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Some of our Favorites! (Top 20 Episode List)

Amanda’s Top 20:

  1. Ep 112: PaperMill Factory
  2. Ep 140: Running Man Virus
  3. Ep 168: Wolf Vs. Sheep
  4. Ep 42: First Survival Game
  5. Ep 74: Superpower Nametag Elimination
  6. Ep 129: Winter Olympics
  7. Ep 8: The “I Swear” video makes Appearance
  8. Ep 12: Gary Let’s Jihyo Go
  9. Ep 13: Jae Suk Solo Win (YooRuce Willis)
  10. Ep 96 & 153 & 200s: Park Ji Sung (^^)
  11. Ep 178: RM vs PD
  12. Ep 187: Cross The Han River
  13. Ep 100: God’s Power Episode
  14. Ep 38: Yooames Bond
  15. Ep 133 & 134: Macau & Vietnam
  16. Ep 138: Athletic Vs. Theatre Department
  17. Ep 155: Ghost Sisters
  18. Ep 131: Bounty Hunter (MMA Fighter)
  19. Ep 183: True Match Paring
  20. Ep 135: Jackie Chan Episode

Michelle’s Top 20, in no particular order:

  1. Ep 91: Prison Break/Yoomes Bond Pt. 2
  2. Ep 127: Busan F4
  3. Ep 74: 1st Superpowers Episode
  4. Ep 151: CCTV Episode
  5. Ep 147: Flower Boy Special
  6. Ep 104: 1st Idol Olympics
  7. Ep 69: Grasshopper Hunting
  8. Ep 25: Manhwa Episode
  9. Ep 63: SNSD Pt. 1
  10. Ep 138: Student Rivalry 2013
  11. Ep 139: This Winter, the Typhoon Blows
  12. Ep 142: Best Couple Race
  13. Ep 79: Sherlock Holmes
  14. Ep 113: Ddakji
  15. Ep 93: Nonstop Survival
  16. Ep 78: Chun-Han War
  17. Ep 86: Running Man Championship
  18. Ep 110: Target Hunting
  19. Ep 96: Park Jisung
  20. Ep 178: Han River Crossing    

Koko’s Top 20, in chronological order:

  1. Ep 42: First Best Running Man Race
  2. Ep 52: Running Man Hunting
  3. Ep 60: Tru-Gary Show
  4. Ep 69: Grasshopper Hunting
  5. Ep 74: Second Best Running Man Race
  6. Ep 77: Tasty Bingo Race
  7. Ep 91: The Return of Yoo-ames Bond
  8. Ep 96: Superpower Soccer
  9. Ep 98: Zombie Special
  10. Ep 108: Don’t Walk, Date!
  11. Ep 110: Target Hunting
  12. Ep 112: The Golden Eggs Race
  13. Ep 118: Running Man vs Hunter
  14. Ep 119: First Superpower Baseball
  15. Ep 126: Fool Choi Ji Woo
  16. Ep 140: Yoo-ames Bond Part 3
  17. Ep 144: Children’s Day Special
  18. Ep 147: Flower Boy Race
  19. Ep 148: Eating Board Race
  20. Ep 165: Search for the Little Girl

Marie’s Top 20, in chronological order:

  1. Ep 11: that one where they stamp Gary’s face without him knowing
  2. Ep 20: that one where they put Jae Suk in a lie detector test and you realize he’s the best
  3. Ep 35-36: that one where Dae Sung and Jung Yong Hwa go hide around that enormous camp ground
  4. Ep 41: that one where Joong Ki leaves (I cry everytime)
  5. Ep 60: that one where Gary becomes a spy but doesn’t but we don’t know?
  6. Ep 66: that one where Joong Ki returns as a surprise
  7. Ep 69: that one where Choi Min Soo returns
  8. Ep 96: that one where they play superpower football with Park Ji Sung
  9. Ep 98: that one where they scare themselves in a big empty hotel
  10. Ep 104: that one where they play against idols in the shows 1st Olympics
  11. Ep 127: that one where Ji Hyo realizes she’s the one everyone’s looking for later than expected
  12. Ep 132: that one where Kwang Soo outmaneuvers EVERYONE
  13. Ep 138: that one where they had a hilarious eating contest with the boys of School 2013
  14. Ep 139: that one where they go to Macau and go bungee jumping
  15. Ep 163: that one where they treat Ji Hyo the princess she is
  16. Ep 175: that one where Gong Yoo is as perfect as ever
  17. Ep 178: that one where the members negotiate their working conditions against the staff
  18. Ep 181: that one where the male guest and one member have a sweet secret mission
  19. Ep 197: that one where Suk Jin made me cry proud tears
  20. Ep 200: that one where they go to the zoo and hilarity ensues

I know it took a long time (again, so sorry!), but hopefully this still helps some of you! We weren’t able to include Beth and Ann’s top 20, but I think this is enough to get started if you wanted watch RM but not from the start, or if you’re just looking for a way to pass time with a random episode binge! :)

What about your top 20?

True Pokemon GO Experience

Just thought I’d share this story since I thought it was really fun.

My roomie and I were driving around trying to find a restaurant. While she was driving, I was on phone duty grabbing as many PokeStops and Pokemon as I could.

Upon the drive, I notice the “Nearby” pokemon counter showing a brand new silhouette.
A dragonite.
I let her know and after trying to triangulate its whereabouts from inside the car, we decide to park and run to it.
While I was pacing in front of a store plaza, a dude in a pet store opens the door and looks me dead in the eye like super stiff but serious and asks me a simple thing:
“Pokemon GO?”
To which I reply simply but just as seriously: “Yes. Dragonite?” and lift my phone to show the silhouette in my nearby list. I point to where I roughly assume where it is.
This fucker nods and runs out to join me. We begin to run across the streets finding it.
Another dude (and my roomie) join in the running man hunt as we laugh about how it’ll prob disappear before we get to it.

We all huddle around one another and start cheering each other on. 
(We’re not fighting for the one, as all of us can get a unique one if we show up in the same place within it’s encounter time)

The guy who joined me is level 13, so he’s got great balls unlocked already. Catches it within maybe <10 throws.
I’m over here struggling as a level 9 nerd, throwing berries with all my might and desperately trying to get more than a “great” on this red-ringed mofo.
(It’s ring was purely around it’s head. Bright red though, so very stubborn and hard to catch.)
Once the dude catches it, he wishes us well and runs back saying he’s “still on shift” and we laugh.
After a while, the servers crash and the rest of us weren’t so lucky. We all give ourselves a good pat on the back and laugh about the odd encounter and sudden bond we had though.

I love what this app has done for us as a fanbase.

Imagine BAP in Running Man
  • Yongguk: *hunts the running man team down*
  • Himchan: *Runs around frantically trying to find a place to hide*
  • Daehyun: *sneaks around trying to search for food stalls, at the same time using his level 9999999999 conman skills to survive*
  • Youngjae: *Plans a detailed route to catch the running man team in a corner*
  • Jongup: *wanders aimlessly and miraculously doesn't get caught* :D
  • Zelo: HYU~~~UUNGGGG!!!! Yonggukkie hyunggggggg! JONGUPPIE HYUNGGGGGGG! *runs around*