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Out of curiosity, if I had a $5 Robot Master/Reploidsona sketch sale, who would be interested? It’d include any fan robot master, not just a ‘sona. I’d even set a date for streaming if anyone wanted to watch their sketch being drawn.

If you’re interested, can you respond to this post and whether or not you’d want to watch a stream for this?

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I think Pharah should get a damage nerf... she can easily 2 shot any 200 HP hero and its so hard to counter her.

ah yep. thats a floating argument these days. 
Im gonna have to disagree anon.

I think that pharah is in a good place right now. Because I think shes in a good place like tracer. Simply because hitscans dont hardcounter her anymore. 

I never really liked the word “counter”. Because if overwatch was a perfect game… it would be “which hero can duel the other”. Thinking like that doesnt put blame on hitscans that cant take out a pharah. For example, McCree and tracer. McCree is a backline DPS and deals with flankers like tracer. But… if you have a crazy good tracer.. you dont automatically put blame on the McCree. Thats because the two “duel” each other rather than one countering the other. McCrees damage can easily shut down a tracer… if he catches her first. 

Same Goes for Pharah and hitscans. She has to quickly land those 2 direct rocket hits.. or shes shot out. I play a lot of pharah, And from experience… if youre in the back line just shooting rockets behind cover without anyone following up on that damage.. youre kinda useless. (sure it charges your ult but eh). What makes pharah so impactfull is her ability to dive to the back line and take out dps/supports so quickly. but if you miss those direct hits, youre out of the picture because youre no longer in the safety of cover. 

Woof.. that was long. but if you are considering a nerf.. have direct damage run down to 100 instead of 120. Pharah can still 2 shot squishies… but it gives people an opportunity to heal more HP. 


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

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