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can you make an afterdeath playlist please?

canon ones:
Bones (Ms Mr) (tbh portwave version is better)
Monster (Ghost Town)
Hold me Down (Halsey) 
Afterlife (Sir Sly (but it’s actually a Arcade Fire cover)
We Must Be Killers (Mikky Ekko) 
Mother Murder (Hollywood Undead) 
Love Lives In This House (Sivu)   
Strawberry Trapper (Guilty Kiss)    -   juST READ THE TRANSLATION 
Country Song (Seether)    
maybe - Bad Habit (The Kooks)
The First Stone (Sir Sly)
Levitate (Hollywood Undead) 
Private Wars (A-RISE) (subs in the video ~)
Where I’m Going (Sir Sly)
You’re So Creepy (Ghost Town AGaIn) 
A sadness runs through him (The Hoosiers) 
Holy (Wolf Colony)
How (The Neighbourhood) 
Trust Me (Marc Senter)
S.C.A.V.A. (Hollywood Undead) 
Get Away With Murder (Jeffree Star)
We’re My OTP (Troye Sivan)  
The Sharpest Lives (My Chemical Romance) 
Flawless (The Neighbourhood)
Blood Gets Thin (Pete and The Pirates)  
Lion (Hollywood Undead)
Never Giving Up (OF MICE & MEN)
Nicotine (Panic! at the Disco)   
Mental (Sounds Like Harmony)  
Dance With The Devil (Breaking Benjamin)  
Love Again (Pentatonix)
Break (I See Stars)  
Holy Death (Mr.Kitty)  
Devil in the Details (Placebo) 
Certain Romance (Arctic Monkeys)  
Hear Me (Imagine Dragons)  
Post Blue (Placebo) 
Bittersweet (Panic! At the Disco)
The Greatest Bastard (Damien Rice)  
Pools (Glass Animals)
Figure.09 (Linkin Park)  
Faint (Linkin Park)  
Numb (Linkin Park)  
One Step Closer (Linkin Park)
Bleed It Out (Linkin Park)
Second Chances (Imagine Dragons)
Come A Little Closer (Cage the Elephant)
That’s Right (Cage the Elephant)
Twisted (Skunk Anansie)
The Perfect Kiss (New Order)  
Message Man (Twenty One Pilots)
We Got Game (The Radio Dept)
Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge)  

smut? :D
Paralyzed (Mystery Skulls) 
Flesh (Simon Curtis)
A Little Death (The Neighbourhood)
Little Monster II (Royal Blood) 

CPAU (?) 
Skeleton (Ghost Town) 

w/o lyrics (themes)
I Still Hate You (SUICIDEWΛVЕ)
visitor (пl3nk)
Nightmare (Portwave)
نحن نحب ( SUICIDEWΛVЕ) 
Go With The Flow (IC3PEAK) 

Police/Criminal AU 
Usual Suspects (Hollywood Undead) 
Heathens (twenty one pilots)
The Run And Go (twenty one pilots) again
Back Against The Wall (Cage The Elephant)

Serial Killers! AU:
Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)
Hospital For Souls (Bring Me The Horizon)
JDNT (Glass Animals)  
Kill All Your Friends (My Chemical Romance)  




Barry Allen imagine


Scenario~ you have been dating the love of your life better known as Barry Allen to you and the flash to the others. Well what would happen if you were just suddenly kidnapped.

Warnings/triggers-violence, possible swearing and a lot of pissed off Barry. Mentions of death as well.

“If that paper isn’t on my desk by tomorrow morning, just don’t come in at all because you’re done.” You’re boss all but yelled at you when you showed up for work late, once again.

You worked at one of the biggest law firms in the central city and you absolutely hated it. The lawyers were always so awful to everyone who was below there pay grade, especially you, the secretary.

When you got out of college you wanted to run your own restaurant, with your one recipes and themes. Sadly though after college you were riddled with student debt and unfortunately had to put off your dream. One year turned into, two, then into five and finally ten.

It wasn’t all bad though, you met the love of your life. The firm was involved in a case a few years back that involved the police department. Your job was to go the police station and pick up a few papers from the forensic scientist of the station.

As soon as you laid eyes on the blubbering man, who was practically falling down the stairs after being twenty minutes late you were smitten with him. The way he smiled at joe, the detective, who was waiting with you, instead of being terrified, fascinated you. (Obviously his habit of tardiness brushed off on you) As soon as he handed you the papers you needed and introduced himself as Barry Allen, you practically melted underneath the gaze of his beautiful brown eyes you have come to love even more.

He obviously felt something to as he called you a month later, asking you on a date. At first you were pissed, you had your mind on him for weeks and right when you were almost over him, (a total lie if course) he asked you out. Of course you said yes though, which proved to be the best decision you have made yet.

You were snapped out of your lovely day dream by a text from Cisco telling you to come down to the lab immediately.

Of course you knew about Barry being the flash, you actually met him about 6 months before his accident happened. You and iris didn’t leave his side for weeks, most of the time you would just tell him about your day and on Sunday you read him the comics from the paper, a tradition you kept even after he woke up. You were there the first second he opened his eyes and you saw the pure power behind them. You’ve been with him through it all, time travel, reverse flash, zoom and the arrow.

You quickly stood up and snuck out of the building as quietly as you could. As soon as you walked outside you sprinted as fast as you could in your dumb ass heels you were forced to wear at the office, not wanting to be caught basically sneaking out of work.

You were walking past a alley way when you felt a very cold and gruff hand pull you flush against a hard chest. At first you flailed your arms and started to scream when a gloved hand covered your mouth. You calmed down a bit when you remembered Barry did this to you all the time.

“Hahaha,flash, pretty funny.” You said as you grabbed hold of the hand around your mouth and pushed it down as far as you could which was only halfway down your mouth. You always called Barry the flash when he was in his costume as a joke.

“You wish I was the flash, sweetheart.” You heard a gruff voice you knew all to well. Heatwave, captain colds not so sane partner.

You screamed and rammed your free arm into ricks rib as hard as you could possibly manage and heard a loud crack. He let go of your front half as he screamed out and doubled over in pain. You turned around and kicked him in the chest and ran as he fell backwards into the wall of the alley.

You ran out onto the street ditching your shoes, as they would only slow you down, running as fast as you could. You quickly dug your phone out of your jacket pocket and hit the last number you called, which so happens to be cysco. The phone rang for about 30 seconds as you continued to run.

“Girrrrrrllll where r u, this is so cool I me-.” Cisco answered the phone practically yelling until you cut him off stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and looked around for rick.

“Cisco, help me oh my god, I was just walking and he-he popped up out of nowhere.” You said struggling to breath as you saw a black van pull up at the end of the street and a group of men in full black ran out, it was almost a second later you realized they were running towards you.

“(Y/n)?” Cysco said into the phone.

“Oh my god, shit shit shit shit shit.” You said more to yourself than to cysco. You turned around only to come face to face with, heatwave.

“Now that wasn’t very nice of you.” He said before he hit you in the head with the end of his gun. You heard him chuckle in a menacing tone as you crumpled to the ground and the entire world became black.

The next time you woke up you were laying side ways in a abandoned warehouse, because that’s just how original the criminals in central city were. It’s always a warehouse, it can’t be a pier or a fun house, it’s always a warehouse.

“Glad to see you’re up, I thought you died.” You looked up to see Rick, sitting in a chair across from you. You were handcuffed to a pole in the middle of the room, laying on your side,with your hands behind your back. Oh and the floor was damp, that’s sooooo great.

“What, what do you want with me?“ You questioned clearing your voice seeing as how you probably haven’t talked for hours.

“Well here’s how I see it, your always running around with the scarlet streak, so I thought, what would happen if he lost his little girlfriend?” He said leaning back laughing in the chair as he kept fingering his gun that was laying across his lap.

You softly smiled as you thought about berry saying ’ I told you so’. Of course you often accompanied Barry on missions to help Kaitlin and cycso with the equipment so that’s where he recognized you.

At first you would argue for hours with Barry about him not wanting you to go on missions. His argument was it would be to dangerous and you would get hurt.

While in your defense, you wanted to go because you couldn’t stand the thought of your best friends and boyfriend, risking there lives and you wanted to be there with them, to help.

You finally came up with a agreement. You went on missions as long as you understood that if Barry, Kaitlin, or cysco, told you to leave, you had to. Luckily that hasn’t come up yet,because you know for a fact you wouldn’t listen, and you liked to think Barry knew that to.

“I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you.” Rick said stopping laughing and getting out of the chair, slowly creeping towards you like you were his prey. Well In this case you were.

As he got closer and closer you pushed your self up so your knees were pulled up to your stomach and he was crouched on his knees in front of you. You went to kick your foot at his face but was suddenly stopped, by a powerful wind on the other side of the warehouse.

“Don’t even think, about touching her!“ You heard the warped voice that belonged to Barry Allen, yell at rick whose hand was out reached towards your shin.

You looked up to see him in his signature uniform and he looked pissed.

“Oh come on, I’m bored flashy.” Rick said with a toothy grin and swiveled on his feet to look at the flash who appeared in front of you in 0.2 seconds or a fraction of that.

“Never ever, touch my girl again.” Within a flash Barry had picked Rick up by his neck and flung him to the other side of the room.

Barry zipped over to him and picked him up once again and went outside with him and came back empty handed. You assumed he either was thrown very far or Barry dropped him off at prison.

“(Y/n), oh my god, are you ok.” Barry said as he crouched down next to you and broke the chains around your wrists. It finally hit you what happened, you were Kidnapped by a man, who murdered his whole family, when he was 13.

You jumped and wrapped your arms around Barry’s neck and hooked your legs around his waist causing him to fall back on his butt and his arms circled around your mid waist.

“I am never going back to that dumbass law firm in my life.” You say into Barry’s neck as you cried harder and harder.

“Ok, ok, that’s ok, you’re ok.” He said quietly as he stroked your hair and shushed you.

You pulled back and put your hands on both sides of his face and slipped his cowl off.

“This is not your fault, this is not anyone’s fault, and I swear to god if you blame yourself with all of this zoom stuff going around, I will smack you so hard you will be as red as your suit.” You said keeping your hands in place and shaking your head, as tears fell down your face and fell to the floor. He placed his hands on both of yours and kissed your palm, until he looked up startled.

“Is that- oh my god it is, (y/n) your head is bleeding.” Barry said standing up quickly switching out position so you were now bridal style.

“It can’t be tha-” Before you could finish your sentence, you were in star labs with some crazy hair and Barry walking you to the med bay next to a confused Kaitlin. Barry walked past her and laid you down on one of the med beds and went to walk away but you curled your hand around his fingers.

“Please, please, don’t leave.” You said weakly as you were both terrified and tired.

“I’m not going anywhere trust me.” Barry said tightly holding your hand and sitting next to you. Kaitlin quickly went to work bandaging you up, as Barry just held your hand up to his lips, not kissing them just resting them there and you had to laugh a little which confused them both.

“Normally I’m sitting there.” You pointed where berry was sitting. “And you’re sitting here.” You pointed at the bed, which was actually comfier than it looked.

He just smiled and held your hand as Kaitlin quietly laughed. Leave it to yourself to make a joke after you got kidnapped.

Weeks later you were back to normal and roaming around central city. You actually had made plans to buy yourself a restaurant in a cute and safe little part of the city, per Barry’s request. The whole Kidnapping experience really opened your eyes to what you wanted in your life.

You were glad Barry didn’t try to blame himself for what happened. Of course he almost did but you turned that blame bus around quickly. It was was truly no ones fault and you didn’t like when Barry blamed himself for things he couldn’t control.

Although after the accident, Barry was a lot more protective over you. A lot. Like you couldn’t leave the house without him, or be home alone, he always texted you and he would have Cysco and Kaitlin be around you almost 24/7. At first it was sweet then it turned into down right annoyance so you and Barry talked and he agreed to let up on his protectiveness. You needed to be alone sometimes and you were glad he understood that.

Currently you were on your way to meet up with a real estate agent to finalize the place you wanted.

Barry’s POV

My name is Barry Allen and I’m the most protective boyfriend in the world.

I watched her as she walked down the street with a little skip in her step which made me chuckle and sit down on the edge of the roof.

“You have to stop following her man, you know she’s gonna be pissed when she finds out.” Wally said appearing behind me. I turned to look at him and saw him in his suit, almost glaring at me. Wally treated (y/n) like a sister, since the first time they met and couldn’t help to want her to be happy.

“I know, I know but I just can’t help it.“ I said and smiled down at her again. There was no way in hell anything would ever happen to her again.

Persona 3 and 4 Playable Characters if they had Tumblr
  • P3 Male Protagonist: too dead to have one.
  • P3 Female Protagonist: ^^^
  • Yukari Takeba: book fandom blog, mainly Katniss Everdeen since "she can relate to another badass female archer".
  • Mitsuru Kirijo: business related posts, tries to be artsy but fails horribly.
  • Junpei Iori: gothic lolita girls who remind him of Chidori, dumb shit posts, lots of dank memes. You've been warned.
  • Akihiko Sanada: tips for making foods with lots of protein, fighting photos, pretty much only reblogs from official sports brands's tumblrs.
  • Fuuka Yamagishi: inspiring quotes, "shy girl" posts, makes long posts talking about how her day went and then apologizing later.
  • Ken Amada: HES 10 HES TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A TUMBLR BUT HIS INSTAGRAM IS ALL JUST PICTURES OF MILK CAPTIONED "drinking this to grow big and strong to avenge mommy" OR IN THE P3P UNIVERSE "drinking this to grow big and strong to avenge mommy and protect *p3 female protagonist whatever you named her idk*".
  • Shinjiro Aragaki: refer to p3 protagonist for this.
  • Koromaru: you fucking think a dog has a Tumblr account? No no he doesn't have one but I forgot to mention that once Ken is old enough to have one ITS ALL PICTURES OF KOROMARU ITS CREEPY STAY AWAY FROM KEN'S TUMBLR.
  • ---
  • P4 Protagonist: has the most swagalitious blog on the site, everyone is attracted to it for unknown reasons, be slowly begins to question why he joined another social media site.
  • Yosuke Hanamura: girls in skimpy clothes, trash cans, anime gif sets, lots of selfies.
  • Chie Satonaka: fighting stuff, posts about action fighting movies, blocks Yosuke.
  • Yukiko Amagi: do you think she has time or even cares about this shit??? I mean this girl has a fucking life, she wouldn't waste it on here, right? (Has a blog she doesn't share with anyone where she silently mocks her friends in the shadows)
  • Teddie: for fucks sake he probably wouldn't even know how to start the computer he doesn't have a fucking Tumblr get a life you nerds reading this.
  • Kanji Tatsumi: tough, biker gang stuff, tattoos, side blog dedicated to knitting and sewing along with being where he vents his emotions after a long day.
  • Rise Kujikawa: doesn't actually have one. I mean, her manager and PR people have probably set one up under her name but she doesn't run it herself.
  • Naoto Shirogane: resources for helping out transgender boys with their binders, police/detective/crime themed posts, barely has time to update the blog most of the time but finds at least five minutes a day to answer stuff in her ask.
  • ---
  • BONUS ROUND: Velvet Room Assistants P3 onwards + Igor!
  • Igor: he's an old pointed nose man you think he has time for all this new fangled technology and such?
  • Elizabeth: "OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!", "THIS IS AMAZING!", "I KNEW IT WORKED LIKE THAT HA!", are only a few of the comments left on posts she reblogs, usually NOT in the tags.
  • Theodore: mindlessly reblogs anything Elizabeth posts trying to be "cool" and to "fit in with her".
  • Margaret: doesn't associate herself with the petty doings of lesser beings. Good for you Margaret, you haven't fallen prey to our shit posting-oh wait she just learned how to make one with the help of Elizabeth but has rage quite from it seeing as she was unable to figure out how to make a post. Good god Margaret, I had faith in you.