running through flowers


eren’s flower shop ❀ part II

though this is the end of the original script, i’m obsessed with this AU and will probably draw more random moments in their life OuO or explain some parts more. but i shouldn’t promise anything, because i always have way too many ideas and a weird case of misunderstanding how time works ^^;
thanks for your patience and everything else you’ve given me!

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all of flowershop au

Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff friendships: They’re waking up in glorious light, the gentle, tripping peace of the morning. They’re unexpected gestures, food or thoughts or blankets for the cold. They’re compliments, smiles turning skyward, thumbs dragged over soft skin, let me know you get home safe texts. They’re running through flower fields in the spring, hurricane petals fuelling runaway hearts, maps and compasses that always point back to home. They’re pulling you closer, letting you in, trusting you with your barely-there breath on their neck. They’re sun cracked smiles, flowers blooming in the palms of your hands. They’re eyes so soft they could be made of silk, kiss-bitten lips and cheeks made of roses. They’re the first easy breath after years of suffocation, knowing that whatever happens, you’re going to be okay because they’re beside you.

Hufflepuff x Gryffindor friendships: they’re blanket forts with secret passwords, a world built up from nothing. They’re laughter late at night, choked noises when you know you should be silent. They’re back to back, spinning, a wild desire to protect, to love, to have forever, not just today. They’re boxes overflowing with memories: cards and pressed flowers and lipsticks from first kisses you don’t really remember. They’re smiles wider than the sky, promising the universe if it means having each other: the sun, the stars, the flowers, the moon. They’re giddy, excitable, endless, maddening fun; the beauty of innocence embodied in the breath between your lungs. They’re hiding but always being found, secrets neither of you can keep. They’re falling asleep under a mountain of words- dreams and adventures and the promise of a better world tomorrow.

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw friendships: they’re constellations made by far away stars, places you haven’t visited yet. They’re hiding in empty swimming pools, night spilled fracture lines, light reflected through a broken mirror. They’re staying up too late and waking up too early, weary yawns into knuckles and kisses pressed onto delicate palms. They’re smiles like spun sugar at breakfast, seeing the universe reflected in each other’s eyes, reading poetry from lips shaded pink. They’re gasping breaths when no one else can hear, hiding hurt no one else can see. They’re talking pain into silk, weaving misery into tapestries stained with desperate last words: I love you, I need you, why wasn’t I enough? They’re picking up pieces of each other and examining them, studying them, dusting them off and putting them together again. They’re arm in arm, skipping, dancing to a rhythm neither of you can hear yet. They’re reaching, reaching, stretching across the void, pulling back, pulling in, safe in each other’s arms.

Hufflepuff x Slytherin friendships: they’re knees pulled up to your chest, hushed whispers in the early morning. They’re a hand at the base of your spine, subtle touches, smiles, small and fleeting. They’re silence hanging through water, eyes closed, warm, gentle, calm, safe. They’re slamming books down, lightning cracking the sky, thunder rolling in your breath. They’re losing oxygen, hurricane hearts and lungs swimming with poetry. They’re still, so still, static thought made art on canvas skin. They’re pulling back, helping up, balancing on someone’s shoulders. They’re secret meetings in dusk-hushed corridors, tears when you can’t hold them in. They’re light crossing the sky in the early morning: possibilities pressed gently into the palm of your hand. They’re reaching for someone and knowing that they won’t let go- not unless you tell them to.

sapphic relationship aesthetics
  • luna/ginny: running through a field of flowers, kissing under the moonlight, flying through the wind on a sunny day, odd looks, wearing beautiful dresses at a ball, cloud watching during the day and stargazing at night.
  • clarke/lexa: practicing combat together, holding each other on a balcony all night until sunrise, swearing oaths, a scribbled drawing of your loved one sleeping, feeling secure for the first time.
  • parvati/lavender: soft whispers in your ear, walking through a foreign city together, trying on new fashion trends, walking through the hallways like you own the place, doing each other's makeup at sleepovers.
  • narcissa/lily: braiding flowers into one another's hair, fiercely protecting what you're passionate about, walking through a forest together, going to an elegant party hand-in-hand.
  • harley/ivy: jumping out of moving cars, stopping at your home for only hours at a time (and watering the plants), seeking adventure, cuddling each other for hours on end, running through a wild storm, taking risks.
  • lena/kara: holding hands in a big city, finding excuses to go to each other's workplace, escaping paparazzi, flirting with each other in the middle of meetings, going to each other's homes to watch movies and eat food, supporting each other.
  • daphne/pansy: sitting at the edge of a cliff together, being completely independent from one another but secretly being so dependent, judging others together, giving each other sly smiles, unleashing hell on anybody who hurts the her.
  • alex/maggie: making each other coffee on sunday mornings, watching the sunrise together, working on cases together with ease, teasing each other, falling asleep on her chest, threatening anybody who might hurt her, wearing her shirt.
  • amberle/eretria: climbing to the top of the tallest tree in a forest, endlessly jabbing at each other, fleeting vulnerable moments, sacrifices, kissing with only candlelight.
  • hannah/susan: baking cookies together in a cozy house, going to the farmer's market together, wearing floral dresses and button-ups, braiding each other's hair, basking in the sunlight.
  • clary/izzy: encouraging each other to wear daring clothes, training together, undying support and devotion, walking through the hallways because you know you own the place, holding each other under silk sheets, sunlight streaming through stained glass windows.
  • angelina/alicia: doing pushups together, defending each other, kissing each other after a game won, swimming in a bright blue lake together and laughing, complimenting each other.

I love gentle things like having tea and sweets at midday, listening to melodic nature music, walking barefoot in the forest, cooking good food for loved ones, reading, falling asleep to the rain, walking through the misty dewy grass in the morning, waking up to bird songs, burning sweet candles, making friends with animals, picking wild berries in the summer, gardening, whistling back to the birds, running through fields of flowers, laying in the cold grass to watch the sunset, doing something sweet for a loved one, turning essential oils into bug repellant that also makes you smell like you are a part of nature, laying under a tree on a hot day and looking up at how the sun shines through the leaves, listening to bees buzz from flower to flower, and snuggling with a dog or cat.


Hufflepuff  |  Hogwarts aesthetic

Hufflepuffs are cozy wool sweaters, fairy lights, long nights spent listening to friends, giving the world a chance, crackling fire, succulent plants and overgrown vines in the greenhouse, taping Polaroids on the walls, feeling the energy of the sun, canvas tote bags with lots of pins, grinning through the pain, comforting others, knowing everything is going to be alright in the end, reminiscing good times, close intimate parties with a few friends, waking up early to catch a sunrise, adventure books stacked on the nightstand, crisp white sheets, cuddling with a pet, watching a storm pass, knowing someone is going to be a great friend, scribbling poems on the walls, wrapping a gift, the feeling of never letting go, running through a meadow, gathering flowers, using anything you can find for a bookmark, learning new things over passing exams, the warm breeze, dancing like no one is watching, guessing the end before it comes, blanket forts, long late night movie marathons, friends as important as lovers, sharing secrets you never told anyone, large mugs of tea, journals full of poems and stories and promises, the rush of meeting someone new, singing the song that is stuck in your head, watching plants grow, clean white walls are a canvas, and everyone can have a little optimism if they know where to look ☆

I am proud to be a hufflepuff

Now you’re 20.
You never really thought you’d make it this far, but you seem to be doing okay.
At 15, you told yourself nothing will change and it will never get better - but you’re doing okay.
It came out of the blue but you realized that yeah, things are going alright, things have changed, and things have gotten better.
You start to wonder why you let all the little things of the past force you into such a negative mindset.
Why you let stupid, pointless things hurt you at 15,
And why you let people take advantage of you and your feelings at 16.
You wonder why you were so mad at yourself at 17 when you were unsure about your sexuality and who you were.
Why you thought about ending it all at 18 because you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
You wonder why you were so scared to be who you really were at school due to fear of rejection from those close to you at 19.
But you’re okay.
And now, you’re 20.
Shittier things will happen to you than someone not liking you back or a bad grade on a final,
Your parents will get older and become more stressed, and you will become the rock.
The person who holds it together, you’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel.
You see, by 20 you’re expected to be okay.
Grown up, with life sorted out, running through a field of flowers.
You’re expected to be happy and have everything laid out in front of you of what you’re going to do and what your future will look like.
But you see, nothings like that.
Life isn’t all sunshine and flowers and rainbows.
You’re still confused, unsure, carrying the weight of your past on your shoulders, lost, and yeah - you do still cry about little things that won’t even matter in 20 years.
But for the first time in five years,
You’re okay.
You’re doing okay.
—  20 // j.n

anonymous asked:

Hi, your bughead writing is really good and it always makes me smile! I was wondering if you could write one about 5 times people doubt their relationship, and each time they prove it's real? Thank you for your hard work!

Hey anon thank you so much aaahhhh!! Alright, since I wanted to do this prompt justice, it turned out quite a bit longer than my usual drabbles… ANYWAYS here is some bughead with disbelieving friends. As always, cute & fluffy 

1259 words / G / (AO3)


“So Betty,” Reggie’s form leans over hers as she gathers books from her locker.

He has one arm supporting him on the lockers and the other runs through his hair, “You free tonight? You still haven’t had a cup of what Reggie’s serving.” The smug grin on his face falls when Betty laughs and an arm falls across her shoulders.

“Hey Reginald,” Jughead gives a small wave with his free arm, “is what your serving any good? I’m feeling kind of peckish,” Jughead finishes his point by giving Betty a peck on the cheek.

“Oh please, you two?” Reggie gestures between them with a disgruntled look in his face.

“Yes Reg,” Betty smiles, “so if you want to join us and the rest of the gang, we will be at Pops later tonight,” she shuts her locker, pulling lightly on Jughead’s sweater to get him to follow her to class as he was still giving Reggie the stink-eye.

“What has you in a mood?” Betty asks, changing their position to hold hands. Jughead looks down at their hands together then back up to Betty, thinking on it a moment. “I know we told Archie, but I think he thinks it was a joke,” Jughead says and Betty laughs, then gets more serious.

“Now that you say it, Veronica didn’t believe me either,”

“We should break it to them,”

“What do you want to do to get them to believe us?” Betty looks up at him as the stop outside the classroom.

“Well, we have science now,” Jughead holds back a smile, “let’s show them some chemistry,” he deadpans.


Almost immediately after they enter the classroom-

“Hey Betty over here!” Veronica calls Betty over to her lab station. Betty exchanges a look with Jughead as they walk towards an open station.

“Betty is with me,” Jughead says with a grin, sitting down beside her and hooking an arm around her waist. Betty blushes at the possessive gesture and nods towards Veronica.

“Alright then, I’ll be with Mr. Late I guess. You guys coming to Pops tonight?” Veronica responds, clearly missing what they are trying to say. Jughead’s thumb starts to brush up and down on Betty’s side.

“Yeah, I’m going with Juggie,” Betty awkwardly touches his face, but it turns into a light caress and now Jughead is blushing slightly.

Veronica looks over now, “Ohhh,” she smiles, “so you were being serious,” she looks happy about this, “you two are the epitome of cuteness, jeez.”

Betty and Jughead laugh as they relax in their seats for class.


Archie bursts into class a good ten minutes late, and takes the seat beside Veronica.

After he is settled in for class, Jughead leans over towards him and whispers, “You know I’m with Betty right?”

“I have eyes,” Archie says, and Jughead breathes out, relieved, “you guys are lab partners today, we will be tomorrow, it’s alright pal,” Archie continues and and Jughead groans, frustrated.

Betty leans over, “Ronnie, make it clear for him please,” and Veronica nods.

Veronica grabs Archie’s face from where it is looking at the other pair and brings it to face hers, “Archiekins, they are together,” she says, “as in dating.”

Archie turns his head as much as he can in Veronica’s grasp and looks at Betty and Jughead who are smiling sheepishly, “Cool.”


Although they are in the same class and sit in the same area, Kevin had missed this entire exchange as he was caught up in the supply closet… with Moose.

Because of this, Jughead and Betty were surprised when he approached them after class.

“Betty,” Kevin starts, Betty and Jughead share an amused glance, “I heard that you and,” he gestures to Jughead, “are an item.” He finishes before crossing his arms.

“Well you just missed us running through a field of flowers towards each other,” Jughead deadpans, and Betty nudges him.

Both Betty and Kevin are giving him looks now. Kevin’s being disbelief and Betty’s being ‘cut it out but yes that was funny’.

Betty can Jugheads annoyance and pulls him into a side hug, “Seriously Kev,” she kisses Jughead’s cheek to illustrate her point, “we are together.”

She feels Jughead soften against her as Kevin says, “okay,” then takes of down the hall without another word.

Betty calls out after him, “you’re coming to Pops right?”

Without turning around Kevin replies, “yep!”

Jughead relaxes his embrace from where he was holding Betty so instead he has his arm around her as they make their way down the hall towards the hall where their lockers are.

Betty feels Jughead get tense again, “what is it?”

Jughead is silent for a moment before he responds, “why is no one believing us today?”

Betty pokes him with a small smile, “maybe we are just too good to be true,” then kisses him on the cheek once again, feeling him relax once more. Jughead gives her a halfhearted grin before she continues, “meet me out front so you can walk me to Pops.”


The gang is all at Pops, sprawled between two booths. Some of the teens are standing, some leaning over the barrier between the booths, and a few are sitting. Of the few sitting, Betty and Jughead share the bench of one of the booths, Betty leans into Jughead who has his arm around her.

The bell of the front entrance rings out, signalling the arrival of one Cheryl Blossom.

Her eyes go directly to the pair on the side of the booth as she stalks towards the group.

“Am I to believe that Cooper finally found a guy to take her?” She quips, making Jughead tense up, “what are you paying him,” she looks down to his plate, “hamburgers?”

Betty freezes, and Jughead has had enough of this.

“Nope,” he says loudly, “not paying me,” he stares Cheryl down, waiting for her to ask what he thinks she is going to.

“Prove it,” she says.

That’s all the permission he needs.

He rests a hand on Betty’s face, turning it towards his own, the other snaking around her back. He lowers his face, pressing his lips against hers. Betty, no longer frozen, grips the front of his sweater in an effort to bring him closer, and changes the angle of the kiss. The world fades away for a moment, nothing but the glide of their lips against one another, and the slightest brush of tongue. Then they hear a cough and break apart abruptly, both of them blushing furiously. PDA was never either of their things.

“Well, I guess I believe you for sure now,” Kevin says, avoiding eye contact. Cheryl rolls her eyes and leaves to get her order, a few of the gang nodding along to Kevin’s comment and Veronica giving them a thumbs up. Betty slides off of where she had moved nearly completely into Jughead’s lap and curls her hair behind her ears. Jughead grabs her hand and intertwined their fingers. Betty looks to him to see him looking at her, and they smile.

+1. POP

“Here’s your malts,” Pop drops the tray off on the table without missing a beat, about to leave when Jughead starts talking to him.

“By the way Pop, me and Betty are together,” Jughead says, grinning up at the man that makes his favourite hamburger.

“I know, it’s been a while hasn’t it?’ Pop replies, and Jughead squawks. Pop taps his nose with a knowing smile, “I know everything,” before he walks away.

hey listen
i need to know that you’re safe
like somewhere out there
you’re just too numb to get out of bed
so you’ve been dreaming
because it’s much safer to dream
than to fail at anything
wheat is wheat
but baby it’s so much more
the blood running through your veins
flowers bloom from that
your life is razor sharp
running thin with your worries
hey listen
i know it hurts and you’re worried
that you won’t be much in tiny stars
asking to surrender the shine
that is us
lovers say goodbye, but a friendship
like yours can’t be far from the truth
where have you gone repeated
into a new song
i’ve been soul searching
i’ve been high
a bit of denial
a bit of regret
a mouthful of apologies
but i don’t say a word
hey listen
baby the stars don’t have names
a pattern of our mistakes
like to take its place
your smile can’t be erased
like hydroplaning hearts
with nowhere to go
but off bridges
left burning near
caves where we left
silent echoes as loud
as skipped heartbeats
from grade school
when it was cool
to be much of a fool
to use love as another tool
to fool ourselves into loving
others before ourselves
and we’re left with more worries
these nameless stars don’t trust
my gaze
i’ve been wandering deep space
to see if you’re there
i’m down to my last bubble under the ocean
trying to see if you’re
drowning, sunken
i’m burning alive in the depths of hell,
volcano temperatures bloom the best roses
when you burn floral melodies
just to say more forgive me again
i’m sorry about the pretenders
and how the fakes tear down your skin
just to say that they once knew you
to be more than wonderful
and how we’ve never changed
paper thin, origami souls
trying to play paper crane spin the bottle
into another game where i can’t find you
if it’s dark out and you’re still nowhere
to be found
hey listen
i’m kinda lost and the poetry is everywhere
my head is a sequence of fuck and damn
i can’t get myself straight
and i’m falling over
i’ve seen people break
i’ve seen ghosts fade away
but if you’re alive
and you’re still here
say something
—  hey listen
And now you’re 18,
the age which you swore you’d be okay by.
At 17 you started to doubt if you’d ever be okay,
but surprisingly, you are okay.
You never saw it coming either. You were laying in bed, twisted up in sheets, quietly realizing that it had been ages since you last cried yourself to sleep.
And you’re wondering why you let all those little things hurt you when you were 14, wondering why you let people take advantage of you at 15, wondering why on earth you never expected to survive another year at 16. 
And it’s not that you’re never sad anymore,
it’s just that you’re no longer consumed by your own sadness.
And you’re 18 now,
worse things have happened than bad breakups and frizzy hair.
So for the first time,
you’ve become a rock, making light of the worst situations.
At 18, you always expected to be okay,
running through fields of flowers,
grown up, beautiful, everything laid out for you, making all the right decisions and loving all the right people, all with a perpetual grin on your face.
And nothing’s like that,
you’re confused, lost, unsure, carrying the weight of your own potential on your aching shoulders, you still don’t have your life laid out, and you still cry about the little things.
But for the first time in your life
you’re okay.
You’re truly okay.
—  unkown user
The things I associate with NCT U

Taeil: Morning kisses, warm laundry, freshly brewed tea, the feeling you get when you pass a test, the comforting feeling of a heart beat, over sized sweaters, tight hugs, walking on the beach, sunsets, waking up fully rested, wicker chairs, succulent, wooden pianos, shy smiles, hardy laughing, museums. 

Taeyong: The sound of rain, candles, reuniting with a loved one, cold shivers, post stamps, beanies, red wine, watching leaves fall off of trees, warm blankets, parks at night, street lights, coffee shops, intense gazes, the night sky, knit sweaters, neck kisses, large headphones, ink pens, open windows.

Doyoung: Pull overs, awkward kisses, button up shirts, new relationships, clean linen, giggling, soft touches, pouting, over sized cardigans, libraries, back hugs, vintage shops, owls, the smell of old books, cassette tapes, rolled up sleeves, naps, fields of flowers, laying in the grass, plush animals, old shoes, buttons, natural light, dried flowers. 

Ten: Leather jackets, silver rings, large houses, guitars, wet hair, record shops, crashing waves, action figures, bonfires, black hair, strong hugs, brick walls, mirrors, natural smells, sunsets, holding hands, playing in the rain, morning mist, gas stations, road trips, clocks, scarves.

Jaehyun: Baseball tees, baked goods, loving gazes, cloud gazing, morning cuddles, lazy hugs, picnics, colored glass, rosy cheeks, bubbles, sunny days, playing the piano, playful teasing, pastel clothes, binge watching tv shows, soft kisses, puns, moving into a new house, hourglasses, denim jackets, bus trips, new clothes, school photos. 

Mark: Hand painted skate boards, matches, coffee brewing, baking sweets with your significant other, dream catchers, hammocks, shadows, eye smiles, pumpkin pie, sweat pants, the smell of oranges, carving names into trees, running through flower mazes, baggy shirts, compasses, antique trinkets, rusted lockets, acoustic guitars, grand father clocks.

Till I See You Again (part 3)


Summary: Jace Wayland was 4 years old when he first fell in love. When he was 9 years old he lost the little girl he loved and he’s been blaming himself ever since. Seventeen years later a mundane girl with an identifying necklace walks into his life and changes him forever.

Jace Wayland X Reader

Words: 2000+

part 1 

part 2

Author’s notes: Guys this one is so long! Sorry it’s a bit of a doozy. Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate all the positive feedback. It really makes my day.

Originally posted by claraschinman

The noise of chattering woke me up. My mind woke up first, so I keep my eyes closed as I try to analyze my surroundings. I’m lying down on a bed and there are people close by, talking in whispers. The pain on my hands and my neck is gone, but there is a warm burn on my left forearm, it feels like someone put a hot cup of tea against my skin. A large whooshing sound forces my eyes open and I jump out of bed, ready to defend myself from the strangers around me. I trip over a pair of legs but strong arms grab me before I fall on the floor. I look up to see the same people from the shipyard looking at me with curiosity and the man that sits on my bed smiles. He is of Asian descent but his eyes were yellow, like a cat, and blue fog is coming out of his fingertips. He must have noticed my gawking because he laughed and shook his head towards me.

“If those big eyes become any bigger, I swear they will swallow us all. My name is Mangus Bane, I’m here to help you remember your past. Now sit, before you trip and hurt yourself again.” The man extends his hands and I take them willingly, his eyes seem trustworthy enough.

“Where am I?” I ask as I look down at myself, I’m wearing new clothes and they certainly aren’t mine, I don’t wear this much black. My attention is drawn to the burning sensation on my forearm and I look at it, someone had tattooed my forearm without my consent.

“What the hell?” I yell angrily while trying to rub the mark off my skin. “You tattooed me? Is this some kind of cult?”

“Relax biscuit. This is…sort of a cult, but a very interesting one.” The man smirks and winks at me as he traces his index finger along my forearm. I feel a tingling sensation in my blood and my veins start to glow white. Then everything happened at once.

I was suddenly standing in the middle of a flower field, there was a young woman in front of me, holding a baby and rocking it back and forth as she hums a lullaby. I recognize the song as being Lavender Blue, my fathers used to sing it to me when I was little. I am then pulled backwards and I am now standing in the same field, but this time a little boy with blonde hair was carrying a toddler on his back, they were running through the flower fields. The scene changes again, the two children were a bit older now, and they were sitting under a tree. The boy was holding a long-chained necklace and was placing around the girls’ neck. I recognize the necklace instantly, the amber was unmistakable, it’s my necklace, the one currently in my purse. I fell back on the bed and stared at the mark on my forearm.

“Are you alright?” The girl with long black hair looks at me.

“Ever since I was a child I’ve been seeing strange things. People with other faces, flying creatures. My parents took me to see a psychologist and they diagnosed me of a delusional disorder when I was 8 years old. All my life I’ve been thinking I was crazy.”

“You’re not crazy. You just have the sight. You’re one of us.”

“I….This is all too much.Take me home please. I want to go home.”

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