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10 late afternoon miles. This was supposed to be 14 but I ran out of time. I fell down a set of stairs on Thursday morning and scrapped up my knees, ankles, and shin. Thankfully I had already done my run that day. I took a rest day yesterday and after an exhaustive week at work, decided to sleep in today. Errands all day and a work dinner meant 10 miles rather than 14. It all worked out for the best since this was a SLOG. As Coach Sonja says, “Sometimes you are the hammer, sometimes the nail”. Today I was the nail! Tomorrow I’m headed to La Jolla to ocean kayak and swim with leopard sharks. Off to a work dinner now!!!

Hey y’all! I’m gonna be making my first attempt at a Genocide/Murder run, and I’ll be streaming it!

I should be starting in a few minutes. I do want to make one thing clear though, I will NOT be completing it all the way through! Mainly I just want to see IF I can beat sans…. Or Undyne for that matter.

See y’all there!

Hidden in the Snow - A Luke x Tear oneshot

Pairing: Luke x Tear (Hinted)/Angst - Tales of the Abyss
Rating: G
Words: 1703
Summary: Tear is uneasy. When the morning comes, the party will leave Keterburg and head for the Absorption Gate to face her brother; however, tonight, she just wants her heart to be at ease before her feelings catch up to her.
Request sent by: @angelle-wings
Links: AO3 |

I just finished a request sent by @angelle-wings AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It was fun and nostalgic to write, and I really hope I did justice to your prompt! :D

Keep reading if you wanna check the fic! Or you can choose one of the links above ♥

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roles i think seokjin could play:

  • asshole boss who runs one of the country’s biggest companies
  • sweet-talking playboy son of asshole boss
  • or sweetheart son parents set up with arranged marriage
  • older brother who runs bakery/coffee shop
  • post-apocalyptic verse, boy who lost his family
  • consigliere/caporegime to the boss of a mafia
  • swordsman/scholar from ruling dynasty
  • handsome doctor all the patients have a crush on
  • elite, top-of-the-class student in arts academy
  • model who falls in love with coworker
  • best friend who is also a fairy
signs as seventeen eras
  • adore u:aries, virgo, libra
  • mansae:taurus, cancer, leo
  • pretty u:capricorn, aquarius, pisces
  • nice:gemini, sagittarius, scorpio
  • (@takemeflying here hullo)
  • Professor McGonagall:James you were supposed to turn the toad into a button not a firecracker
  • James:But then my Transfiguration skills wouldn't be explosively good
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall:
  • James:
  • Professor McGonagall:get out