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requested — nct 127 teasing you because you like jaehyun

I want you to stop running from thing to thing to thing, and to sit down at the table, to offer the people you love something humble and nourishing, like soup and bread, like a story, like a hand holding another hand while you pray. We live in a world that values us for how fast we go, for how much we accomplish, for how much life we can pack into one day. But I’m coming to believe it’s in the in-between spaces that our lives change, and that the real beauty lies there.
—  Shauna Niequist

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety

I cannot express how much I love Orphan Black just being told by Helena, in the end. Helena, who started off as this shadowy portent of death. Helena, who has children now, a safe home, a family. Helena, who went from murdering her sisters to telling their stories. Talk about a redemption arc, OB.