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fluff friday “roommates” [madasakuobi]

this jaunt was inspired by @multicream‘s lovely comic. seriously, check her art out, it’s fantastic!

I need to write more poly pairings, it’s a lot of fun!

Sakura swung the door to her new apartment open, exhaustion hanging over her. The hospital was overrun following the war and Sakura was coming off of a double shift that left her drained. Still, it was a good sort of drained, an accomplished sort of drained.

She was an internationally acclaimed medic, a war hero, and a member of the up-and-coming new trio of Sannin.

All-in-all, she was quite talented in her own right, yet dread lingered over her like a cloud.


Well, her two roommates.

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  • molly hall
  • myths

you know those days where like, nothing good happens and everything is twenty times harder than it needs to be? you run late, technology breaks, it rains, you drop your lunch on the ground while you’re walking away from the register, you don’t have milk for your coffee, your makeup smudges, your phone dies on your run, you lose your keys in the back of a taxi cab, and you can’t even find a single-occupancy bathroom to cry in so you end up in the YA section of a barnes & noble weeping and praying to god that nobody comes looking for a copy of the strange and beautiful sorrows of ava lavender?

wouldn’t it be nice if instead of that we could stay inside and….not do that, instead.

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  • lawful robotkin: wants to join/is a part of the robotics team at their school, enjoys playing games/watching movies that center around robots even if they're old or cheesy, is hesitant to throw away their old robotic toys
  • neutral robotkin: collects circuit boards and other things, has a playlist of songs that remind them of their old life, runs a robot/technology blog
  • chaotic robotkin: has at least one piece of metallic clothing, has purchased hex bugs and other robotic toys just to take them apart, is considering/has gotten some sort of circuit tattoo

Hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon.


Jamy van Zyl

How far do you want to run towards the technological, how willing are you to balance your humanity on a blade? Can you imagine being plugged in, not like we are now, but as we perhaps will be, nothing without digital interface, each of us made into the type of digerati Jamy van Zyl imagines? His starkly nuanced depictions of man/machine interface are not at all beyond ken—rather, they feel not just possible, but imminent.

Entry 540: The Caatati

Home World: Now part of the Borg Collective

Occupation: Desperate refugees of the week

First Appearance: “Day of Honor” (VOY, 1997)

Summary: These reptilian humanoids were once a thriving, proud, and peaceful people - but everything changed when the Borg Collective attacked. Most of the Caatati were assimilated, save for twenty-seven ships carrying a motley, terrified crew of sick, starving, desperate refugees. The fleet wandered through the Delta Quadrant, begging for food and supplies to anyone who didn’t try to run them off. Their technology was thorium-based, but the Caatati had lost the technology and knowledge of how to replicate thorium to the Borg. They were running out of power and time by the time they crossed paths with USS Voyager in 2374. They first begged supplies and food off the Federation vessel, then found Voyager’s ejected warp core from an unrelated incident and attempted to use it as a bargaining chip to get more. However, the ex-Borg Seven of Nine offered them the thorium-replication technology that the Borg had stolen instead, and they accepted.

EB/KJ MKX iPhone Conversation ...

It took a long while for Erron Black to actually get used to Earthrealm technology. Luckily for him, Kung Jin was able to help him out (eventually).

Life update

Idk if any of you actually miss my random spams of posts, but I’ve been not doing it these last few days because my internet is out!! It’s been THREE DAYS and I am miserable, friends
AT&T is my enemy atm. They’re sending a guy out tonight to try and fix it (AGAIN) but lemme tell you they suck. I’ll explain more when I can type on a keyboard instead of my phone.
My family has been living in the dark ages + running water and technology
I’m going out on a date tonight so hopefully when I get home, all will be well!!!

anonymous asked:

i'm so confused because i felt really sure that kane would be chancellor (like someone saw his pin on his jacket in a screencap) but according to those leaks, clarke is in charge and when she's away that raven is in charge? i'm worried now that kane and abby are going to be obsolete for most of the season.

Don’t believe everything you read, a bunch of “spoilers” that were floating around seem to have been discredited already.  I’m fairly sure we’re going to end up with Kane as Chancellor but working closely with Clarke.  Raven is totally uninvolved in politics and that seems like wishful thinking to me; she doesn’t want to be Chancellor. I’m sure she’s in charge OF something; like I’m sure she’s going to be running point on some technology-related part of the save-the-world plan.  But I think Kane/Abby/Clarke/Bellamy are probably going to emerge as the people in charge, with Kane as chancellor.

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