America lifted a blanket ban on gay leaders, a Utah group that pressed for the legalization of gay marriage in the state announced Tuesday that it will sponsor a Boy Scout troop.
By ABC News

Restore Our Humanity, a pro-LGBT group in the state of Utah, has announced that they will be starting a Boy Scout troop that welcomes openly gay adult staff members. 

A quick recap: A little over a week ago, the Boy Scouts of America changed their longstanding policy that openly gay adults could not work within the organization. However, they maintained that individual troops could still bar openly gay leaders for religious reasons. 

You’d think that Utah, where many troops are sponsored by the Mormon church, would be a place taking advantage of that caveat almost universally. That’s why it’s a big deal that Restore Our Humanity is going out of its way to announce that it will welcome gay leaders wholeheartedly. 

Though Mark Lawrence with the group Restore Our Humanity said getting it approved and running may be an uphill battle in the conservative state where most troops are sponsored by the Mormon church, he said the new Utah troop could be a model for the future.

“I think it’s important for us to do this now,” Lawrence said at a news conference. Welcoming gay leaders could create new interest in the organization, he said. He has heard from several potential volunteers, including doctors, police officers and a rabbi, Lawrence said. […]

Restore Our Humanity was started to mount a challenge to Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage, which was overturned in a surprise court ruling in December 2013.

We need advocates who are vocal, visible and intentional in their allyship. This is an example of that. Well done, friends.