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The Library

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Uh the dark, being locked in a building, idk

Word Count: 1950ish

A/N: As I said before, I don’t write smut so sorry about that and sorry for the long wait but I just got out of school so I was taking a little break. I did deviate from the request a little bit but I hope I did your request justice!

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The library was utterly silent, nothing but the clicks of the computers and the crinkles of the pages turning in a book. It was the perfect place for you and Peter, your boyfriend, to study for the finals that were next week. An additional bonus was the corner that virtually no one knew about unless they really looked for it. It was tucked behind two bookcases that cut across a corner diagonally, leaving only a small gap to the right of them wide enough for a person to squeeze through. Rarely ever was there someone near that corner looking for books. And if they were looking, the only they would find are the textbooks that dated back to the 1990’s.

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Well this chapter is basically a Yashiro Mood Board. The one that hurts me the most is the top left: the layered expression on Yashiro’s face is heavy. He’s shook from the good sex and bad memories, he’s got yakuza drama on his mind, and to me there’s a little bit of guilt in there as well. He’s knows what he’s gotten himself into with Doumeki, he knows he’s going to leave, and he knows it’ll fuck up Doumeki. But he does it anyway because he’s used to doing everything on his own and doesn’t know how to be in love.  *shakes fist*

A few more chapter flails:

  • RYUUZAKI IS OKAY. I don’t think Hirata is dead yet but YAY RYUUZAKI IS OKAY. I hope they got his lady out too that woman has suffered.
  • When Ryuuzaki lifts Yashiro’s shirt and goes for the gold, Yashiro doesn’t look particularly happy. Good. I want Yashiro to realize that Doumeki has ruined him for other men. 
  • Doumeki finally wakes up and I’m sure he runs out the door. I did not enjoy the expression on his face at all and I really hope that he doesn’t see Yashiro and Ryuuzaki messing around in the car because it will break his fucking heart and I will die.
  • I noticed on the color title page that the power dynamic is changing again. Doumeki looks almost like he does in Volume ½: in a suit, buttoned up, and Yashiro is kind of in charge and comfortable in his lap. In volume 4, Doumeki was looking at Yashiro as they stood apart, his sleeves rolled up, his jacket off and he’s just more Doumeki, more comfortable. Is this a bump in the road where they’ll go back to their old roles? Or will Doumeki push up on Boss and make him see the light?

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omg but can u imagine oc picking up one of they boys from the airport and baby!jeon is all bouncy and excited waiting patiently for them to return and as they return jungkook runs to the door and swerves his hyung and hugs oc even though she was only gone for about an hour while his hyung was gone for so many more

the whole time you were gone out to get jimin from the airport, the boys swore jimin was the only one in his mind now. y/n who? kim what? jung, min, who who who? the name embedded in his mind now should be park jimin, aka the person who was gone for about two weeks now and has finally returned. there’s not much of a difference in terms of noise because the house was still noisy as fuck but there’s something about an empty presence of someone who stayed with them so yeah, you could say they were anticipating for jimin’s return, much like the seven year old.

even you when jimin walks out of the arrival hall and he catches you in his arms for a bear hug. swaying you left and right with his luggage by his feet, he could care less when he squeezes you tight, familiarity of being home welcomes him in your arms and he loves it.

then it’s time to go home.

where everyone cheers the moment jimin comes home and the one little human being he expects to hug him, at least, some decency jeon jungkook, he runs towards… you.

they’ll be honest and say they saw it coming. which is why they can only laugh.

“jungkookie. y/n noona was only gone for a couple of hours and jimin hyung was gone for two weeks. you miss y/n more?”

“…i’ll always miss y/n noona,”

“ok don’t even fight me but that was precious as fuck.”

The Key To My Heart || Jack Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

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Word Count: 1.2k+

A/N: this was requested, but i feel like i’d be really rushing things along unrealistically if they ‘fell in lone’ within less than 1300 words, so i just kinda went with it. enjoy!!xo

“Why are you Blair Witching?”

You groan and roll your eyes, looking over your shoulder at the bleach blonde boy with your eyes narrowed. “I’m not. I’m looking for my keys.” Your words came out in grunts as you continued to search through your handbag, but to no avail.

Looking back on that day a few months into the future, you could’ve sworn that karma was out to get you. From the moment you rolled out of your bed that morning and checked your notifications and took into account the number of emails you were yet to reply to, it seemed like the universe had damned you.

To name just a few of the things that you’d had to deal with that day, you started off by missing the tube by less than thirty seconds, you then proceeded to call an Uber, and your driver got horrendously lost on the streets of London with you in the backseat, no longer worrying about if you’d be late due to the fact that you already were.

You then proceeded to finish work an hour later than usual, which meant you didn’t have the choice to take the tube and had to call yet another uber, which somehow ended up being an even worse experience than your one earlier that day, seeing as you were almost one hundred percent positive that the lady driving you was a sociopathic murderer.

But like the melodramatic person you were, you still felt forced into giving her a five-star rating, just in case.

And then, like the cherry to top of the cake, you made it all the way up to your apartment before realisation dawned upon you and your eyes widened in horror. Bringing your back to the present, with you stood facing the wall beside your front door as you rifled through your handbag in a bid to find your keys; with your neighbour staring at you in amusement.

You exhale in frustration, running one of our hands through your hair and staring at the door, your face dropping in defeat. There was only one other logical place that your keys could be, and that place was a ninety-minute drive away; and if you were honest, you weren’t really up for getting yet another uber.

“I assume you’ve lost your keys,” Jack smirks, his arms folded over his chest as he suppresses a chuckle at the glare that you aimed solely at him. You grin at him sarcastically before rolling your eyes to yourself and sitting down on the carpeted floor, your legs crossed beneath you and your phone in your hand. He eyes you curiously. “What’re you doing?”

“I’m ordering myself Indian food.”

“Shouldn’t you call the building manager first?” He asks, raising his eyebrows as you look up from your screen and stare at him emotionlessly.

“Maynard, listen, I’ve been at work since seven am, I have been in this god awful outfit since five, my lunch consisted of a vanilla yogurt and a fruit smoothie. So please, for the love of god, don’t question my life choices right now.” You speak with anger laced in your tone, though the exhaustion on your face overrode any other emotion that your body expressed.

With a slight chuckle, he raises the bag in his hand. “Look, I probably ordered way too much Chinese for just myself, so if you’re willing to stay away from Indian food just for a while, you can come in and hang out in here whilst you wait for the building manager?”

Now, this was where a stranger, or just a casual neighbor would’ve politely refused and insisted that they’d be okay to just wait out in the corridor. But you knew Jack personally, and had done for a while, seeing as you were one of the many buttercreams’ sister. You had two choices in that moment, you could politely say no, and then be scolded by your brother for not letting Jack help you out, or you could agree and not have to deal with the wrath of your brother, but would be putting your Indian food on the line.

Your rumbling stomach seems to answer for you, and so you take a quick look at the time on your phone before standing up and smiling at him gratefully. “Yeah- yeah that’d probably be better than sitting out here on my own.”

Settling down into Jack’s apartment didn’t take too long, seeing as you’d been inside a good handful of times before. You paced around the coffee table in a circle whilst he began putting the food onto two plates in the kitchen, holding your phone up to your ear and waiting rather impatiently for the building manager to pick up his phone.

When he did finally manage to pick up her call, she went on to spent two minutes explaining what’s happened, and then being told that seeing as she had somewhere else to stay that he wouldn’t be able to bring the spare key over until the next morning.

You walk back into the apartment, having stepped out onto the balcony in order to pick up a better signal midway through the call, and exhale softly. “Uh, you wouldn’t mind if I spent the night here, right? He says he can’t get here with the spare until tomorrow morning.” She bites her lip nervously as Jack looks up from his plate at her in surprise. “But- but it’s okay if you say no because I’m sure my brother wouldn’t mind picking me up and taking me back to his place and-”

“(Y/N), seriously, it’s fine.” He shakes his head, an amused smile on his face as he pats the empty space next to him. “Come sit down and eat.”

You purse your lips to hide your smile and walk over, taking a seat next to him and curling into the back of the couch, sitting the plate of food on your lap and humming curiously. “You eat your chinese food dry?”

He furrows his eyebrows in confusion. “You don’t?”

Rolling your eyes, you brush the question off and begin a new conversation about something your brother had spent a good few hours rambling to you about the last time you saw him. After eating, you decided on a movie relatively quickly, and then just watched whatever popped up next. It was one am when you felt your eyes begin to burn, and you look over at Jack to let him know how late it was, but when you looked over, you realised that he’d fallen asleep at some point during the movie.

You smile softly to yourself, tugging the blanket a little closer to yourself and making yourself comfortable before closing your eyes and relaxing into the couch, already dreading the back pain you were bound to wake up with the next morning.

As you laid there, on the verge of sleep, you couldn’t help the grin that tugged at the corners of your lips when you felt Jack shuffle around before he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you closer to him, providing you with what felt like the perfect amount of warmth.

Before that night, you’d never seen Jack as anything more than just another one of your brother’s friends, but now, as you fell asleep in the comfort in his arms, fully content, the possibility that he could one day become more than just your brothers friend, became just a little more realistic.

Eva's birthday

It’s friday, Eva’s birthday, and she’s having a party at her house. Not a big party, just close friends. No pepsi max girls. Eskild is there of course,he’s Eva bff ( since Noora is not giving attention to Eva lately). Isak,Jonas and Mahdi are there too. Jonas brought his guitar and Isak and Noora are singing songs. Even has to work,so he’s not there. Magnus couldn’t come because he has a family dinner, so Vilde spends her time with the girls and they reconnect. They finally talk. Sana tells them the truth about Sara. Chris Berg comes with a revenge plan to get the bus back ( it won’t work ). Someone knocks the door, Eva runs thinking is Pchris, but it’s actually Yousef and Elias. Noora invited Yousef, not because she’s dating with him, but because she knows he likes Sana and Sana likes him. Elias is just helping his bro. Sana and Yousef talk. At some point Eskild and Elias disappear, no one knows where they went. Probably just buying more food. The door knocks again and this time is Pchris,cause he is Eva’s man ( fight me). Noora ask him about William’s girlfriend. He says they are serious. Noora is sad, but the girls comforts her. She decides to drink a little and let loose. She puts “dancing on my own” by Robyn and starts to dance, jumping on the couch. Vilde joins her. The other girls too.Soon everyone is dancing. The door knocks again. Even came from his work. He brings Sonja,they are friends now. He thinks his taste in music is better so he decides to be the dj. He puts some Gabrielle to play. They all crazy right now. Vilde wants to kiss someone, but Eva is busy making out with PChris. Sonja looks at her. She looks at Sonja. They starts to dance together. Sonja, who is a well resolved lady who knows what she wants, grabs Vilde by the hair and kiss her. For real. Vilde who was only used to kiss Eva in a friendly drunk way is surprised. She liked it. She really liked it. Eva is forgotten. Magnus, who is Magnus again? Jonas see everything, he knows he will have to tell Magnus eventually, but right now he is so relaxed that he doesn’t care. He just wants to smoke his weed, dance with his bros and sing “so what we get druunk so what we smoke weeeed we just having fun we don’t care who seeee”. Eva smiles at her ex boyfriend. She’s happy that he’s happy and that they managed to be friends. She looks at Pchris. Pchris looks at her. Time to go to her room. Sana and Yousef will take care of everything. They are responsible beans. And they need to train for their future twelve kids.

you’ll have your safe homecoming

Summary: Prompt #46. “I’m your daughter.” Bellamy meets Madi.

A/N: Title from the poem I Swear by Abby S (@the-ships-to-rule-them-all). I loved the entire finale and I can’t wait to learn more about Madi and how everyone has changed.

Also on: ao3

This is my first drabble in what feels like years. Be gentle with me.

“I’m your daughter.”

Clarke spat out the swig of water she had just taken, coughing loudly as she tried to not die. Murphy tripped over a branch, grabbing hold of Emori before he face-planted into the dirt. Raven let out a shout of surprised laughter and Monty hid his face in Harper’s shoulder so as to hide his own amusement.

Bellamy could only stare. “E-excuse me?” he managed. The blonde girl bouncing beside him had come running down a hill towards them when the door opened, far ahead of Clarke. Granted, Bellamy had had eyes for nothing but Clarke for a good long while, but after, she had introduced herself as Madi, and had immediately asked if he had indeed saved all the twelve Krus almost singlehandedly. They had been walking back to the Bunker to find out if they could dig everyone out, when the girl spoke those 3 fateful words.

“Madi!” Clarke admonished. “Sorry, Bell, she has exactly zero filter.”

“You can’t…be…right?”

Madi giggled. “Not really, of course. But Clarke is like ai nomon. From all her stories, you two were the delinquents’ parents, the way you took care of them…”

Murphy started laughing now, too, slapping Bellamy genially on the back. “She does have a point, Blake.”

“Shut up, John,” he said, but without any heat. In the past seven years, he and Murphy had rediscovered a bit of their old camaraderie during their six years in the Sky.

Harper chuckled, scratching behind her ear. “You were, though, Bellamy. You and Clarke were like the parents. You were the fun parent at first, Clarke the strict one. Then she converted you and you both were pains in our asses.”

Clarke had turned a shade of red that matched her flashy red strands. “I – I mean…”

But Bellamy had recovered already. Smiling brightly, he knelt down in front of Madi. “Well, then I guess I really am like your nontu.”

The smile that broke on her face filled his heart with a warmth that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a brief hug, before she bounced off to take Clarke’s hand and pull her along.

Clarke smiled at him over her shoulder, and Bellamy did, too. His heart was light, and he was looking forward to starting his life on earth, again. For good, this time.

82, 86, and 88 with Kraglin

82: Just breathe, okay? 86: don’t be scared, I’m right here 88: I’m better, now that you’re here

You grew up in space. You’d never really gotten used to storms. So when Yondu’s ship was docked and a storm was brewing you couldn’t help but be terrified. You were currently hiding in your room under your blanket. Things were at least slightly calm at the moment as most of the crew were still out most likely trapped by the storm. You were just trying to calm yourself when a particularly loud clap of thunder seemed to rock the ship. You let out a blood curdling scream as the sound made your heart pound. You didn’t hear foot steps crashing down the hall as you covered your ears. You door slammed open and you jumped tears running down your face. You looked up seeing Kraglin through the pale light in your room. He was panting his eyes wide and gun drawn. He was scanning your room for anything that might have caused your scream. “What’s wrong? What happened?” He was panicked as he stepped into the room. “The storm.” You admitted embarrassed until another clap of thunder made you scream again. Kraglin put his gun away throwing his holster belt onto a chair. He walked over to your bed kicking his boots off and sitting down next to you. You immediately buried your head in his chest crying. He wrapped his arms around you pulling you into his lap. “Hey. Don’t be scared, I’m right here.” He soothed you rubbing your back. You cried into his chest as he ran a hand through your hair. He was trying his hardest to soothe you. You tightened your grip on him at every clap of thunder. “Just breathe, okay?” He calmed you pulling you back a little to look at him. He wiped your tears away before going back to gently running his hand through your hair. You slowly calmed down as the worst of the storm passed. He made you keep your eyes on him going from making silly faces to make you laugh to just calming you down with gentle whispers. “Ya feel better now?” He asked as you finally finished crying. “Im better, now that you’re here.” You admitted reaching a hand up to his face. He smiled kissing you softly. You kissed back barely noticed the next clap of thunder. He smiled into it feeling your heart beat slow. He may not be the strongest or the most intimidating of men but at least for you he could chase away your monsters.

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ok so this is approximately apropos of nothing but like - what if darth vader and batman switched bodies. darth vader, surrounded by all the children in need of affection and in a fresh burn-free body. batman, stuck in a suit of pain and with a fresh weird knowledge of the Force in all its light and dark applications. bruce wayne "oh. no. the rebels escaped." darth vader "oh. no. family time."

i feel both realities are so far removed from their version of normal that i can’t figure out a reaction beyond “hold up boy what the FUCK” but star wars doors slide open, right? so would vader run straight into a door first thing or not

Every trick in the book

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Prompt from the Drabble Games (now closed): “Sweetheart, what did you bury in the garden?” requested by @givemeadecentusername || Also incorporating this from @imaginexhobbit Imagine Bilbo getting blushy because you always kiss the tippy tips of his ears.” || Drabble games fics || More Bilbo fics || More fics about “Of Lips and Fingers” (my idea of a “naughty book” in Middle Earth) || Fanfiction masterlist  || Fluff, humor, innuendo

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A Birthday Surprise

(We interrupt answering my birthday wishes you all sent in to give you a drabble!!!! x3 )

At seven a.m. I woke up to my phone’s alarm as usual and got ready for my day by putting on favorite skater dress, tied my hair up in a high ponytail with a bow to match, did my makeup, and slipped on my favorite sneakers before running out the door.
I had just moved to Griffin Rock a week ago and everyone knew who I was and what day it is.
Just walking down the sidewalk I received more cheerful greetings and birthday wishes than I have ever gotten in my old home town.
Even the ego maniac TV reporter signaled me out to wish me a Happy Birthday on air.
After the overwhelming amount of kindness I received in town, I headed to the Fire House where I was told to meet with the Burns family and their Rescue Bot team for a party.
It was suppose to be a surprise party, but Cody advised the others against it considering how jumpy I was just coming off the ferry the first day and seeing the bots dealing with a burning building.
As I approached the Fire House, I was slightly disappointed to see the doors open meaning they were out. As disappointed as I was, I knew Griffin Rock has many emergencies and they can’t be put on pause even for my birthday.
I approached the door and peeked in to see no one and nothing set up, then I turned away to go find someplace close by to wait. I was just beyond the driveway when I heard police sirens blaring behind me.
I jumped letting out a shriek when the dark blue police car I have become very accustomed to pulled up beside me.
“My apologizes,” Chase’s voice came from the vehicle, “I was waiting for you and panicked a little when I saw you leaving.”
I laughed nervously, “it’s okay.”
Chase opened his driver side door, “the others won’t be back till later, and Chief ordered that I stay behind to wait for your arrival. Might I add that you look lovely today?”
I could feel the heat form on my cheeks, “awe, thanks Chase.”
When I climbed in, his face appeared on his monitor, “since the others won’t be back, shall I take you for a drive? You haven’t seen the whole island yet and I would be quite honored to be your tour guide.”
“And I’d be honored to have you as my guide,” I smiled. “Where are we going first?”
“The others told me to surprise you,” he said with a half smile.
“What are you planning?” I asked, but his face disappeared from the screen and he drove.
“Close your eyes,” Chase ordered as he drove the windy road.
“Why?” I laughed, “what are you up to?”
“You won’t find out until your eyes are closed,” Chase teased.
I shut my eyes and cover them with my hands.
“No peeking,” Chase said as he drove a little while longer before stopping.
“Can I open my eyes now?” I asked as he transformed and I felt myself rise higher up.
“No sudden noises,” he ordered, “now look.”
I open my eyes and I have to cover my mouth to keep from squealing.
“Well?” Chase asked quietly.
I get closer to the window, “is that really a moose? A real life moose?”
Ahead, a moose walked across the street ignoring us as it slowly strutted across the pavement.
“Yes, the moose is alive,” Chase chuckled, “I read that moose are related to caribous, and people do call you Commander Caribou. What you are a commander of I will never know.”
“It’s just a silly name, Chase,” I replied, “I’ve never seen a real moose before.”
The moose turned its head looking at us, then it slowly approached curious of us.
I gasped, “omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! Chase, look! Look! Look!”
Chase chuckled quietly, “quiet, Cari, you don’t want to scare it.”
I bit my hand squealing as the moose approached Chase smelling his hull, then it peacefully walked away.
Chase stayed quiet for a moment, then said, “you may now squeal as loudly as you please.”
I took a deep breath in, and screamed out, “BEST DAY EVER!”
Chase opened up his chest and let me out, “happy anniversary of your birth.”
I hold out my arms, “it’s called a birthday, and now I want a birthday hug!”
Chase holds me up to his face so I can hug him, “happy birthday, now let’s head back to the fire house so you may have cake.”
“Uh… did Dani make it?” I asked feeling my stomach turn.
“Chief bought a second cake,” Chase assured, “are you done hugging me?”
“I’ll never let go Jack!” I said dramatically.
“Is this another one of your romantic movie references?” Chase asked, “because I am not a Jack, I’m Chase.”
I kept hugging him, and with a sigh, he walked home with me on his shoulder hugging his helm.

mood: using my powers for good and evil as I address post cards to mutuals and street view their homes because I love them so much and wanna imagine them running out the door to catch an Uber, dropping their keys while trying to juggle groceries and get inside, checking the mail only to shove the junk mail back into the box for another day etc. 


you walk into your hotel room. the lights are dimmed. soft music plays in the background as candles light up the room. there are flower petals decorating it and leaving a fragrant scent. and then you hear his voice. “eli?” you walk closer and the bed comes into view. there on it, lies bilvy, clad in a trash bag.  bilvy gets up. he looks you dead in the eye. suddenly pete wentz comes crashing through the window, and runs out the room door. a few people chase after him. you look surprised but bilvy shrugs and goes back in the bed. you run out the door. faint wentz screaming echoes in the halls, but no one seems to care. you go back into the room. bilvy is gone. the window is open. a note is left on the bed. you pick it up. it reads, “he said [REDACTED] and now petes gotta hide him which is why the sirens are going off and people were chasing him. - love bill” you look out the window. police cars drive away. you are unsure on who is inside. “[REDACTED],” you say. the sirens were the last thing you heard before it all went dark. 

She Never Stopped Smiling

by reddit user Pippinacious

Fly was an odd kid, even by odd kid standards. I met her in sixth grade, when our alphabetically ordered last names landed us in adjacent seats, and she turned to look at me with a cheerful, gap toothed smile.

“Hi!” She said.

“Hi.” I replied quietly.

I was shy and intimidated by my first day in middle school, but she wasn’t the least bit nervous.

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Stop …

1. Hanging out with people who don’t appreciate you, or who suck all the energy out of your life.

2. Running from your problems and hiding from the truth

3. Acting as a door mat and putting yourself last.

4. Longing for the past and the way things used to be.

5. Beating yourself up for the stupid things you did

6. Looking to others to make you feel happy, or believing that “stuff” will bring you happiness.

7. Rejecting new relationships because you were hurt or disappointed in the past.

8. Being jealous of other people. It’s not a competition – sets some goals, and go for them.

9. Holding grudges. Forgive, let go – and then move on with your life.

10. Trying to be perfect. It’s not realistic so don’t waste your time.

Mutually Assured Dating

‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

It took all of fourteen seconds for Derek to realize he was in the wrong apartment.

First, he noticed the very large and scuffed up sneakers and boots ditched haphazardly kind of near the door but half into the living room. Cora was meticulous about her shoes and kept them neatly arranged in a shoe rack right next to the door. The only time they touched the floor was when her feet were in them.

Second, the stuff. There was so much stuff everywhere; clothes thrown over the back of the couch, dishes across the coffee table and all over the kitchen counters, books on every surface, a gaming console dragging wires across the floor and surrounded by games, in cases and out of them. Cora was an unintentional minimalist, in that she threw out anything she didn’t need and lacked a single sentimental bone in her body. Derek and Laura regularly made trips to wherever she lived to save family keepsakes and memories from her ruthless cleaning sprees.

Then he noticed the manly warble coming from somewhere deeper in the apartment, and Cora’s favorite topic of rant floated lazily to the forefront of his mind.

—but my neighbor, oh my god this guy! I’m going to kill him if I ever see him in the hall! His bathroom shares a wall with my bedroom and he sings in the shower, every shower, at all hours. Literally all hours, like 4am, and he only sings Christmas carols at 4am. I’ve have Jingle Bells stuck in my head for a week! 

Shoes, stuff, singing.

This was not Cora’s apartment.

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Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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Make fun of my kid? I'll get you back somehow.

So I am not sure if this belongs in @prorevenge, sense it wasn’t planned on my part. It kind of just fell in my lap. Feels more than petty, so here I am.

For a bit of background: My next door neighbor is/was a college student. She lives with our actual neighbor, her boyfriend. Typical crazy college kid. Weekend parties, drinking on her patio all hours of the night, and weird hours. You know the drill. I figured she was trying to experience college life, so why not? You do you lady!

Anyways one summer night last year she was sitting out on her back patio with her girlfriends doing their drunk thing. I am out wrapping up on some stuff with my toddler daughter. She at the time had a medical thing going on that caused her to walk a little weird. Nothing life altering and something that would heal with time. She did have a weeble waddle to her, especially when running. Sometimes she would fall right over. She was out running around with the dog and the ladies next door were waving and telling her how cute she was. All good.

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every teenage girl written by an adult man

no mom don’t take that picture!! im so UGLY and FAT and thats why my crush brendethan will NEVER like me back no one is ALLOWED TO LOOK AT ME *runs to her room slams the door and turns on the backstreet boys*

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I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ Or ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’ For Percabeth

“Coffee guy has a crush on you,” Piper says without preamble, flicking a page in her reading.

“Uh huh,” Annabeth mutters, dragging a highlighter over a line in her book. It’s only after she’s finished an irritated scribble in the margin that the words really penetrate. She glances up at her friend, who is leaning across the table looking amused. “What? No. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m always ridiculous. And always right. He keeps refilling your coffee.”

Annabeth, who has been lost in a haze of architecture for longer than the hour Piper has been sitting in the cafe with her, has not really been aware of her drink being refilled. She’s reached for her mug when she wanted a drink, and the mug has always had coffee in it. The logical inconsistency between the amount of times she’d reached for the cup and the cup never being empty had not really jumped out at her until now.

“If he’s refilling my coffee and not yours, that just makes him rude.”

“Oh, no. He’s been refilling mine. When you started swearing at your book before, it nearly overflowed, and it wasn’t because he was scandalised.”

Annabeth sighs, refusing to glance over her shoulder at the coffee guy in question. It’s not like she doesn’t already know what he looks like, the guy is six foot tall with a build like an Olympian swimmer and a jawline that could cut glass. She manages to drag her brain to a halt before it starts listing things to compare his eye colour to: Piper is smirking at her reading in a way that suggests she’s learnt how to read minds.

“He was probably impressed with my command of the english language.”

“He was impressed with something, all right.” Piper shuts her folder with a snap. “Right, i’m done here.”

“That reading was fifty-one pages, you’re so full of shit.”

“The fact that you know how long my readings are is terrifying, you know that?”

“Do your homework!”

“Can’t hear you, running away to get a restraining order!” She’s halfway to the door by the time she sing-songs that, leaving Annabeth with her nearly empty coffee mug and a cafe full of people giving her the stink eye.

“If you need an alibi, I can testify that you’ve been here pretty much all day.”

Coffee guy has a nice voice. Warm, smooth, just this side of deep without sounding like the trailer guy. It takes Annabeth an embarrassing amount of time to register that she’s thinking this because he’s standing right next to her, holding a coffee pot. It’s a good thing her self control is world renowned, because she uses all of it to keep from jumping out of her skin.

“What? I - no, she’s joking. We’re friends. Really.”

His grin is distractingly crooked. “I’m convinced.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Annabeth mutters, hoping against hope that she’s not blushing, or something equally ridiculous.

“That’s probably not going to help in court.”

Her brain is - slowly - retreating out of coffee-and-study survival mode. A joke, she realises belatedly, and the rueful laugh escapes her before she can think to bite it back. And - something in coffee guy’s shoulders relaxes, just a little bit. Nervous, she thinks, and finds herself predisposed to like him. Smart boys know to think very carefully before approaching Annabeth Chase, and that’s the way she likes it.

She tucks an errant curl behind her ear. “I’ll plea insanity. Over-caffeination.” She glances down at her cup. “Actually, would you mind–?”

His face scrunches up with something like concern. “That’ll be your sixth cup.”

“Aren’t you the guy who’s been topping me up?”

“Grover seemed to think you might, I dunno, eat us or something if you ran out. I was protecting the good people of the cafe, but apparently cutting you off means stopping a murder.”

A groan escapes her, something like shame crawling up the back of her throat. Annabeth knows she’s got a serious case of resting bitch face (and she’ll fight anyone who suggests that’s a problem),but she doesn’t want the entire campus to be terrified of her.

Just wary.

“I’m not…actually some hyper-violent lady with a hair-trigger, honestly.”

“Oh hey no, I didn’t mean to–” And he’s groaning? He rubs the back of his neck, which is slowly turning red, and Annabeth starts to feel less off-kilter. “I’m bad at flirting.”

She’s definitely going to murder Piper. This is her fault somehow, Annabeth’s sure.

“Same,” she rushes out, before over-thinking can make this even messier. Her whole body feels energised, jittery, and she doesn’t think it’s the coffee. “Um. Just one more refill? To get me through the last bit of this chapter?”

“Wh - uh, right. Sure!” He squints at her. “You don’t mind?”

Annabeth rocks her mug from side to side, watching the dregs of her drink slosh from side to side. Black, no sugar. It seems like the safer option right now.

She takes a breath.

“Haven’t decided yet,” she says. “I’ll let you know when i’m done with this chapter.”

She’s not looking at him directly, but his grin is wide enough to be seen from space, let alone the corner of her eye.

“You got it,” he says happily, topping her mug off. He’s on the verge of pulling away when he pauses, like he’s remembered something. “It’s Percy, by the way. So you don’t have to keep calling me coffee guy.”

And then he’s gone, leaving Annabeth to seriously reconsider committing that murder.