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after they become legit, are the fowls famous?? do the paparazzi follow them around and shoot photographs for tabloids? are they on magazines? do they set fashion trends? do they appear on talk shows? does snl make skits about them? do ppl tape posters of artemis on their walls bc they have crushes on him?

  • <p> <b>Fellow student:</b> You wear a lot of black.<p/><b>Me:</b> I know, I'm a stage manager so I have to wear black during shows.<p/><b>My mom:</b> *noticing I wear nothing but black* Honey, are you doing alright? Anything I can get you?<p/><b>Me:</b> No, I'm fine. But maybe another black shirt?<p/><b>Venue manager:</b> I can only remember seeing you wear color like one time.<p/><b>Me:</b> .......yeah I'm just always here working...<p/><b>Fellow SM:</b> So what's your favorite brand to get black pants from?<p/><b>Me:</b> Honestly whatever's cheap and fits well.<p/><b>Some random person:</b> What's with all the black? Haha going to a funeral?<p/><b>Me:</b> ......<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm a stage manager dEAL WITH IT I WEAR ALL BLACK. ALL. THE. TIME.<p/></p>

1. OG Bobby Johnson by Que

2. Trashwang by Tyler, The Creator

3. Herb Shuttles by The Underachievers

4. Old English by A$AP Ferg

5. Upper Echelon by Travi$ Scott

6. Domo23 by Tyler, The Creator

7. Multiply by A$AP Rocky

8.Rella by Odd Future

9. Dark & Violent (Feat. J.K. The Rapper & Nell) by Denzel Curry

10. Rob Me A N*gga (Feat. Alley Boy) (Original Mix) by Freddie Gibbs

11. The Brown Stains Of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix) by Tyler, The Creator

12.Ashtray by Smoke DZA

13. Power (Feat. Danny Brown And Despot) by Das Racist

14. Nocturnal Rainbows by Hopsin

15. Dta Feat. Tyler, The Creator by Casey Veggies

16.Gangsta by Schoolboy Q

17. Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) [Feat. Zack De La Rocha] by Run the Jewels

18. Whoa (Explicit Version) by Earl Sweatshirt

19. Trillmatic by A$AP Mob

20. Hive (Explicit Version) by Earl Sweatshirt

21. The Purge by Schoolboy Q

22. Gold Soul Theory by The Underachievers

23. Drug Dealer by Sir Michael Rocks

24. Self Titled by MellowHigh

25. Checc Me Out (Feat. Cobby Supreme & Dom Kennedy) by Nipsey Hussle

26. Dis Ain’t What U Want by Lil Durk

27. Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 (Original Mix) by Hopsin

28. Hands Up by Vince Staples

29. Fire by Vince Staples

30. 36 Chamber Flow by Flatbush Zombies

31. King Of The South by Big Krit

32. Threatz (Feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$) by Denzel Curry

33. Canal by RATKING

34. Rainbow In The Dark by Das Racist

35. Soliloquy by Isaiah Rashad

36.Monopoly by Danny Brown

37. Hella Hoes by A$AP Mob

38. Yonkers by Tyler, The Creator

39. Kill Switch by Sir Michael Rocks

40. Pretty Flacko by A$AP Rocky

41. Let Me Find Out by Doe B

42. Red Dot Music (Feat. Action Bronson) by Mac Miller

43. Jeopardy by Run the Jewels

44. Bussin’ by Sir Michael Rocks

45. Jealous (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Fredo Santana

46. Get Through Feat. Dom Kennedy by Casey Veggies

47. Sasquatch (Explicit Version) by Earl Sweatshirt

48. Side B (Dope Song) by Danny Brown

49. Worldwide Choppers by Tech N9ne

50. F**k Out My Face by A$AP Ferg

51. Love Again (Akinyele Back) [Feat. Gangsta Boo] by Run the Jewels

52. One Eighty Seven (Feat. Problem) (Original Mix) by Freddie Gibbs

53. O.K. (Feat. Tyler, The Creator) by Mac Miller

54. Smokin & Drinkin by Danny Brown

I’m glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology. … I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to — from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics. I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school!

Cisco, my idol, my fave (besides Barry of course)

Dark Horse
Ten Second Songs
Dark Horse

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” sang in 20 different styles

  • 0.00 - Katy Perry
  • 0:08 - Nirvana
  • 0:15 - Queen
  • 0:22 - Michael Jackson
  • 0:30 - ‘N Sync
  • 0:43 - Iron Maiden
  • 0:57 - Jamiroquai
  • 1:07 - Pantera
  • 1:13 - Frank Sinatra
  • 1:29 - Metallica
  • 1:35 - Pavarotti
  • 1:43 - The Doors
  • 2:00 - Run D.M.C
  • 2:08 - Tech N9ne
  • 2:16 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 2:21 - Slipknot
  • 2:26 - Louis Prima
  • 2:32 - Boyz II Men
  • 2:51 - Type 0 Negative
  • 3:14 - John Mayer
HOW TO: Prep For A New Show

Things to have with you before you walk through that stage door; Mostly for us crew members.

  • Deodorant - Spray, and lots of it.
  • Gum - For all of that coffee.
  • A huge bottle of water - Let’s be real here.
  • Jeans - Comms do not stay on leggings, hear it from the leggings expert. Invest in some high quality black jeans or cargo pants for all of your theatre endeavours!
  • Torch - Trust me, you’re gonna need it. 
  • Leatherman - Or any multitool. Helpful in every single possible way.
  • Tape - In all of its varieties, spike, electric, gaff. It will save you a whole lot of time.
  • Leather, enclosed shoes - I’ve found black Doc Martens to be the perfect show shoe. Others prefer black sneakers, work shoes or school shoes. People also love their steel capped boots. It’s all about personal preference, just have some good enclosed shoes.
  • A day diary - To pencil in all of those techs and performances. So helpful on the spot if people are speculating about the schedule. 
  • A separate journal - I have a personal black moleskin notebook that I like to call my crew journal, a place to write down everything I’m learning. Tips, problems, printed out emails and schedules, photos and considerations. It’s my bible, ok.

Be prepared and hydrated, and enjoy your next show! xxx
Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana
Audio obtained of Greg Gianforte attacking a reporter on the eve of a special election to fill a congressional seat vacated by a member of the Trump administration
By Julia Carrie Wong

The Republican candidate for Montana’s congressional seat slammed a Guardian reporter to the floor on the eve of the state’s special election, breaking his glasses and shouting, “Get the hell out of here.”

Ben Jacobs, a Guardian political reporter, was asking Greg Gianforte, a tech millionaire running for the seat vacated by Ryan Zinke, about the Republican healthcare plan when the candidate allegedly “body-slammed” the reporter.

“He took me to the ground,” Jacobs said by phone from the back of an ambulance. “This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in reporting on politics.”

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Rocky Beach Resort

Summary: Y/N brings her friend Peggy along to her father’s reunion with his old University buddies, only to bump into some boys she hasn’t seen since she was young. 

Author’s Note: This is the first installment of the one-shot series I’m starting based on this post (courtesy of @margxrxtcarter). I’m really looking forward to this series (is it even a series if it’s all one-shots???) xx

Rocky Beach Resort Masterlist


Originally posted by ariesw1493

“Ah, heaven!”

You grinned as you closed the car door behind you, fully taking in the warmth for the first time since your pit stop a few hours ago. You retrieved your suitcase from the back of the car, before turning to Peggy.

“Isn’t this just…”

“Amazing,” she finished, gazing at the surroundings.

The building in front of you was like a huge villa, with a grand porch encircling the ground floor. It was wooden, like a cottage of sorts, but its elegance could be recognised for miles. It was surrounded by large, green trees that reached all the way down to the shore, where the coastline was dotted with little, secret beaches.

“This is how rich I want to be,” she stated decidedly, nodding softly.

“One day…” you sighed.

“Come along, girls!”

You grabbed the handle of your suitcase and began following your father, who had exited the car and retrieved his own suitcase from the boot. Peggy followed suit.

The reason behind why you were going to spend your holidays in this paradise was that one of your father’s old university pals had invited the whole college gang to his holiday home as a sort of reunion. You weren’t unfamiliar with his friends, as you’d seen them a lot growing up. You’d argued your way into letting Peggy come along, seeing as you would have been the only girl there if she wasn’t.

“Well, well, well, look who it is!”

Your father let out a deep laugh as he went over to shake his friend’s hand.

“Long time no see, Joe!” he exclaimed.

“And whose fault is that?” Joe retorted, causing your father to raise his hands in defense.

“We’re all here now, so let’s enjoy it. Y/N, you remember Joe’s boy, Steven.”

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Gravity Falls is great, but how about the world?

Why do people always have older!Dipper stuck in Gravity falls obsessing over the same book?

Wouldn’t he try exploring the world? In a time where travel is only getting easier and easier, and we have a live, global library at our fingertips?

What if Dipper made a journal that wasn’t just a bunch of handwritten books, but rather he took full advantage of modern technology? Creating files within files, but of course being careful enough to have some form of it in the material world. He’d have handwritten pages full of Cipher and diagrams, but twice as many encrypted files or the occasional word doc. There’d be no particular order, to the untrained eye. A bit like a choose your own adventure book, there would be prompts to the next page but only Dipper would understand.

I’ve always thought that after this summer is over, he’d look beyond Gravity Falls. He’d look at the wider world and travel, finding places like Gravity Falls spotted all over the globe. Some of them tamer, and some of them making his summer at the mystery shack look like a walk in the park.

Imagine Dipper travelling the world and finding little triangles with eyes all over the globe. On make-up, on cash, in ancient tombs, on his tube of shaving cream. The guy’s always watching, am I right?

Imagine this lonely little kid making friends all over the globe who are just as interested as him. Imagine him making twice as many enemies.

There’s a whole world full of myths and legends; puzzles and mysteries. With Dipper knowing that all of them could very well be real, he would never be able to settle down. 

So could we all talk about this? If anyone has ideas, please message me! I need this so bad.