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Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt.16

The next few weeks are a blur with a dose of recurring nightmares. Not only for you, but more so for B/N. 

You don’t go home. You’ve been staying with him since the incident, afraid to leave him by himself. He barely eats, his body imprint on the bed signals that he hardly leaves it. 

And right now he’s standing in the kitchen, eyes glazed over as his mind wanders. He doesn’t notice you standing there, he’s hardly noticed you since Jesse was buried. 

Guilt, grief, and rage is all he’s suffering from and it’s eating him alive. He’s lost so much of himself.

You stand beside him, looking at his face. It’s been days since he’s said more than five words to you. 

Placing your hand on his cheek, you softly say, “Come back to me,” 

He turns his head to you, blinks twice as he returns to the present. A look of pity crosses his features. 

“I’m gonna shower. My parents will be here soon,” he says, walking around you.

You stand there, forcing your emotions down. A habit you’ve started doing while you tried caring for B/N. You both weren’t official yet, recent events preventing you both from talking about it. You sort of just…stayed with him. 

In truth, you liked him a lot. But you felt incredibly overwhelmed. He was so caught up in his own pain that he seemed to have forgotten you both were in the same battle that day. 

You wipe your tear-stained face. When did your life take such a turn? Sitting in the stool Jesse once sat in to eat your breakfast. Can’t have two distraught people trying to make it through the day, right? 

You don’t have much of an appetite but you know you need to eat. Tracing your fork through your food, you realize you’ve been spaced out for over twenty minutes, doing the same thing B/N was doing. 


You drop your fork, feeling uneasy. Heading to the bathroom, you realize B/N is still in there. He didn’t lock the door, but you knock. 

“B/N, you okay?” you can still hear the shower running but he doesn’t answer you. You let yourself in. Your heart is pounding at what you’re unprepared to see once you pull the shower curtains aside.

He’s sitting in the corner, his knees to his chest and staring at nothing. 

The sight of him like this is the tipping point of your emotions and you sink to the floor. You sit on the ground outside of the tub, holding your face in your hands. 

“I wish I could go back,” he says and you look at him. This is the most he’s admitted to feeling since the incident took place. His eyes and nose are red, “I wish for nothing more than to go back,”

He pushes his hair back, sniffing. His eyes focus on you, “I need you to do something for me,” 

You nod, “What?” 

He takes a moment to reply, his voice breaking, “I need you to take this pain away,” you know where he’s going with this, and you shake your head, “I need you to make me forget,” 

“No…” you say in the middle of his request. 

His face switches from pleading to anger very quickly. He gets out of the shower and you follow him. 

“It’s one request, Y/N!” he snaps as he pulls his boxers on. He’s taking his anger and depression out on you now. 

“I won’t do that,” you tell him.


“You cannot forget Jesse!” he doesn’t want to hear what you’re saying, “No matter how bad you feel, forgetting him would make his entire life meaningless.”

He roughly pushes his wet hair from his face, flinging the nearest thing, that happens to be his laptop, across the room. 

“I want to die, Y/N! Do you understand that? You almost died saving me. My best friend is dead because I’m so fucking stupid. He didn’t want to do this. All he wanted to do was run a stupid realtor company,” as he says the final part, he presses his palms against his eyes, his voice breaking. 

Your voice is soft, hoping it will lessen the blow, “That’s why you can’t forget him,” saying that makes him even more upset because you won’t give him what he wants.

“You’re practically Wonder Woman. You don’t understand what this feels like,” he scoffs. His words shock you, the look in his eyes spiteful, “Have you lost someone close to you?” he asks cynically. 

You slap him in the face hard, purposefully. 

Wet strands of hair spread across the side of his face, cheek slowly reddening. He doesn’t look surprised, almost like he wanted you to retaliate. 

“I don’t understand?” Your body is shaking in anger, tears springing into your eyes, “Jesse was my friend too. Not as close as you guys, but he was a friend,” he rolls his eyes and you shove him hard in the chest. He wants to fight.

“You know what? Fuck you,” You’re pained that he thinks so little of what you could actually feel, after all you’ve done. You turn from him, grabbing your stuff. You can’t take this anymore. 

“What are you doing?” 

“I’m leaving. Obviously,” 

Walking to the living room, he follows you, “I’ve been babysitting you because you’re so damn sad that you can’t help yourself. I’ve been neglecting myself and for what? Are we even friends? We’re not even officially together,”


“And how dare you? You think just because you feel pain, you have a right to say those things to me?” his expression lets you know he realizes his mistake, “Not once have you asked how I felt. Do you just assume I feel nothing? Wonder Woman felt pain too.” he presses his lips together, remembering what he said, “Honestly, did you not think of me once?” 

“I did… I just didn’t think-” 

“No, you didn’t think,” you push your hair from your face, “I killed people, B/N. Did you forget that?” 

He pauses, watching you carefully now, as if the pain in your own voice made him snap out of his own, “That shit keeps me up at night. A man is braindead because of me. I accidentally killed a girl who ran into my force field. I put a bullet through a woman’s brain without a second thought. And I’m not entirely sorry, and that scares me. And you wanna forget? I want to forget.”  

His image is blurring before you, but you see him coming near you. 

You back away from him, “I tried to save Jesse, but I didn’t see her gun. I wasn’t fast enough. I hate myself for that and sometimes I think that you hate me because I didn’t do any better,” you finally admit all of this to him.

You cover your face because you’re crying harder than you have before, your own guilt overflowing. He’s so quiet you’re not even sure he’s listening or even there. But you feel his arms come around you quickly and you’re pushing him off because you haven’t forgiven him. You don’t want your tears to seem like a weakness that you need him.  

But he’s persistent and you can hardly stand up on your own. 

He’s never held you this tight, as if he’s trying to keep you from crumbling to pieces, “I can’t forgive myself,” you whisper. 

“I never blamed you,” he says, “Not once,” 

You pull away to wipe your face, holding your bag tighter on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save him for you,” 

She was leaving him and he didn’t even blame her. 

B/N didn’t mean to snap as he did but he’s almost glad he did, because he wouldn’t have known how much Y/N was keeping in. 

Yes, he was being spiteful, an action he regretted as soon as he did it to her, but she was releasing so much. He didn’t know how hard she took Jesse’s death. Didn’t know she actually blamed herself. He even forgot about the people that died or were injured by Y/N’s hands. Her guilt greatly outdid his, yet she was being so strong for him. 

Feeling like shit didn’t even cover it. 

“I think it’s time we part ways,” she says and his throat is tight. He caused all of this.

He didn’t want her to leave, but he knew it would be the best if she did. She lost pieces of herself caring for him, her clothes fit her body looser than before. Her skin was dull and her eyes didn’t have that spark like before. On top of her own turmoil, did he drain her that much? 

“I’m sorry,” is all he can say. He’s sorry he did this to her; neglected the only person he had left. He’s sorry he threw everything she did for him back in her face. He felt such shame looking at her, additional to the fact that he only had his boxers on. 

“Keep in touch with your parents. Share your grief with them, because they loved Jesse too,” her final words. As she’s about to turn for the door, she pauses, looking at him. 

He can’t let her leave this way. He meets her where she is, embracing her. He holds her tightly, his hand resting on the back of her head. Her tears cascade down his chest, his own disappearing in her hair. 

She steps back, patting her cheeks. When she looks at him, he almost can’t hold her gaze. 

“I can’t make you forget, but I can do something else for you,” she says softly. 

She holds his face, looking into his eyes, “You will heal. You will get past this. You will be happy again. And you will forgive yourself,” 

His body relaxes, his thoughts flashing gray as her words reconstruct his mind. 

When he comes to, he realizes he is alone. His cat sits at the door, waiting for her to come back, not realizing she won’t. 

He wasn’t sure how he’d face his parents when they arrived at his house. He couldn’t even look them in the eyes at the funeral. 

He opens the door once they arrive, his stomach tight. 

He feels better after what Y/N did to him. But her absence created another void that he would have to live with. 

“Hi Mom,” is all he is able to say before she pulls him in for a hug. 

“My baby. You’re so thin,” she sniffs, squeezing his arms and face for emphasis. She takes the food she brought from his father’s hands. She rushes to the kitchen.

“Dad,” B/N finally says. 

His father sighs at the sight of his son, his stiff aura softening. He pats his neck, pulling him in for a hug, “Make sure you eat, or she’ll nag until you do,”  

He gives a small smile, nodding. 

Within minutes, his mother notices something isn’t right. 

“Where’s Y/N?” she asks. 

He’s not sure how to answer but says the truth, “She’s gone,” 

His parents are quiet, glancing at each other before looking at their son again.

“Sharing burdens is only effective if it’s shared equally,” his mother says, seeming to know what he didn’t have to explain. 

“I liked her for you,” is all his father says.

They eat together, his mother speaking the most and he’s grateful because he has no words to contribute to the conversation. She even manages to make him laugh despite the fact that there’s two chairs empty at the table. He felt happy for that split second and the rush of guilt that overtook him was insufferable. 

He places his fork down, excusing himself from the table. 

He clutches the counter in his bathroom, taking deep breaths. 

“Pull yourself together,” he tells himself. Once he steps into his room, he pauses seeing his mother sitting on his bed, the book she had given him in her hands. 

“Did you finish it?” she asks. 

He shakes his head, “No. Haven’t gotten around to it,” 

She nods, flipping through the pages, “You should,” 

“Why? Some message on life lessons or something?” 

“Something like that,” 

“I don’t want to read it,” 

“You will,” 


“Read it,” she says firmly, holding the open book towards him. Even at his age, he knew when to pay attention to his mothers tone of voice. 

With an exasperated sigh, he takes the book from her hand, standing as he reads the written words. 

The gifts that we’ve been given has brought us more pain than we anticipated. To forget is a gift. A gift I cannot give myself,” 

“Not much encouragement from her here,” he says, closing the book.

“You accept what’s happened and move on. That’s the way it goes,” 

He knows why his mother had him read this but he’s too stubborn to accept it. He’s feeling a mix of emotions. He already poured his soul out to Y/N, must he do it again? 

But then he remembers what she said, to grieve with parents.

“He’s gone, B/N,” his mother says as gently as she can, “Jesse is gone,”  

He pauses, biting the inner flesh of his cheek, “I know that,” 

He feels her hand on his back, “Stop blaming yourself. You must live again,” 

Her words cause tears to spring into his eyes and he fights them. He clenches his teeth so tightly to prevent himself from cracking. 

“I’m sorry,” he finally says.

“I know,” she wipes his tears even though hers are glistening on her cheeks as well, “But I can’t lose another son. You might think you don’t deserve to enjoy life right now, but Jesse would’ve cursed you for leaving your plate full just now,” 

The truth in her words cause him to laugh despite his tears, “He really loved food,” 

A hard pang to his chest at using past-tense. His mother notices, taking his hand. 

“I love you and I always will,” she says to him. Loving him despite what he did, a form of healing he didn’t expect. 

His father steps in the doorway, looking his son in the eyes. An action he’s been doing lately, no longer fearing what his son could do. 

He does a double take, noticing the broken laptop in the corner that he through, during his fight with Y/N. 

“You and your temper,” he father chastises him as he picks up the broken pieces. 

“I’ve been curious about something,” his father says, “You mentioned Y/N saved you? How?”

“She’s kind of like me,” 

“How so? What can she do?” his mother asks. 

He gives a knowing smile, remembering how ethereal and badass she looked as she fought. How before she knew of her gift, she pulled him towards her by simply being who she was, “Everything I can’t.”

OP 875 Initial Reaction
  • “A Woman’s Honour”? Not sure I like the sound of that.
  • omg Barto no don’t burn Shanks’ flag!
  • Ew, how did all that cream get into the sub?
  • haha the hearts in a row that are emanating from the sub are cute. Though shouldn’t the broken heart be the closest to the sub instead of the furthest?
  • They’re still baiting Zeus, I see
  • yes, don’t get separated. Jinbe is wise. I totally want him on the team.
  • I like that Sanji just grabs Nami and runs for it. No stupid bleeding nose
  • Hey, didn’t I at some point say I wanted this lightning thing to happen? XD it came about in a different way though (I also wanted Miss Three-Eyes to be included but that would be asking for too much)
  • That’s what you think, Perospero
  • aww, Chopper. And Brook too.
  • >___>

I liked what little bits of Sanji were in this chapter, and Nami’s part in the story was pretty cool. But welcome to another week’s worth of fandom debating whether That Person is good or evil. *walks away*

why you should all consider getting chickens
  • a small backyard, a decent fence and the will to make a safe coop for your fluffy dames is all you need to make it happen
  • they will eat your vegetable scraps and gobble down pretty much any kind of food waste, turning discarded crusts and mushy fruit into big fat eggs full of protein!
  • and depending on which breed you buy, they will lay an egg almost every day. free, nutritious food every morning! what other pet will do that?
  • it’s a misconception that eating eggs is inherently cruel, or that you need a rooster for your chickens to lay eggs! all the eggs you buy in supermarkets are unfertilised, which means there is no chance of that egg ever hatching. you’re not eating a potential life, your chickens will lay eggs regardless of whether there’s a rooster around
  • so only buy a rooster to go with your lovely ladies if you want baby chicks - otherwise, just get some girls and enjoy those omelettes!
  • the way cage egg farms are run is terrible, and you can’t always be sure that a free range farm is as idyllic as the picture you see on the carton. lots of sad chookies who can’t perch or scratch or eat grass and clean themselves. :( 
  • this way, you will always be certain that your girls are happy, healthy, doing what chicken are meant to do and eating what chickens should be eating, which means bigger and better eggs for you!
  • you can give eggs to your friends! give eggs to strangers! eggs for everyone!
  • tiny and furious lawnmowers. chickens LOVE grass, especially clover. if you have a small backyard, they will do all the work of keeping the grass trimmed. 
  • a caution, pls buy your chicken a friend - they will get lonely if you only buy one. my friend had two chickens and one died, leaving Gizmo all alone. she got depressed and stopped laying, so they put her in the rabbit hutch. now she has a best friend bunny called Jimmy and she’s very happy! she often sits on him and purrs.
  • chickens are good around most other pets - cats and chickens usually regard each other with mutual indifference and disdain, but they generally bond with dogs. however, if you know your pooch or kitty is particularly aggressive, make sure you check it won’t be a problem!
  • scratch scratch scratch, scratch party!!
  • one time I was cleaning out the stables and my chicken came over, saw that I was using a big rake and went !!!! scratch time!!! and she started scratching furiously next to me like she was trying to help
  • they’re very clean animals and will clean themselves every day with a dust bath and a thorough preening
  • when it starts raining it takes them a good 10 seconds to process what’s happening, then they RUN to shelter
  • gloriously stupid tiny velociraptor running
  • peck peck peck. is food? I check! peck. not food!
  • rip all snails and slugs that live in your garden
  • they will also go after mice and spiders
  • chicken poop is great fertiliser! when you clean out their coop, spread the poo on your garden and watch your flowers and veggies grow!
  • kiddos LOVE chickens!!
  • seriously, looking after chickens is a great job for little kids - any little fella can fill up their water and give them some food, and collecting a warm, fresh egg every morning is so rewarding for them!!! 
  • hours of entertainment watching their antics
  • some (not all) like a cuddle! the ladies will let you know what their preference is. they may also gently peck and groom you because they love you.
  • you can give them fancy names like lottie, ethel and lady beatrice so it sounds like they’re a supporting cast in a Jane Austen novel
  • in conclusion give a pretty chicken a happy home today

anonymous asked:

Does Steve ever yell at YOU about not taking risks?

friday has politely provided an audio transcript, since i felt it would be the most effective way to answer this question.

5/4/17, 18:00

S: Bucky, I can’t believe you went after that giant squid alone like that! You could’ve died!

B: Wouldn’t be the first time–

S: How could you be so reckless?!

B; –probably wouldn’t be the last. I’m just following your fine example, Stevie. 

S: I’m being serious, Buck! I can’t believe you did that!

B: And I couldn’t believe you were dumb enough to go after that MegaSharkaphant on your own in central park last week, but you did!

S: You and the chainsaw-hands robot! Two weeks ago!

B: That was last month, Mr. I-Can-Handle-This-Alien-Bugdog-Swarm-On-My-Own, and I had backup!

S: Then the time with the sorcerer and the statue of President Washington!



… Captain Obfonteri …

What if … Kraglin will become new Captain of Revengers under Stakar and slowly, great Captain Udonta , will become only rumors, old stories who less and less will believe? Kragling becoming more and more ruthless .. with every passing day …

I Don’t Mean It (pt 8)

You were broken. Completely broken. The man you thought was one of your best friends despised you. The man you thought–no you knew– you loved had no trust in you. 

If he didn’t believe you, there was no way the other boys would either you thought to yourself through the tears. But no other thoughts came to you. You felt empty, useless, and broken. You walked and turned off all the lights and sat on the floor in the darkness, letting the room fill with the sound of your sobs.

Two days went by none of the boys had tried to get in contact with you. Tae probably told them. They probably hate me too. I’ve lost them all. But little did you know, they were simply waiting for you to reach out to them and talk first. They wanted to give you your space, and Taehyung still hadn’t told them the truth. I have to leave this place. There’s no point staying here anymore. 

It was true, you really didn’t have any reason to stay back. A little after the boys moved in, you had found a new job, but the commute was kind of far. But somehow they had managed to convince you to stay. Because they were worth it.

You immediately pulled out all your suitcases and boxes and started packing. You even called your landlord asking about the process of moving out. If you were to get past this, you had to move on. Move on from the boys, and move away quite literally.

Taehyung still couldn’t get the image of you crying out of his head, even after two days. He never liked seeing you upset before, and knowing that you were crying because of him tugged at his heartstrings, but he kept telling himself that you deserved it.

He moped around the dorm when there wasn’t a schedule and tried to give everyone his best smile when the cameras were around. He still hadn’t decided how to tell the other boys and he knew that they were giving him the space he needed. 

Today, he had to go to the recording studio to start recording for a new album. He honestly didn’t know if he had it in him to record with how has been feeling recently, but he didn’t have much of a choice. 

Once he made it to BigHit, the boys all gathered in the recording studio and sat there in an awkward silence. Taehyung didn’t mind though as his mind was wandering back to you. He didn’t even realize that Namjoon wasn’t in the room.

“Aish how much longer do we have to wait” asked Yoongi. “I want to start soon!” he said in frustration. Only then did Tae look around and notice Namjoon missing. 

“Where is hyung?” asks Jungkook.

“He said he had something to ask manager hyung.” said Jimin. “But it’s been a while, though.”

“I’ll go get him” Taehyung offers. He leaves the room in search for Namjoon and the manager. He looks for them door by door and in their usual spots, but he was having a hard time finding them. 

Taehyung was starting to get frustrated when he wasn’t able to find them as quickly as he was expecting. Eventually, though, he struck gold when he could hear Namjoon’s voice coming from one of the rooms down a random hallway.

“Hyung, Taehyung’s been acting kind of weird lately and I think we should give him some time off to sort things out.” Namjoon said. Taehyung stood outside the door that was slightly ajar. He didn’t know what made him want to stop and listen in on their conversation, but he did,

“What why? I noticed he was a little strange, but he seemed fine on TV. Does he really need time off?” the manager asked.

“He has some…personal stuff going on.” Namjoon said.

“Whats so personal that I don’t even know about it?” asked the manager.

“Well… he’s in the middle of a rough time with Y/N…our neighbor. You’ve seen her over at our place before” Namjoon offered.

Taehyung could feel his heart tighten at the mention of your name. 

“Oh her. Is she honestly still hanging around you guys?” asked the manager. Taehyung furrowed his eyes in confusion.

“What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t she?” asked Namjoon.

“Aish this bitch. Why do you guys always have her around? What if the press got a hold of that huh? Do you not realize the risks?” asked the manager slightly more loudly. Taehyung’s face turned red once he heard his manager calling you a bitch, but he knew that he was the one who had stopped the article from being published so he just continued to listen silently on the conversation.

“Hyung she’s just a friend. I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of it.” Namjoon stated.

“Big deal? I saw the way Taehyung looked at her ok. And the way she looked at him. It was obvious that if I didn’t do anything, they would have started dating. He would have had to go behind the company’s back. The press would have found out. It would have been just one giant mess Joon. You as the leader should know that and stopped it.” The manager said. 

Taehyung was even more confused. What did he mean when he said “if I didn’t do anything” ?

“Hyung..what have you done” asked Namjoon, catching on.

“Look, don’t tell Taehyung this because I don’t want him running back to that stupid girl. And you should know that it’s best if she stays out of his life. But anyways, I approached Tae with a fake article before all the awards show started a few months ago. I told him that that girl had given a reporter all this private and personal information about Taehyung and that she had received a payment for it. Clearly, it worked if they’re fighting over it. It’s just a matter of time now” the manager said cooly.

Taehyung’s heart sank. What have I done?

“Hyung what the hell. She’s been nothing but a kind friend to us. How could you do that to T-” Namjoon started when the door flung open. Both the manager and Namjoon turned to the door, wide-eyed from the shock.

“T-Taehyung. How long have you been there?” asked the manager, shocked.

“Hyung..w-why would you d-do that? I trusted y-you. I trusted the wrong person! Do you know what I’ve just done because of you?” Taehyung yelled with tears in his eyes.

“T-taehyung-ah, it was for your best. Please try to see where I’m coming from” the manager said. 

“I can’t believe you hyung.” Tae said as he walked away.

What have I done? What I have done to Y/N?

A/N.…AND that concludes part 8~ Do y’all want a part 9? What do you think is going to happen? Inbox or dm me what you think! Also, the italics are meant to be their thoughts. 

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Scott is an extremely powerful biotic to the point of not being fully aware just how much potential he has. One night during an especially boozy party on Kadara when totally wasted Scott was annoying everyone by making the furniture float in the bar, Gil and Reyes jokingly dared him to try and lift the Tempest. That was obviously impossible and hopefully Scott would be knocked down a peg as he saw the limits of his powers. Except… Scott did make the Tempest float. Not only that – he made it fly a few times over Kadara Port while giggling stupidly and shouting “NYOOM” every five seconds. Reyes and Gil got very, very drunk that night and never spoke of it again. Scott doesn’t seem to remember any of this.

Just Following Orders, Sir - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,985

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Shower Sex, Teasing, Death of bad guys, Sir, Squirting, Voyeurism, Boob Job

Notes: I know this is long overdue, but the word count makes up for it right? I got delayed because of Howler Con (I lost 3 says yo). I hope you guys like this. I liked this idea a lot actually.

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Andreil In A HeartBeat AU
  • Andrew grew up watching hearts pop out all around him. Growing up in the foster care system means seeing many hearts pop out just to be broken days later. With so many young teens crammed into the same house, crushes were often formed but they were hardly returned. Even when they were, they were soon separated due to the system. Sometimes the hearts never healed. Sometimes they did, but they were always scarred. Andrew had never seen a whole heart remain unmarked and promised himself he would never allow his heart to see the light of day, but that was years ago. Now, Andrew hardly believed he even had a heart. The years passed and even though Andrew had never seen his own physical incarnation of his heart, he knew it was damaged beyond repair. Luckily it never threatened to make an appearance. That is, until trouble arrived during his second year at Palmetto State University.
  • “Neil Josten is nothing special” was the first thought Andrew had upon seeing him in the tiny locker rooms at the cruddy high school he attended. Of course, That didn’t stop his heart from violently beating inside his chest. It didn’t show the physical sign of the HeartBeats which usually preceded the arrival of the heart, but it was a close call. Andrew ignored it like he did most things, but it was far from the last time his heart would act up
  • He was convinced it was another side effect of the drugs. Why else would his heartbeat surge like that when Neil responded to him in German? Nonetheless the same rapid heartbeat returned with a vengeance. This eventually became a regular thing. Any time Neil looked at him a certain way, or asked for a truth, or even when he got too excited about Exy, his heartbeat accelerated against his will.
  • Andrew finally admitted it was more than just the drugs when his heart jumped out of his chest after he handed the key to his house in Columbia. It wasn’t the act itself, but the face Neil made when he took the key; it was one of surprise and adoration, like he’d never been given anything before. Andrew immediately hated the look but it didn’t stop those HeartBeats from appearing when he turned away from Neil.
  • These HeartBeats increased throughout the rest of the semester and Andrew was about ready to cut it out of his chest. Their increasing interactions and conversations were wearing on Andrew’s nerves, always worried that he’d be caught. He never was since the HeartBeats always seemed to be delayed; they didn’t kick in until after Neil was gone. It resulted in Andrew giving in to Neil’s requests just so he wouldn’t be caught when the HeartBeats kicked in.
  • It didn’t help that Neil didn’t seem to know about the Hearts. When he saw the two small Hearts clinging to Dan and Matt, he was fascinated and started asking all sorts of questions. Andrew found out later that because of Neil’s life on the run, he hardly saw them and his mother never bothered explaining them to him. He claimed it was because she was too busy focusing on their survival, but Andrew knew it was another way to keep Neil safe. If his Heart ever manifested, it would be considered nothing but a liability. Andrew knew that from experience.
  • Driving back home after being released from rehab was almost harder than the time he spent in that hellish hospital. He was hoping the medication was the only reason his HeartBeats had begun, but seeing Neil waiting for him in the lobby had his heart picking up speed the way it had been all school year. Andrew ignored it, and drove them all home in silence. Andrew knew the HeartBeats wouldn’t be delayed anymore and was going to have to be careful from now on. He hadn’t come this far to let his Heart show up now.
  • It wasn’t until later on the rooftop when Andrew knew it was helpless. He told Neil he hated him despite his heart said the opposite. He threw Neil’s keys to the ground in an attempt to distract Neil when the HeartBeats made a reappearance and somehow it worked. Neil watched the keys fall as Andrew’s Heart worked to burst out of his chest. Neil went to retrieve the keys and still somehow missed the rapidly aggressive HeartBeat evident in Andrew’s chest. When Neil looked up at him and took a drag from the cigarette Andrew had tossed down there moments before, the one thing Andrew never wanted to happen did. His Heart appeared in front of him. It was an ugly little thing, bruised and scarred and almost unrecognizable as a Heart, but the face was one of pure love and adoration, the exact opposite of how Andrew felt. The excited little thing was ready to run after the stupid boy that caused these feelings, but before it could, Andrew pinned it down with one of his knives.
  • He wasn’t ready for this thing to give him away to Neil and the rest of the foxes, so Andrew trapped it in a jar lying around in his room and hid it under his bed. Of course this wasn’t the end. Andrew would repeatedly find the little guy had rolled the jar out from under the bed after interactions with Neil. He pretended not to see the heart’s increasing size and how the marks on it slowly faded with time.
  • Much to Andrew’s displeasure, Andrew returned to his dorm after the trip to Columbia that had him admitting his feelings to Neil to find the heart flying freely around the room trying to find a way to escape. Andrew was tired and instead of trying to capture the thing, he let it fly around the room. It went to the door, trying to fit through the cracks of the door. It also tried and  failed to open the window. The little Heart had grown to almost twice its original size, but it was still too small to do much of anything. Andrew put it in a box, and opened the window himself, smoking until he couldn’t hear the Heart bouncing around the box anymore.
  • Andrew was annoyed. He told Neil he hated him, and he meant it, but here they were on the roof again, Neil’s heart obviously beating, blush evident and bewildered with the new sensation. Apparently Neil enjoyed being hated. Despite this, Neil still had to audacity to ask about the other ten percent. He couldn’t tell him that the other ten percent was trapped in a box under his bed, so he didn’t. When Neil told him he wanted to see him lose control, Andrew could practically feel his Heart bursting out of the box.
  • Andrew kissed Neil. After months of denying and fighting it, he finally kissed the stupid scared boy he’d been infatuated with. When he pulled back, it was to see his Heart had broken free and was heading straight for Neil. Andrew tried to pull it from Neil’s shoulder but to his surprise, Neil stopped him, “No, it’s okay. How long have you been hiding it?”
    • “Is this another truth?” Andrew asked in return.
    • Neil shrugged. “If you want it to be.”
    • “Since I told you at Eden’s Twilight,” Neil’s face was one of delight and Andrew wanted to punch the look off of his face. Or maybe he wanted to kiss it.
  • After that, Andrew’s heart stayed close to Neil, often chilling in his pockets or somewhere it wasn’t seen. How it knew not to be obvious, Andrew wasn’t sure but he was thankful. It only came out when Neil confronted him later when the dorm was empty. This time, it wasn’t alone and as Neil told him “yes,” Neil’s own Heart popped out, reaching for Andrew. This changed everything.
  • Neil’s heart was hard to hide, and Andrew wasn’t sure if he wanted to. The effort it would take to keep it hidden was more exhausting that Andrew had the patience for. So the rest of the foxes caught on rather quickly. They assumed it was one sided, but they’d soon find out that was hardly the case.
  • Andrew found Neil’s bag after the riot and found his own heart trapped inside next to the phone Andrew had given him. Andrew was angry, as well as scared for Neil, but more angry that he gave up his heart and phone so willingly. In the hours that past, Andrew could see the cracks forming in his small heart and didn’t bother to hide it. The foxes watched cautiously as the cracks spread farther down the Heart. Neil’s own heart remained by Andrew’s side but mourned over the loss of Andrew’s own Heart.
  • But then the FBI came and soon they were reunited. Andrew’s Heart reached Neil faster than he did and Andrew no longer cared who saw because Neil was here and he was okay. He was damaged and bruised and scarred, just like Andrew was. Both their hearts were ruined little things, but they were happy together and Andrew thought that maybe these Hearts weren’t as bad as he initially thought they were.

so a lot of peeps r celebrating Jerry’s walk of shame out of Morty and Rick’s adventures but i definitely think Jerry’s exit is actually a catalyst for a character study on him and his own backstory. At this point, we know about abt him the least (w the exception of his parents in Anatomy Park) and the writers have mentioned wanting to explore parallels between he and Rick’s upbringing. (you know, a not-so happy one)

secondly this could segue into Morty’s arc of increased aggression with both he and Jerry being anxious people-pleasers who suppress their anger until it explodes. I think s3 is when Morty and Jerry both snap under Rick’s pressure.