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I think u queue up a lot of the same things. It gets kinda annoying at times. Sorry, still love ya

i honestly don’t really know how to respond to this.

i run…a skeleton blog that is pretty exclusively sans and papyrus. so. you see the same 2 characters. and…people draw similar themes/aus/etc. because they are fun, they are popular, they like it, whatever.

i currently have 70+ items in my queue which is about a week’s worth of posts. i check the undertale tag frequently so i don’t miss any good art that is being made. 

like……i’m not sure why you’re surprised that a blog literally called skeleton trash is posting about skeletons.

unless you mean that i’m reblogging the SAME EXACT art, which, okay. again here are some explanations: people draw similarly so a lot of posts do feel the same, i reblog from people you likely also follow so you might be seeing the post multiple times, tumblr is a broken website so there might be a queue error that is out of my control

and sure, there’s a good chance i slip up and reblog something multiple times because i’m human. a human who has 12 hour workdays and is extremely tired when she gets home.

so….idk what to tell you lol? i’m not sure what it is exactly that you want me to post? :/

the only two solutions i have for you are to suck it up or unfollow?

“Papyrus ?”

Heh, I wanted to draw this for a while !!

Also, I’ll be on hiatus until the the end of the next week-end, then no stream and not a lot of post, since I dunno if I’ll have internet where I’m going ^^’ If yes, I’ll try to answer the asks and reblog and post some stuff, cause heck yeah, I’ll continue to draw, can’t survive without this anyway !
Then see ya all guys, take care ~

Papyrus protection squad.
Papyrus protection squad.

Don’t insult the cinnamon roll.

Even if you happen to BE the cinnamon roll.

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