running tap

  • person: how can you keep that in your ROOM? it wants to kill and eat you!! it's vicious!!
  • my snake: (balls up because I wiggled her feeder at her)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw a paper towel)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw her reflection)
  • my snake: (periscopes too high and falls over dramatically, balls up and peeks around like "WHO DID DAT")
  • my snake: (hides in my bra for warmth)
  • my snake: (puts her own head under a running faucet and sits there for ten years) (it feels nice I guess?)
  • my snake: (rubs her chin all over my hand until I scratch the itch)
  • my snake: (gets stuck inside a paper towel tube, balls up when I free her from it, immediately goes back in)
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: totally agree
Types of water and their uses (+ how to cleanse water for spellwork!)


Sea water 

- cleansing, purification and banishment

River water 

- movement, change and new opportunities

Lake water 

- peace, contentment, self-reflection

Rain water 

- creativity, inspiration, energy, cleansing, protection

Melted snow water

- transformation, new beginnings

Moon water (water that has been charged under moonlight) 

- universal magickal properties, can be used in most spells for cleansing, purification, balance, and energy

Cleansed water (tap/filtered water that has been cleansed) 

- again has universal magickal properties but not as strong as moon water. Mostly used for cleansing and purification. 


1. Run tap water into an empty bottle and immediately pour it out

2. Fill the bottle again but this time seal the bottle.

3. Draw out a cleansing sigil. I use this one HERE

4. Tape it to the outside of the bottle.

5. Arrange four white tea lights and a long candle into a pentagram with the long candle at the apex.

6. Place the bottle of water at the centre of the pentagram

7. Light the long candle and use it to light the tea lights in a clockwise rotation.

8. Place a clear quartz on the bottle

9. Place your hand over the clear quartz and allow your positive energies to flow through it. Imagine the quartz like a magnifying glass and your energy the sun.

10. Finish your spell with your preferred method. I  blow out all the candles and say “so it is”

So we get a lot of Tater consoling and taking care of Kent and I love it. But I’m imagining Tater being the biggest, whiniest baby you’ve ever seen when he gets so much as a cold.

His throat starts feeling scratchy and he’s ingesting Emergen-C at a frankly alarming rate, gargling saltwater, turning the bathroom into a sauna with the taps running as hot as they will go and not letting Kent anywhere near him.

He’ll play through it, of course. He still plays through games and practices because he’s not dying, but as soon as he gets home he’s concocting every homemade remedy he’s ever learned. Kent is extremely alarmed the first time he catches him taking a shot of vodka and pepper at 8 in the morning to clear his sinuses (because apparently that’s a thing).

So Kent starts making him soup and cleaning up used tissues and tucking his huge boyfriend into bed and refilling the humidifier. All while humoring the whining and grumbling and ignoring Tater’s pleading to stay away from him while he’s sick. And he’s happy to do it. He’s obviously not happy that his boyfriend isn’t feeling well (even if he’s exasperated because he’s pretty sure it’s an extremely mild cold and he thinks Tater is overreacting), but Kent’s happy because he gets to be the one playing patient caretaker. And he knows it’s not an even trade-off, for how many times Tater has had to put up with his shit, but he’ll keep trying like hell anyway to hopefully one day make it even.

So yeah. Basically I want to see some of Kent taking care of Tater.

I Told You So

So we’ve split the party and the dwarven cleric (me), human paladin, and human bard are all sleeping in separate rooms of a very pushy inn. After doing our poison saving throws, we get attacked by cultists, each in our own rooms.

Bard: *gets beaten with clubs, then stands up* “I’ve traveled for over 100 miles, fought countless orcs, and defeated a dragon. *holds up dragon tooth* If you don’t back down, me and my party are going to kill you. *rolls high for intimidate*

He eventually gets beaten up, tied up, kills some cultists with verbal spells, and gets out of the rope.

Bard: *runs up to the last two cultists, fighting the cleric, who just watched their cleric get knocked off a railing and start to run away, and taps them on the shoulder* Remember when I said we were going to kill you?

Cultists: *drop their weapons and put their hands up*

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My dream dog is a Newfoundlander, and I have a responsible breeder already picked out for when I have a big enough yard and a steady job, but I'm finding it hard to find much info on them. Opinions?

They are a relatively rare breed owing to their size, fur and drool, but I have known a few of them over the years.

These dogs are just… messy.

(Image Source)

They are big they seriously shed and they drool like a running tap, which essentially sticks that shed hair to every available surface like glue. This is a breed so fundamentally unsuitable for my personal lifestyle that I swiftly change the topic every time the boyfriend brings up that he wants one. Speaking of changing topics, lets look at them from a medical standpoint. You may want to make yourself a cup of tea, this will be a long post.

Hips are a major issue with this breed. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ranks their hips, as a breed, as worse than the notorious German Shepherd. Worse again, symptoms of hip dysplasia are often aggravated by the increased size or weight of the animal, and this breeds is one of the largest ones. This causes pain and suffering. 25% of them are estimated to have dysplastic hips, with only 8% estimated to have ‘good’ hips.

Elbows are another weakness for this giant breed. Again around 20-25% of these dogs are estimated to be afflicted with elbow dysplasia. Some unfortunate individuals with have both elbow and hip dysplasia, leaving them without a good leg to stand on. Problems often develop by18 months of age, and will cause pain for the dog for the rest of its life.

Tears of the cranial cruciate ligament are also fairly common, due to sheer size and probably other orthopedic dodginess. If not treated surgically this will cause severe lameness and arthritis in the joint.

By the way, if you were wondering about the costs of these surgeries to patch up a Newfoundland skeleton, you’ll probably spend $2.5-3k on the dysplastic elbows, $2.5-3.5k per cruciate tear, and between $1.4k and $7k each side for the dysplasitc hips, depending whether they are diagnosed young, or so late that only a total hip replacement will help. Just so you know.

The consequences of leaving these conditions untreated is arthritis far sooner in the dog’s life than is fair. Some dogs will be unable to walk without daily medication from 4 years of age. Many will be put to sleep simply because their  mobility has become so impaired that they can no longer to doggy things.

Do you need a break? Because we’re not even halfway through yet.

Originally posted by sternenpalast

Personally, I have a thing against bad eyes. I can’t stand eyes that look painful, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. These poor dogs, as you probably have guessed, are prone to multiple eye conditions.

While they do get cataracts, 3rd eyelid gland prolapse and ectropion, the biggest one that concerns me is entropion. This means that the eyelids rolls inwards towards the eye. This means that instead of lovely, soft, moist conjunctiva touching the eyeball, you have prickly eyelashes or haired skin. These prickly hairs rub against the eyeball, constantly, and will cause pain, inflammation, corneal ulcers and secondary effects of healing them.

That’s just constant irritation and pain. It requires surgery to fix, again.

They also get subaortic stenosis (SAS) far too frequently.This heart condition is congenital, it’s present at birth but is often not apparent until 4+ months of age, just long enough to get that puppy well loved in a new home. While it can be managed with medication or heart surgery, only 25% of affected dogs live for more than 4 years. It can cause fainting and sudden death.

(Thanks Richard for picture)

That’s not a great disease to have running through the breed. If they don’t succumb to that heart disease young, they may also get dilated cardiomyopathy when they’re older. You know, because one heart disease wasn’t enough.

Also located under that shaggy mess of drool covered fur is another genetic disorder that can cause them to excrete cystine into their urine, resulting in urinary crystals or great big bladder stones that may require more surgery.

And of course these big, deep cheted dogs are a classic breed that gets Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV aka Bloat) which can happen without warning, leaving you with a choice of either major, expensive surgery or euthanasia.

Working towards the outside of this giant breed, their thick fur might look cute, it it takes maintenance. Prepare for everything you own to be liberally coated in dog hair.

They are also profuse droolers. Their flappy jowls produce some of the most drooly dogs I’ve been, often soaking their own chest fur.

Which brings me back to Hot Spots, (aka moist dermatitis). Persistently wet skin, especially on a thick coated breed that loves water like the newfoundland, A hot spot can be huge and they spread rapidly, sometimes affecting the whole neck. Because these dogs often have some degree of skin folding there, that makes the problem even worse. The same issue happens at the other end if they have diarrhea. And being in Australia, in Summer, when more people than usual take their dogs swimming, there is also a high risk of flystrike in that constantly wet fur with infected skin. Don’t think about that too much.

These dogs are far from being an ‘easy keeper’ and in my experience the estimates lifespan of 10-12 years that one often sees on the internet s a bit optimistic. I do know people who are addicted to this breed and just can’t live without one, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into and I would strongly recommend looking into pet insurance for this breed.

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I just took "exercise" to mean 'have sex' because of the smirk that followed and now I need a million fics exploring how Z just climbs Liam and demands sex whenever he's in a bad mood. "Make me feel better Leeyum!" And all that

Lmao tho not so much the demanding bit!!

Under the cut I’m the worst - like literally the worst and shit.  

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she left the kitchen tap running 

i found strands of corn colored hair on the floor, but that’s Alice 

uncreatively named after a wonderland Alice

drinking mango iced tea in my bed Alice

insect behaviourist Alice, i like delicate things 

that are alive, and endure she says– i saw the roman empire 

burning behind my eyes, so we build a life together 

in its place. the departure of bus 39 our alarm clock

i make food from the island for lunch and dinner

and occasionally breakfast, because she needs her homeland 

only doesn’t know what homeland means, but a fleeting thing

like her cicada wings or the smell of my shampoo. oh Alice, Alice

writing every morning ‘it’s okay to be small’ on our wrists

then kissing it.

Marry Me

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader
Prompt: @marisol-solar requested number 18:  “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
Wordcount: 864 (sorry it’s so short)
Warnings: none, things get a lil bit heated towards the end but nothing explicit and we all thirsty af for Graves anyway

A/N: get your own fic HERE

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I have so many thoughts about water conservationist Chris Chow
Like that boy’s from NorCal, if he knows anything, it’s how to preserve water.
Chowder taking showers at the speed of light. And you will never catch him alive taking a bath.
He gets chirps from his captains because he’s never got a full water bottle. And he gets chirps from those same captains for never being hydrated enough at parties.
He once cried when shitty ran the sprinklers. In the DAYTIME.
Someone mentions jumping in the Pond and he just ???????
He thought the pond was a reservoir for the longest time. Or at least water deemed unable to be swam in.
Won’t leave the tap running while he’s brushing his teeth. Sometimes will turn off Lardo’s water while she’s brushing hers.
The LAX boys like to water the sidewalk. This is the only way to see his true goalie anger off the ice.
Buys too many packs of water bottles from Costco
Actually dislikes how high the water pressure of the shower head is and how hard the toilets flush.
Mixes protein powder with literally everything but water
Literally the California problematic fav Chowder who cares a lot about the nonexistent Massachusetts draught

Your water is never as fresh as you think it is.

So, my girlfriend is a little… lazy. She means well, but often if she’s doing something she seems more important such as reading a book or scrolling through tumblr, she’ll ask me to walk across the apartment and fetch her cell phone or get her a glass of water.  

Usually, I’m not one for arguments so I’ll just haul my butt up and do it for her. Because I love her and it’s a chance to stretch my legs.  

All I ask is for a little thanks.  

She’s a little picky about her water. She likes it “fresh” from the tap. Meaning I have to let the tap run for twenty seconds, and then fill the glass so none of the “stale water” still in the tap from last time it was run ends up in the glass. It’s weird, I know.  

So, on the rare days where she’s been snippy or unpleasant, I’ve concocted the best petty revenge I can.  

I run the tap, fill the glass immediately, and then let it run for 20 more seconds, just to make sure she doesn’t notice anything. She’s never caught on.  

Enjoy your “fresh” water, love.

It’s the little things

Dan wakes up before him, so that when he finally yawns and stretches into life on the queen-sized bed –covers askew, still radiating warmth and sleep– he can hear the faint sounds of cooking taking place in the kitchen. There’s the delicate clinking of silverware, the tap, running steadily; there’s the keurig whirring to life clumsily and a steady, humming sizzle that carries the scent of pancakes.

Arin inhales. Smiles.

8:00 in the morning. An abhorrent time, really, and yet Arin is whistling as he pads down the hall, barefoot, comforter over his shoulders. He passes the bathroom and notices the sunlight pouring in through the open window, making the linoleum floors shine. It’s a cold, sterile kind of light, and it makes his eyes ache, but he stops and looks for a minute, listening to the melody of Dan in the kitchen, and finds the whole the kind of beautiful.

“Morning, beautiful,” Arin says as he walks into the living room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he grins at Dan over the breakfast bar.

Dan’s hair is back, pulled into a messy bun high on his head. He’s leaning into a bowl of pancake batter, trying to scrape the last of it into a ladle; running it again and again over the same area as he fails to pick up what’s at the bottom of the bowl each time.

“Morning, Ar,” he says, turning to greet him. He’s beaming— the same sleepy grin as Arin’s, but brighter, somehow. He has a bit of flour smeared over his temple, teeming at the frizz of his hair. “Ready for a busy day?”

“Don’t remind me,” he grumbles bitelessly. “What’s on the schedule? Guest Grumps, that Polaris meeting?” As he speaks he wanders around the counter, reaching Dan and snaking his arms around his hips, placing a kiss between his shoulder blades and letting his head rest there.

“Don’t forget voice lessons,” Dan adds cheerily. “And today’s a recording day, obviously— hey, Arin!

Arin’s hands are in Dan’s face, trying to work that spot of flour out of his hair. He shushes him against his back, smile hidden in the folds of his shirt. Dan squirms, twisting and shoving in his grip so that he can turn to face him and put his palms on his shoulder blades, pushing him away.

“You’re ridiculous,” he says, holding him at an arm’s width.

“You’re making pancakes?” Arin asks.

“Yeah, and now you’re not getting any.”

“You had powder in your hair,” he snorts, eyes twinkling, “will you ever forgive me?”

Dan stares at him, affectionate, as the grin creeps up his face. Absentmindedly, he runs his fingers through the tendrils of baby hair near his forehead. The keurig gives one last shudder and spurts the rest of it’s contents into a waiting mug, and Arin kisses Dan as it trips into heating mode.

When they pull away Arin’s eyes no longer ache, but his stomach keens hungrily and he works himself out of Dan’s embrace to go to the fridge for a glass of orange juice. He drags the jug over to the counter, next to the skillet where the pancakes are cooking. As he opens the cupboards, seeking a cup to pour his juice in, he looks down. Oh.

“They’re burning.”

Things I say while playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate:

  • get OUT of that water, it’s nasty, you’re gonna get AIDS
  • Oh dear. Oh dear. OH DEAR OH DEAR
  • Well I just ran over like 50 children. But they didn’t get out of my way sooo…
  • Jacob stop. Stop that right now. You’re kidnapping someone, stop being extremely sexy while you do it.
  • *singing Boss Ass Bitch walking Evie toward the camera*
  • Leave me alone I’m not even DOING ANYTHING
  • Shit. Shitshitshit. I’m out. 
  • Evie that dude has the hots for you. You better tap that.
  • *runs over someone because I was watching the horse running* SHIT
  • *high pitched screaming for 30 seconds*
Shipping in the new generation
  • Himawari: Metaru-kun! Be a good horsie and run a bit slower -taps his head while sitting on his shoulders-
  • Metal: Understood, Hima-chan! Where do you want your little hoursie to take you now?
  • Himawari: To the Sun!!!
  • Metal: Understood, Hima-chan! We might not make it back though...
  • Himawari: Just keep running, pretty horse! But not too fast!
  • Metal: Understood, Hima-chan!
  • -
  • Mitsuki: Chocho, would you like to go out with me?
  • Chocho: First tell me where and then we'll see.
  • Mitsuki: There's a new barbecue restaurant in the village. They're not even opened yet, but I want us to be the first ones in line.
  • Chocho: I accept!!! But what will we do while waiting?
  • Mitsuki: Order some barbecue from the old place and maybe make out after we finish eating...
  • Chocho: You're my type of guy!
  • -
  • Mirai: Shikadai, you're late for your training again!
  • Shikadai: Stop yelling at me, troublesome woman!
  • Mirai: Stop calling me that and start working harder if you ever want to become a great shinobi like your father!
  • Shikadai: Troublesome...
  • Mirai: You came late for your training all this week, may I know why?
  • Shikadai: I helped Ichiraku washing dishes at night... That's why I was waking up late. I needed the money.
  • Mirai: What for?
  • Shikadai: To take you out on a date on your birthday...
  • -
  • Boruto: -picks up Sarada's notebook that fell on the ground- Why did you write my name so many times on this page, Sarada?
  • Sarada: Give it back!
  • Boruto: Must be... that... you're into me?
  • Sarada: No way! Why would I be into an annoying brat like you?!
  • Boruto: You think I'm annoying?
  • Sarada: Very!
  • Boruto: Well... Here's your notebook back. By the way, I love the cute hearts you draw next to my name. -smiles blushing-
  • Sarada: Baka! -blushes-
Excerpt from a fic I'm writing

Alec glances at Raphael, sees his stillness, and it’s like a bucket of cold water. Scrambling, Alec runs over and taps his cheek, trying to wake him. Raphael has blood dribbling down his chin and his nails are very prominent with blood coating them.

“Raphael!” Alec shouts and slaps him really hard.

“Dios!” Raphael barks as he suddenly pops up, eyes snapping open. “Don’t ever hit me again, idioto.”

“Oh, thank god.” Alec sighs and slumps as the sense of soberness wears off.

Raphael stares at him and Alec gives him a slightly dopey grin. He knows he looks high but he abruptly feels that way, feels like his mind is all jumbled up. His limbs are too heavy to move and a balloon expands over and over in his chest. Yeah, he feels really good right now.

“Okay, up.” Raphael tells him and stands, leaning down to help hoist him up.

“I thought you died.” Alec tells him as Raphael throws his arm over his shoulder.

“Yeah, try again, shadowhunter. Gonna have to work harder than that.” Raphael replies as he starts dragging him out the room and down the hall.

Alec stumbles along and he’s slumping down but he feels so heavy. He lifts his other hand and lets it curl into Raphael’s shirt, leaning his body into Raphael’s. He knows, in the back of his mind, that he probably shouldn’t do that but he can’t help it.

“Wouldn’t try to kill you. It’d kill Simon and that’d kill Clary and that’d kill Jace and Izzy and that’d kill me and that’d kill Magnus. And, well, Magnus has to stay alive because I would miss him. A lot.”

“Oh dios, shut up.” Raphael grunts.

“Can’t help it. So, did that feel good for you too?”


“Did it hurt you?”


“Huh. Well, it felt nice for me.”

“I can tell.”

“Do you love Simon?”


Alec had known, even in his drunken state, that those words would’ve gotten a reaction. He isn’t disappointed. Raphael nearly drops him.

“Just really kinda high right now.” Alec mumbles, laughs a little before hanging his head.

“Okay, okay, stay awake. We’re almost to your friends. Come on.” Raphael sighs. He’s so done with all this.

Alec manages to stay awake until they reach the door to the loft. Raphael hoists him up one good time and walks them in, immediately dragging him over to a couch and dropping him there. Alec lands with a huffed out laugh. He actually giggles.


Alec watches in mild interest as Simon flits over and looks Raphael over intently. Raphael allows Simon to prod him and scan him worriedly for a bit, then he waves Simon off. But, apparently, Simon is a force to be reckoned with because he grabs Raphael and yanks him into a hug. The shock on Raphael’s face is obvious and Alec giggles at that too.

“Simon, remove yourself from my person, now.” Raphael snaps and Simon does. He looks better though, less upset about everything.

Alec looks at his friends and his sister. Izzy stares at him closely, eyeing him in open concern. He gives her a crooked grin because he wants to assure her that he’s fine. Well, more than fine, actually. Jace is wary, clearly not sure how to take his state. And, Clary? Well, she’s staring between Simon and Raphael in something akin to shock. She clearly hadn’t realized that Simon did care about Raphael.

“Is he- he’s okay, right?” Jace asks.

“Yes.” Raphael says, tearing his eyes from the gaze he shared with Simon. “He’s a bit…high right now.”

“High?” Jace asks.

“Merging is an intimate process. It is very pleasurable for the human. Sometimes, it can be addicting.”

“You’re saying he could get hooked on…on you?”

“Yes, but that’s unlikely. Alec has a strong will. Normally, after a merging, the human are very passionate towards the vampire. Alec didn’t even try to kiss me, just kind of held on as I dragged him back here.” Raphael explains.

“Wouldn’t kiss you.” Alec snorts. “That’s for Magnus.”

“See?” Raphael says, arching an eyebrow.

“He’ll be fine and you’ll tell about how he doesn’t have magic in his blood.” Jace states to be sure.

“Yes. Now get out.” Raphael says.

“Simon.” Clary says. “We should talk.”

“I’m going to stay here right now, okay? Just- just call me later.” Simon mumbles and he looks ashamed.

“You should go, Lewis. It’ll help with your earlier-”

“I’m going to stay with you.” Simon cuts Raphael off.

“Okay…” Raphael allows quietly.

“Alright. Up we go.” Jace announces.

Then, suddenly, Alec’s being lifted off the couch. It’s such an amusing concept to him, though he doesn’t know why, and he laughs. He sags against Jace and he thinks he taunts him about their height difference.

As they leave, Izzy keeps him entertained with conversation. Somewhere along the way, though, he starts talking about Magnus. He doesn’t remember what got him to that point but he can’t shut up about it now. He thinks the others are laughing at him but that’s okay because he’s finally getting to tell someone just how pretty Magnus is.

He’s still babbling about it when they all slow down. He thinks they may have stopped altogether but he feels as if he’s still floating along. Just as Alec was telling Jace about how nice Magnus smelled, the wall before them slid open and revealed the very person he becomes waxing poetic about.

“Magnus.” Alec mumbles and he thinks he smiles.

“Thank god.” Jace grumbles. “He hasn’t shut up about you for the last half hour.”

With that, Jace peels him away and basically dumps him on Magnus. Alec goes willingly, laughing again at the height difference. Everyone is so short.

“Why are you talking about me?” Magnus asks him as he gets help from Izzy to pull him over to the couch.

“You’re very pretty.” Alec tells him.

“Oh?” Magnus chuckles as Alec flops onto the couch.

“Mhm. Told Lydia that you were, uh, magical. She looked funny so I said you were good at magic. But, I meant that you were magical.”

“That’ll wear off, won’t it?” Izzy asks.

“Unfortunately. Who knew Alexander would be such an adorable drunk.” Magnus says.

“Raphael is alive and Alec kept it all simple, apparently has a strong will.” Jace says.

“That’s good.” Magnus says.

“He’ll be okay here tonight?” Jace murmurs.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine.” Magnus replies softly.

“I’m staying with Magnus. Ha. That’s- that’s funny. Why is that funny?” Alec laughs before his mouth slips into a frown of confusion.

“We’re coming back tomorrow.” Izzy tells him.

Jace claps him on the shoulder and Alec gives him a smile, reaches out and pinches him. Jace winces and he laughs, telling Jace fondly that he loves him. Jace seems to soften and returns the favor, pinch and all. Izzy leans down and gives him a hug and he mumbles that her hair smells good. She laughs and tells him goodbye, as does Clary. And then, they’re gone, leaving Magnus standing before him.

“Are you feeling alright, Alexander?” Magnus asks him softly. Alec blinks slowly.

“Come sit beside me.” Alec says.

Magnus obliges and as soon as he’s settled, Alec turns and deposits his head in Magnus’ lap. His arms pull in one of Magnus’ and curls around it. Magnus gives a laugh but Alec just sighs.

“Alec.” Magnus laughs and Alec interrupts him.

“This is nice. I like this.” Alec mumbles tiredly. “We should do this all the time.”

“We should?” Magnus asks and he sounds curious.

“I like being near you.” Alec admits. There’s a beat of silence before Magnus’ fingers card through his hair.

“I like being near you, too.”

Alec doesn’t say anything else, just sleeps.

Eruri Fic: Bless you

This nonsense is for @birbwin​. 

Levi is a wretched invalid.  He snaps and sulks and complains and generally makes everyone’s life miserable.  Erwin can sympathise.  He knows how much Levi hates being ill.  How much he loathes showing any sign of weakness or frailty.  

“I’m fine.  There’s nothing wrong.”

How much he abhors the unsightly and unhygienic way his nose runs like a tap.

“Ugh.  Fucking disgusting.”

How much he detests the continual undignified sneezing fits.  

Fuck this shitty ass cold.”

Levi sneezes like a kitten.  It’s ridiculous.  It starts sensibly enough, a sharp intake of breath, a familiar tch, but it ends in a high-pitched squeak and a scrunch of his bright red nose.  It’s quite the most ludicrous sound Erwin has ever heard coming from a grown man.  Levi knows it, and Erwin knows it, the whole damn Survey Corps knows it.  It’s hilarious, but no one dares laugh.  No one except Hanji, who with blithe disregard for their own personal safety, laughs like a drain every time Levi sneezes.   Levi scowls and snarls, face like thunder. He looks like he might murder Hanji if he had the strength.   He also looks like he might cry, though it may just be the cold making his eyes water.

Eventually, for everyone’s sake, Erwin takes pity on Levi, relieving him of his duties and confining him to barracks until he stops sneezing.  Barracks in this case being Erwin’s office, where Levi installs himself on the couch opposite Erwin’s desk.  He makes a lousy patient, but Erwin copes as best he can.  He brings Levi tea laced with honey and brandy, and tries not to laugh too hard when he sneezes.  

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How did the TAP run go?

It went pretty smoothly.  We did have a lady with two kids take a detour and it took a few minutes to track her down at the end of the race, and one of our team members was late because of a car accident, but otherwise everything went smoothly.