running through the sprinklers

things i associate with mbti types

enfp: a balloon blowing on the wind, the moment right before a hug, popping bubbles, reading a book while sitting next to your friend, sunshowers, superman ice cream, graffiti, hot air balloons, paint smeared on your hands and face, butterflies in your stomach, hot wax, your best friend’s laugh, a sugar rush, confetti that looks like tiny stars

enfj: getting someone else’s lipstick on your lips, revenge, neon lights, mystery flavored lollipops, dancing around the room with your friends at 3 AM, street photography, the way smiles are contagious, screaming at a concert, puns that are so bad you can’t help but laugh, pranks, mirrors, a tight hug, smiles that show all your teeth

infj: libraries, abstract art, looking up at a full moon, quotes, loneliness, a rainbow through a prism, the aurora, instagramming your starbucks, the way fairy lights look like stars, optical illusions, the vastness of the universe, almost touching, a message in a bottle, walking through the snow, spiral staircases, trompe l’oeil, waterfall mist, echoes

infp: dragonfly wings, a wildflower field, random acts of kindness, watercolors, tears that burn your eyes, diaries, a messy room, a tea kettle shrieking, falling asleep in a hammock, the first day of spring, blanket forts, climbing vines, braids, dewy grass, tree houses, laying on a field and looking at the clouds, sun over an open field

intp: puzzles, light shining through blinds, braille, lightning, tide pools, typewriters, white bedsheets, windowless hallways, waking up before dawn, old maps, writing late at night, blowing glass, warning signs, street musicians, crisp suits, the subway, mathematical formulas, broken fingernails, making music with wine glasses

intj: red-hot embers, newspapers, marble sculptures, deep sea creatures, dark hair, minimalism, silver chains, crumbling petals, the sound of pouring rain, chinese checkers, déjà vu, dystopian fiction, bathing in the dark, merlot, barbed wire, overgrown lawns, antithetical statements,  blizzards, dry anger, bitter baking chocolate

entj: dark chocolate syrup, memorizing equations, skylights, thick makeup, constellations, feeling invincible, city nightlife, falling from the roof of a building, balancing on a tightrope, the golden gate bridge, kissing someone’s shoulders, loud voices, screaming for no reason, sharp teeth, old churches, brain scans

entp: wildfire, writing words on a bathroom stall, lighting a match, wind-blown hair, staying awake for too long, counting lane dividers as you pass by, wandering through the woods, staring contests, the light changing your skin color, fences, a blank sketchbook, people-watching, leathery hands, running through an alleyway, blowing a fuse

estp: blurring lights, going over the speed limit, the feeling in your stomach when you go upside down, jumping over a waterfall, drinking straight from the bottle, being on a roller coaster, belting your favorite song, late nights, one-night stands, movie theatres, parties full of strangers, forbidden books, blacklight posters, duct tape, fluorescent bulbs

esfp: unwrapping a present, a sparkle, hot soup, bubblegum, laughing with your friends, a spinning carousel, hickeys, strobe lights, a hershey’s kiss, songs on repeat, jumping into cold water on a hot day, burning your hand, the thrill of being onstage, dramatic entrances, spinning until you get dizzy, rainbows on a cloudy day

isfp: a flock of birds, blowing bubbles, cigarette smoke, poetry, lens flares, cat fur, white sand, doodling, the night sky, a picture of a nebula, original grimm fairy tales, ambiguity, acrylic paints, a crescent moon, photography, fingers flying over piano keys, liminal space, doorways, social activism, the line between thoughts and reality

istp: a stormy ocean, skydiving, cracking your knuckles, shaking a soda, looking down from a height, salt plains, limestone, sand on a wooden floor, bioluminescence, clutching something so tightly your knuckles turn white, throwing off your hat, a cloudy sky, tinted windows, skipping class, seeing your reflection in metal, breaking glass, dry ice

istj: graphite streaks on your palms, polishing a sword, glass shards, brass knuckles, netting, methodical sketches, geometry, permanent marker, punching a mirror, hammering a nail into place, ice water, machinery, boiling oil, bold letters, metal-rimmed glasses, dark smoke, oxygen masks, cold showers, static, skylights

isfj: fresh baked cookies, light filtered through leaves, porch swings, disney movies, sketches in the margins of your notes, the sound of waves, oversized hoodies, holding hands, embroidery, down feathers, showing your bare back, seeing veins through pale skin, black and white photographs, a flute melody, touching a butterfly’s wing, rocks in a stream

esfj: sunflowers, your first kiss, cities during the daytime, standing at a crosswalk, tile floors, art museums, running through sprinklers, dancing without music, bathing in sunshine, falling in love, streetlights, thick hair, smiling at a mirror, children’s laughter, drawing words with sparklers, gold glitter, whispered secrets, flower crowns, flipping on a lightswitch

estj: skyscrapers, railroads, a river that flows through a city, going underwater, iron bridges, old paper, vintage champagne, broken-down fountains, city limits, cathedrals, borderlines, Greek architecture, arches, windows, heavy wooden doors, locks, buildings overgrown with vines, cracked pavement, the world through clear glass

I can’t wait for summer mornings. Orange juice, strawberries, brown spotted bananas. Running through the sprinklers. Biking barefoot around town. Ice cream sodas. Eating cherries on white paper towels til the juice bleeds through. Pink bikinis on Lake Michigan, pick-up basketball in the park, painting my nails outside on the porch. The syrupy evenings.


Stevesharon Aesthetics | Domestic AU

“You could have had a home. You could be there now. In a little white house. On a quiet sunny street. Nobody firing missles at you. Knowing who your friends are. Listening to the neighbors’ kids squeal, running through the sprinkler one more time. While she works on her tan. The one you love. The one who loves you.  You’d look at her and she’d look back at you. And smile. And you’d know she was wandering, too. How beautiful they’d have to be. The children you’d have someoday. You could have had that. You could have had it all.

sunlit baby blue bedroom, picking dandelions, running through sprinklers in wet grass, fluttering white butterflies, lemonade stands, chlorine scented skin, sidewalk chalk scrawlings on the front steps, a barbie jeep in a sunny backyard, watermelon lip smackers, plastic butterfly hair clips, blockbuster dvds, capri sun and fruit snacks, air conditioner humming, barefoot on hot pavement, skip it, america online, nickelodeon’s day of play, bouncy balls in the driveway, a rumble of thunder in the sky

anonymous asked:

Head cannons for mei, genji, junkrat, road hog , soldier 76, and tracer at a water park

~I only do up to five head canons so i’ll do five right now. Feel free to send another with any others when requests are open. 


  • She didn’t put on sun screen. She’s baking like a fried egg out there in the heat. She’ll have weird tan lines before they leave. Junkrat laughs at her. 
  • First one in the bumper boats. 
  • Somehow found, purchased, and ate several cotton candies before anyone could stop her. She’s practically vibrating with energy. 
  • Gets everyone together to do a multi person tunnel ride. Soldier 76 and Roadhog are the only ones who don’t scream. 


  • Finds the tallest water slide he can and immediately gets in line for it. You can hear his scream on the way down. 
  • He loves to just jump into the water from high up. If he can, he’ll skip the slide all together and leap. 
  • He loves the rapid water rides. Anything fast he’ll get one. He loves the rush right before he takes to the air and lands in the splash pools below. 
  • He sends pictures to Zenyatta all day long. 


  • Not the strongest swimmer. Roadhog made him where floaties. He’s not happy about it. They stops him from drowning twice.
  • Second one in the bumper boats. He’s out for blood. He didn’t come here to have fun, he came here to win. He will knock Tracer out of her bumper boat or die trying. 
  • Loves to run through the sprinklers in the water playgrounds. Squirts Roadhog in the face with them and runs for his life afterward. 
  • He’s excited to get on the tunnel rides until he’s actually there. One minute, everything’s beautiful. The sky is clear and then BAM! A 100 foot drop of darkness. His screams echo through the tunnel all the way down. 


  • Loves the wave pools. He likes to bounce with the waves and watch the people go under. Especially if it’s Junkrat. Those waves can’t beat his size. 
  • If he can cannon ball anywhere, he’s doing it. All the kids around him love it. The parents in the splash zone, not so much. 
  • Gets on every single slide ride backwards. He thinks its more exciting that way. Junkrat tries once, never again after that.
  • Roadhog can do just about any ride until it has a loop. He can’t handle loops. 200 foot drop? You got it. Teacup ride? You got it. 100 foot drop with a loop in the middle. Nope, not happening. 

Soldier 76

  • His mask doubles as a snorkel. 
  • No one’s getting him out of the lazy river for anything short of someone pissing in the pool.
  • If you challenge him, he’ll get on just about any ride. He’ll face a 200 foot drop before he lets you call him a chicken. 
  • He’ll never forgive them for putting him on a ride where the floor comes out from under him. He wasn’t ready. That’s the one time anyone ever heard him scream on a water ride. 
  • sun woo: you know, since you're living in your car, maybe you should live with us. we need an extra roommate and rent is pretty cheap.
  • soo ho: sure! thanks, guys.
  • yeo wool: wait, if you lived in your car since last semester, how did you shower?
  • soo ho: i run through the sprinklers when the sun goes down.
  • sun woo: ... you're the legendary night streaker?
  • soo ho: that, i am.
  • ban ryu: i don't think that's something to be proud of.
  • soo ho: that, i am not.
The Sprinkler

El sits back in the hammock and lazily swings, toes skimming the overgrown grass below. Her half-finished Boxcar Children book lies on her chest, an old pair of Nancy’s sunglasses perched on her nose. The afternoon sun is hot, the air almost oppressive. Joyce and Jonathan are off at work and Will left the hammock a while ago.

She’s half-asleep when she hears noises coming from across the yard. She looks up to see Will leaving the shed, carrying a coil of green hose and dressed in his swim shorts. He lays something in the grass and works to untangle the hose before pulling the end toward the spigot.

“What’re you doing?” she calls from the hammock.

Will looks back at her with a glint in his eye. “Setting up the sprinkler.”


“It’s fun. Trust me. Go put on your suit.” And he turns back to finish screwing on the hose.

El is a little confused but she likes when Will is happy so she skips into the house and grabs her suit. Most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from Nancy, but her swimsuit is new and her very own, pale pink with white polka dots. When she wears it, she feels like a normal kid, one who goes to the local pool with the boys or the lake with her brothers.

By the time she’s back outside, the sprinkler is shooting water high into the air. She stands on the stoop and cocks her head quizzically at Will. The boy grins from the other side before barreling through the spray with a whoop. Wiping a hand across his eyes, he calls for her to come down. “It’s like taking a shower outside!”

Hesitating only a moment longer, El runs and hops over the sprinkler, laughing as she passes through the water wall. The cold feels good with the sun beating down and soon she finds herself hopping back and forth, taking turns with Will. The dog joins them, barking in glee. A few times they slip on the soaked grass but the tumbles only make them laugh harder.

They’ve been running through the water for maybe an hour when Will bends down to unscrew the hose from the sprinkler. El stands before him, unsuspecting, and he lifts the hose, holding his thumb over the opening to spray water at her. She shrieks in surprise and he pauses for a moment. He’s always careful to make sure she’s okay, all the boys are. But she just grins and turns to run, yelling, “Can’t catch me, can’t catch me!” Will giggles and follows her.

Jonathan gets home to find that his mom has just beaten him. She’s standing at the window looking into the backyard and silently beckons him to her. They watch as the two kids run around the grass, shooting water at each other and squealing, the dog at their heels. Joyce’s and Jonathan’s eyes meet and each knows what the other is thinking: they haven’t heard Will laugh like this in ages. Joyce blinks back a tear and goes to the kitchen to make sandwiches for a picnic dinner. Jonathan runs to his room to collect his camera.

Several pages of an photo album are eventually devoted to this day, mostly of two skinny kids and a shaggy dog and water droplets all around them. One of Joyce carrying a plate of sandwiches, her hand trying to cover her face but her smile visible underneath. One of El and Jonathan, taken by Will. One of Hopper walking around the house from the front yard, clearly surprised by the camera. One of El and Will wrapped up in towels in the hammock, sound asleep.

  • It's [Have One On Me] been called a pop record.
  • Joanna: ‪I guess it's almost like I'm saying the same thing [as on Ys], but the intention is a little different for me. For some reason I was in the mood to make something very direct. I felt like I had been so abstract in some ways and kind of ungrounded, there were a lot of frenetic, hypercomplicated musical or harmonic transitions, an extremely compacted, compounded density of lyrics as well as a hyperawareness of the structure of the lyric, the syllabic emphases and the interior rhyme structure. Just a bunch of stuff like that. I had felt like I had been in that very constricted space. Sort of outfitted in this specialized writing gear. I felt like an astronaut or something in my crazy suit walking around in space doing this specialized, technical thing. For me, for whatever reason, that was what I need to do at the time to make what was ultimately a very emotional and intense at times record.‬
  • Timeout: It is a sad record, isn't it?
  • Joanna: For me, it was. But I think for whatever reason when I started work on this record I zipped off the astronaut suit and wanted to be grounded on earth and very earthy, very bodily, physical. I wanted the songs to be easier. Warmer; and a lot of that was intention and a lot of that was a product of the mood that I was in. I did a German interview the other day, where I said that it reminded me of when I was really little and I would go to church. I was five or something. I remember wearing my little sailor dress and zip collar and itchy wool tights and patent leather shoes. My hair was tied up into some really tight French braid and I would get home and tear it all off. Throw it in a pile in the corner and run around outside...Sunday! Run around with my brother and my sister and the dog. Run through the sprinklers if it was summer. And that feeling. And there was something like that that pervaded the process of editing this record. I'm unburdening and setting off to work in a way. I think that it lends a directness probably to the record which might be what some people call a "pop feel." Because it's certainly not a pop record.

It’s bullshit that teens and adults aren’t allowed to play. 

 I have a younger sister, so I continued to play make believe games longer than most of my peers. Eventually, around middle school, I noticed that the other kids around me were no longer playing with dolls and stuffed animals. “Oh.” I thought. “I guess I should stop doing that too.”

 But the desire to create, to imagine, to act out stories, that never goes away. Sure, maybe some adults can get away with fulfilling that desire by going to the renaissance faire or playing Dungeons and Dragons. But even those activities are ridiculed, and it certainly isn’t acceptable for a grownup to enjoy playing with barbies or action figures or make a spaceship out of a refrigerator box.

 Adulthood restricts the playfulness in all of us. Granted, it certainly isn’t unheard of for adults to play video games, or for men to graduate from collecting matchbox cars to repairing real ones. But no adults can play as freely and unashamedly as they did as children, even in their limited free time. And women? We’re expected to stop playing dress-up as witches and queens and instead learn to do our contour. We trade in playing tag and climbing the monkey bars for running on the treadmill at the gym. Adults aren’t barred from fun, of course, but we are expected to only enjoy certain types of entertainment, often media based or involving alcohol.

 I know for a fact that the stories I created as a little girl were practice for the writing I do today. But sometimes the words alone just aren’t enough. I want to get out my Playmobiles and build a world of intrigue and betrayal, make the yard a battlefield where I fight invisible foes, even just run through the sprinkler with my friends again. And I’m not just talking about age regression here—the games I would play with my American girl dolls and plastic animals would be much grittier and complex than anything a child could come up with. I just want playing with toys to stop being shameful for adults, even teenagers who aren’t so very far from their childhood years. We encourage creativity and innovation in science, in art, in writing, why condemn it when it brings nothing but personal enjoyment?

 My mom, who just turned 50, told me recently that she doesn’t yet feel like a grown up. I don’t either, but yet I am expected to leave behind my childish wonder and silliness behind just because I have to pay car insurance and college fees. It makes me sad.

running through water sprinklers. an unconventional love for words. oversized hoodies. sketches in the margins of your notes. falling in love. clutching something so tightly that your knuckles turn white. sunflowers. tinted windows. light filtered through leaves. cities during daytime. dancing without music. the sound of waves crashing against seaside rocks. catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made.
—  name aesthetics: Tanya //requested by @thoughtsandsmiles
Dating Wonwoo Would Include...
  • wonwoo is super quiet and ghost like at the best of times
  • so when he gets feelings this becomes even worse around you
  • the boys literally have to drag him into the room to talk to you and sit on him so that he doesn’t immediantly leave again
  • you start to think that he hates you
  • but down’t worry svt to the rescue
  • they trick you two into meeting in the dance room and lock you in until he explains
  • they’re also watching you on the cameras
  • creepy right
  • if he takes too long they might even start yelling things through the speakers
  • but he eventually explains that he doesn’t hate you and in fact, its quite the opposite
  • so you finally set up a date
  • at which you hear cheering through the speakers
  • but it’s at this tiny little bookstore cafe
  • and he takes you round all the shelves pointing out all his favourite books
  • and recommending a few as well
  •  by the time you go to sit down for tea you have a massive stack of books that you can barely carry
  • so it’s a very successful date lmao
  • such a soft relationship
  • he has a few cacti in his room 
  • so when he’s on tour you look after them and send him daily updates
  • he gets so concerned abt his babies
  • he either has no top on or huge sweaters on 
  • there’s no inbetween
  • you wear his tops a lot as well
  • he pretends not to care but inside he’s dying
  • mingyu turns up all the time when you two hang out
  • sometimes you even end up third wheeling your own boyfriend
  • but you don’t mind bc you end up having gossip sessions with mingyu without wonwoo
  • he’s such a polite boy
  • like even if you cooked him food that he hated, he’d still eat it
  • he’s also very scatter brained and relies on you to hold him together
  • like he’d forget that he’s allergic to something and go to eat it
  • so you have to suddenly rush to the rescue and save him before he literally kills himself
  • he’s very cuddly
  • especially when he’s tired
  • lord he gets so attached and whines and pouts like a baby if you even so much as try to move
  • he does so much cute shit for you randomly
  • like he’ll just run a bath for you
  • or cook your favourite food (with the help of gyu ofc)
  • or turn up at your work with a bouquet of sunflowers
  • sometimes hanging out with him and gyu feels like babysitting
  • like going on a walk to the park
  • they’ll run through the sprinklers and stop and pet every dong they see while you just sit and read on a bench and they only come back when they’re hungry
  • the younger members of svt often come to you for advice thy can’t get from their hyungs
  • wonwoo feels so proud when this happens because look at you bonding with his brothers and bc you’re helping people
  • it warms his heart
  • and it’s also when he says i love you for the first time
  • you’ve just given advice to vernon abt something and wonwoo just looked at you and said it
  • then realised what he said and immediantly started blushing
  • but picks you up and spins you round when you say it back
  • from then on it’s said all the time to accompany every little thing you two do bc you always want the other to know that you love them
maruaders era aesthetics

james; flying so fast you get whiplash. laughing so hard you shake and wheeze. glasses always falling down your nose. your shoes always coming untied. one single tear trailing down your face. indie music. lecturing your friends to be safe. worrying about having a coaster for your drink at a party. cleaning up your friend’s messes. giving stern side glances.

sirius; the smell of old leather. black jeans. blasting music when you’re upset. punching walls. flipping your hair to seem seductive. winking. having scabbed knuckles. the feeling when smoking a cigarette. seeing red when angry. having emotional breakdowns over little things. acting overly confident to cover up insecurities. painting your nails black just to make a statement. 

remus; oversized sweaters. smoking weed. making bad puns. leaving dirty clothes in a giant heap. always adding in sarcastic side comments. black eyes. feeling alone in a crowded room. chewing the skin off your lips. the feeling when sleeping on hardwood floors. thick eyebrows. underplaying your intelligence. getting good marks without trying. the feeling of just sitting with the person you love most in the world after a hard day. 

peter; polos. wearing shorts during the winter. wheezing when laughing. being obsessed with something new every week. chewing your fingernails to the flesh. feeling insecure when it isn’t necessary. wiggling your ears. the feeling when you succeed at something you find difficult. the sound of crinkling paper. gasping for air when being tickled.

lily; dried acrylic paint on your fingers. electric blue nail polish. listening to depressing music when you’re alone just to feel something. poetry. the sound of a paintbrush brushing a canvas. staring at someone when they don’t notice. one single freckle on your upper lip. taking a hike on a rainy day. the smell of pine. playing duck duck goose. jumping in puddles to splash your friends.

regulus; smirking at your enemy. having a logical answer for every question. the feeling of irritation when you scuff your shoe. dancing in a ballroom. the feeling when you admire a piece of art. crying into your hands. feeling lost. feeling trapped. speaking the truth even when your voice shakes. writing letters in cursive. 

marlene; patterned headbands. the color yellow. flipping off your friends. sarcastic smiles. putting your hair up every time you write. hiding your sensitive side to seem unstoppable. calling out people you hate in crowds. screaming on a hilltop. rock-climbing. reading to escape reality. having trust issues. watching sad movies just to have a good cry.

alice; wearing your hair in french braids. being too shy to speak up. licking your lips every time before you speak. clasping your hands whenever you listen to someone. doodling in class. skipping in a field of daisies. giving cheesy smiles for the camera. tracing shapes on someone’s skin. the feeling after a shower. 

frank; slapping your friends on the back. laughing at every little thing. having blind optimism. the feeling when you plant a garden and it grows. running through a sprinkler. the feeling when you jump into a pool. that feeling when school is finally let out for the summer. giving everyone you meet a hug. always telling people to have hope. 

dorcas; wearing your hair in perfect buns. collared shirts under sweaters. rolling up your sleeves when problem-solving. biting your tongue when you’re annoyed. the feeling when you get your ears pierced for the first time. the feeling of anticipation when you’re about to receive an award. having a perfect manicure. feeling like you have too much responsibility.

emmeline; pulling down your skirt when you feel too exposed. hitting your elbow on the end of a table. the feeling when you successfully accomplish a goal. the feeling of having a dry throat when giving bad news. wearing a lot of rings. tucking your hair behind your ear. holding your breath under water. making a perfect snow angel. 

the signs as summer aesthetics
  • Aries: sitting around a fire with friends, laughing the night away
  • Taurus: on a plane, a mile in the air, staring out the window at the vast world below them
  • Gemini: running outside during a storm and playing in the rain
  • Cancer: walking down the street, hand in hand with their boy/girlfriend, to their favorite spot no one knows about
  • Leo: jumping off a dock into the cool, refreshing water of a lake on a humid day
  • Virgo: running through the sprinkler on a warm, sunny day
  • Libra: running outside in the middle of the night, jar in hand, ready to catch fireflies
  • Scorpio: listening to music and window staring on a long car ride
  • Sagittarius: cruising down the road, windows down, blaring music
  • Capricorn: walking down to the beach at 5am, coffee in hand, ready to watch the sunrise
  • Aquarius: standing atop a cliff, ocean hundreds of feet below, filled with a sense of freedom
  • Pisces: feet in the sand, floppy sun hat, reading a book and taking in the ocean breeze

🎈👑 A Party Fit For A Princess! 🎈👑

We had so much fun at Mia’s birthday party yesterday! It was sooo super hot out so the girls spent most of the day running through the sprinkler and playing in the kiddie pool.

Mia’s party was Sofia the First themed and it was sooo cute. 😍I can’t wait to plan the twins birthday party even though it’s not for a loooong time. 😂 Dylann really outdid herself on decorations. The twins hadn’t seen Mia since she spent the weekend at our house so they really loved being able to play with her again.

The girls normally cry whenever it’s time to leave from somewhere, but yesterday they were so exhausted they literally asked to go bye-bye and as soon as we got in the car and I turned the air on, they were knocked out. 😂

Summer Bucket List

Some inspiration for those who don’t want to leave the house during the summer/

1. Make a blanket fort or pillow nest
2. Nostalgia day- spend a day feeling nostalgic over the games, shows and activities of your younger days
3. Run through sprinklers
4. Water war
5. Ride around town on bikes or scooters with sunglasses
6. Make a flower crown
7. Collect seashells
8. Bake an apple or berry pie and leave on the windowsill to cool (cause you’re secretly a part of a fairytale
9. Get an arcade leaderboard
10. Prank call someone
11. Go to an amusement park, water park or carnival
12. Make a movie with your friends in a day
13. Cloud watching
14. Go park hopping
15. Go swimming
16. Play in a kiddie pool
17. Fill a kiddie pool with jello
18. All day Netflix or movie marathon
19. Make something for your friend/neighbor and randomly drop it off at their house
20. Picnic
21. Pet rocks
22. Go to a parade (pride *cough cough*)
23. Visit an IMAX or drive-in theater
24. Treasure hunt (pirate costumes optional but recommended)
25. Ice cream party
26. Go to a farmers market
27. Mini golf or bowling
28. Shaving cream balloon wars
29. Pillow fight
30. Jigsaw puzzle or legos with friends
31. Go to a thrift shop or yard sale
32. Fairy garden
33. Use sidewalk chalk to make art
34. Run through sprinklers
35. Make an outdoor board game with chalk and use yourself and friends as playing pieces
36. Have a Skype call with all your bromeos and play games online together
37. Gather your emo or musicals squad and either do karaoke or have a full on dance party
38. Actually mail a letter to someone you god dagit teens with your tech
39. Be the good smol bean I know you can and volunteer for charity
40. If you aren’t in camp then host a mini one for your friends
41. Go to the library with your bros
42. Have a bake off (competition and delicious treats)
43. Create an AU for your lives with your bros
44. Play hide and seek in a large grocery or convenience store
45. Play hide and seek in the library (text clues to each other)
46. Play flashlight tag
47. Go to a new park or zoo
48. Do a sport with your least judgmental friends
49. Have friends come over in cosplay (without telling anyone else who they’re coming as) then be given random scenarios in which they have to act as their characters and interact with everyone else’s
50. Pull an all nighter and film yourself every hour as you slowly lose your mind

The Signs As Summer Things

Aries  - Going To China Town To Buy Illegal FireWorks

Taurus - Buying Lemonade, Make A Lemonade Stand To Re-Sell

Gemini - Running Through Sprinklers On A Hot Day 

Cancer - Building Giant Sandcastles 

Leo - Going To 7/11 Late At Night To Get A Slushie

Virgo - Chasing After The Ice Cream Truck

Libra - Riding A Carousel Five Times In A Row

Scorpio - Laying on the Grass And StarGazing

Sagittarius - Going On A Spontaneous Road Trip 

Capricorn - Walking In The Street Late At Night

Aquarius - Staying At A Motel, Going in the Pool late at night

Pisces - Collecting Seashells Until Sundown

Dance with Me

Prompt: Dance with me

Words: 699

          You love the rain. You love the sound, the way it looks, and most of all the way it feels. For some reason water has always brought you comfort. You lived for those warm summer days where you could dive into the pool, run through a sprinkler, or jump into an oncoming wave. You refer to the water as your happy place.

          That’s why when the first drops of the storm start hitting your window, you immediately come awake. You press your face against the window, and goose bumps rise along your skin, at the contact of the cold glass. Your grin widens as a strike of lightning illuminates the sky.

          You don’t give it another thought, you dash as quietly as you can from your bedroom, and down the stairs. You’re careful to stay quiet as you slip out one of the sliding doors and onto the back deck.

          You go to the edge of the canopy, that is shielding you from the falling water, and hold out your hand. You can’t help but relax as the water hits your palm, somewhat cool for a fall rain.

          Another flash of lightning streaks across the sky.

          “You’re going to get yourself electrocuted.”

          You can’t help the little squeak that comes out of your mouth, at the sound of his voice. You turn to glare at your boyfriend, and your hands go to your hips. “Damian,” you hiss, “What in the world are you doing here at three in the morning?”

          He smirks, “I’m always out this late, comes with job.” Your eyes roam up and down his Robin uniform, before you cross your arms. He approaches you, and takes your hands in his, “I stopped by just to check on you. I know your parents are out of town for the next few weeks.”

          You smile, “That was very sweet of you.”

          He pulls you into him, and you snuggle into his warmth. He kisses your hair and asks, “So what are you doing up this early?”

          You smile at him, “Well before you scared me half to death I was enjoying the rain.” There’s a moments of silence as his hand rubs up and down your arm before you say, “You know what I’ve always wanted to do?”

          “Go to Thailand?”

            “No … Well yes, but I meant in this moment?”

           “Make out?”

          You roll your eyes and swat his chest, “No, you hormonally charged teenage boy.”

          “Then I have no clue, what have you always wanted to do?”

          “Dance in the rain.”

          There’s a moment of silence before Damian simply says, “That was so much cornier than I expected.”

          You glare at him, “It’s not corny. That’s how my parents ended their first date. They’d gone out to this amazing dinner, and this storm rolled in. And instead of letting it ruin their night, my dad asked my mom to dance in the rain. She said that it was in that moment she knew she’d spend the rest of her life in love with my dad.”

          His eyes soften a bit at the story, and his arms slowly disappear from around you. He takes two steps back, and stares at you for a moment, before he goes into a gentleman’s bow, “May I have this dance?”

          A soft smile plays on your lips, “What happened to corny?”

          He looks up at you, never breaking his bow and says, “I want that moment. I want us to know that we’ll always love each other. So, dance with me … please.”

          You take his hand and as he straightens you say, “I knew I’d always love you that day you gave me your favorite sweatshirt, simply because you knew I loved it.”

          He smiles as he leads you out into the rain and sweeps you into a dance, “I’d give you the entire moon if it meant you’d be happy.”

          You dance in the rain that night, and the pounding of the rain becomes your song. And every time, a large rainstorm rolls in at night, for the rest of your life, Damian wakes you and simply says, “They’re playing our song, dance with me.”

The Signs as Summer Things

Aries: fireworks, late night drives with the windows down, long grass blowing in the warm wind, freckles, tank tops

Taurus: going to a diner at 4 a.m., peaches, sidewalk chalk, overalls with little pins, sitting in a lawn chair reading a book in the sun

Gemini: big floppy straw hats, sunsets that light the sky on fire, the background hum of an oscillating fan, playgrounds, radios

Cancer: sidewalk chalk, fresh fruit, the smell that comes in when you open the window, afternoon naps, holding hands

Leo: hearing a car race by late late at night, running through the sprinkler, being barefoot, the feeling of drinking cold water after being out in the sun, campfire s'mores and hotdogs

Virgo: ice tea with lemon, idle boredom, reading books by flashlight until your eyes tire out, watching the sun come up, making plans

Libra: tanlines, garage sales, fruit smoothies, the smell of chlorine at the pool, singing along to the radio

Scorpio: shaved ice, the sound of windchimes through an open window, goodbye hugs during graduation, taking a road trip, sleeping in

Sagittarius: popsicle juice running down your hand, bubble wands, the smells and sounds of a bbq party, going on a beer run, polaroids

Capricorn: the feeling of relaxing after a long day, going for a walk, strawberry lemonade, finding time for a hobby, smelling something on the breeze

Aquarius: neon signs at night, thrift stores, making mix cd’s for a party, jello shots, picking your friend up just to hang out

Pisces: kiddie pools, baskin & robbins ice cream, old dogs sleeping in the shade, art shows at the park, dollar store party decorations