running memes


War Flashbacks to Episode 2 of Rookie King where Namjoon almost succumbed to food poisoning when the boys had a cook off. Run Episode 20 brought back the memories and also many memeries.

• Renowned Chef and food critic Kim Seokjin as the Judge.
•Team YoonTaeMin vs Team JungHopeMon
• JungCook everyone.
• Namjoon can butcher chicken. Taehyung returned Jimin’s jams.
• Seokjin’s iconic windscreen wiping laugh for 48 years
• Sincere Hobi
• Squirrel man Taehyung.
• VMin are so domestic it hurts.
• Jungkook’s glazed sweet potato dish is as strong as him
• Jimin praising his Yoongi hyung. Happy Yoonmin
• Namjoon didn’t break anything (hopefully)
• Aegyo Yoongi feat. Squid cleaning.

Everything came down to Squirrel trapped in the garden VS. Adhesive Strength.