running on wolf paws

Does anybody want to talk about werecoon!Stiles? I mean, a were raccoon. Think about it. Known for getting into anything and everything. Intelligent and inquisitive. Can be assholes. Cute hands! Consider werecoon!Stiles getting reeeeally good at lockpicking/pickpocketing/etc. with his super sensitive raccoon hands. Beta shift Stiles with the black eye mask. Grumpy and unimpressed Derek who can’t figure out how to keep Stiles from getting into his stuff. Full shift Stiles who likes to run his paws over wolf!Derek’s fur, scritch (and pull) his ears. Dousing! I’ve got multiple unfinished werecoon!Stiles sterek drawings and I just want somebody to enjoy this AU as much as I do. OTL

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When We were Wolves

we ran beside the river
our thirsty tongues
tasted of Earth
and our eyes
shone with
of sky

we saw
high inside
clouds as hawks
soared with hungry
beaks and sharp talons

we did not mind
the snakes who slithered
blithely underneath our paws

we heard fish
leaping, splashing
as if laughing at the sun

oh, how we
would run and run
our spirits two, yet one

when we
were wolves

Azuki Lynn

Fresh Start

Pairing: Derek Hale x Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Requested: Yes
Warnings: Mild violence
A/N: Y/EC = your eye color

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Someone once said that nothing hurts more than watching the one you love fall in love with someone else; and Y/N was pretty sure that they were right, it hurt like hell to watch the person you love, love someone else. But as she watched Derek start feeling something for Jennifer she moved out of the way, because her bother once told her that ‘if he truly loved you then he wouldn’t start loving her’. At the time she thought he was being harsh but now she sees how wise her baby brother is. 

Now Y/N was still in this small town and couldn’t get away from Derek or Jennifer. Every time she saw the two of them together it was like a knife to the gut. It didn’t take her long to pack up her stuff and move out of town. She honestly hated he thought of running away because she couldn’t stand the thought of her ex-boyfriend with another woman, but she refused to look at it like that; she was looking at it as a fresh start. 

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i don’t know why, but I imagine remus being helplessly clumsy as a teenager, all sprawling limbs and two left feet. it always gets worse around the full moon, as if the wolf inside him can’t get used to this boy’s small body. the other marauders have endless fun with this. whenever remus drops his books all the other boys will follow suit, resulting in a massive pile of parchment, paper and spellbooks. whenever he walks into a doorway, the other boys will all pile into him, with cries of over-the-top surprise and the occasional snigger from sirius. even as a wolf remus runs into trees and trips over his own paws, landing nose-first into the dirt while padfoot rolls on the floor, laughing in a weird series of barks.