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Evil But with a Heart

Request: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is getting picked on for not being like a “truly evil” villain and harry comforts them? Thanks!“

Warnings: Mentions of death and PG-13 related things/language

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook as well as Descendants requests! [Request here]

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You, Harry, Gil and Uma were currently sitting at the table discussing and making plans to rob a store that had diamonds, gems, pearls and pretty expensive jewels.

“Alright Y/N since you have amazing gymnastics skills and due to your incredible flexibility you’ll be the one to look out for any guards on the roof of the building and if there are alarms you’ll disarm them as well and knock out any guards because you know they won’t back down.” Uma instructed.

You nodded. “Alright got it, piece of cake.“ You said cracking your neck.

“Harry.” Uma started and Harry turned. “You’re going to look out for Y/N in case anything happens you’ve got her back. For example if anyone tries to attack her while she’s not looking that’s when you step in.”

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Ocean Soldier (Part 1 out of ?)

(A/N): I literally have no excuse for this other than I love mermaid Bucky so

Summary: (Y/N) happens to come across a rather friendly mermaid

Warnings: none?

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   The sun was just barely rising, the beach was quiet, no birds about squawking, no children running around carrying greasy hot dogs, no music of beach goers, just you, the sunset, and the ocean. With a pleasant sigh you settled down onto one of the docks surrounding the ocean. 

   You pick up a pencil and begin to gently sketch the purple and pink hues of the sky, your pencil gingerly shading along the half orb you had drawn for the sun. You bite your lip in concentration, looking from your paper up to the sky and back down to your paper again. Every so often you’d switch colors, truly wanting to capture the beauty of the sun and sky- 

   A gentle slap of the ocean is what grabs your attention. Sure, waves had been rolling in all day, sloping against the wooden posts if the docks, or against boats or sea cliffs but this one sounded different- sharper perhaps? It was much more clear and concise, more like a smack than anything else. The kind of sounds you got when a fish was squirming to get back in the water. You perk your head up and look around but alas there was nothing to see other than the vast expanse of salty water. That’s when you hear it again- that distinct smacking sound only now it was louder, and perhaps a bit faster than the last smack. It sounded panicked or frenzied if you thought about it.

    You rise from your spot on the dock, looking around the docks and seashore to see where if perhaps there was any animal who had gotten stuck in some Plastic or perhaps just needed some help getting back to sea. Your eyes search along the shore, between the boats, even against the cliffs before circling back around. Your eyes don’t particularly catch on anything but your ears certainly do, the smacking sound comes again and again and again, each slap more panicked than the last and it was loud, much too loud to be far away and that’s when you realized the boats closest to you were so large that you couldn’t see behind them or over them and perhaps whatever creature was stuck was hidden behind one of those.

    You run to the base of the dock and to where the boats attach to the wooden planks and your eyes begin to search, scanning up and down the rows until you spotted something. And that’s when you see it, a gleam of silver in the purple sun, the scales of some fish as it struggles in a fallen net. Shit, you think to yourself as you run towards that particular dock, already dropping to your knees to help wrangle the poor creature free but what you see is most definitely not what you were expecting. Rather than some fish staring back at you with beady eyes you were faced with a man with rather large, beautiful shining blue orbs. 

   You stare at the mans face for what feels like forever before you snap out if your reverie, blinking lazily to clear your thoughts.

    “Oh my god,” you whisper as you suddenly come to terms with the fact that a man had gotten himself tangled in this net. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” The man doesn’t respond, he simply stares back at you with these giant almost pleading puppy dog- esque eyes.  "What happened? How did you fall in?“ You try some more questions but yet again the man doesn’t answer. He doesn’t respond with any words but some strange vibrations rattles the air and it takes you a minute to realize that this man is the one making the noise, a sad, almost depressed little whimper in his throat. "Okay,” you whisper as you lift up chunks of the net attempting to figure out how he was tangled. “Lets get you out of this,” You lift up the net as you pull it towards you but it gets caught on something, something almost triangular but almost soft when you tugged hard enough. 

   The man whimpers, reaching up Through the net to grab at your hands, silently begging you to stop. You comply, immediately stopping the pulling. But rather than focusing on getting the poor Man free your eyes are suddenly glued to something else, his hands. They would have looked like any other ordinary pair of hands if it weren’t for the fact that they were webbed and smooth, giving them a glossy like appearance. His nails came to sharp little points, like tiny little daggers attached to his flesh. You stare at his hands, half tempted to even touch them but suddenly the man starts up with his cries again, that low, depressed throaty noise that had your heart aching.

    “Oh god, I’m so sorry,” you whisper, attempting to get back to work. You twist and pull at the net at all sorts of different angles, trying to free the man but each attempt only brought you more whimpers and more squirming. 

   “Shit,” You whisper as you stop struggling against the net, slumping down onto the dock in defeat. The man looks at you with concerned eyes, his sad noises starting back up again. “I- I don’t know how to help,” You mutter weakly, your tone nearly exhausted at this point. The man whimpers some more, his clawed hands reaching to attempt to tear the net away from his body. “Wait- stop,” You sigh as you reach down to grab his hands, trying to stop him from causing any more damage. “You’re gonna cut yourself-” The man becomes more panicked in his movements as you grip his wrist only now he was attempting to yank his grip from your yours rather than the nets. “I’m not gonna hurt you!” You attempt to calm him but it was no use, he was struggling and he was struggling hard. With one hard tug your knees slip on the dock, pulling you close to the waters edge. In fact, you’re just about to let go when the man gives one final tug, pulling you into the water with him. 

   Immediately water fills your lungs and you’re damn sure you scrape your feet along something sharp because the pain shooting into your legs most definitely isn’t normal. You bob back up to the surface, gasping for water as you hack up whatever you had swallowed all the while trying to wipe the water from your eyes. You cough a little as some water bubbles into your throat and out of your mouth, spraying back into the salty abyss. The man goes rigid, staring at you in pure fear and shock, his blue eyes widening in surprise.

   “What the hell?” You deadpan, glaring at him with an angry gaze. “You could have killed me!” The man recoils just a tiny bit, those small whimpers bubbling in his throat again. You sigh as you paddle the water about you gently, keeping you afloat long enough to converse with this mysterious man. “I’m sorry- I get you’re probably stressed being caught in here but I’m just trying to help,” You give him what you hope looks like a sympathetic smile. “Can I try to help with the net?” You ask, gesturing to the offending material. The man looks at you and back to the net and back to you again, biting his lip in thought. 

   You can’t help but notice the way his teeth came to a perfect little point, just like his nails, like tiny daggers buried into his body. Sharp nails, sharp teeth, he wasn’t speaking to you, what the hell was wrong with this guy? But before your anger could bubble again the man nods, squirming just a bit within the water. You give him a grateful little smile as you paddle towards him, stopping just shy of his torso. The closer you got the more you realized just how beautiful this man was, with baby blues and stunningly dark hair, not to mention a strikingly strong jaw line and amazing cheek bones. Even with his strange hands and teeth you couldn’t help but feel the tiniest bit attracted to him. 

   “You’re not gonna try to drown me are ya?” You ask only half jokingly, the other half completely meaning the question. The man looks at you with those damn puppy eyes, shaking his head softly. He almost looked offended by the question if you thought about it but you didn’t have time to gawk at his face, you had to help free him from the net. With a determined albeit hesitant smile you reach out to gingerly work the net away from his chest, trying so desperately not to brush your fingers over his milky skin. 

   You gulp as you reach up, slowly but surely freeing his head from the net. It’s then, with your fingers grazing along his neck that you notice something, three small cuts along either side of his neck, pulsating as you moved your fingers along. You can’t help but stare at them, perhaps out of morbid curiosity, your eyes glued to the pink flesh of each cut. If you truly thought about it they actually looked like gills of some sort, just like the ones of fishes your father had brought home all those years ago. The man squirms, making some noise in the back of his throat under your intense gaze. You snap out of your trance again, electing to ignore the strange cuts until you freed the man from the net. 

   “Almost done,” You whisper as you let the top part of the net fall in front of him, all you had to do now was free his legs and- The man reaches down with his own hands- webbed might you add- and rips the remaining net to shreds, nearly ripping it from his legs like some animal. There’s another smack of water and suddenly the man disappears, completely gone after the water calms. You look around, twisting your body to get a good look around but alas you found nothing, not even a trace of the net he’d been confined in. Sure, you thought this was rather strange but you dismissed it as the chill of the freezing water began to set in. You give one last look to the ocean before climbing back onto the dock, shivering within your skin as you meander back to your art supplies. 

   Your clothes had been soiled by the water and you were freezing, the sun was far too high in the sky to sketch now and thus your morning had been slightly ruined. With an unhappy little sigh you bend down and pick up your supplies and shoes before making your way back towards land, shuffling as water pooled from your shorts. 

   You wince as pain spreads throughout your feet and something wet slops below you. You look down, grimacing when you noticed the thick red liquid oozing from the bottom of your feet. Guess you really had cut yourself on something. You mentally curse yourself as you limp towards land, most definitely not looking forward to going home and having to clean your wounds up. Grumbling angrily to yourself you waddle onto the sand, nearly yelling in pain as the sand seeps into your blood. God, is this what you got for saving someone’s life? Next time, you begged the universe to remind you to never help someone out again. You stomp as best as you could to your car, an angry cloud of hate brewing over your head. In fact you were in such a bad mood that you failed to realize a certain man staring at you from a few miles in the sea. 

    The next day you tried the shore again, this time picking a different dock to sit on and sketch from. This time you picked on closer to shore, just to be on the safer side and once you had gotten comfy you began to sketch, hoping to complete your picture today but when you had only been drawing for five minutes you were suddenly interrupted. That telltale smacking sound resounded around you and all of a sudden an almost familiar head of black hair bobs above the water, only the man’s eyes and nose visible. 

   “Have you come to drag me into the water again?” You ask, a hint of smugness to your tone as you look back down to your drawing, completely dismissing the man. The man shakes his head, a look of remorse crossing his only visible features. “Are you ever going to talk to me?” You ask, suddenly setting down you art to look at him. “I saved you, you nearly killed me, and I don’t even know your name,” The man looks up to you then to your pencil and sketch pad. You follow his gaze, your own landing upon the pencil and paper. “Do you want to write it down?” You ask, the man nods and suddenly he bobs from the water, resting his elbows upon the dock as you hand him a piece of paper and the pencil. He quickly jots down a few words before handing the paper back to you. 

   James Buchanan Barnes

   You smile at his choppy hand writing, it was cute if you really looked at it. “James?” You question, looking  at his name again. The man reaches for the pencil and the paper, quickly jotting down a few more words before handing them back to you. 

   I like Bucky better 

   You smile even more, nodding. “Bucky it is then. So uh Bucky-” You test the name on your tongue, allowing the taste of it to settle in. You liked it. “Any reason you’re using up all my paper?” You joke but the look of regret that crosses Bucky’s features has your chuckling coming to a stop. “I’m sorry, I uh- I didn’t mean to offend you or…” You trail off as Bucky grabs the pencil and paper again, proceeding to write out another message. 

   I’m sorry, I can stop using your paper if you’d like me to

  “No, no!” You quickly say, “I was just giving you shit, I really don’t mind,” Bucky looks at you for a moment before looking back at the pencil in his hand. 

    You really don’t?

   “I promise,” You smile at him, hoping the small gesture reassured him. Bucky smiles, a small quirk of his lip is all, but it was a start. “So…you really like the water huh?” You ask, chuckling awkwardly at your own question. Bucky apparently doesn’t seem to notice as he nods, looking down to the water almost fondly. “Even after the whole…” You wave your hand, coughing a bit as you allude to the incident the previous morning. “The whole net thing?” Bucky’s brow creases as he reaches for the paper, quickly jotting something down before handing it back to you. 

   I’m sorry I dragged you in, I was just scared is all

   You smile once more, his words alighting something within your heart. “It’s okay, nothing I couldn’t handle,” Bucky nods, his eyes wandering about the scenery almost lazily when suddenly his eyes land on your bandaged feet. You’d gotten home, cleaned the deep cuts out and went in to get stitches and now here you were again, sitting in the same place that gave you the cuts. Bucky pouts as he reaches out with a webbed finger, gingerly running his nail along the white bandage. 

   “Be careful,” You warn softly, not wishing to startle him. “It’s uh- it’s pretty sore,” Bucky pouts as he reaches out for the paper and pencil again, quickly jotting something down before shoving it towards you. 

   What happened?

   You bite your lip, contemplating whether or not you should tell him what exactly you had done. “Um, I just cut them up a bit, it was a complete accident,” You add, hoping he didn’t suspect you had cut your feet when you fell in. Bucky nods, reaching out again to run his clawed fingers along the bandage. 

   “Buck?” You ask hesitantly, biting your lip as you stare at his hands, his very strange, not at all human like hands. The man hums, a low purring like sound issuing from the back of his throat. “Can I uh- Can I ask a question?” Bucky nods as he pulls away a bit, resting his folded arm on the dock to keep part of his body up out of the water. "What’s with the hands?“ You gesture to his, specifically to the webbing. Bucky looks at his hands, a sudden blush rising to his pale skin. He quickly hides his hands under his arms, hiding his face in the flesh part of his elbow. 

    "I’m sorry,” to attempt to backtrack, already feeling horrible. “I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed, they’re just different from mine, see?” You hold a hand up, showcasing your short, trimmed nails and most definitely not webbed fingers. Bucky poked his head up a bit, looking at you with uncertain eyes. His piercing gaze then falls to your hand, the blue orbs scrutinizing each finger as he stares. He cocks his head to the side as he studies it, almost with a childlike curiosity.

    He gently shifts his arms, hesitantly pulling his hand out from hiding an slowly but surely raising it to yours. It even felt different, it was slimy, practically clammy against your own but it wasn’t unpleasant. He studies the two hands together, pushing his fingers against yours only to pull them back again, he looks at his webbing and then yours, studying his webbed hands almost distastefully. He then moves onto the nails, studying your small stubby ones and then his long, jagged ones. He hums softly, cocking his head to the other side as he places his fingers between yours, watching the way they only went so far due to his webbing. He was studying you like he’d never seen another human being before and at this point you were starting to think he hadn’t…

Stealing Sweaters (Part 8)

Thank you so very much! To this anon and all the others that have sent me such wonderful messages!

  If you’re new to the series, please start here!

“What do you want, Pansy?” Draco asked bitterly, pulling his cloak around himself more tightly as a bitingly cold wind gust of wind swept of over them on the Hogwarts grounds.

“Nothing wrong with a little fresh air, is there?” Pansy said primly.

Draco’s expression darkened, “You hate fresh air and pointless exercise. If you’re going to lie to me at least try to be a little more clever about it.”

Pansy was quiet for a moment, the only sound was the faint crunch of the thin layer of snow, frozen hard overnight, melting in places under a brilliant late winter sun that seemed to be promising an early spring.

“You’re in a shit mood. I wanted to help,” Pansy said, “and you happen to like long, pointless, moody walks.”

That seemed closer to the truth although Draco could tell Pansy was still hiding something. Blaise was the only one who could lie to his face and get away with it.

“They’re not moody,” Draco retorted, on principle.

Pansy snorted inelegantly, “Whatever you say, sunshine.”

They followed the path along the bank of the lake, to the edge of the forest and back again. Right before they were meant to head back into the castle, Pansy veered off, walking out onto the small dock that, as far as anyone knew, was only used for the first years boats on the very first day of every school year.

“What are you doing?” Draco grumbled but followed her out onto the creaking wood, ducking his head into his scarf as the wind whipped across the black lake.

“It’s our last year,” Pansy said quietly.

Draco rolled his eyes, “Sentimentality doesn’t suit you.”

“I didn’t say I would miss it,” she said sharply before her expression softened, “Just, a lot has happened here. It’s strange to think we won’t be coming back.”

Draco’s nose wrinkled but he kept his mouth shut, not particularly wanting to encourage Pansy one way or another into any sort of conversation that would increase the amount of time it would take to get back to the warm castle.

“I don’t want to have any regrets,” Pansy was saying, turning to him, “You know, Draco?”

He raised an eyebrow, “If you’re done reminiscing like a soppy Hufflepuff?”

She frowned at him, “Oh, just use a warming charm  if you’re cold, you ninny.”

“Or we could just leave,” he said pointedly, none-the-less taking out his wand to replace the waning warming charm he had cast before they left. He turned the tip of his wand to himself, the words of the spell on were on his lips when his feet slid out from under him.

He had one breathless moment of utter terror as he fell backwards where the world seemed to be holding its breath. He hit the water. He hadn’t the time or thought to hold his breath and the bitingly cold water over his head filled his mind with panic. His feet touched the bottom and he pushed to the surface and took a deep gasping breath. The water was only chest deep.

It was so cold it hurt.

Draco’s fear and panic was instantly replaced with pure and utter fury.

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listen the idea of kash reeling in a mermaid like the start of a tropey fairy tale romance and just going NOPE and dropping keyleth back into the water and just Assuming that would be the end of things is just hilarious to me

“Coronation” Part 13

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: attempted kidnapping, drowning, Bucky loses his arm

Word Count: 785

A/N: I’m back and ready to write! And I’m sorry…

Coronation Masterlist 

The docks were dark and empty. Wanda and Pietro had been dropped off, but with no greeting by their sister, or by anyone in the Romanian court. They were abandoned, their bags sat at their feet.

“What do we do?” Wanda asked.

“We just have to wait, dear sister.”

 The carriage had broken down. Its wheel broke after it went through a deep hole in the ground. James was now running to get to the docks. It was almost nighttime. He couldn’t let them sit out there in the dark knowing who was after them. He knew that somehow Barton would find his way to his siblings.

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Harry Hook x reader || Stuck with me

requested; prompt #94. “ Take off your shirt.” + Harry Hook ( getting hurt into a fight )

a/b; This takes time during “ It’s going down” , the reader being the daughter of Rapunzel ( I added the magical hair part, idk if it’s 100% correct but since Rapunzel was born with the hair, I guess her daughter could have it as well ) who went along with the VKs & Lonnie to save Ben. Hope you enjoy this ! ( also this is not edited 🙈 )

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~ -

“ Here, (Y/N) , take the sword ! ” Lonnie shouted while throwing a sword at (Y/N) who caught it gracefully.

(Y/N) always wanted to have her own adventure judt like how her mother did, so when she overheard Lonnie , Jay and Carlos talking about going to the isle of lost to rescue Ben, she quickly offered to help.

She learned fighting techniques from her mother whom could knock someone out only with a pan, as she did the first time she met the guy who then became her husband.

(Y/N) heard all about Uma, Gil and Harry Hook, Jay filled her and Lonnie with the whole story until they arrived and one thing was for sure - the girl with magical hair wasn’t afraid, she was rather enthusiastic to meet them, or at least see them.

The only thing she didn’t imagine was that she would actually have to fight them today. But after Uma found that the wand Mal gave her was a fake, the fighting started.

(Y/N) was busy trying to fight off a pirates without really hurting him, when a hand caught her waist and dragged he backwards, she tried to scream but they were all to focused on their own fights.

(Y/N) then found herself facing a pair of blue ocean eyes and a huge grin, “ Well, well, well, if this ain’t a princess, ” the pirate said with a thick accent.

“ Well,well,well if this ain’t a pirate,” she mocked back, struggling to pull away.

“ You just got to have a smart mouth, didn’t you?” he laughed, pulling (Y/N) even closer, his hands behind her back, “ I thought we were stating the obvious,” she replied

Harry laughed, “ Who are ye?”

“ (Y/N) Rider, daughter of - ”

He smirked, “ Rapunzel. ”

“ So you’ve heard of me, huh?” she raised her eyebrows, “ Your mother was quite the story around here,” he smiled, “ By the way I’m Harry, Harry Hook. ”

(Y/N) felt the boy loosen a bit, so she took her chances and brought her knee up and kicked him as hard as she could, “ And I’m not interested,” she said running again on the docks where her friends were still fighting.

As she quickly grabbed her sword again, (Y/N) ran to help Carlos out who was fighting two pirates at the same time, “ Gotcha,” she smiled.

(Y/N) only looked once back, when she heard Harry’s voice begging someone to give his hook back. Jay threw the hook overboard and Harry jumped right after it, the princess shook her head. He was really out of his mind.

“ Come on, let’s go,” Carlos shouted, grabbing her by the hand. (Y/N) ran after him , but quickly stopped when she saw a teal haired girl pulling Harry out of the water, he seemed okay, but that’s when (Y/N) saw the red strains from his shirt, “ Wait,” she yelled.

“ What are you doing? We have to go, this is our chance, (Y/N)!” Carlos cried, “Then go, I can’t let someone die,” (Y/N) said, pulling her hand away and running to where Harry was now standing. She wasn’t sure why she decided to help him, she barely knew the boy at all, but she always followed her heart.

“ What are you doing, love?” he asked looking confused at the princess, “ Saving you,” she whispered.

“ I knew you had a soft spot for me already,” Harry joked

“ Shut up, ” she said unbraiding her long hair, “ Take off your shirt! ”

Harry grinned, “ If you wanted to see me naked you just had to ask.”

“ I’m not joking, Harry, just take it off and let me help you. ”

(Y/N) wasn’t sure why she did all of this, while Harry tried to take off his shirt, she glaced back, Mal kicked down the bridge , (Y/N) knew there was no way for her to get out of there now.

Harry coughed, making (Y/N) to focus her attention back at him, she wrapped her hair along his wounds and let it do it’s magic; she got that the way her mother had hers when she was younger.

“ Something brought you here, (Y/N) Rider. Call it whatever you want…destiny, hope..fate,” Harry chuckled

“ A limo,” she said sternly which only made Harry laugh more.

“ Looks, like now you’re stuck with me, princess. ” he said as Uma was already coming to them.

Our Girl

PAIRING: reader x Steve x Bucky (friendship) 

WORD COUNt: 2.1k

WARNINGS: non expect slight angst and fluff. 

Request from @prcngs-moony​: Y/N is a combat prodigy Bucky and Steve are getting flashbacks cause she reminds them of an old friend. Kinda like her to be on the younger side so it’ll be all family feels. [Bonus points if you use “out of the way senior citizens coming through”]

This was super cute to write! Hope you enjoy x 

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Being the youngest member of the most highly skilled group of people in the world came as a shock too most. It surprised them looking at you and wondering just what quality you possessed that granted to access to people like Tony Stark. You couldn’t move things with your mind; you didn’t have super strength or Hulk like qualities. All in all you were very unassuming, which came as your advantage. You had been trained at a very early age in almost every form of combat training, both you parents were SHIELD agents as though it best to teach you self defensive. When they died you promised yourself that you would make them proud, that you would keep fighting to save as many people as you could. Like your parents did before you. 

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[arthur x reader]

author’s note: wow this took forever to write and i don’t like how it came out much tbh but i thought of this premise not long ago and really wanted to get it out. left it open so i could def continue this, if y’all wanted idk. also not proofread so please excuse the typos D:

word count: 4,418

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(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one. Before reading you should know that trigger warnings apply to this imagine. Nothing graphic but it’s based on a human trafficking case on the show. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Not On My Watch

Requested by: Anon - “do you remember the episode in which tony had to jump in a river or something like that in order to save gibbs from drowning. can you write an imagine in which gibbs is the one to save you from drowning? thank your for the great work!”

Word Count: 1,099

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Tony had a terrible feeling about this. Undercover was a delicate operation when done right, it was a ticking time bomb when something went wrong. After seeing you and three other girls being bundled into the back of a black SUV - which hadn’t been part of the plan he rang Gibbs straight away and tailed them, that was until another SUV ran him off the road. Luckily he only had a few cuts and a bump to the head. He pressed hang up on the screen of his phone and sighed, “She’s not answering her burner cell either. Somethings off, Boss.” DiNozzo said as he came back into the bullpen of desks rounding McGee’s, leaning over him, “You got a fix on that SUV yet Probie?”

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Harry Hook x fem!reader || Rock

requested; prompt #12. “ I can’t do this without you” & #13. “ This ‘life thing’ is meaningless without you ” + Harry Hook

a/n; In which the reader, daughter of the wicked witch, was picked to go in Auradon after the events of descendants two, but she misses Harry terribly.

a|n; I hope you like how this turned out, I think its the longest thing I’ve wrote in a while, also this is not edited, sorry !

master list

writing prompt list

~ -

It had been months since (Y/N) arrived in Auradon , her best friend Evie arranged for her to come as fast as possible, along with Dizzy and some other children.

The girl liked the new surroundings, most of the people were nice to her, except some girls who would still call her ‘witch’ , of course she didn’t really mind , that’s what she was after all. Her mother’s daughter and her mother was known as the wicked witch of the west.

(Y/N) tried to fit in, even if from time to time she would still use magic to make her life easier; she didn’t want to just give up on who she was - she still loved her powers and the things she could. Also, she knew she wasn’t wicked like her mother, of course she might be a little mean sometimes, but nothing worse than that.

Even if everything seemed perfect - being in a better place, receiving love and support , plus being with your best friend, (Y/N) still felt a pain in her chest ever since she left the isle.

“ Evie?” (Y/N) sighed , looking across the room to her blue haired friend

“ You wanna talk about Harry again?”

(Y/N) smiled sadly, “ Is that so obvious?”

Evie tugged a piece of hair behind her ear, smiling softly, her eyes meeting (Y/N)’s , “ Since you came, you’ve told me all of the stories about the two of you and everything you see, you go like ’ this would be something Harry could like’ or ’ this would look good on Harry’ , so I assume it’s pretty obvious.”

(Y/N) let a soft chuckle escape her mouth, “ Yeah, I know you’re right, E, but -” the girl sighed deeply, “ - but I guess he was always my everything; my mother died when I was ten years old and ever since then Harry stood by me.”

Evie grabbed her friends hand, tracing soft lines along it, “ Have you ever thought maybe you love him?”

(Y/N) put her hand on Evie’s and her head on the blue haired girl’s shoulder, “ I know I love him, E. I always knew, but he doesn’t. ”

“ Have you considered telling him? He’s not the brightest. ”

(Y/N) frowned, “ I’m pretty sure he’s in love with Uma, he never looked at me the way he looks at her.”

Evie knew what her friend meant, Harry practically worshiped Uma and everything she did , but somehow it was hard for the Evil Queen’s daughter to believe he didn’t love (Y/N).

“ What if he’s just scared ?” Evie asked

(Y/N) rose an eyebrow, confused, “ Scared of what?”

“ Of not knowing how to deal with what he feels. Harry knew you before he met Uma, am I right ?” (Y/N) nodded, “ You were always there for him, since you two were ten years old, then from what I know, you and I started to hang out because my mother was a friend of yours, so when your mother, Zelena, died mom took you in , I remember that. ”

“ Me too, we started to be like sisters basically,” (Y/N) smiled, “ but what does that have to do with Harry ?”

“ How much time you’ve spent with him after that? ”

(Y/N) frowned, she couldn’t remember. The girl knew she met Harry on the day her mother died, he was the first to cheer her up - he took her at his special place then, a hidden cave where blue-neon butterflies lived happily and they shortly became (Y/N)’s favorite thing on the isle.

(Y/N) had only one more relative alive, her aunt, but the witch kicked her out, so meanwhile everyone thought she had a home - she was really on the streets.

Harry let her live with him, in his hideout place, but three years later (Y/N) went to live at the Evil Queen’s Castle, since she found out that the poor girl wasn’t really living with her aunt. And Evie’s mother really liked (Y/N) so the girl had every reason to go and live there.

After that, the girl could meet Harry only if she would sneak out. (Y/N) knew that it wouldn’t last forever, so at one point she didn’t try anymore to go and meet him, then Evie’s friends accepted her in their group and she started to forget about the pirate boy who helped her in the first three years when she was left alone.

“ I stopped seeing him. That’s when he met Uma,” (Y/N) spoke sadly , “ So this is all my fault, then.”

“ Only you can fix things between the two of you now, ” Evie smiled, “ Go see him. ”

“ What? Like going back to the isle? Evie you know I can’t do that, plus he is with Uma now, what could I change ?”

“ At least you’d try, (Y/N) ; if he doesn’t love you or care about you then he’s a bigger idiot that I thought he already was,” Evie laughed, “ You are gorgeous, smart and badass. He has to be a complete loser not to see it. ”

“ Thank you Evie, you always know what to say, I love you. ”

“ That’s great, because I love you too, ” she chuckled, “ Now let’s go and get your pirate back!”


At first it seemed like a good idea to go back to the isle, find Harry, tell him how you feel and ask if he wants to come back to Auradon with her, but now (Y/N) was shacking as she got out from the limo and put her feet on the ground.

“ You’ve got this, (Y/N). You really did,” Evie reassured her , “ Yeah, (Y/N) , you can to this, you’re a total badass ,” Jay said joining them.

“ Thank you guys, but I’m really not that sure, I -”

“ Don’t worry,” Evie interrupted, “ We come with you to the chip shop, I have to tell Uma and Gil that they are welcome to join us as well.”

“ Yeah, and while we talk with them, you can go and talk with Harry,” Jay suggested

“Thank you guys, for doing this with me,” (Y/N) smiled; Evie wouldn’t let her friend alone and Jay was the one who could drive, plus he wouldn’t let his princess , Evie, and best friend, (Y/N), to come back alone.

“ No problem, now let’s go, no more waisting time,” Evie laughed grabbing (Y/N)’s hand and dragging her through the tunnels until they arrived at Ursula’s chip shop.

The trio entered the shop , (Y/N) looking around for Harry, while Evie and Jay went straight to Uma to tell her the news.

(Y/N) couldn’t find anywhere her pirate dressed in red leather, so her facial expression turned from anxious to sad in a matter of seconds, “ Harry’s on the ship,” Gil whispered in her ear.

The girl turned around and thanked her friend and walked out, running she arrived on the docks and started to look for Harry. He was, as Gil said, on the ship. But he wasn’t alone.

(Y/N)’s vision started to blur as tears escaped from her eyes. She turned on her heels and ran away from there. Ran as fast as she could.


“ Where’s (Y/N)? ” Evie asked Gil as she finished talking with Uma whom agreed that she and her friends would come to Auradon.

“ She went to talk with Harry, on the ship, ” the blonde guy smiled cheerfully

“ Thanks, and go get your stuff, we leave in one hour,” she informed Gil as Jay took her hand and leaded her outside. They saw Harry approaching the shop, but no sign of (Y/N).

“ Well, well , well, looks who’s here again,” he smirked

“ Cut the crap, Harry,” Jay hissed, “ where’s (Y/N) ?”

Harry’s smirk faded at the sound of (Y/N)’s name. The pirate frowned, what did the former thief mean ? Was she here, on the isle? Why?

“ In Auradon, isn’t she ?”

“ Gil told us she came to talk with you half an hour ago, jackass. ” Jay replied

“ That’s not possible, half an hour ago I was on the ship making out with Elyssa-”

“ Oh, crap,” Evie sighed, “ She must’ve saw you and left. Great. ” the girl said angrily

“ Why would she leave ?”

Evie rose her eyebrows and stared at the pirate, she didn’t believe when (Y/N) told her he was really unaware of what love looked like and the blue haired girl got angry, not thinking before she yelled at him,“ Because she loves you, that’s why!”

Jay and Harry both stared in shock at the affirmation, “ Oh jeez, she was supposted to tell you, not me,” Evie said, realizing the secret she just spilled.

“ I…I…I have to go,” Harry babbled

Evie tried to stop him, but he was already out of their sight, “ Great, now we lost him too.”


(Y/N) stared at the butterflies around her, the cave was just how she remebered it - with the butterflies and shiny rocks, plus with the fort Harry and her made back when they were younger.

“ I wish you were here, Harry,” (Y/N) said slowly, “ So I could tell you that, this ‘life thing’ is meaningless without you,”

From behind her, (Y/N) heard someone coughing, she turned around to be face to face with her pirate, “H-harry. ”

“ I didn’t know you came back,” he whispered

(Y/N) stood up, “ You were kind of busy,” she said venomously

“ Jealous ? ” he smirked, “ You wish,” the girl rolled her eyes

Harry wanted so bad to tell her that he knew, he finally knew that she loved him. But he also wanted her to tell him herself, Harry didn’t know how much could he wait.

“ What are you doing here, (Y/N)? Why did you come back ? ”

“ Because…” (Y/N)’s sentence faded as her eyes met his blue ones, “ I can’t do this without you,”

Harry blinked a few times before (Y/N) had continued, “ I can’t stay in Auradon without you, I can’t know how to live without you, Harry. ”

“ You managed three years without me, didn’t you? You had Evie, you still do. ”

“ You had Uma, you still do,” she mocked him

Harry groaned, moving closer to (Y/N) and cupping her face with his hands, he got tired of waiting, “ I know you love me, Evie can’t keep a secret when she’s angry,” he said, slamming his lips against hers, kissing her fiercely, “ And I love you too, love, you’re my rock,” he said when he finally pulled away.

drabble challenge | #01

prompt: chanyeol, smut | #1 coffee + #9 trouble

words: 938

The sound of the alarm mixed with her mumbled request for just five more minutes of sleep, but then an idea crawled into her mind like the morning fog. She rolled onto her back and rubbed her eyes so she could peek at the clock by her bedside. Four in the morning, why had she set an alarm for four in the morning? She sat upright with a groan of effort and scratched her head, eyes unfocused and nose scrunched.

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Brave (Movie! Jake Portman x reader)

Anonymous said: Could you write an imagine where I got in a fight with a wight but I don’t want anyone to know so I cover up the busies and scratches but one day Emma notices and she, Jake, and Enoch all try to get me to tell the what happened but I cry and it’s really emotional because I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t handle it. (This is SO long sorry!!!)

Here you go! I hope you like it! x

Originally posted by xsecretsfrostx

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Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) (Jim Kirk x Reader Part 2)

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

That Would Be Enough
(Part 1)
(Part 2- you are here)

Pairing: AOS Jim Kirk/Reader

Rating: PG for angst, language, and descriptions of violence

A/N: It’s happening, y’all. First miniseries! This part picks up at the beginning of Star Trek: Beyond, about three years after the end of TWBE. :) Enjoy!

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Request: Hey baby… Can I request a imagine about George (Barry Keoghan)? where he’s in love with his best friend (the reader), but he’s afraid to explain his feelings.. But he don’t know she are in love whit him too 🙈🙈 I really love it 💕💕



You had been friends with George and Peter since you were a little kid. The three of you never really fit in with others in school, so you found friends in one another.

For as long as you could remember, the three of you were stuck to each other’s hips, even now.

So when the two of them disappeared for a few days, along with Mr. Dawson, you grew increasingly worried. They never would have gone somewhere and left you behind if they didn’t have to.

You were a pretty astute person, so when you heard about the call for civilian boats to go to Dunkirk, you realized what must have happened.

Ever since Peter’s older brother had died, Mr. Dawson had become increasingly more interested in the war. He felt like he didn’t have the right to just sit back and do nothing while the sons of England fought over seas. He must have taken Peter and himself to Dunkirk to help, and George, innocent sweet George, must have gone with them to help.

You were so worried as the days passed, hardly getting any sleep. Your parents tried to calm your worries, but nothing worked. Sometimes you could hear the spitfires flying over the house, and you could see the smoke from Dunkirk out of your window. You were terrified that your two best friends weren’t going to make it home.

Some shouts from outside the house caught your attention, drawing you to the front door. You stepped outside, seeing people running down the street and towards the marina.

“What’s going on?” You asked one of the woman who was running to the docks with blankets in her hand.

“Oh honey, the civilian boats are back. They’ve brought thousands of soldiers with them.” She exclaimed, her eyes wide with shock.

Once those words sank in, you were sprinting down the street towards the water. Your heart was beating erratically, hands shaking with nerves.

It was chaos at the marina, all the townspeople were running food, drinks and blankets to the obviously shaken soldiers. You pushed your way through the crowd, looking for any sight of your friends.

“Move out of the way! He’s injured.” A familiar voice spoke, making your head snap around. Standing a little ways in front of you, Peter and Mr. Dawson seemed to be carrying a stretcher of some sort. You ran towards them, shouting apologies as you pushed people out of the way.

“Peter! Mr. Dawson! Where’s-” You froze once you made it to them, eyes wide as you stared down at the figure on the stretcher. “G-George?” You whispered in shock, tears gathering in his eyes.

“He’s alright, just sleeping. We need to get him to the hospital to get his head checked.” Mr. Dawson assured you, gesturing for you to follow him.

“What happened?” You asked Peter, following alongside him as you took George’s hand.

“One of the soldiers was really freaked out on the boat. He accidentally knocked George down the stairs and he hit his head. He lost a little blood, but he’ll be fine.” Peter looked at you briefly, giving you a small smile.

“And you and your dad? You’re both okay?” You asked, worries still not completely abated.

“We’re fine Y/N! We had a few close calls, but everything’s ok. We got a few dozen boys home, not to mention all the other boats full of soldiers as well.”

“Thank god.” You sighed, body relaxing at his words. The three of you walked in silence then, and a little while later you were at the hospital.

A few nurses immediately took George, taking him to a room hidden from view. Peter and you took some seats in the waiting room, his dad going to talk to one of the doctors.

You sat around for about an hour, when a doctor came to tell you all that George had a mild concussion. He assured you that he was going to be just fine, and said he was awake.

Thanking the doctor, the three of you went in to see him. He was sitting up in bed, a cup of tea in his hands. He glanced up when Mr. Dawson called for him, and his eyes brightened when they settled on you.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see you Y/N.” George spoke, a wide smile on his face.

“Thank god your alright.” You smiled, rushing over to give him a hug. “As much as I’m made at you for going out there, I am proud of you.” His answering smile was wide, making Peter and his dad exchange a knowing look.

“I’m going to go let your parents know what happened George. Peter, I’ll be back in a little bit.” Mr. Dawson spoke, heading for the door. He glanced back once, a smile on his face. “It’s good to see your alright.”

As soon as he was gone, you rounded on your two friends. They both cowered back slightly, eyes widening.

“What were you two even thinking?” You suddenly shouted, your fears spilling out as anger. “You could have died! George almost did die! Did you even think about what that would do to your family? To me?! I’d never have been able to tell you how I feel!” You were hysteric towards the end, all of your worries from the past couple of days coming to the surface.

“Tell me how you feel?” George spoke up, his eyes wide with shock. You froze, mouth gaping open as you registered what you had just said.

“Uh, I’m gonna go wait for my dad.” Peter stated awkwardly, backing out of the room. You continued to stand there in shock, avoiding eye contact with the boy on the bed.

“Y/N.” George spoke, trying to coax you into looking at him. When you stayed stubborn, he quietly groaned. “Y/N, please look at me.” You slowly looked at him, palms sweating nervously. He was staring back at you, a look in his eyes that you couldn’t identify. “What is it that you haven’t told me?”

“Nothing, forget I said anything.” You blurted out quickly, shrugging your shoulders. He slightly glared at you, knowing you were lying.

“Y/N.” He tried again, sitting up further in bed.

“Really George, don’t worry about it!”

“That’s a bunch of crap.”

“Drop it!”

“No, not until you tell me the truth!”

The two of you continued to bicker back and forth until you finally lost it.

“If you had died out there, I never would have been able to tell you I love you!” You covered your face as tears started streaming down your cheeks. George immediately noticed this, his expression softening.

“Come here love.” He spoke softly, heart hammering in his chest. In fact, his heart felt like it was soaring.

When you stepped towards him, he grabbed your hand and pulled you down onto the bed with him. He wrapped his arms around you, cuddling you close.

“I’m sorry I made you worry. But I’m alright, really.” He told you, resting his forehead against yours. “And I’m glad this all happened, because now I know how you feel about me. Now I can stop wondering all the time.”

“What do you mean?” You asked, wiping the tears from your cheeks. He gazed into your eyes then, a smile on his face.

“I love you too.”

peaceandlove77  asked:

Hey could you please write a something about Carlos getting kidnapped by Harry and him bringing him to Uma. But Jay and the others come and while Mal and Evie take on Uma, Jay rescues Carlos from Harry. Carlos is still a bit shaken up so Jay comforts him and reassures him that he will always be safe with Jay. ❤️

One of these days, I will write Carlos being captured by Uma and Harry and the whole thing will be dark and smutty. But until then, I kept this a little lighter.


Rated: PG13 for unwanted touching and because Harry is creepy

Uma just has this aura about her, like she’s constantly disappointed. Her crew isn’t what she wanted, her mother isn’t what she wanted, she isn’t what she wanted.

It’s not less degrading and belittling when she looks down at Carlos, clicks her tongue and sighs “you’re not a king.”

“But,” Harry sings, curling his hands through Carlos’ hair, “he is a friend of Mal’s. She won’t leave without her little pup,” and kisses Carlos’ temple.

Great. He’s no value to Uma, who has the power and say to kill him with any number of swords, but he does have value to some psychotic pirate who thinks it’s appropriate to haul Carlos over his shoulder and grab his ass like he owns Carlos.

Well, more likely, Harry knows it’s not appropriate, he just doesn’t care.

“Fine,” Uma sighs like Carlos is a dead fish instead of the seahorse she wanted for her sixth birthday. “Keep an eye on him. Tell the rest of the crew to find Mal and let her know we have the runt.”

Carlos grunts as Harry tosses him over a shoulder, hookless hand firmly planted on his butt, and walks them both to the middle of the ship.

“Harriet!” The pirate snaps. “Go find some others and search the Isle for Mal. Tell her to here at noon with the wand or we’re drowning her dog.”

Carlos just rolls his eyes as Harriet pouts and nods, grabbing two other girls before running down the dock to find Mal and probably kick children or whatever the pirates do for fun.

When Harry sets him down, makes sure Carlos’ bound hands are tied to a pole too so he can’t wander around, the pirate sits at his feet and smiles like Carlos is about to read him a story. “Long time no see, pup. How ye been?”

“Pretty spectacular until some jerk grabbed me and tied my up to a boat.”

“Ohhh,” Harry purrs, “yer voice is deeper now. Finally becoming a man?”

“As if you know anything about being a man. Picking on people who are smaller than you,” Carlos spits. “Harassing kids. Abducting people.”

“Stealing food, breaking into stores, fighting people on the barges,” Harry lists idly, pushing himself up and moving closer. “All the things ye use to do?” He leans down, breath against Carlos’ lips, foreheads touching. “Ye’re just a dirty Isle boy, runt.”

Carlos shakes his head. That’s what he was, not what he still is. That’s what Harry is, but…not who he should be. Maybe.

“Ben might let you guys come to Auradon. That’s what Uma wants, right?” He would move back but the pole behind him keeps he and Harry closer than what is comfortable. “You’d like it. They have this thing called theatre and it’s all dramatic and crazy make up and you would fit in so well.”

There’s not a single part of him that genuinely wants Harry Hook to come to Auradon, but Harry was right earlier. Carlos had been an Isle boy, stealing and fighting. He was never as bad as Harry, he would never kidnap someone, but Carlos knows that he wouldn’t have stopped to help if he saw it happen either.

Harry grins, still close enough that their noses are touching. “If ye wanna pretend ye’re a good boy from Auradon, fine. That’s how I’ll treat ye.” He grips Carlos chin painfully, his mouth twists into a grin with too many teeth, “the good boys are so much more fun to break.”

Even if he’s fuming and enraged, Jay can at least appreciate what a pretty distraction Carlos is.

Harry Hook, the dead man, is so preoccupied with punching Carlos in the stomach, making him wheeze and double over in pain, that he never realizes Jay behind him until it’s too late.

Really, Jay wishes he had some witty remark. Some hilarious, one-liner that makes him look cool and suave, but he has to move quickly. He grabs a fistful of Harry’s hair, drags the pirate backwards toward the rails of the ship.

“What the hell?” Harry snaps, clawing at Jay’s wrist, twisting and fighting out of the hold. “Get off of me, ye ass!”

“Shut up.” Wow, good comeback.

With one hard shove, Jay pushes Harry over the side of the ship, nearly goes over himself too, and smirks at the giant splash.

“And your eyeliner is stupid!” Okay, he really has to stop, this is just embarrassing. 

Jay rushes back to Carlos, barely picking up the sound of swords clashing together and Mal and Uma having their weird, flirty, verbal spar. Evie is holding her own against CJ, he notes proudly. And three of the pirate crew, Harriet and two other girls, are tied up outside of Mal’s old hang out spot still.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t more pirates and more swords that are excited to impale them, so Jay works quickly at the knots around Carlos wrist, growls at how the rope has cut into his skin.

“Jay?” Carlos gasps, still fighting for air after having the wind knocked out of him.

“I gotcha, C,” Jay digs a knife out of his pocket and just slices through the ropes.

Carlos groans and fights for deep breaths before smiling up at him. “Thanks. You’re my knight…in shining armor.”

“Or your boyfriend with gorgeous hair.”


Jay does so immediately, not an ounce of hesitation in trusting Carlos, and misses a sword to his neck. He throws his elbow back, gets Gil in the stomach, and kicks him to the ground. Grabbing the sword, Jay smirks at Carlos. “Now we’re even.”

“Harry didn’t touch you or anything, right?”

Carlos looks over from the passenger seat, checks in the mirror to make sure no one is paying attention to them. Ben and Mal are engaged in a heart-to-heart and Lonnie and Evie are not so subtly eavesdropping. “Um. He punched me and scratched me, but you saw that.”

“No, like,” Jay focuses on the materializing bridge before them. “Touched you. Cause he’s always kind of had an obsession with you.”

Oh. “He kissed my face and touched my butt,” Carlos mumbles. “But that was it.”

“So if I turn the limo around to go kill him, you would think I’m dumb.”

“Not dumb. Just ridiculous and overreacting.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Jay, no,” Carlos sighs, reaches for his hand on the steering wheel. “It’s not your fault, it’s Harry’s. I should have been faster but he grabbed me and hauled me away and-.”

“It’s my job to protect you.”

“And you do a fantastic job,” Carlos smiles, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “You saved me after like 15 minutes. It was kind of hot.”

“Yeah?” Jay peaks at him. “Tell me more.”

Carlos laughs, entwines their fingers. “You always save me, Jay. You’re like a natural protector. And you’re blushing.”

“No I’m not.”

“Oh yes you are.”

Jay sticks his tongue out. “I just want you to know that you’ll always be safe with me. In Auradon, on the Isle, anywhere.”

“Yeah,” Carlos grins. “I know.”

I really like how I wrote Uma in the beginning, I think I’m going to try her more often.

This turned into a little more Harlos than I was expecting, but I think the Jaylos shines too.

I hope you enjoy!

One’s Promised (Part 5/5)

A/N: So I’m sorry for going on an unannounced hiatus. But I hope I made up for it with this long ass chapter/part whatever.  

Description: Living a double life was not a choice when one was the daughter of Alexander Pierce. Y/N was the youngest agents of SHIELD and one of the most respected threats within Hydra’s empire. No matter her allegiance, she was feared by both. Y/N Pierce would’ve tried to escape it all… if it hadn’t been for The Winter Soldier.

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 8,842

Y/N was sat the edge of her bed, fully dressed in her tactical gear. Her eyes were dry and bloodshot from the tears, her lips cracked. She loaded bullet after bullet into multiple guns, sharpened half a dozen knives that would be hidden across her body, and cleared her mind of every distraction. The apartment was so quiet that all Y/N’s ear could hear was the ticking of the clock in her kitchen.

Suddenly her burner phone was buzzing on her nightstand. She picked it up without saying anything.

“Infiltration is a go. The helicarriers will be up in an hour. Meet us at SHIELD’s base.”

Y/N said nothing. She didn’t need to. Hanging up the phone, she left her apartment and made her way to her Triumph in the basement garage.

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Paddle Board [Blurb]

A/N: Haven’t written in a while.. Not really sure if this is worth a shit but felt like posting. Thanks for reading.

Originally posted by illuminateshawn

“After all these years…” A deep voice caused goosebumps under my skin. “I’ve never seen you fall off that thing.” I quickly turned my head to locate the origin of the voice.  A tall man wearing a thin black shirt that clung to his muscles and a pair of black running shorts stood on the dock nearest to me. His hair curled against the middle of his forehead.
“It’s called talent,” I tried to speak with a straight face but ultimately failed. My stomach turned as he smiled back at me.
“Mmhm, you’ll have to teach me sometime.”
“Hop on,” I joked.
He rubbed his hand across his chin that was thinly covered in dark stubble  as if deeply contemplating my offer.  "Are you sure? I mean-I don’t mean to impose…“
"No really it’s not an imposition.” He cocked an eyebrow. “Oh come on, it’s the neighborly thing to do,” I insisted although he really was tainting my afternoon routine.
 Shawn grinned and shook his head at my remark before pulling his shirt off, exposing his extremely toned torso. I stared at him in dismay for a moment, maybe a few moments, before he awkwardly cleared his throat. My eyes scanned upwards back to his, the large smirk on his face caused me to blush.  
Looking downward into the clear water I mumbled, “Well…”
“Can you come a little bit closer to the pier so that I can jump on?”  
“Sure if you want to crack your head open,” I retorted.
“So you expect me to jump in?” He scoffed.
I rolled my eyes in response.
“The water isn’t that cold..”
Shawn glared at me skeptically.
Dipping my paddle downward I pushed as much water toward Shawn as I physically could. He shrieked and jumped backwards but failed to avoid the splash.
His jaw dropped incredulously  before his mouth  creased into a smile, “Oh this means war!”
Shawn sprinted to the end of the pier faster than I had ever seen him move. I attempted to paddle as far way as possible but ended up perfectly in the splash zone. The icy water covered the majority of my body, making my previous goosebumps grow. Shawn slowly rose back to the water’s surface. He shook his hair out like a dog with a smile plastered on his face.
“How do you-” Shawn grunted as he attempted to pull himself onto the board but never got more than his torso up out of the water. “How in the hell do you get on this thing?”
I covered my mouth as a snort escaped, he looked at me in disbelief. “I’m sorry,” I continued to chuckle.
“Oh you think this is funny?”
I couldn’t stop laughing, “Honestly yeah I do.”
“Oh really?” Shawn mimicked my laugh. He pushed his side of the board upward causing me to loose balance. I opened my mouth to scream but only inhaled water. Reaching the surface I grasped the board as I coughed uncontrollably.
It took me a moment to realize that Shawn had finally managed to crawl onto the paddle board.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry, are you okay?” Shawn asked sounding sincere.
I saluted him with my middle finger as coughs continued to convulse from my mouth. He uneasily stood on his feet, a proud smile covered his face. Shawn pretended to pound his clenched fists on his chest before throwing his arms in the air in triumph. I rolled my eyes and continued to tread water as my coughing subsided.
He held his hand outward to me, “Truce?” With a fake smile  I firmly  placed my hand in Shawn’s. Yanking his arm Shawn fell  forward with a crash.  
“Oh  my god I’m so sorry,” I spoke sarcastically once Shawn had returned to the surface.
His face softened with a chuckle. “Okay, I’ll give you this one but I bet I could kick your ass in king of the hill..”
Without thought we both rushed toward the board, flinging water into the air we laughed in unison.

Tongue or Eyes?

Fandom: Descendants

Pairing: Evie/Harry Hook

Word count: 2046

Rated: M

Summary:  “So which do you prefer? Your tongue or your eyes?” Evie gets captured. Harry/Evie pairing.

Can be found on AO3 and Fanfiction

Evie watched as a tall figure rushed down the stairs, shouting loudly in an evident worry. She assumed it was Harry, but her vision was too blurry and all she could make out were the outlines of the people around her.

Last thing she remembered was being locked up in that dark cabin.

She was shopping for some fresh apples for her mother and since the Evil Queen had to have the highest quality of apples, Evie had to take a trip across the entire island to retrieve the red apples. Only she didn’t realise the hour and by the time she was about to return home, the sun already set down and darkness filled the isle.

Evie was never afraid of the darkness before, but truth to be told she didn’t enjoy the lack of safety during the night time. After all, she didn’t almost ruin her shoes just to have some thief snatch her apples away from her.

However, what happened next made her wish a thief was her only problem. When she was half-way home, somewhere around Uma’s pirate docks, one large hand covered her mouth and another gripped her upper arm forcefully and dragged her into alley.

For a millisecond she thought it was Harry, since he had the tendency to surprise her like this, but the grip on her arm was too strong and was likely to bruise and Harry never did anything to hurt her.

She tried to spin around and hit the attacker with her free hand, but the person was holding her hand in an angle that if she were to turn around she would sprain it.

Even if she were able to scream, it would do her no good. Screams and shouts were a usual matter on the isle and no one would pay her any attention. However, she could still see Uma’s ship and if she could somehow free herself, she would be able to run there. As much as Uma wasn’t fond of the blue haired princess, she would give her sanctuary in a situation like this.

Evie took a deep breath and with all the strength she had, she bit her attacker’s hand and kicked his shin with her heel. The hand from her mouth was removed and the grip on her upper hand weakened, but before Evie could make run for the docks, her attacker composed himself and before she could do anything, she felt something sharp hit the back of her head.

“Who did this to you darling?” Harry was now kneeling in front of her, holding her hand in his, stroking her knuckles in a soothing fashion. He wanted nothing more than to pull her in an embrace and never let her go again, but he was too afraid that he would hurt her even more, given her state.

“It was Mortimer.” Gil answered for her as he cleaned the bloodied cloth that he used for cleaning Evie’s wounds. Gil was the person who found her in the cabin back then, but she was already in such a damaged state that she barely recognized his voice.

“That bastard. I’ll kill him and gut him like a-” Harry spat out angrily and was about to stand down and hunt the bastard down, until he was stopped in mid-sentence when Evie squeezed his hand, pleading him with her eyes to stay.

Harry realized that no matter how furious he was right now, his princess needed him at the moment and that was more important than revenge.

“You know what, I will tell you a tale. When I was a young boy, I used to play with my mother’s snakes. They were so amusing.” The ginger boy in front of her giggled maniacally as he tossed the dagger between his hands back and forth.

Evie remembered him as Medusa’s son, but if her memory served her correctly, she never even talked to him and now she was in some sort of cabin at his ship, tied up in an uncomfortable chair. When she asked the obvious, he ignored her and refused to tell her why he kidnapped her.

“You see, I used to cut them in a half or skin them alive.” He sighed dreamily, before continuing. “But that was so much work, like urghh. I preferred cutting out their tongues or eyes. That proved to be equally satisfying and didn’t take as much energy.”

The ginger, Mortimer was his name, stepped closer to her, tracing her facial features with his dagger.

“So which do you prefer? Your tongue or your eyes?”

Evie gave him a disgusted look and even though every bone in her body screamed, she refused to break down in front of that maniac.

“The least you can do is tell me why I am here. Why me? I barely know your name.”

“The least you can do is tell me, blah blah blah…” He mimicked her voice mockingly and laughed in her face. “Has it ever occurred to you that I might have no reason? Maybe I just fancied you for a lovely midnight torture session. I do get bored here easily.”

Evie knew that could be true, after all this was the isle filled with villain kids and even though no one she knew was as insane and maniacal as this guy, it wasn’t unusual for the isle people to cause harm just on a whim. However, this wasn’t some harmless mischief or a casual robbery. This was serious and whereas Evie herself didn’t have as dangerous reputation as other might have, she was still known as part of Mal’s gang. And no one would go this far with one of Mal’s friend. Definitely not just for fun.

“Foolish people have no reason. You, on the other hand, don’t strike me as one.” Evie had her way with words and even though she didn’t believe she would talk her way out of this, she could at least stall the time until she figured out a getaway plan.

“Mhm mhm. Flattery won’t get you anywhere, dearest Evie. But you are right. There is a reason why you are here. I might as well tell you while you’re still conscious.”

Evie gulped, trying to control her fear and while she was utterly terrified on the inside, so far she made a good job at appearing strong.

“I never really belonged anywhere, but that didn’t bother me. Until I saw that pirate chick, that Uma, recruiting members for her ship. I decided to give it a try. I’ve always been fascinated by the sea. But it was the lifestyle that drew me in.”

Evie frowned, trying to look confused as to what did Uma and her ship have to do with her. As far as the world was concerned, Evie belonged into Mal’s gang and Mal was sworn enemies with Uma. That was the only connection Evie had to that pirate crew. Everything else was a secret that not even Evie’s friends knew.

“They accepted me. Me, can you imagine it? The awkward ginger who used to torture animals for a hobby. Not that they knew that detail, of course.” Mortimer let himself have another laugh and began pacing around the room.

“I was good. I could tell that they didn’t trust me, but they couldn’t deny that I did every single mission perfectly. Maybe even more than perfectly. You see, I sometimes let myself be caught up in the moment. If you know what I mean.” He winked at her and Evie suddenly felt an urgent need to vomit.

“Once, we went to rob old Tremaine. Now, she’s an old cow, but she’s a stubborn old cow. I wanted to teach her a lesson properly. But unfortunately I wasn’t alone. Hook’s offspring was with me. And he didn’t like my ways.”

“I’ll tell you, the entire crew? Heck they try to seem all tough and badass, but the worst things they’ve done is throw someone over the plank. Pretty weak, if you ask me.” Evie knew that. It was like an unspoken rule of all the villain kids. Stealing, robbing, vandalizing, threatening, heck even occasionally beating someone up, that was normal in their society. But no one ever went as far as murder or torture. The kids needed to be tough to survive, hence the stealing and all that, but they weren’t truly evil.

“The next day I had my things lying at the docks. They threw me out of the ship, called me a lunatic and a psycho. That angered me. Not what they said about me, let’s be honest here, it was true.” Another high-pitched giggle. “But the fact that after months of loyal service, they threw me out. I was a good asset! And I never practised my playtime on any of the crew members. They had no reason to throw me out.”

“Except for the fact that you are a psychopath.” Evie muttered sarcastically. “As much as your story is very touching,” She spat out, making emphasis on the last word, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Tsk tsk tsk. Evie, Evie, Evie.” Mortimer shook his head at her, apparently displeased with her question. He moved over towards a wooden table full of tools and picked a large metal object. Evie didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t want to find out.

Seconds later, he wrapped the metal cage around her sides, pushing it towards her in a way that she was tightly pressed between the metal devices like a sandwich.

“You see, I couldn’t openly take revenge on Uma, I’d have the entire pirate crew at my back. Now I couldn’t take revenge on Harry, Gil or anyone else either, as I would be facing the same issue. So I found myself in a dilemma. Until few days ago.” Mortimer pulled the handle on one side of the metal cage, which made it squish Evie even more, making her grunt in pain.

“You and the pirate aren’t as sneaky as you thought. I had to watch you for a while, though, I had to make sure that you weren’t just some unimportant plaything to him. After I made sure that the pirate truly has feelings for you, I had my perfect revenge.”

“So what, you’re going to kill me?” Evie asked, even though each one of her word was followed by a grunt as the metal device was making it impossible for her to breath.

“I don’t know whether I’m going to kill you or not. You think I have that much self-control? Ha! You’re cute.” He giggled once more, before pulling the handle once more, making Evie scream in pain this time.

Gil placed the wet clean cloth on Evie’s forehead, trying to lower down the temperature. He managed to bandage her torso and her arms, but he feared the blueberry princess would need proper medicine, Auradon medicine.

“I want to sleep.” Evie mumbled and yawned, blinking her eyes sleepily.

“I know, darling, but you can’t go to sleep just yet.” Harry replied to her. It pained him to see her like this, but Gil emphasised that he needs to talk to her and can’t let her fall asleep, at least not until the fever lowers down. Harry was quite surprised at just how well Gil handled himself around the injured princess. He made a mental note to himself to ask Gil when he came to such extensive knowledge on treating injuries.

“I’m so sorry.” Harry whispered to her. It was his entire fault. He was supposed to protect her and now she went through hell, all because some psychopathic idiot wanted to pursue his revenge.

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” He admitted truthfully. He never imagined he would ever fall for someone, save for a princess, but here she was, holding his heart in her delicate hands.

“I’m still here.” She whispered back. Each word she said sent a wave of physical pain through her body, but she needed to give him some sort of reassurance. He needed to see that she wasn’t angry with him and that she was alive and still loved him with all her heart.

“We’ll get through this, I promise.”