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Continued this mini-taper for Sunday’s Buffalo Half with another short easy run, a 5 miler just like yesterday on the same route.  Was warmer and sunnier today, the forecast for race day is mixed, sounds like overcast skies and in the 60’s, the rain should hold off for much of the half and the full marathon, but probably will hit the later finishers of the full.  Traffic warning signs ahead of Sunday’s race were posted around the neighborhood where the route comes through.  Still recovering from the past couple weeks of training, should be good by the time the weekend rolls around.  Looking forward to it.  

I know I said we wouldn’t touch graphics, but we decided to update some battle sprites after all. Enjoy this preview of HD goodness.

(Note: This was an april fools post.)

Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.


The Doctor and the Master + favourite moments [4/?]

Ainley!Master and One, Two, and Three — “I came here to help you. A little unwillingly, but I came. My services were scorned, my help refused.”

Shiro x Lance + Hunk (Omegaverse)

Threesome! Omegaverse! Heat! Daddy kink! Masochism! What else could one ask for?

Based on @jaspurrlock art 

 Also posted on my AO3 

 warning for a tad bit of non-con!

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Out of curiosity, if I had a $5 Robot Master/Reploidsona sketch sale, who would be interested? It’d include any fan robot master, not just a ‘sona. I’d even set a date for streaming if anyone wanted to watch their sketch being drawn.

If you’re interested, can you respond to this post and whether or not you’d want to watch a stream for this?

paperjam-bipper  asked:

concept: moana getting super sick. nothing fatal, just something REALLY unpleasant to go through. She knows nothing's gonna happen to her, but unfortunate, out-of-practice-for-1000-years maui does *not* and goes into full-blown Panic Mode over her well-being.

Look, an honest effort at fluff! Fun fact: I wrote this when I was actually suffering a migraine. Probably should’ve gone to sleep, but I hadn’t written yet that day, so this is the result of me shamelessly inflicting my own pain on my favorite characters.

Also, in Moana: Island Life, it’s confirmed canon that Moana sometimes forgets to eat her own breakfast because she’s too busy worrying about her own people. Chill, Curly, they’re not gonna die if you drink a coconut or two.

His first clue is a wince. It’s a little thing, just the smallest movement in the corner of his peripheries, and it’s gone when he glances beside him, but he catches it all the same.

“Something on your mind, Curly?”

“Huh?” Moana responds, all of her earlier eloquence gone, and Maui takes that as a no. Makes sense. Even an orator like Moana has to run dry of clever words sometimes, and after her incredible display of diplomatic navigation inside that fale tele he’s not surprised she’s hit her cap.

“Ah, nothing,” he says, waving an airy hand in her direction. “Anyway, now that’s done, whaddya say to a day on the water, huh?”

Moana’s face lights up, all eagerness and anticipation…and then falls. “I can’t,” she replies quietly. “I have stuff to do.”

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2017 boston marathon recap


Here is what I remember of April 17…the weekend began with friends and hosts Kevin and Mariani taking me out for seafood pasta on Saturday night, then a perfectly cooked sirloin steak dinner out on Sunday night to get set for Monday morning’s marathon.  Slept okay Sunday night, too much going on in the brain to completely relax.

Kevin dropped me off at the Red Line Alewife station early Monday morning, 6 am, to head down to the Commons for the buses to take us to the start at Hopkinton.  Seemed everyone on the train was either running or cheering for the marathon.

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Here’s 4K+ words worth of slightly angsty smut, yal. Please don’t be shy to let me know what you think and above all else, ENJOY. :)


“Harry, I am so, so sorry.”

Your voice chokes with emotion as you search for the right words.

“I know I messed up… I know… God, I know.”

You’ve been pleading for Harry’s forgiveness for hours now, following him around his home, heart hanging heavy in your chest. Now you’re standing in the middle of his gym, apologizing in just about every way you know how while he concedes nothing but one-word replies. It’s been this way all morning and you’re starting to feel tired, crushed between a boulder and the hardest place.

“I just want you to see that I wasn’t coming from a malicious place,” you plead, tears starting to prickle the corners of your eyes as Harry’s feet pound full speed against the treadmill beside you.

Harry wears a scowl as he ignores you, chest heaving as he blows air out of circled, crimson lips, face flushed red with anger and exhaustion. If this were any other day, you would stare in reverent appreciation for the way he looks shirtless in low slung sweats. Sweat trickles down his bare chest and the lean muscles of his torso flex and stretch with each stride, making you wish so badly that could reach out and touch him. But today is today - a day you’ve fucked up royally - and you don’t dare put a hand on him when he’s looking right through you as if you’re not even there.

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