running through our veins

i can’t wait until we meet. i can’t wait until i get to finally be wrapped in ur warmth.  i can’t wait until i get to hold ur hand tightly and run through the streets w adrenaline n excitement pumping through our veins. i can’t wait until we get to show each other funny n wholesome memes irl. we’re gonna put all the cute but shitty romcoms to shame.

Little Eden

Tell me, Adam, what would you do if you were alone? Would you take off your stolen clothes? Would you take off your stolen skin?

Our footprints follow obediently behind us, but they do not lead us home. You stand in our empty garden, eyes closed, up to your scraped knees in dust and dirt and empty seed packets, and I call out to you, but you don’t know who I’m screaming for. We keep finding ourselves like this, perpetually naming things. Unsatisfied with words, now that we need them.

Our mouths were not
shaped for this.

I am coming to terms with being a trespasser in my body. I am coming to terms with the fact that Eden can’t be seen on a map, that red clay earth runs through our veins, that we are battered and stained by our own homesickness.

I know that my mind is a stranger, that I was built from fertile soil, and I know that although we keep our eyes always over our shoulders, the last holy curse is that someday we will stop trying to come home.

You say you like it better this way, where we try to weigh each other’s shadows, where we count our ribs and come up one short. Never mind the future graves on the roadside, never mind the flies that land on our parted lips, one of us is going to give birth in this ditch, Adam, and it will not be me.

Let me plant a seed in your abdomen. We’ll swap curses, Adam, and this time it won’t hurt - I’ll toil in the barren fields and you will curl protectively around the life in your belly, fingers splayed over the warm swell of your abdomen.
Our work will be easy.
You’ll give me two sons,
five sons,

and I will grow a tomato patch
on the windowsill,
and everything I touch
will be green.

We are all filled

     with ugly thoughts

     that seep deep into our bones

     and turn into despicable monsters

They dribble into our blood

     and run through our veins

They crawl along

    every single inch

   of our body

And exude ugly vibes

    that we magnify into

    deep dark insecurities

That at the end

    we don’t even realise that

    they have killed our souls.

—  Tia Wulansari Wijaya

For thousands of years people have believed in higher beings. Beings that are much bigger than any men would dare to imagine. But yet they believed that the spirits which run through the clouds are not so different from us, yet with a might that is unpredictable.

We are the children from the spirits of the sky and their blood runs through our veins. We are the spirit made flesh with the wind in our lungs, the rivers in our veins, the fire in our hearts and the earth beneath our skin.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm an INTJ, and I just? Suddenly started to burst into tears? I'm researching as much as I can on the subject, but is it natural to be this goddamn emotional?? Was I mistyped?? Should I retake the MBTI quiz?

Yes you’re showing uncharacteristic symptoms INTJs don’t feel anything but the chill of ice run through our veins and we are physically unable to cry you’re probably dying and you better call this number quick 1-800-YOU-SUCK good luck xo !!!!!!!


Artwork // Good Grief - Bastille

Do we watch the world go by through our fingers? Disassociating ourselves as an act of survival, protection against people just like us. In my design, the bleeding colours and distress marks symbolise the mixed emotions running through our veins; that halting moment where no longer can we distinguish between our true and falsified emotions. 

I’m Gem, by no means an artist but this is my take on Good Grief for Wild World Communications. Thank you. {on my twitter}


We are born into wealth, we are born into prestige and power- great responsibility, insurmountable burden.  We are born with the weight of a world on our shoulders.  

But don’t forget- we are also born young, born with hearts, born with the pangs of romance, born with reckless energy, born with curiosity and hunger and wonder.  

We want to be young forever.

But there’s a conflict there, isn’t it?  A disparity between a burden of society, and a love of life, a disparity that runs in our veins, through our faculties, one that has troubled all of us for generations upon generations- A Blood Disparity.

Crystal Correspondence

 Amethyst: purple stained quartz caused by irradiation, and iron impurities. A great stone for enhancing psychic ability. This is my mother’s favourite stone, and as such I also have a personal connection with this stone pertaining to familial love, and  continued learning.

Garnet: a group of silicate minerals with similar properties but with different chemical compositions resulting in a variety of colours, red is the most common. They’re name is derived from the Latin word for seed, granate, due to garnet’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed. It is said to be a powerful stone involved with manifestation, commitment, and confidence. These stones remind me of the life force in each of us, it shines like the blood which runs through our veins. 

Labradorite: a type of feldspar found in Labrador, Canada. A stone of protection, and illumination; this is said to assist in psychic development. A Native stories tell of how the northern lights are trapped in these beautiful stones. Natives used this stone for medicinal purposes, to protect, to relieve stress, and to convene with spirits.  Much like moonstone they shine with an internal light in many colours: green, yellow, blue, and even purple.

Moonstone: a type of feldspar with a blue sheen (especially within the light), reminiscent of the moon. It has a soft, opaque look and was a conventional gift between lovers in India. Romans thought that it was the rays of the moon made solid, hence the name. Mine are found as rainbow moonstones rings and are associated with creative enterprises, intuition, and psychic protection.

Opal: a silica, this multicoloured stone will sometimes settle into fossils and petrified wood. This stone is said to assist in creativity, and can make its wearer invisible, perhaps assisting in astral travel. There are plenty of superstitions surrounding this gem, and for a time misfortunes seemed to follow those who possessed them; however, they have spiked in popularity in the 20th century. 

Peridot: also known as olivine, this stone is rich in magnesium creating the bright green colour. A stone of prosperity, compassion, protection, and renewal. This stone excels where good health is required. It can also help lessen stress within relationships, making communication easier. 

Pearl: created in the mantle of a mollusc, pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Sometimes called “teardrops of the moon,” these stones have a long history and much folklore. Associated with integrity they are commonly seen on wedding dresses today. 

Quartz: the second most common gemstone, I find quartz at the beach frequently. Many colour variations of this stone have their own name, such as amethyst. Called the universal crystal, this stone is a standby for pretty much everything. I use mine as a storage for energy, and for assistance when focusing intent.

Rose Quartz: another variety of quartz, this stone has a rosy blush. I use it when working on confidence and self image, and to aid in clear communication and trust in relationships. 

Sea Glass: not technically a gemstone, but due to my ties to the ocean I use beach glass routinely in my craft. Coming in many different colours, brown is the most common, red being the least common. I use these colourful finds when trying to calm myself, to add a touch of the ocean’s patience and strength to my interactions. Often when I feel the need to relax and unwind I pour myself a hot bath, adding herbs, essential oils, bath bubbles, and sea glass.

The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts.  The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins.  The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever.  Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus?  But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time.
—      D.H. Lawrence

let’s get fucked and make out in the hallway

let the drugs run through our veins

and let’s be sad together for three days straight

let’s not get enough sleep

but lay in bed nevertheless

let’s kiss whenever we feel like it

and lie in each other’s arms

let’s not be together but love anyways

Earth- A Life in Realistic High Definition

Earthy people (Those with prominent Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo energy) may find themselves unable to look through rose tinted glasses, and may find themselves accused of pessimism at times. Usually however, this is realism over pessimism, where there is no shielding from the truths and practicalities of the world. “Harsh reality” could be a way to describe this life view perhaps, whereby the logic associated with earth can lead these types to saddening, yet logical conclusions about the world they live in. Life can be uncompromising and as real as the blood that runs through our veins.  

character aestheticthe star child ;

the cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts.  the sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins.  the moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever.  who knows the power that saturn has over us, or venus?  but it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time.

Today we celebrate our traditions our colors and the blood that runs through our veins ... Because neither our flag or our land are to blame for the government that was imposed on us, we will fight ‘till the end, they tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds !!¡¡Viva México!!
art & me

my love for art has deepened so much in the past few months. I’m still in awe of the positive impact art has had on me. I started this school year in my worst time of my life. I was going through so much. and then my art class transformed me into a living breathing piece of art. I’ve realized that art is more than just a painted canvas. art is living and breathing and swirling in our minds and running through our veins. art is always there for me when I can’t talk to anyone. art will always bring me back to myself when I’m feeling lost and disconnected. I am art, and anyone who says otherwise is incorrect.


“Dear Blaugranas,
As you already know, next season I’ll be playing for the Black Eagles of the Bosfor and the time has come to bid you adieu.

I have no words to express the feelings I am having. It’s overwhelming. My gratitude is accompanied by a lot of memories, a lot of happiness and the pain of someone parting with a loved one.

Ever since I was a kid I had a dream of being a footballer, and wearing the Barça shirt culminated that dream. But you have given me much more than this.

During these 6 years, many of my teammates became friends that I’ll have for life, and whom I’ll carry with me wherever I go.

Barcelona, this marvelous city, has gifted my family our second son Azhaf, who has catalan blood running through his veins.

I will eternally be grateful to my teammates and coaches that I have had, before and now. I have learned a lot from them and they made me grow as a player and as a person.

I want to thank the President and the Club’s board of directors as well for always believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of Barça’s history.

As for you, the Barça fans, you made me feel like I was home from the very first day I stepped foot at the Camp Nou. Without your unconditional support, many achievements wouldn’t have been possible. I hope I have given back a part of your immense affection!

Many times in life you cross paths again with the ones you parted with. Until then, and forever you’ll be in my heart and I’ll always feel I’m a part of the Blaugrana family.

With all my affection I’ll say: