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The Club

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary:  Reader and Dean go undercover at a strip club

Word Count:  2406

Warnings: Extreme over usage of the word ‘fuck’, smut

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The Club

Dean holds out a pink shopping bag. “I had to guess the size,” he says, “but I think it’ll fit.”

Hesitantly, you take it. Moving aside the tissue paper, you pull out the lacy g-string and bra. Can you even call it a bra? It’s two barely-there triangles of fabric held together with flimsy string. At the bottom of the bag are stiletto heels. It’s so tiny, there’s no way it’s the right size.

“Uh-uh,” you shake your head, shoving everything back into the bag. “No fucking way.”  

Dean gives you an exasperated look. “We’ve been over this. It’s the best way to get information. And our guy targets strippers. You chat up the girls that work in the club while I keep an eye on the audience.”

Yeah, you bet he’ll be keeping an eye on things. On all those scantily clad women with perfect fucking bodies that look nothing like you. You’ll be wearing next to nothing with all eyes on you, including Dean’s. It’s pretty much the most mortifying thing you can think of. If only it were Sam going with you to the club, at least you’d feel a little less anxious. It’d still be embarrassing for Sam to see you nearly naked, gyrating on a stage in front of a crowd of men, but it’s Sam. He’s the safe brother. He’s not the one that makes you feel hot and cold at the same time. He’s not the one that makes your heart race every time he’s within your reach. He’s not the one that you think about when you touch yourself at night.

“Listen,” Dean says, clapping a hand on your shoulder. It’s meant to be a reassuring gesture, but it only makes you more anxious. “We’ve all had to play roles that we didn’t want to, but you got this. I’ll be there the whole time. Here.”  

He hands you another bag, this one filled with scented lotion, glitter body spray and a shit-ton of makeup. “For real?” you ask.

“Trust me,” he says with a smug grin. “I’m an expert on strippers.”

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“Hello, love. Back so soon?”

“I need … to sit,” Blaine groans, inching his way onto the bench, the dull, thudding pain in his hips keeping him from sitting any faster.

“I thought you have been,” Kurt teases. “I’ve never seen you fall on your butt so many times. Aren’t you the same man who skated circles around me at Bryant Park? You were even singing White Christmas at the time.”

“That was twenty years ago,” Blaine reminds him. He sits up and massages his tailbone, sore from repeated impacts of his body on the unforgiving ice. “We were both leisurely skating for about an hour, not racing down a middle schooler for three.”

“She managed to wear Hepburn out,” Kurt comments, adjusting the boy’s knit cap down over his ears and kissing him on the crown of his sleepy head.

“That’s the Hummel in her,” Blaine says in a suggestive tone. “Wearing out the men in her life.”

“Don’t be creepy.” Kurt chuckles. “But I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Please do,” Blaine says, moving on to rub the knot in his left calf.

“You know, you only have yourself to blame for all your sore joints.”

Blaine looks at his husband, quirking a brow. “How do you figure?”

“Seven runs of Hedwig, Blaine? Jumping around a stage in platform heels, climbing over cars, making out with the audience – that’ll wreak havoc on your knees. JCM warned you.”

“I don’t see how making out with the audience ruined my knees,” Blaine jokes.

I love it

Request: Hiiiii!!!!!! Can I request a Hobie smut? He’s my bias and I am in need of some good smut😩

I hope this is good enough!!

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Your hands touch the cold steel of the pole. Your legs wrap around it as you swing yourself in a slow circle, one leg hooked onto the pole.

The spotlight shines brightly down on you making it impossible to see the sea of men watching you with lust filled eyes. Hoping for a chance to be in your bed. You had a red lace corset piece on with black high heels. For today’s show you were playing the devil.

You would leave married men in lust-filled fantasies as they lay in bed with their wife. Your moans would echo in every virgins wet dream as they saw you dancing on the pole. The ones that were experienced would get teased until they beg on their knees to have just a taste of you.

You walk confidently into the crowd and teasingly walk past some males until you stop in front of one. You spread your legs and sit facing him with your arms around his neck. His hands rest on your upper thighs sending warmth pooling to your covered sex.

“Do you like what you see?”, you moan as you remove your hands from his neck. You push your boobs together and place your hands on his covered erection. You rub him teasingly through the material.

“Yes”, he lowly groans as his hands tighten on your legs.

“What’s your name big boy”, you ask teasingly as you rub up and down his strong leg.

“Hoseok. You can find out how big of a man I really am if you want. I won’t stop you”, he whispers gruffly into your ear.

A shudder runs through you from the sound of his voice. You definitely wouldn’t mind having him sweet talk you into bed with that sexy voice.

You however had to finish your show so you reluctantly stand up and saunter back to the stage. Winking at the drooling men as you run a hand over your body.

Back on stage you run your hand down the pole and drop to the floor. You continue your routine and finish on the floor where you teasingly move your hand down your body to your covered womanhood as the lights dim. You hear the men whoop and holler as you quickly exit the stage and walk towards your dressing room.

You hear shouting from the hallway and steps coming towards your room.“You can’t go in there! She doesn’t take clients!”

Your door opens and you see the man, Hoseok, standing there. His dark brown eyes focus on you and drawl over your body hungrily. His hair is swept to one side showing his forehead. His hair looked soft to the touch and you could imagine running your hands through it, eliciting husky moans from his plump lips.

“She hasn’t heard my offer yet”, he respond still staring at you, waiting for you to say something.

“It’s okay Aubrey. I can handle this. Can you clock me out now though?” you tell the woman standing behind the well-build body of Hoseok.

Looking between you and the man in front of her she quietly nods and walks away.

“Come on in to my chambers”, you smirk. You watch as he steps into the room and closes the door behind him. You see him take notice of the mirrors covering the walls and finally looks at you. “What is your offer?”

“Whatever you want. I have a lot of money”, he tells you.

“What if I want something that doesn’t require money? Besides what do you want in return?” you ask him crossing a smooth leg on top of the other.

“I want a private lap dance from you. If possible a weekly session. I have connections, what do you want”, he says as his gaze follows your leg.

“Are you in a relationship Hoseok?” you ask as you get up from your chair.

“No I’m not miss”, he responds in a low lust filled voice.

“Call me Y/N”,you say as you walk past him towards the door. Turning the lock you turn back towards the door and lean against it. “I think I have a better way to satisfy both of us.”

You see his eyebrow rise as an intrigued look sets itself on his handsome face. His tongue darts out to moisten his lips. You bite your lip ad stare up at him innocently.
Swaying over to him you press your body flush against him.

“Earlier you offered to show me how big of a Man you are Hoseok. Does that offer still stand?” you nip at his earlobe as you whisper it in his ear.

You get the answer you were hoping for as he captures your lips with his. You moan as he makes sweet love to your mouth, stealing your breath away as your tongues mingle together. His hands wasting no time as they squeeze your breasts together.

You tug at his clothes, demanding that they come off quickly. You felt achy with need and wanted to feel his throbbing cock buried deep inside you. You didn’t care about what would happen after. All you could think about was pleasing his and your body.

Pulling his shirt off over his head you take a second to marvel at his toned body. Your panties are dripping wet as you see his defined v line leading underneath the waistband of his pants.

Tugging those off too along with his underwear you take his throbbing cock in your hands. Pre cum already leaking out of his tip, you swipe your finger across and taste it.

He presses you against the mirror and quickly lifts your leg up as he positions his thick cock at your entrance.

“You look sexy as hell. So wet and needy for my cock to pound into you aren’t you”, Hoseok growls as he rubs your wet pussy on his thick cock.

You whimper with need, “Just fuck me already.”

With one push he stretches your walls and fills you balls deep making both of you moan with pleasure. His hips snap in rhythm and you watch in fascination how his ass looks in the mirror as he fucks you.

The muscles on his back flex as you hold yourself steady on him. You’re breathing heavily and a moaning mess as he hits your g-spot.

“ooohhh… gooodd. y-yes…. ahhh d-don’t s-stop”, you moan as he slams against it.

You wrap both of your legs around his waist and he places his strong hands on your ass, squeezing your ass and sending more tingles shooting through your body.

It felt as if you were going at the brink of an orgasm as your stomach tightens and your breathing comes in short pants.

“F-fuck you’re so fucking wet and tight”, he groans using his hands on your ass to push deeper into you.

You throw your head back as a powerful orgasm breaks over you making you scream out in ecstasy. “ahhh Hoseok.”

You’re in a daze of pleasure as Hoseok reaches his high also pushing one last time deep in you and shooting hot seed. You feel his sperm drip down out of your pussy and down your leg.

You remove your legs from his waist and he slowly pulls out of you. You feel your walls still spasm around his cock and drip wet.

Using his hand he rubs your folds and slips two fingers unexpectedly inside of you.

“I bet I could finger fuck you and have you orgasming again in 5 min”, he smirks as you moan. His fingers already coated in your juices.

He curls his fingers towards himself and rubs your sensitive clit with his palm.

Your breathing hitches as the waves from your orgasm are still affecting your body.

“ppp-please hoseok. oh ahhh”, you throw you head back as he thrusts his fingers expretly into you.

In minutes he built you up again to have you teetering on the edge. With one last push you orgasm against his fingers and he continues to thrust until the last shudders subside.

Pulling out his fingers he puts them in his mouth licking them clean. “You taste good. Remind me the next time to go down on you and get a better taste”, he drawls out.

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The Wife Ch. 15

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: Meet the Choi Twins

Warnings: Obviously, there is a birth scene. I tried my best to portray it accurately without being too graphic.

Author’s Note: This chapter is only slightly smaller than the last one. For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, thank you. I owe all of you a debt of gratitude for supporting me and driving me to write more and finish this beast of a series. For those relative ‘newcomers’ to my little “Nanny Verse”  you are all fabulous as well! Thank you everyone for reading, liking, sending me asks, and being the best followers ever. I love you all

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


You had been sitting in the De Sede chair for the past 30 minutes, having two more contractions in that time. The only good thing was that they seemed not to be quite as bad as the first couple. Just as the last ripples of the second one had faded, your heard the front door open.

“_________-ah?” you heard  your mother-in-law’s voice call out.

“In the living room!” you yelled back. You knew it was rude for you to not get up and greet her, but you just couldn’t make yourself leave the relative comfort of the chair.

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Rocky Horror Flowers

Hello! Can you do a one-shot where Reid has a crush on a very shy coworker? One day, she gets flowers from some guy and the card attached sounds very flirty and Spencer gets jealous. He gets help from Garcia who finds out that the reader is playing Janet in a reproduction of Rocky Horror Picture Show. They go to see it and Reid talks to the reader after it’s over and she tells him the flowers were from the actor who plays Rocky who is gay and then cuteness ensues. Sorry if it makes no sense!

“What did the card say?”

But Spencer’s eyes were glued heavily to the screen.

“Can’t you type faster?” he asks haughtily.

“Whoa whoa whoa, now, boy genius,” Garcia says as she whips around, “you are on my turf.  You yield to my rules,” she says as she points her fluffy-ended pen between her and Spencer’s chest.

“I’m sorry,” he says as he sighs, running his hand through his hair as he raises up from hunching over her shoulder, “it’s just…Y/N’s really easy to read, you know?  She doesn’t care about keeping her private life private.  And…and I didn’t know that she was seeing someone?”

“What did the note say?” Garcia implores as she spins around and continues typing.

“It said: ‘I just can’t hold it in any longer.  Damn it, Janet, I love you.”

As Garcia furrows her brow, she opens up a side screen and begins typing as Spencer’s eyes fly across the screen.

“Wait, Garcia…what-”

But all she did was hold up her hand to silence him.

“My dear little out-of-touch Einstein, you really need to brush up on your pop culture,” she smirks as she pulls up an advertisement for “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, premiering Friday night and running through the weekend.

“Wait… is that-?”

“Yep,” Garcia says as she moves off to the side as Spencer dips down to his knee, his eyes looking heavily at the promotional poster that Garcia had pulled up onto the screen.

“The flowers were sent from this guy,” she says as she pulls up the credit card information, along with a name that ended up popping up a picture.

“But he’s in this poster, too,” Spencer says, pointing to a blonde-headed guy on the poster.

“Yes.  This guy,” she says as she moves the picture of the man in front of Spencer on the screen, “has been cast as the ‘Rocky’ of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.’”

“And Y/N is…?” Spencer asks as he looks over to Garcia with a heavily furrowed brow and confused expression.

“The leading lady,” she smiles as she begins typing hastily on her computer.

“And I just snagged you a front-row seat for tomorrow night,” she says, hitting a button on her computer as Spencer’s eyes widen.

“Wait what?” Spencer asks.

“Go get ‘er, hot stuff,” she winks as she wheels over to her printer, pulling the printed ticket from the finished bin and shoving it into Spencer’s chest.

Spencer realized that if you had seen him smiling at you from the front row, than you had given no inclination as to the fact that you had seen him.

He had no idea that you could sing.

Or dance.

Or act.

As he sits there in awe of the performance, his eyes darting between the characters as he takes in the popular cult classic for the first time in his life, he is stunned by the incredible amount of audience interaction throughout the show.  He watched people get up in their underwear (very thankful that he wasn’t asked), he watched at people actively threw food up at the performers, and he laughed with every number as he watched your astounding and beloved facial expression as you immersed yourself into this beautiful character.

He flushed very deeply, moving uneasily in his seat at the scene between you and Rocky…with both of you in your underwear.

He couldn’t help but rake his eyes over your back and shoulders, taking in the light dip of your waist before they flared out to your luscious hips, your thighs moving with every step you take across the stage as you willingly plant your hands onto Rocky’s character.

He felt himself getting jealous.

Soon, the performance was over and everyone was taking a bow, and it was then that he rushed out of his seat to find his way backstage.

He wanted to talk with you.

As he fought off hoards of singing fans and people in costume, he pushes his way to the back, flashing his badge when necessary to get past the few security men who were trying to stop him.

“Spencer!” he hears you exclaim.

Pushing through the crowd, you run up to him in your robe as you throw your arms around his neck, pulling him close as you smile broadly.

“I didn’t think the team knew about this!” you shout above the commotion.

“You did a really good job of hiding it!” he shouts back.

“So, how did you like it!?” you shout as you take his hand, weaving him through the loud crowd before ducking into a small dressing room and shutting the door behind you.

“It was incredible.  I’ve never seen it before,” he admits.

“Oh man.  Had I known that I would’ve gotten you up there in your underwear,” you say as you playfully wink at him.

He felt his cheeks blush through once again.

“So you did see me?  I-i-in the audience?” he stammers.

“Of course,” you say as you spin around, wiping the make-up removing cloth over your face, “you were the first face this face saw.”

Spencer’s eyebrows hike up on his face lightly as you giggle and turn back to the mirror.

“And yes, that was a quote from Doctor Who,” you confirm.

“Who were those flowers from?” Spencer blurts out.

Feeling your eyebrows tick up on your forehead, you gaze at him through the mirror as you begin to put moisturizer on your face.

“It was from Gary.  The guy who played Rocky tonight,” you say coolly.

You studied his face in the mirror before reaching your hands back and removing the bobby pins from your hair.

“You know that you always give the leading lady flowers, right?” you ask, turning around to him as you toss the bobby pins onto the desk.

“W-w-…yeah.  Yeah, I-I-I uh…I knew that,” Spencer lies.

“You know that Gary’s boyfriend came to see him in the show as well, right?” you ask.

“B-…boyfriend?” he stammers.

“Yeah.  You were sitting right next to him.  The guy with the half-shaved head and the nose ring?”

“Oh!  Oh.  Oh yeah.  He uh…he seems…nice,” Spencer says, trying to gain his footing and confidence again as a smile creeps across your face.

“Would you like to go get some food with me?  I don’t eat before performances, and I’m starving,” you admit.

“Why don’t you eat before performing?” Spencer asks as his eyes widen, watching you turn around and slip your house-robe off of your shoulders.

“It coats my vocal chords in some nasty stuff, and I end up suppressing nervous burps throughout the entire thing.  It’s always better if I stick with water an hour before a performance,” you say, moving to find your clothes as Spencer’s eyes lock onto the muscles moving and twitching under your skin.

Slipping your shirt over your head, you grab for your jeans as you step into them, your legs bouncing your body as you shake them side-to-side, Spencer’s eyes mesmerized as he watches the swaying of your hips as you slip the material up over your rounded ass.

“Ready to go?” you ask, spinning around as you take in Spencer’s saucer-like eyes as his deeply flushed face.

“Spencer?” you implore, taking a step towards him as your eyes begin to worry, “Spencer, you alright?”

“Oh uh…uh…yeah.  Yeah, I’m-…I’m alright.  Food would be really good.  Yes, I’m hungry, and so are you.  Anything in particular you have in mind?” he asks, his eyes holding your gaze a bit too hard as a light smirk forms on your lips.

“As long as I’m in good company, I’ll eat wherever,” you lull, grabbing your purse before slipping your arm up under his, linking the both of you together as he smiles nervously down at you.

“Did you drive here?” he asks as he reaches for the door, opening it for you as the two of you step out into the hallway.

“Nope, took a cab,” you say.

“Well, then I’ll drive,” he says as the two of you begin to walk down the hallway.

“Perfect,” you breathe, leaning your head onto Spencer’s arm as he looks down at you lovingly.

Rocky was gay.

The flowers were platonic.

And the show was incredible.

Sometimes, the universe had to shout.  But this time, Spencer heard.

Last Night of Freedom

Prompt: Amelia, Meredith, Callie, Maggie, Arizona and April are arrested during Amelia’s bachelorette party. The guys (including Derek) have to bail them out of jail.

They say your bachelorette party is your last night to be single, do whatever your heart desires, dance on tables, be wild, your last night of freedom. It’s supposed to be one last hooray with your closest friends, one last time to get crazy and be stupid, the last night before the life of marriage consumes you. As Amelia thought about this, she realized maybe one last tonight of freedom wasn’t the best idea, seeing she was sitting in a jail cell with Meredith, Maggie, Arizona, April, and Callie.

Four Hours Earlier
Amelia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, only in her bra and underwear, putting on the finishing touches of her makeup. Owen was in their bedroom, throwing on his bachelor party outfit, praying the guys didn’t want to get too rowdy tonight. He knocked on the bathroom door for his fiancé, “Aims you almost done in there?”

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140901 SKELETON release event -Fan acoounts:

Today even dancers coordinate oppa oppa to end with sword action. Hyuk turn around and praise them well done


Hyuk: which of the fans here today did not go to our japan events pls raise hand!

 Hae: those who didn’t go please remain behind,we need to talk!!

after that they  play concert  videos ,on the part where  hae tease hyuk ,hyuk laugh  while slaps hae’s leg,hae coverd his mouth and laugh


First question:who is the first one  to change clothes  on the first stage  before the song ‘Oh no’?

hyuk say it’s hae,hae say it’s hyuk.

hyuk:he never wins rock paper  scissors

hae:its me!its me!

hyuk:no!i say its me!

than both of them start to bickers,than later  they did  rock paper  scissors and hae win


Q:how many kids did you say you want during one of the concert?fans say u mention a few.


hyuk:i dont want to have kids,i want to be with fans.only 2 of us.

after that  hae was laughing  feeling  embarrassed

** the correct answer is: hae -6,hyuk-0 **

then  they ask if fans can give birth to 6  kids. hae say he didnt remember he said he want 6 kids.

hyuk:didnt  you said this before?i am the kind of person who have the same  thought,i never change what i think of.


Q:when wook came to d&e concert what song did he sing?hae:haru

hyuk:marry u

**the correct anser is marry u**

hyuk:i remember it,everyone sing along too


hyuk won the Q&A session so he give to one of the fans  a signed cap ,hae give a signed bell.when picking the lucky winner,hae grab a handfull of papers,hyuk pat his face.


hyuk accidently pour water on the floor.hae:what are you doing??? so hyuk apologise,the staff came up and clean the floor ,hae carry the table and hyuk the chair


- at the end of Oppa Oppa performance Donghae gave Eunhyuk a back hug


- Donghae says whoever raise hand “I’ll kiss you” Hyuk raises his hand and moves his hand in front of Donghae, Donghae doesn’t want to kiss him and says “Both of us are men”. Donghae attempts to slap Hyuk’s hand away, Hyuk keeps on attempt to let Donghae kiss his hand, Donghae runs to grab a bottle of water to drink. Hyuk shows the expression of “See? He doesn’t want to kiss :(“


Hae:because of hyuk rap, I don’t listen to wonderland.

Hyuk: because of my rap, the song is perfect

** The 2 start fighting over wonderland song and MC can’t take it anymore saying 'no fighting on stage’ **


Playing video about concert, there is part where hae show his fingers during Budokan stage, Hyuk imitate hae and say “Compared to talking, Donghae is more flexible with his fingers, when others do one turns, he can do two turns”.

hae then glare at Hyuk and Hyuk laugh.

Then both of them did some hand exercise. after doing this they smile at each other.


everyone is  watching 'mamacita’ then both of them were dancing  to it ,they already agreed that hae will sing  and hyuk will dance.but hyuk doesnt want  to dance and want that hae  will dance along to ,hae doenst want and say:so who  will sing ?hyuk grab hae’s arm and insist to do it together and let the fans sing,fans sing only one sentence and both  of them say"i know it would be like that"


Eunhae say they recorded Mamacita Japanese version, Avex staff get nervous already and let Donghae not to reveal it.

hae continue say they are preparing D&E album and next concert, Hyuk glance at him not saying anything, Donghae glance at Hyuk and start laughing idiotically.

Avex staff get >_<, Hyuk then say “That’s our plans, please pretend you don’t know anything.


When the MC ask questions,hae zoomed out and say "ah?" 

Hyuk: Whatever, hae doesn’t even think about the question, that’s why his fingers are more flexible than talking.

hae laughs idiotically and Hyuk start answering question.


when hyuk was talking hae was doing 'ayayayayay’ dance move,fans keep on screaming,hae put his finger on his lips  signaling everyone to  be quiet,so everyone keep quiet.

hyuk continue his talking,hae did the dance move again,hyuk glance at hae,hae pretend he was scratching his head,hyuk then hit hae,and the sound was quite loud,hyuk was kinda shocked hae goes XDDD


hae:After adding Eunhyuk’s rap in Wonderland, the song becomes bejeweled.

Hyuk:When my voice is added in, the song is livelier.

They ask fans what song everyone want to hear, everyone shouted Wonderland, Eunhae was surprised and say "Then lets perform this one and shouted Wonderland.”


eunhae metion that at the beginning of the concert they stood on that disco ball,they were did you guys talk about in these 3 minutes?hyuk:wa cant talk up there because whatever we say it will comes out from the mic.hae:we actually ask do make a bigger one to stand on,but the say cannot,it was so scary


** about skeleton **
hae: after we finished D&E tour, we wanted to show something new to everyone. Rock, ballad…we thought of everything but the company said no to ballad 
hyuk: yeah…no to ballad…..

the fan said hyuk looked like a sad kicked puppy it was so cute ㅠㅠ


hyuk: skeleton’s concept is kakkoi (cool) concept

hae: kowai (scary) concept

hyuk: kawaii (cute) concept

hae: bikkuri bako (a suprise box) concept

hyuk: elf concept……actually we don’t even know ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


cr:witheunhae/Thoughts for SuJu/mish_shellx/2fish/eunhaebemine/hyukarmpits

Relic (Part 2)

Pairing:  Bucky x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing

Key:  (Y/F/C) is your favorite color, (Y/L/N) is your last name, and as always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s note:  My first multi-part imagine!  Yay!  Hope you like part 2!

Part 1

Relic (Part 2): It’s Relic

  Strucker lifted a metal cube in his hand.  “This is your target.”  He said firmly.  He then placed it down on the ground and stepped back.  “Shoot to kill.”  He said.  With that you gathered just the right amount of energy and destroyed the block, shattering it and leaving everything else unscathed.  The crowd erupted with applause and you walked off stage.  

  Back stage you stood with a group of men that were talking about sending you out or keeping you at the base.  They were about to send you out to the avengers tower when a guard ran up to the group.

“They’re here.  Prep Relic.  Let’s take her for a test run.”  He said quickly, slowing down the more he spoke.  The men nodded and took you to a conference room to Strucker.  He held up a picture of all the Avengers, complete with their names and abilities.  You scanned over them, then looked back to Strucker.

“These are your targets.  If they don’t run from you, kill them.  DO NOT fail me.”  He said sternly.  You gave him a nod as he walked out of the room and headed to the large warehouse.  You closed the doors behind you and locked them, walking over to the large door that was the entrance.  You cracked your neck and your fingers before taking position.  You pulled up a (Y/F/C) scarf to cover your nose and mouth and pulled a hood up and over your head, making enough shade to cover your eyes.  You then charged balls of energy into your palms, waiting for your targets to arrive.  

  The door slowly opened, and outside stood Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, and Bucky Barnes.  Three of your targets.  You quickly versed over their info.  Pietro Maximoff, A.K.A. Quicksilver.  Ability:  Move at the speed of sound.  Clint Barton, A.K.A. Hawkeye.  Ability:  Archery and precise aim.  Bucky Barnes, A.K.A. Winter Soldier.  Ability:  Precise aim with firearms, strength.  The others must have gone to other entrances.

  You shot both of your orbs at Clint, the easiest of the three, knocking him out.  Pietro ran up behind you, picked you up and threw you.  He started to throw in punches, but you fired energy at him and he hit a wall.  You threw another one at his head, causing him to black out as well.  Suddenly Bullets flew through the air.  You lifted your hand and caught some of the bullets with your energy, redirecting them to Bucky.  They fired back at him and you heard the ting of the bullets hitting his metal arm.  He ran over to you and held you in a half nelson as he punched you in the rib, knocking the wind out of you.  You reached behind you with your other arm and grabbed him, leaning forward and slamming him onto the concrete.  He quickly got up and reached for his handgun.  You roundhouse kicked him in the shin, then kicked him in the stomach.  He leaned forward in pain and you grabbed his head and threw him to the ground again.  He swept his leg under your feet, knocking you to the ground.  You popped up at the same time as him, your hood falling down.  Bucky’s eyes widened.

“(Y/N)?”  You furrowed your eyebrows.

“Who the hell is (Y/N)?” You asked “It’s Relic”  You started forming another orb of energy in your palm.  He looked down as a saddened expression took over his face.  It was all too familiar to him.  Your response tore his heart in two as he remembered the way he hurt Steve, and now he was being hurt the exact same way.  He took a step back.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).”  He said weakly as he looked at you in your state.  You weren’t aware what the tests had down to you.  You had scars all over your body, and you were pale with dark circles around your eyes.  You looked sickly, and the use of your powers drained your energy.  “What did they do to you?”  he asked slowly.  Your head started to hurt.  What was going on?

  You sent a burst of energy from all of your body and took a couple steps back.  You heard a thick accented voice in your head.

(Y/N)?  It’s me, Wanda.  This is gonna hurt, okay?”  You put your hands on your head and screamed as a shooting pain was sent though your head.  Suddenly memories came flooding back, of being dragged here, of the experiments, of Bucky.  Tears started to stream down your face as a worker of HYDRA started to try and get in and reset you.  Wanda ran in, eyes glowing red and her hands aimed towards you as she fought to keep you together.  

“B-Bucky”  You managed weakly.  Immediately he ran over to you and took you up in his arms.  He held you and rocked a little, whispering in your ear.

“I’m right here.  I won’t go anywhere.”  He said quietly “Please do the same.  please.”

Eventually you just couldn’t take it.  Your body went into overdrive and you blacked out.

You woke up to a comforting warmth as something brushed over your head.  You heard familiar voices talking softly, and a few laughs here and there.  Every once in a while you could feel something press against your forehead, it felt something like lips.  Eventually you took a deep breath as your eyes fluttered open.  You shifted upwards on the couch you were on, and inhaled quickly through teeth.  You were sore everywhere.  

“Hey… You’re awake.”  Bucky said in a low and quiet tone.  He kissed you and got up, letting Bruce come over to you.  He flashed a light in your eyes and checked your pulse by your wrist.  

“Everything seems normal.  Any pains?”  You nodded.  “In the head, or…?”

“Everywhere.”  You said in a raspy voice.  You cleared your throat and shifted to sit up all the way. 

“Take this.”  He said, handing you a capsule and a glass of water.  You put the pill in your mouth and drank some water, swallowing it.  It hurt a little as it went down your sore throat, but the cool water relieved some of the pain.  Your head, however, throbbed.  

“My head hurts like hell”  You said, looking up at him.

“It will for a while, but that’s expected.  You should be back to normal within a week.”  He said, jotting something down on a clipboard.

“That makes sense, I guess.  At least from what I remember happening.”  You looked over to Bucky, since he wouldn’t keep his eyes off of you.  He had a small smile on his face, as he gazed over to you.  Bruce nodded and walked back to his seat, letting Bucky come back over to you.  He sat behind you and guided you down back to a laying position and onto his lap.  He brushed his fingers through you hair, his other arm laying over your stomach.

“I’m so glad your okay.”  He said quietly, looking down at you.  The team followed with murmurs and nods in agreement.  Bucky then looked at the group and nodded towards the door.  They left, but of course Tony had to leave a comment.

“If you need to, there’s an extra bedroom on the left.  Don’t get messy on my couch.”  You shook your head and rolled your eyes, and he winked before finally leaving the room.

“I remember what happened, you know.”  You said, looking up at Bucky.

“I’m sorry, doll.  You shouldn’t have-”  Bucky started, but you quickly cut him off.

“It’s not that, Bucky.”

“Then what is it?”  He said slowly, furrowing his eyebrows.  You wrapped your arms around him as your eyes started to water, remembering how you hurt him.  

“I’m so sorry”  You whispered into his chest.  He looked down at you in shock.

“Why are you apologizing?  You almost died!”  A lump started to form in his throat.  “I almost lost you…  You shouldn’t be sorry for anything.”

“But I hurt you.  I practically watched your heart break.”  You said weakly as a tear fell to your cheek.  He pulled you away and kissed your cheek, catching the tear.

“You’re here, that’s all that matters.  I’ll admit, I was hurt, but that wasn’t really you, it was something else in your body.”

You looked up to him and smiled a little.  That was exactly what you needed to hear.  It wasn’t you, it was something else inside you.  “Thank you.”  You whispered.  He looked at you and smiled softly.  He then leaned down a softly pressed his lips against yours.  You kissed back, the pain seeming to subside.  You were okay.  It may only be for now, but you were okay.

  “So, Relic, huh?”  Bucky said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I guess.  Not very creative, but ya know.  It is what it is.”

“I think it suits you.  It’s unique.  I say you stick with it…  Unless it’s too close to bad memories, then-”

“No, no I think you’re right.  I’ll stick with it.”  You said, laying back down on his lap.  Relic.  It had a nice ring to it.  

  You closed your eyes and relaxed a bit, still worn out from the previous events.  Bucky ran his fingers through your hair again, humming a bit.  Slowly you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep, enjoying being okay, enjoying being with Bucky.

(( I promised Bucky x Reader fluff, and that’s exactly what I gave you.  So I left it kind of open in case anyone wanted a third part and wanted to send in like a prompt or idea for a part 3.  It’s up to you guys.  Thanks for following and stay awesome!!! ~ Chloey ))

jjeh--writes  asked:

For the fluff to angst challenge: A day where the whole gang has decided to go to the beach, and Ransom and Holster are trying to see who can make the better sand castle, Jack's taking random pictures, Shitty and Lardo are having a debate about woman's vs men's bathing suits, Nursey and Dex are probably having some sort of water fight out in the lake, Chowder's probably hopped up on everything, and Bitty's running around making sure everyone's got on enough sunscreen

Sitting on the shore camera in hand Jack couldn’t help but think about how nice it was however fleeting. Tomorrow the frogs would head home for the summer, next week Shitty and himself would walk across a stage, accept their diplomas, throw their hats in the air and it would all be over, just like that. 

Everyone always saids they will stay in touch, that oh we will talk all the time and that nothing will change Jack talks to one guy that he played in the Q with and thats Kent, so he’s not even sure if that can classify as talking. The point is, he’s under no illusions that they are all going to stay in touch. 

He will probably see Shitty from time to time, but the NHL is busy and so is law school, and it won’t be the same as living together anyway, as for the rest of the team. Who know where they will go after graduation, he knows Ransom is looking at Stanford and thats the entire country away. 

A shriek from the water draws him back to the present as Bitty runs back up the shore, Holster chasing after him soaking wet. Jack cant help himself, raising his camera to snap a picture right at Holster wraps is arms around Bitty, dragging him back in the direction of the waves. Maybe its not going to last forever, maybe its not even going to last past next week, but for now Jack thinks for now its perfect.

[spoilers] I just realized, I think they WERE setting it up for Carl to have his S7 Negan storyline in the finale. In the comics, Carl is a lot closer to Glenn… (not to say TV Carl doesn’t care about Glenn ofc) which makes sense when he takes his death personally and runs away to take out Negan/more of his men. But, the fact that they had TV Carl seem very adamant about ending everything in the finale and even had him say a few times “I’m never gonna let anyone die like that again.” etc… and the stare-down he had with Negan – all leads me to believe he’s gonna get really angry over whoever got Lucille’d (my bets still on Glenn tbh) and that small interaction he already had with Negan set the stage for the strange respect Negan will eventually give him.