running ponies

When a Pony gets Sassy
  • *Pony doing his homework in the kitchen when Steve and Soda walk in.*
  • Steve: "Writing in your diary there Pony?"
  • Pony: "Yeah, actually I just wrote you a poem, wanna here it?
  • Roses are red, vilots are blue, I have 5 fingers, the middle ones for you."
  • *Flips Steve off*
  • Steve: "Idiot"
  • *Soda cracking up in the back round.*
  • Pony: "Of corse I talk like an idiot, how else could you understand me?"
  • *Soda dies from laughter and falls to the ground.*
  • *Steve leaps over table to kill Pony who runs for his life while laughing.*
  • Soda: GODDAMN YOU GUYS! *runs out of house*
  • Pony: What was that about?
  • Darry: I guess he just doesn't like us arguing.
  • Pony: I guess you could say...
  • Darry: Pony, don't...
  • Pony:
  • Darry: I'm warning you...
  • Pony: That Soda popped.
  • Two-Bit: *laughing in the distance*
Texting Gladers
  • thomas_the_pony: on my first run with Minho!
  • captain_gally: u r gonna die
  • fig_newton: dont say that. Tommy u'll be fine, dont listen 2 him
  • thomas_the_pony: hold up im trying
  • thomas_the_pony: to eat an
  • thomas_the_pony: apple while running and
  • thomas_the_pony: texting at the same time
  • fig_newton: WHAT!?! But Tommy thats dangerous!!
  • the_king_of_sass: Noot, he's fine
  • fig_newton: u too? WHAT R U DOING?
  • the_king_of_sass: Multitasking.
  • captain_gally: u r gonna die
  • fig_newton: SHUT UP!!!
  • thomas_the_pony: but it's fun
  • thomas_the_pony: but i need to give u updates
  • the_king_of_sass: and check my e-mail for important things
  • fig_newton: LIKE WHAT?!
  • the_king_of_sass: like deals on hair gel. DUH!
  • captain_gally: u r gonna die
  • fig_newton: Yes. Yes they are


As previously stated, I had to replace the starter on my car.  The work is done already, and it cost me around $280.  Round it up to $300 and that’s what I’m hoping to raise on this drive.

So what am I offering this time?  YCH’s and Shipfic cards.

Twilight Sparkle Secret Shipfic Cards

I still have plenty of Pirate Dash Shipfic sets available for $5.  And the Marigold and Mic Boom ones are $2 each.  Shipping will be $2 each for them, and be mailed in a lovely Christmas card.  I’ll even draw a quickie sketch in the card too!  Message me if you want some cards.

Your Character Here Commissions

I have a variety of new and old poses for each.  Each one is going to be $10 + $1 for the Paypal fee.  Here’s what you can get:

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YCH Nose Nuzzle:

Running Pony:


Amethyst intentionally stepped away from the bubble, and the only reason I can come up with is that in this moment she is so hurt that she would rather not be cooped up with Pearl and Steven in the bubble. 

Or maybe she thinks she’s not worth being saved.

She’s running away from the people who love her, because right now she can’t let herself feel loved; she doesn’t feel that she deserves it. 

hiding in the living room like the true introvert i am so here’s a headcanon:

rhett taking link to a miniature horse ranch for his birthday way out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere because the roadtrip there is half the present.

they listen to music and flirt and eat shit food the whole way, stopping only once at a convenience store and buying lame matching hats and sunglasses because apparently they’re still seven. and when they get to the ranch, the sun is almost setting and all the little ponies are running around in the pink and gold glow.

and rhett just stands back smiling with his cheeks as he watches link feed the horses, grinning and giggling and retracting his hand when their floppy lips tickle him for oats. and he looks over at rhett as he laughs, pretty mahogany pony at his fingers, saying, “look, this one’s named winnie!” and rhett just beams back, totally in love.

after visiting with the ponies and thanking the owner immensely for the private hours, it’s too late to drive back so randl decide to take up a little motel on the side of the road.

(side note everyone is now in the living room and my sister is trying to read this over my shoulder help)

anyway the clerk at the front desk thinks they’re a couple (pretty much) and when they tell her they’re not, she pretends they don’t have any double beds and gives them a king because she likes how pink they get :)

and so they procrastinate as long as they can before bed, sitting around, watching tv, showering, talking about work, etc, and when it finally gets time for them to get into bed, rhett takes this moment, the ballsy fuck, to turn towards link and cuddle up close and pull him into his arms and kiss him right on the lips and link’s eyes get so wide and his cheeks get so red and he blanks out for a moment before he kisses him back softly and instantly falls asleep in rhett’s arms because he’s so worn out from the long adventure!! he’s small the end

The gangs reaction to snow

(It’s been snowing all day and I’m bored)

Darry: “How the hell am I supposed to work in this!?”

Soda: “What if a horse gets too cold?” (Me tbh)

Pony: Runs around like a little girl and makes like 20 snow angels.

Dallas: “…… Shit man”

Steve: Has tried to drive in the snow once, he will never do something that dumb again.

Two-bit: Also makes snow angels.

Johnny: Tried to sleep in the lot but Ponyboy had him spend the night for a week.

the hospital reunion scene between the Curtis brothers is one of my favorite scenes in the whole of the novel because Darry who didn’t shed a tear at their parents’ funeral is openly sobbing because he’d thought he’d lost his little brother forever and Ponyboy was so sure that Darry didn’t care about him, that he just put up with him for Soda’s sake, finally, finally realizes how completely untrue that is because Darry loves him so much and Darry gave up everything for to keep his little brothers safe and his family intact because he loves them and Pony realizes that Darry pushes him so hard because he loves him and he’s so smart and Darry just wants to keep Pony out of trouble and safe and it all just suddenly hits Pony in that moment and he wonders how he could have ever thought of Darry as cold and then Pony’s running to him and they wrap their arms around each other and he can hear Darry’s heartbeat through his shirt and that’s how he knows he’s home and he’s gonna be okay and I’m so emotional