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a few happy thoughts and happenings from my long run this morning:

  • around my turnaround point, i ended up at a middle school track and i just decided to do a few laps as fast as i could and it felt so good. i’m going to start re-incorporating speed work back into my weekly runs now that i’m feeling better post-injury

  • when i was on my way back, i passed ANOTHER RUNNER ON THE ROAD. it may not seem like a big deal, but i’ve been living here for almost a year and i have not seen another soul out on the roads on a saturday morning. we waved at each other and he said “be careful” and i responded “you too!” and this interaction made me soooo happy because we totally got each other. it was just nice knowing that someone else TRULY understands the cautiousness i have to take when i go running around here (i.e. being hyperaware of cars, not running with headphones, wearing bright clothing), because they experience it too

  • i thought about the runs that have given me the most bliss and they’re always in the mountains during the summer and i just can’t wait to move back and be able to run mountain roads and trails again SO SOON

  • my mantra during the hardest parts of my run was “get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you’re going to be here for a while.” and i really liked that

About last night 🙃😜🐢🤷🏻‍♀️

• yesterday was one of THE most fun nights I’ve possibly ever had!!

• I went to the store early in the afternoon to say goodbye to alisha at the store, and it was sad and hard but also so nice :)
I gave her her little gift and card and we had lots of good laughs and stories and hugs and I just love and am gonna miss her so much!

• then we all went out to a bar for a last hang out/goodbye and omg it was an amazingly fun night!! SO much fun ahh!! Filled with shots and Moscow mules, and more shots, and hookah and so many laughs and literally no tears!! It made saying goodbye so fun bc it left us with amazing memories :)
I mean I did get tested up saying bye at the very end but I was stopped dead in my tracks like “no! Did you have fun tonight?” “Yeah, a ton!” “Good that’s what it was supposed to be like! No tears bc I’ll see you soon!”
Such. Great. Memories.

• quick pic caption debrief; the funfetti cupcakes I made for alisha and I’m glad I made the exact ones she asked for bc she was stupidly excited for them lol!
me and two other friends cleared out her drawer at work for her so she wouldn’t have to and she handed us each one of her 3 different little notebooks she had that each said funny things and they were so fitting for each of us haha! Lauryn’s said “annoying things,” I don’t remember what Zita’s said, and mine said this lol! And I was like “that’s me, daily disappointment” 👌🏼and alisha was like “not you it’s plural anyways so i don’t mean you” and I was like “well I make multiple decisions a day that lead to disappointments so..” 🤷🏻‍♀️ and she had no argument there so I am the daily disappointment in our friend group!
Shots of Yeager (😷) and hookah made for maaaaaany laughs :)
And then yes, that last pic is halle squatting alisha because 💪🏼 badass babe 💪🏼

• ugh such an amazing time!! It really made me realize how much love I’m surrounded with and this amazing family I have now! Through the ups and downs with them, at the end of the day, we’re this family and I love that! I’m so glad I went and put aside the sadness of her leaving bc more good came out of this night than bad! Actually no bad came out of this night so ✌🏼👌🏼

• no workout today bc I’m hungover af, but I did walk home from Halle’s this morning after she had to go into work at 7am! And it was a 5 mile walk so that was nice (and painfully awful at moments!) definitely feeling it today, but so worth it!

• I do work today and all the mates were there so no one can call out 🙃😅 but I’m excited to see everyone at work so it’ll be fine!

I hope you’re all doing great!


10 miles with @oh-for-the-love-of-running-x this morning. I felt goooooood!!! I think I’m finally getting my running mojo back which is handy because marathon training starts in just over a month!

Went for waffles with the boy afterwards and I chose a savoury pizza waffle. It was sadly quite disappointing, too much tomato sauce not enough cheese. Lesson learnt though, stick to banana, peanut butter and maple syrup from now on :P

❄ 🏃 in the CO today!! I had to wait forever to get a small window and even then a lot of wind and a few flurries along the way. I am so glad my wife made me put on my tights for this run!! I had to wear my trail shoes because my zero drops are horrible in snow. I made some great time but I was feeling it!! I could tell I had stayed out late drinking and having fun. It reminded me of the Monday morning runs after a weekend pass when I was in the Army. Now those were some tough runs!!

In just glad I was able to make it outside for my run today!!


Log for April 26.

It looks like for some reason my log didn’t post so I’m trying again…

It was a great day!! My wife and I started the day off with some cross-training at 9Round. The gym was pretty empty so we had the trainer to ourselves which was very nice! I am still trying to work heavily on abs and today there were also a lot of burpies… My watch recorded only 180 cals burned so it is geting harder and harder to feel like we are accomplishing anything! However I do understand that all my watch really measures is my cardio and I get that almost exclusively these days from running! I still feel like my muscles are sore and getting a work out…but can you measure that electronically? I dont think so… So for now we will stay and see how things progress! I was able to take my new Inov-8 shoes and start wearing them in. I think I’m really going to like the shoes its just too soon to tell. They are a lot like my trail shoes and I like the way they tie to my foot.. So far so good!!

Our run yesterday took a few times to get started. There was a big snow storm coming in so the first time we tryed to leave we were met with slushy rain. We came back in and looked at the weather and in true Colorado fashion 20 minutes latter the weathered cleared and we had a great run!! The wind was light and cold do it kept you from overly sweating. There were a few patches of sun so it wasn’t a dreary run. We made great time (this was a don’t pace by my watch run) even with a shoe tie stop. I swear my feet can magically untie a double knotted shoe with ease… It is so frustrating!!

I was able to test out my new water belt. I got the Nathan Trail Mix Plus. This belt is great!! It held my huge phone with otter box without sticking it into my back and had room for a lot more. It also has a quick release pouch for snacks. The belt itself has elastic in it so it hugs and doesn’t cut of circulation. The bottles are easy to access and have a bilt in sips nozel. The best part is the are insulated so they keep the water cold and no sloshing sounds when I run!! That has been the bigest concern when trying to find a hydration system. I’m just glad I found one I like so that I can take water on my runs!!

So after all of that it is margarita time!! We are heading to an art exhibit Pancakes and Booze in Denver. Guess what they are serving? You guessed it pancakes!! It should be a great time!!


I received my MRI results today and got the OK to start back running (slowly and steadily). I sped home and immediately threw on my shorts. I tied my hair back. I put on my running shoes. And I set out in the rain.

I didn’t care about my pace.

I didn’t care about my mileage.

I closed my eyes and smiled and I thought about all of the dreams I have had about this very moment. Complete and utter gratitude.

And you must, you really must. Because there will be days, weeks, months, maybe years when you can’t. And every day that you say yes is the making of a ritual that builds force like the tide, pushing further up the sand to smooth its wispy chaos into something solid you can build a castle on.” -Lauren Fleshman

10 things I wish I knew about running before I started...

First and foremost… welcome, don’t be afraid of other runners, sure, it’s a solo sport, but it’s a big support community.
Secondly, don’t worry about how far & fast you go, we are all cheering for you to keep going.
3rd, starting is the hardest part, if that’s done, then keep going.
4th, goals are golden. Set as many small goals as you can and keep crushing them.
5th, drink more water.
6th, do post-run stretches.
7th, a couple weeks from now you will look back and see how much farther you can go now.
8th, if you’re injured then REST! Don’t power through a bad injury and make it worse. Running with pain is different than running injured.
9th, keep going. If you feel tired then take a break, but don’t stop.
10th, you’re awesome and every run will keep making you more awesome.

Anyone else have something to add? 🏃🏼